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Animation Movie "Dog's Crazy Holiday" Commentary Copy Commentary

AnimatedMovie "Dog's Crazy Holiday" Comment ary Text Commentary

Animation Movie "Dog's Crazy Holiday" Commentary Copy Commentary

Today we bring you a light-hearted comedy

The Dog's Crazy Vacation

I can't believe it!

Dogs are living better than people these days

The owner, Kino, is a beagle

He has a happy family

The owners are very caring and concerned about him

So, when the owner's family was going to Japan for a month

They spent a lot of money to let Lino stay in a high-class pet boarding house

How fancy is it?

The pets eat food made from freshly imported organic ingredients

There was even a sauna for the dogs

If you still don't feel like it

There is also a massage room next door

There are not only shiatsu massage, magical mud bath

There is even a full set of foot care

Seeing this

I'm tempted

And so, after saying goodbye to the owners

Reno thought he was about to have a bright and beautiful time

Unexpectedly, the owner immediately revealed his ugly face

The entire boarding facility was shut down.

Reno and a group of dogs were taken to another place, the dog jail.

This is the real boarding facility.

Despite Reno's struggles.

He was brought before the warden.

The collar was forcibly removed from his neck.

Had his picture taken.

And then he was put in a cell.

This is a big difference, right?

After a good night's sleep, Reno was dragged straight to the factory to work on the assembly line.

His job was to divide the blue plates

However, the first time he could not keep up

He broke his record of 161 days with zero errors.

So Reno was isolated.

If it wasn't for his roommate, Porter, lending a hand.

Reno may not even find a seat to eat

And then the head of the cell was released from the cell.

Everyone was very curious.

However, the leader is a Chihuahua Vito

Sure enough

The smaller the dog, the worse it is

The next day Reno found that Porter was missing

Only later did he learn that he had failed to escape from prison again.

This was his 15th escape.

And every time he escaped, he appeared directly in front of the warden.

That's weird.

What kind of fate is this to keep meeting each other?

Then Vito summoned Reno.

Because on the first day he came in, his fast running scared all the dogs.

So he wanted to let Lino and their ace runner race

There was no expectation

But to his surprise, Lino really did beat the ace runner.

So Vito coerced him into joining the track team.

But Reno didn't want to.

So for the rest of his life.

Reno was bullied by Vito.

He had no choice but to tell the warden about it.

But the warden wanted him to go undercover.

He joined Vito's team and lost the game on purpose.

The warden and Vito have always been enemies.

As a peace-loving dog.

Reno did not want to get involved in their business

So he refused.

And then the warden spent the night with him.

In the days that followed

Reno was fucked by Vito

while being abused by the warden.

Wow! This is the consequence of not taking sides

Reno was bullied to the point that his partners couldn't stand it anymore.

Porter and the two of them stood up for Reno and took it on with him.

One month later

Reno's owner came to take him home

Unexpectedly, the store owner faked the death of Lino and passed it off

No wonder no one came to take the dogs home.

It's all because of this thing.

After being double-teamed by Vito and the warden for a while.

Reno decided to fight back.

He's going to agree to play both sides in a match.

Behind the scenes, he planned to break out of prison.

In the days that followed

In order to escape from prison

The guys train hard every day

Enjoying all kinds of food

Then they secretly observed the opening and closing times of the iron gates

To explore the escape route in the middle of the night

Even to get the engineering drawings

Porter goes up on a rope to help the warden clean the windows and let the wind out

Others slipped into the room to find the engineering plans

After they finally planned an escape route

On the day of the competition

They did a sound bite

Jumped into the cargo box

While preparing to escape with the car

They were discovered

It turned out that all this was reported to the prison director by the old-timer

Because the day they entered the room and left the evidence

And he did not think they could succeed

Then Reno was brought in to the warden

But he didn't give any face.

Destroyed the warden's Lego.

Took over the entire room.

Sending hope to all the dogs in the prison

And threw down their collars that had been removed.

The dogs were awakened.

They started to fight back.

The owner of the store was carried out with his car by the dogs.

Reno grabbed the time to go over and save his companions in the small black room

And the moment the car drove out

They jumped on it

Then, the four dogs walked a long, long way

One by one, they found their owners

However, when Reno returned to his home

Old-timer didn't know where he should go

So, Reno simply brought him back home too

Looking at another dog

Dad's head was very big

Although he said no

But, mom and daughter loved it.

Therefore, the old man stayed and lived with Reno

This is the end of the story

The shopkeeper was finally arrested.

This is still a good ending

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