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Fantasy "The Amazing Spider-Man" movie commentary copy

Fantasy "The Amazing Spider-Man" movie commentary copy

Fantasy "The Amazing Spider-Man" movie commentary copy

It's a super spider.

He crawls up the man's collar.

Bites Parker, who is hitching a ride

On his neck

An extra bright red lip mark.

When he went home for dinner

he accidentally caught a fly.

Parker couldn't believe it.

He rushed to the bathroom.

In the collar.

Find the spider that bit him.

The spider was now

Wasn't breathing.

The next morning

alarm clock went off, hammered straight through

Come to the toilet, toothpaste squeezed fly.

Faucet unscrewed

Doorknob is also fragile.

Helpless, he could only use two fingers to gently turn the handle.

Smoothly leave the room.

Faced with the sudden change

Parker just sat on the bed.

His senses became unusually sensitive.

The slightest movement of wind and grass

could not escape his ears.

Vision became extremely good

Spider leg hairs were also clearly visible.

He tried to find information on the Internet.

The keyboard stuck directly to his hand

Had to give up

He found Dr. Connors

The doctor said those spiders in the lab

Were used to study the regenerative powers of the human body

Everything he did

All he did was to get his broken arm

To be able to grow back

And to complete the experiment

All that was missing was one last formula.

In his father's briefcase.

I found this formula

Out of sympathy for the doctor.

He wrote out the formula directly

The doctor was stunned

He studied it for 15 years

But he couldn't crack the formula.

A 17 year old kid

wrote it straight out.

He invited Parker

After school in a few days.

To come to his lab after school.

Parker agreed to do so.

With superpowers, Parker came to school

Seeing the school bully bullying girls

He took the ball directly

Walked up to the bully

The bully reached out and tried to grab the ball

Parker quickly take away

Finally does a 360 spin

And then throws the ball on his back

The bully is playing like a monkey

The angry bully wants to fight Parker.

All right, come on, Parker.

Let's go.

Not only did he get a piece of his mind.

And you got the girl you want.

Gwen's eyes.

Parker was very happy.

After school.

He went to Dr. Connors' lab.

With the formula provided by Parker.

He succeeded in taking the lizard's genes

To give the mice the ability to regenerate

Back home.

Parker was scolded by Uncle Ben for forgetting to pick up Aunt May

Uncle Ben scolded him

The rebellious Parker ran out the door

Uncle Ben rushes to the street to look for him.

In the street Parker stumbled upon a robbery

But he did not care

Suddenly heard a gunshot

A sense of foreboding came over him

When he got there

He found his Uncle Ben in a pool of blood.

To avenge Uncle Ben's death

At night, he looked around with his mask.

During the day, he studied the spider wire launcher at home.

Finally he succeeded.

So he couldn't wait to get to the building.

He jumped from a height of 100 meters

The experiment was successful

Parker landed safely

As a superhero

Must have their own set of exclusive battle suit

In his overnight rush to work

Red and blue tights officially completed

Spider-Man was born

At night

Parker found a car thief

Who knows that the thief

Directly show 40 meters long knife

Scared Parker fell to his knees

I am most afraid of this kind of knife

The FBI then arrived

Pointed a gun at Parker

Immediately after

A large group of FBI came to the scene

Parker saw that the situation was not good

Turned and ran.

A roll over to the car

Then he shot a spider silk

And left in style

The other side

The doctor's boss

Couldn't wait any longer

He was asked to start human experiments immediately

The doctor is adamantly opposed

Instead, he was fired from the company

The reluctant doctor

did not want to let his

all his years of hard work go to waste

He injected the unstable drug into his body

Using his own body for human experimentation

Soon the doctor fell into a coma

When he woke up again

The back of his hand had actually grown

Just as he was calling

to break the news.

The arm had a rejection reaction

He immediately went to the road

Stopped a bus to the company

By now, his arm had grown sharp claws

His face was covered with scales

His temper was extremely violent


Parker was invited to Gwen's house for dinner

What I didn't expect was

His father is actually the sheriff

The sheriff claimed that Spider-Man

Disturbing the peace

Attacking citizens

He would be caught

This city

To be guarded by their FBI

Because Spider-Man is wearing a mask

And they're wearing badges.

Parker was holding a different

To argue with the sheriff.

Gwen had to take Parker and leave

The two went to the roof of the building

After thinking twice

Parker still told Gwen who he was

Told Gwen

So the two officially established a relationship

And that's when

There was an explosion on the bridge in the city

At this time, the doctor

Has completely transformed into a lizard man

He wreaked havoc on the vehicles

Parker immediately went to stop it

A foot will fly him

And then - picking up

The lizardman threw the vehicle off the bridge

At this point, the lizardman

Right hand appears to degenerate

Reluctantly glanced at Spider-Man

And then left

A crane driver shouted

His child is still in the car

I hope someone can save the child

Parker listened and jumped straight down

But just as he found the child

but the vehicle burst into flames

The child was successfully rescued

The driver was so grateful

asked him

Who are you?

I am Spider-Man

After the lizard man escaped

Parker went to the Doctor's lab

But it was empty.

A broken petri dish

Caught Parker's attention.

He walked over to take a look

At this point Parker realized

The lizard man was probably

Is the doctor changed

And at that moment, the doctor

Was preparing to spill the mutation potion

Over the city

So that all the people in the city

All evolved into lizard people

Soon FBL

Found the lizardmen.

But they were no match

The lizardmen were no match for them

They were quickly eliminated.

Then the lizardmen took the mutation potion

Towards the roof of the company

At that moment, Parker also called Gwen to inform her

Told her to make the antidote as soon as possible

He was on his way.

The FBI didn't stop.

The FBI didn't stop hunting for Parker.

As Parker was on his way to the office

Was shot with a tranquilizer bullet

He was arrested on the spot.

Thanks to his operation

by the FBL

But he also revealed his identity

After he explained his intentions.

The sheriff let him go

At this time, Gwen also made the antidote

and gave it to the sheriff


Lizardman had arrived at the roof of the company

Put the mutagen into the transmitter

In two minutes.

The entire city will be untouched

With the help of the crane driver and the FBI.

Parker made it to the company.

He saw that time was running out.

Parker immediately used the spider silk to eject himself

Rushing to the roof of the building

One foot flying lizard man

Both of them fell down the rooftop

Then the lizardman

Grabbed Parker and threw him down the stairs

Parker immediately spits out spider silk

Up the stairs

Again and the lizard man fight together

But the lizard man was too strong.

Parker gets his head wrapped around it and then gets

spider wire launcher

Parker was about to suffocate

Just at that moment

Sheriff with a gun arrived in time

Break the liquid nitrogen tube

The two men worked together perfectly.

Parker aimed him at the lizard man.

The lizardman is frozen in place.

And then the sheriff

With a gun and a lot of spray

And hands Parker the antidote.

Parker immediately rushed to the launcher

Just at that moment

The liquid ammonia runs out.

The lizardman thawed.

His body regenerates quickly.

He impales the sheriff's body with one hand

and put him aside.

Then rushes to the launcher

to stop Parker.

At the last moment

Parker successfully put down the antidote.

The lizard man also lost his power.

Slowly turned back to human

At that moment the launcher collapsed

Parker fell down.

No spider silk launcher.

Parker rushed down the tall building

At the most critical moment

Sobered up the doctor saved him.

Looking at his disappearing arm.

The Doctor finally breathed a sigh of relief

The crisis was successfully resolved.

The Doctor also managed to go to jail.

Parker's life has been restored to peace.

But not until late at night.

He will wear a spider suit.

Guarding the peace and tranquility of the city

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