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Fantasy "The Amazing Adventures of JOJO" movie commentary copy

Fantasy "The Amazing Adventures of JOJO" movie commentary copy

Fantasy "The Amazing Adventures of JOJO" movie commentary copy

There is such a kind of people in this world

When their emotions explode.

A kind of spiritual energy will be formed to coalesce.


Substitute this thing is very evil

It is a kind of life energy in the body.

It forms an image of a powerful force

A person with the ability to double is called a double messenger

The ability of the double messenger is very peculiar and different.

For example, this is a time stopping double

This is the double that can cut through space

This can control the water element double

There are even troops can manipulate toys to surround the enemy.

Powerful fire double extremely evil squadron

What double the hero of the movie has

This is the crazy diamond.

There are two general ways to awaken a double.

One is bloodline stimulation.

For example, genetic or self-awakening.

Or indirectly awakened by the influence of blood vessels with the ability to double?

The other is shot by a mysterious arrow.

This arrow can stimulate a person's potential.

As long as you eventually survive.

You will gain unique superpowers.

Just like this prisoner.

He succeeded in awakening the "Silver Water Chain", a substitute power.

Even if they were arrested by the police.

He was able to handle it easily.

And eventually escaped every day.

This young man on a bicycle is Koichi Hirose

He is a sophomore in high school

who had just moved to Duwang sta three days before

As he was riding to school

He was blocked by two hooligans in the alley

The hooligans said to him

I opened this mountain, I planted this road

If you want to pass through here, you can't get down without 10,000

Kang Yi was scared and did not know what to do

At that moment, another student appeared in the alley

This person was wearing a modified version of the school uniform

Walking with the wind is extremely dashing

The rascal saw him upset and deliberately bumped into him

Wanted to take the opportunity to beat him up

But the man did not give him a chance

Very polite bow is to turn and go

This play ah directly to the little rascal to the eyes of the whole

Who allowed you to leave ah you cow dung head

The man stopped in his tracks and turned around

Substitute ability instantly launched

An electric cannon will be this man to fly

The man's name is JOJO

Although his appearance is a bit unorthodox

But he is a good student who is kind-hearted and helpful

Because of his unique charm

He has attracted a lot of fans

But once someone makes fun of his hair

He will be instantly angry ten cows can not pull

Although this scenic seaside town

Has been named the best city to live in for two consecutive years

But in recent times, ah

Strange and bizarre deaths have occurred here.

A murderer ran away during the interrogation.

He hasn't been caught yet.

This makes Kang-il, who has always loved peace.

Day by day, he was very scared.

At this moment

There was a robbery on the street.

Koichi saw it and was about to run

But then he noticed JOJO standing in the crowd dumbfounded

The robber saw that he was in the way and told him to go away

JOJO nodded his head and walked away

He even had such a strange haircut

Not surprisingly, JOJO was furious again

He went up to the robber and questioned him

What's so weird about my haircut, you loser?

When the robber heard this, he said, "Oh my God!

How dare he talk to me like that

at that time to kill the hostage

But at that moment a horrible scene happened

JOJO's double passed through the robber's body and held the dagger

Then he unleashed his power

The hostage was safe and sound

But the murder weapon was left in the killer's stomach

So this is the power of his double, Crazy Diamond

He was able to repair and reconstruct any damaged object

Then the killer twitched and fell on his back.

He opened his mouth and a humanoid monster came out of his mouth.

And ran away from the sewers in a flash

Looking at the murderer who had already breathed his last

Everyone in the room did not know what had happened

Except for the man hiding in the corner.

Even the most powerful man has his weaknesses

Even JOJO, who has a double, is no exception

After this man entered the room

He gave him a direct blow to the head

JOJO covered his head and screamed, but he didn't even dare to let out a fart

This old man is JOJO's grandfather

Grandpa is a police officer in town

After learning that his grandson

After learning that his grandson had a confrontation with the murderer of the robbery

That's why he went home in a rage

He warned him not to do anything with Young Erzheng in the future, how dangerous it is

In the evening, the family sat together for dinner

Grandpa believes that there are very few bad guys in this town

So he is to protect the town's residents

It can be said that the old life is working hard

After a busy day like this

After a busy day like this, eating and chatting with the family and sipping wine

It is also satisfied

JOJO's mother has not remarried for many years

Because for her, there was only one lover in her life

She and JOJO's father met when they were in college

After graduating from college, JOJO was born

Mother always said

She gave birth to JOJO after a serious relationship

JOJO also accepted it that way

Although JOJO doesn't even know what his father looks like

But for him to live happily with his mother and grandfather

It was better for him to live happily with his mother and grandfather

One day, a man in white found JOJO

JOJO finally found out about his life

The man said that your father's name is Joseph

And he himself is Joseph's grandson

His name is Seitaro Kojo

By blood, he had to call JOJO his uncle

Seitaro said that although Grandpa was 79 years old

but he was still in good health

JOJO will inherit one third of his property

I also want to make sure that JOJO has not awakened his double

After all, he is Joseph's son

But at that moment

One of the fan girls said that JOJO had something dirty stuck in his hair

She went to help him clean it up

But the other two girls didn't want to do it

The other two girls did not want to do it.

At that moment, Seitaro said with a little impatience

Boring hair topic will be discussed later

When people heard this, their hearts were suddenly half cold

As expected, JOJO from a gentle lamb

Instantly transformed into a roaring lion

He intended to give this foreign man a taste of his own medicine

But Seitaro was no slouch either!

The first punch hit JOJO's double

If the double is hit, the body will also suffer the same injury

And the double can only be seen by the double messenger

The angry JOJO attacks again!

Seitaro can't dodge it so he has to use his power

Time seemed to freeze for a moment

The double also immediately dissipated

When everything returns to normal

Seitaro had already appeared behind JOJO

A big electric cannon directly

So his ability is to suspend time

JOJO was not interested in the body double at all

He just bowed and left

On the other hand

The murderer met with the mysterious person who gave him the power

He was so arrogant that he felt his wings were hardened

He showed off his powers in front of him

Only to find that he was no match for him

He had to raise his hands in surrender

The murderer will be punished.

He wanted to kill JOJO who had ruined his life before

asked the mystery man if he could

Who knows that this man does not care what he does

But Seitaro has always been watching the murderer

This is another reason why he came to Duwang.

According to Seitaro's information, this man's name is Angelo.

So far, six people had died under his double.

On the surface, these people did not have any injuries.

But the internal organs are like being cut open with a knife

Seaside public restrooms, park pools.

The cases all happened in places where there was water.

So Seitaro thought

His double's ability must be related to water

One day it was raining heavily outside.

He turned on his powers and started his revenge

JOJO's mother got a glass of water in the house

Just after taking a sip

JOJO noticed the difference in her mouth

The kid didn't hesitate at all

Grabbed the empty bottle next to him and manipulated the double

He penetrated his mother's body in one go

Shattered and reorganized

The mother didn't even notice

Before leaving home, she asked JOJO to help her put the bath water on

JOJO was relieved to see his mother leave

And the double who was planning to do something wrong

He was trapped in the bottle

Seitaro rushed to JOJO's house as soon as he learned about this.

JOJO was curious and took the bottle and shook it

The double inside the bottle was so confused

The Angelo outside was even worse

directly rolled in the mud

The stink of playing is not enough JOJO fortunately played the game

At this time Grandpa came downstairs to look for wine

JOJO then remembered his mother's instructions

Rushing to put the bath water

The double took advantage of this opportunity to launch the ability

After a short while

A brand new bottle of wine with a label

He turned it out

Grandpa smiled when he saw the wine

He thought his daughter had bought it for him, so he took it and left

JOJO came back and found that the bottle was missing

Immediately panic

Rushing upstairs to take a look

He saw that the bottle had been opened

Grandpa was also brutally murdered by the double

By then, the house was a mess

Seitaro, who had arrived, was also attacked by the double

JOJO came downstairs with a face full of anger

vowed to avenge the death of his grandfather

Suddenly Angelo's double came out from under him

At the critical moment, Seitaro uses his ability to "stop time".

In the manga, his body double is the fastest and strongest in history.

He can throw punches at a very fast speed

The attack will be issued continuously

Unfortunately, this attack on Angelo's body double is not useful

It was raining outside and the house was full of water.

Now the situation is extremely difficult for the two of them

Suddenly the water in the kettle was boiling

Angelo wanted to use the water vapor to kill them both

Once sucked into their bodies, they are dead

But JOJO instead behaved more and more calmly

He did not choose to run away

Instead, he used his double to smash through the wall

And use the ability to restore it to isolate the water vapor

But what JOJO didn't expect was

There was a humidifier in this room

The room was filled with invisible water vapor

The double got into JOJO's body

This made Angelo outside very happy

But he was too happy too soon

JOJO unleashed his power

A rubber glove came out of his mouth

And the double was trapped in it

In order to prevent him from doing this

He swallowed the glove at the beginning

And then he restored the glove after it had thrown itself into the net

So the double was caught by JOJO

Although JOJO's double has the ability to heal

But he can't revive a dead person

So he lost his grandfather forever.

The angry JOJO flung the glove with great force

Outside, Angelo is thrown into a state of confusion

He reveals that he was shot by a young man with an arrow

That's what made him a double messenger

In the end, the angry JOJO used his body double ability

Break him and the rock together and merge them into one

Make him unable to live or die

Forever here to pay tribute to those who were killed by him

It is said that the double messengers have the property of mutual attraction

At the funeral, JOJO had a feeling.

He found a young man smiling at him

JOJO thought that this man was probably

was the man Angelo said was shooting arrows

So he rushed after him

Kang Yi followed him because he was worried about JOJO's safety

Then they arrived at the entrance of a dilapidated building

Suddenly Kang Yi was kicked by someone

And then an arrow hit him right in the chest

JOJO just wanted to go up to him for treatment

Jojo didn't expect the man to summon a double and rush towards him

Jojo felt that his right hand was a bit strange and did not dare to take it

Instead, he grabbed his wrist

In order to get away from the tangle this man started to attack hard

He kicked Jojo away

Then he jumped up and gave a claw

The place where the man had attacked disappeared

It turns out that the opponent's double has the ability to cut off space

If you remove space like this

The effect of instantaneous movement will be created

After knowing the details of the enemy

JOJO deliberately stood in front of a statue

When the opponent attacked, he made a flash

The statue behind him was pulled

directly knocked the man to the ground is straight rolled eyes

JOJO then rushed into the building and found Koichi

healed his injuries

At that moment

A paratroop unit of about 150 people started to land

The two tried to escape

But several helicopters blocked their way

Facing the attack

JOJO had to use his body double to fend off and then avoid the attack

According to his observation

These toy troops are well-trained and well-armed

All equipped with M16 automatic rifles and a few heavy weapons

There were even a few Apache helicopter gunships hovering in the air

JOJO knew that the two of them were surrounded and could not avoid it

So he gritted his teeth and stepped on his foot

Called for a double to rise to meet the enemy

But the other side's firepower is too fierce

JOJO could only be beaten passively for a while

Kang Yi, who was in the back

worried about JOJO's safety and rushed out

But then

He found that he could see the toy dummies too

It turns out that after Kang Yi was shot by the arrow

He was lucky enough to survive and awaken

He also became a double messenger

When he was still a bit confused

The mastermind behind the attack, Koumura Kata-sho, finally showed up.

The troops that surrounded the two of them

They were his double, the "Squadron of Evil".

And now they're in perfect formation, the "Iron Wall".

No matter what kind of attack they encounter.

Koumura was confident that they would not be able to come back.

At that moment, a small soldier appeared at Koichi's feet.

Chubi stabbed him in the little toe

This made him scream in pain

But at the same time, it also inspired his double

A green glowing egg

Hong-mura wanted to know the power of Kang-il's double.

So he ordered the army to attack the egg

Jojo knew that if Koichi's egg was broken

then he would definitely die!

So he kicked the egg away

He blocked all the damage alone

Although the toy soldiers are small in size

But the power of a concentrated attack is not to be underestimated

Especially those heavy weapons are very deadly

After a fierce bombardment

JOJO was blasted with blood from the nose and mouth

Koumura saw that this kid was already at the end of his rope.

So he ordered the helicopter to fire two more rockets

The exhausted JOJO could only control the body double to resist

After this attack, JOJO can't hold on anymore.

Kang saw that his friend was beaten so badly to protect him

At that time, the small universe exploded

The egg levitated into the air and gradually cracked open

From it, a long-tailed dragon turtle popped out

Although the film did not introduce too much

But this thing has the ability to hit the other side

The ability to increase the weight of the enemy

And while Kouichi was slowly approaching Koumura

Jojo had regained some strength.

He saw some fragmented pieces slowly reorganizing in front of his eyes

Jojo used his body double's repair ability

Jojo used his body double's repair ability to revive two missiles.

Koumura was shocked but it was too late

The next second, the missiles shot towards him.

Finally JOJO learns that

The reason why Koumura was shooting strangers in the town

was to stimulate the body double ability of others

To find a double messenger who could kill his father's immortal body

JOJO then used the double to recover the broken box his father had been searching for

Thus, the two brothers know the true intentions of their father's heart

They also resolved their resentment towards each other

But a skeleton car suddenly appeared

Koumura was trapped to save his brother

In the end, it was blown up into oblivion.

The mysterious arrow also disappeared

Jojo decided to follow his grandfather's footsteps

Use his ability to silently protect the residents of the town

However, the double messengers are mutually attracted to each other

The story will continue

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