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Animation movie "Animal mobilization" commentary text Commentary

Animationmovie "Animal mobilization" comment ary text commentary

Animation movie "Animal mobilization" commentary text Commentary

On the savannah of Africa

There is a family of very cute little skunks

Stinky Dad is a very lively little guy

He pretends to be a hero in front of the children

But outside he was actually a little rascal

He would scare the lion with a fake bull horn

He became a good friend of the lion by doing so

He will also be very bored with coyote poo to tease the giraffe lady to play

This kind of cheating tactics is extremely bad ah

Hong Hong, the barber, is busy

Cutting the hair of the elephant girl who loves beauty

And he was bragging about how good his haircutting skills were

Papa Stinky has discovered that the hyena dung is drying out very quickly

This also means that Africa is now too dry

Stinky's mom blames Stinky for not doing anything all day

Everyone is now fetching water for their own homes

And here you are playing with poop

In the Arctic, Big Mama Polar Bear looks at the hot sun

She is worried that the temperature is rising every year.

If this keeps up, they will all be homeless

The tortoise couple has been living together for 741 years

They promised to stay together forever.

But as the sea level rises.

They had to choose to leave the island

Pinto and Hana are the most cunning

They're waiting for the cans that humans throw away.

And then get some drinks inside

For a sip of drink

They would fight.

Rooster is tied up.

Still talking about revenge

He ran away when the cook wasn't looking

Jumped off the boat only to find

He just happened to fall into the turtle couple's boat

Of course it's just a bathtub

They wanted to find an oasis island to start their lives over

The polar bear lady also happened to meet them

They wandered and wandered.

The first stop was the thirsty African savannah.

It's the time of year when rhinos and black cows are fighting.

They fight every day for water.

When they met, they would talk tough to each other

But they also want to dance

They don't know how to drink water first

Stinky Dad went to the sink to take a bath when he wasn't paying attention

Under the distribution of the stinky dad

The guys could only drink water and continue to fight

When Stinky Dad came back

I found that all the water I drank had leaked out.

The kids all laughed at him for being a useless rat

Papa Stinky was sad.

He wanted to be a hero like the lion.

The lion told Stinky Dad

"There's a lot of water in Death Valley.

But no one knew how to get it.

If you want to be a hero, you can go there and check it out.

All the way there, the vultures are encouraging Stinky to die.

Then they would "take care" of his corpse.

Here, he meets Big Mama Polar Bear.

The lion brother also comes to protect Stinky.

Apparently these critters are very friendly.

Rooster has never seen a lion before.

He even tried to get in his face

At night, when everyone was resting

The lion told Stinky's dad

This is where his parents were hunted and killed by humans

He didn't just want to find water

but also to find the killer to take revenge

When they reached the end of the road

They found a house here.

It was like a maze.

Stinky Dad was brave enough to be the first to climb up

He saw the endless reservoir and realized

No wonder there was no water downstream

So it was all stored by humans

Humans here are planning to build a water park in Africa

This can make a lot of money

The other guys have forgotten

What they are here to do

They can't get enough of the drinks

The lion runs into the conference hall

Found his parents' animal skins

And this hunter was inside as a security guard

And he tried to shoot Stinky Dad.

He jumped into the water as fast as he could.

Tragically, he encounters a great white shark.

Flathead and Chubby

Farting all the way to cover themselves

They live a life of luxury here.

And they also met the rich monkey

Monkey is also very generous

In order to have a friend

He gave up all his belongings for them to play

With the monkey's reminder

They realized that

Now the hunters are catching them everywhere

If they didn't leave, they would die on the spot

The monkey led them to open the sluice gate

Eventually the water was opened

And they got out.

But this little bit of water was not enough

The hunter drove his car to kill everyone

Rooster brother is worthy of Rooster brother

Under his command

Big turtle to create a car accident

The car broke down in a minute

The polar bears are already hot.

There was not much time left for them.

Only by reopening the dam

Downstream animals can all be rescued

And the lions didn't even make it out.

The wily monkeys have captured them.

Stinky Dad once again rushed to the rhinoceros and black bull herd

He told both bosses

No matter how much they fought, the water would only decrease

Only by going to Death Valley and opening the floodgate

So they could all live.

At the sound of Stinky's horn

The animals came to the meeting.

Even the sleeping animals were threatened by the eagle to get up

In the evening

All the little creatures of the meadow came to the old tree

They made a pact.

Not to eat other small animals until the water comes

And the water that belonged to them

was blocked in the valley of death by a group of hairless monkeys.

The tortoise couple told everyone about the actions of these "hairless monkeys"

They plundered the resources and destroyed the environment

They have caused the environment to deteriorate dramatically over the centuries.

If the animals don't unite

their home will be gone.

After the meeting was over

The old turtle couple left the world

The next morning

Everyone was in sorrow as they walked again to the valley of death

At first, only a small group of small animals followed

Later, all the other critters followed.

The black panther was fed up with the smug rooster

He wanted to eat him

But it turned out that the rooster was now the boss of the animals

The panther could only behave like a kitten

The hunters flew a small plane to bomb it

But the renegade monkeys took the planes and bombs away

The ants and the bees are the first to kill the conference room.

And the lions attacked from inside.

The parents had to be avenged!

The other little creatures tried to break through the dam.

But they found that it was just a big rock

There was no way to break it.

Then, Stinky Dad threw in a coyote poo

It hit the bomb that the monkey had hidden inside

The bomb instantly cracked the dam.

The powerful water pressure soon pushed the dam apart

The animals returned to their homes from Death Valley with the water.

Stinky Dad really became a hero like a lion

From then on

The animals no longer had to worry about the lack of water.

The grasslands also regained their vitality

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