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Animation movie "The Greatest Journey to the West" commentary text Commentary

Animationmovie "The Greatest Journey to the West" commentary text commentary

Animation movie "The Greatest Journey to the West" commentary text Commentary

After Sun Wukong gave up the scriptures in the West

He ate and drank in the Mountain of Flowers and Fruits every day

Playing mahjong and fishing when he had nothing else to do

Finally, he became a big and fat monkey

From then on, he became a fat, idle nerd

Even the golden rod was given to his little monkey pupil

The little monkey helped Sun Wukong to defeat the monsters

And protect Sun Wukong when in danger

Hello everyone, today to tell you a

A little monkey inherited the Golden Band from the Monkey King

Transformed into a little monkey king story

In the past, when Buddha was still doing assembly line in the factory

Made a small empty toy monkey called empty

As Rudrai did not wear shoes at work

After he was electrocuted, resulting in operational errors

As a result, the little empty behind one ear was imprinted with a mark

Since then, the little hollow has become a defective monkey

And because of this

Other small animals are bullying him

They even laughed at him for being a fake Monkey King

The great-great-great-grandson of the King of Oxen even broke Little Empty's golden rod

Let the little empty air make a fool of himself in public

Then, to prove himself

Little Empty decided to find the real Golden Band

With the help of Master Guan Gong

Little Empty Kong successfully arrived at the Mountain of Flowers and Fruits

This place is much more exciting and fun than the Mountain of Flowers and Fruits in his mind

At this time, the Monkey had been driven away by the Tang Monk

Sun Wukong misses his master, so he uses monkey hair to change his master to play mahjong with a few people

Little empty empty see fat Sun Wukong like this

Thought it was Piggy in the Mountain of Flowers and Fruits as the king

Look at the little empty air does not believe himself

Monkey Monkey can only pull out the golden band to be a powerful

Little empty air to see the real golden rod that is a mouth full of water

But Sun Monkey said

If you want the Golden Rod, you have to be your disciple!

There was no choice but to agree to it.

Goddess of Mercy's throne has become the monkey's stool

Tai Shang Laojun's alchemy furnace

Also became the monkey's boiling water stove

The only thing playing with the monkey

Only the tadpoles look like the somersault cloud

How to look at this, we think it is a lot of overload

Now the little empty air in front of the monkey is simply a small child

Monkeys just play with the stick

Little empty can not learn

But in order to borrow the Golden Band of Will

Little Empty that must study hard ah

One day when KhungKong went to steal peaches

He met the red-assed Big Boiling

It was the first time that Big Boiling saw such a small monkey

He was very fond of KhungKong

He took care of Little Khungkong as if he were his son

Sun Monkey gave out the Golden Band

Asking little KhungKong to take it

But at this moment, he could not hold it with his power

He had to build up his muscles in order to take the golden rod

And also in the cannibal flower training agility

In this way, under the monkey's hands training

Little Khung Kong's strength increased a lot

His agility was also increasing.

He became more and more like a little Monkey King

Monkey promised that as long as Little Khongkong was in his hands

Monkey promised to lend him the Golden Band if he could snatch it from him

But Khung could not defeat the Monkey King Master

Little Khungkong asked his master

Will he still accompany the Longevity Monk to get the scripture

But the monkey said he did not want to go

It's been hundreds of years, I don't know how the master is doing now

At night, Little Khongkong fell asleep on Monkey's body

In the middle of the night, Little Empty was in a hurry

While the master was sleeping, he tried to steal the golden rod

The little hand just fit in his ear

Little Khong Khong took the golden rod before running home

Halfway home, he encountered a big monster

He is the legendary Bull Demon King

This creature has been hiding in the Mountain of Flowers and Fruits waiting for the little empty empty take out the golden rod

But it was useless to grab it

The golden rod does not listen to the Bull Demon King's command

Since he couldn't use it

The Bull Demon King simply hid the rod

Little Khungkong went home

Asked Kiki and his friends to help him

Go to the Bull Demon King's cave to get the rod back

After the Bull Demon King got the stick

Immediately sent the little bulls to Mount Huaguo

The monkey just woke up

They didn't know what was going on

With his beer belly, he laughed at the Bull Demon King for not being able to control himself

But after a few moves, he realized

His golden rod was missing

Now he knew that the little empty air had stolen it

Without the help of the Golden Band

Monkey is no match for the Bull Demon King

Even a few small cows were bullying the monkey

Don't mention how miserable it was

Little Khongkong wanted to save the master

Unfortunately, he was also knocked out by the Bull Demon King

He was played with as a toy

Monkey was finally locked up in the Mountain of Flowers and Fruits also became a waste of time

Little empty air after waking up

Luckily, Boiling brought out of the Mountain of Flowers and fruits

Under the leadership of the Tendou Yun

They wanted to go to the Flaming Mountain to save the monkey out

Monkey in a cage can not do anything

He finally knew how helpless the Longevity Monk was when he was locked up by the demons

How helpless it was

Little Empty and the others had just entered the cave

They ran into the cow with the gold chain

They were forced to the edge of the lava of the Flaming Mountain

To bully their partners

Boiling is going to be a force to be reckoned with

Under the cover of Boiling

Little empty air is riding on the somersault cloud

Finally found the golden rod

And with his own will really picked up the golden rod

But this figure seems to be not as high as the Golden Rod ah

When fighting with the Bull Demon King

Is simply cute to the end

Little empty air roaming around the Bull Demon King

Finally the Bull Demon King slammed down on the stone

Once again, the golden baton was snatched away

The bull devil king is ready to slap the little empty kong to death

At this time, Rudrai appeared again

He asked Sun Monkey if he had regretted leaving the Longevity Monk

Sun Monkey said, "Now I finally understand my master!

And so Sun Monkey was released by Rudrai

This time he was not prepared to fight

Instead, he gave the golden rod to the little empty air

The Bull Demon King is not a vegetarian either

He gathered five thunder energy

A slap came down and crippled Sun Monkey again without the Golden Band

Little Khungkong was also beaten and fell into the lava of the Flaming Mountain

But this also helped Little Empty

Little Empty's soul flew to the front of Rudrai

Little Empty knew then

His master was actually Buddha Ru-lai

Rulai activated the seal behind Khung Khung's ear

In the lava, Little Empty turned into a red golden monkey

He was holding a golden stick

It was like the reincarnation of the little Monkey King

The Bull Demon King kept absorbing the lightning from the sky

His body size became countless times bigger and he became the Five Thunder Bulls

Little Empty commanded the Golden Band to become bigger

Together with his own lava power

He directly beat the Bull Demon King into a prototype

After a sweeping blow from Little Empty

The Bull Demon King was hit like a baseball

Finally, it was over

End of the story

Sun Monkey saw his disciple turned into a little Monkey King

He was overjoyed

Now he can retire completely

When he was happy, he gave the golden rod to the little Khongkong

From now on, he only needs to eat peaches and play mahjong on Mount Huaguo

Little Khung-Kong took the Golden Banded Baton and was reluctant to part with his master when he left.

And after the monkey said goodbye to the little empty

He returned to the monk's side obediently

Little did he know that neither the master nor his brother knew him anymore

They did not expect that their big brother had turned into such a big fat man

This still to go to the Western Paradise to get what scripture ah

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