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Plot "Butterfly Effect" movie commentary copy

Plot"Butterfly Effect" movie comment ary text

Plot "Butterfly Effect" movie commentary copy

If you had the chance to go back to your childhood

To change one specific thing, would you go back?

Or, what do you want to change

Before that, first popularize a knowledge point for Taijia.

In 1963, Lorenz, a meteorologist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

In a scientific calculation, found that as long as the initial data has a small error

The consequences would grow exponentially, and Ged would come to the opposite conclusion

In 1972, he publicly published "Chaos Theory

One of the most classic examples is the well-known "butterfly effect"

A butterfly in a South American rainforest. A few flaps of its wings

Two weeks later, a tornado will be triggered in Texas, USA.

Specifically, a seemingly insignificant event

A very small thing can make a big difference

If you travel back in time, maybe you just say a few more words

It could also change the course of your life

This is the core concept of the brain-burning suspense movie "The Butterfly Effect

In this movie, the man repeatedly goes back in time to try to change his life

But the butterfly effect also works again and again

The real world changes completely out of control

At the beginning of the movie, the man hastily hides under a table in a room

With a group of people chasing him, he panics and writes on a piece of paper

(If I could somehow get back to...)

(The beginning of all this...) The beginning of all this... Maybe then I could... -Evan)

(If I could somehow get back to...)

(The beginning of all this... The beginning of maybe I'll be able to... -(Evan) (Save her)


Time cuts back 13 years to when the hero was a young boy

He was locked up because his father was mentally ill.

He has been living with his mother since he was a child.

But somehow strange things always happened to him.

For example, this gory painting is the young boy's painting

And he doesn't remember drawing it at all

The teacher came to his mother and explained his concerns

The mother also noticed that things were unusual

So, she took the boy to a psychiatrist

But the doctor did not find anything wrong after the examination

The man was physically very healthy. Mentally he was also normal

So we can only assume that this is a coincidence

So the doctor advised the hero to make a habit of keeping a diary

Maybe it would help his memory

When he got home, he followed the doctor's advice and started to write in his diary

But the strange things didn't stop happening.


(Evan, what are you doing with that knife?)

After that, the man's memory loss became more frequent

This day, he went to the neighbor Mei's house to play when he suddenly lost his memory again

When he woke up, he found himself naked

He was in the basement of Xiao Mei's house, next to Xiao Mei

Later, according to the doctor's analysis

The main character may have frequent memory loss due to lack of fatherly love

So. In order to cure the male protagonist

The mother decided to take her son to the asylum to meet his father

After coming to the asylum, the hero was very nervous

He saw his father brought in with his hands cuffed like a prisoner

At first it was normal, the father and son exchanged a few words

Then his memory suddenly jumped again

(Have you seen my picture?)

(Mom said I look like you when I smile)

(Hair too)

(I'm going to kill you no)

(He has to die. It's the only way.)

(Jensen stops)


The staff hit too hard and killed the main character's father directly

The first half of the film, the main character repeatedly appear amnesia

In fact, it is to lay the groundwork for the later crossing

So do not rush, let's continue to see

Time turns to six years later, the hero to the age of middle school

He often hangs out with his three friends

They are the neighbor's Xiao Mei

and her brother Xiao Zhuang and the timid little fat

The mischievous bear, Little Zhuang

He found a detonator in the basement of his house.

He is ready to play a prank, and they find a house.

Little Zhuang forced Fatty, the most timid one, to put the detonator into the mailbox of someone else's house

Then, everyone hides and waits for the detonator to explode

The hero covered Xiao Mei's (the heroine) ears with his hands

At this point, the main man died again

The crowd took the scared fatty to the ambulance

The hero's mother was asking him what had happened

But he really does not remember, and can only answer that he does not know

Afterwards, the hero wrote down the incident in his diary...

The last thing he could remember

was to put his hand over Xiao Mei's ear

After writing it down, the hero accidentally found his grandfather's death certificate

Like his father, he was also mentally ill.

Afterwards, the hero asked Xiao Mei and Xiao Zhuang what had happened that day

But Xiao Zhuang was very excited to advertise him not to mention that incident again

And Xiao Mei also said that if the hero couldn't remember

That is also a lucky thing

She had already been beaten by her father at home because of the incident

After he comforted her, the two naturally kissed

But unexpectedly this scene was seen by Xiao Zhuang

Xiao Zhuang has some psychological problems and has strong feelings for his sister

He won't allow others to take his sister away from him

Soon after, Fatty was discharged from the hospital, and the hero and Xiao Mei took him out to play

But they ran into Xiao Zhuang who wanted to burn his pet dog to death to get back at him

The two sides were about to have a fierce conflict when the hero lost his mind again

When he woke up, the dog had been burned to death

Xiao Mei was crying next to the little fat and was scared silly

After this incident, the mother felt that the environment here is harmful to the growth of the hero

So she was ready to move out. Before leaving the day. Xiao Mei ran over to see him off

But they did not have the opportunity to formally say goodbye

The hero left a message for Xiao Mei: I will come back for you!

Seven years later, the hero reached the age of college

He has been studying the subject of human brain

Fortunately, he never lost his memory after the move

But he also did not keep his promise and never went back to find Xiao Mei

One day, he happened to read his diary

When he opened the page, it happened to be the day Xiao Zhuang wanted to burn the dog

As he read, the words on the diary started to shake

The whole world was distorted

The next moment, the hero went back to the day he burned the dog

Continuing his lost memories.

That day, Fatty tried to cut the rope to save the dog, but he couldn't do it

And Xiao Zhuang burned the puppy with his own hands after threatening him

After so many years, this recovered memory

He wanted to go back to the place where he lived as a child to see

He found Fatty and wanted to confirm with him the authenticity of his memories

The fatty, who was already mentally disturbed, did not deny it after hearing it

And told the hero the words that the perverted Xiao Zhuang threatened himself

Those words are exactly the same as the memories the hero just got

After confirming the authenticity of his memories

The hero seems to have discovered his special ability

By looking at the diary, he could go back to the scene of the incident recorded in the diary.


At night, the hero traveled back to the day of the detonator explosion in the same way

It turns out that after Fatty put the detonator into the mailbox

A woman with a baby in her arms approached

(Baby, are you okay?)

(I have to change the diaper)

(Do you want to open it?)

("Do you want to...)

(Oh, my God. Oh, my God.)


(Damn it, run!)

So this is how Fatty was scared silly

It also explains why he became mentally unstable years later

This incident has left a deep shadow in his young mind

Back to the present, the mother and the hero had dinner together

They talked about his father's past amnesia

Back then, his father also suffered from memory loss

But after years of amnesia, he found a way to remember the past.

The result was horrific. The father's condition became worse and worse.

Everyone else thought he was hallucinating.

The lack of understanding from the people around him made him irritable

He is soon confined to a mental hospital

When the hero wants to ask for more details

The mother was worried that her son would follow in her husband's footsteps, so she said no more

After the meal, they went to a divination store

When the diviner looked at the man's palm line, she was shocked and said

("You have no life line)

("You don't belong to this world)

("I paid five dollars to spit in your face)

("What will happen to him in the future? He has no soul)

("You should never have come into this world)

After leaving the store, the mother told the man

She had been pregnant twice and had miscarried both times.

He is her third child and her "miracle".

Remember this line, it will make you think twice at the end of the movie

Several diary crossings remind the hero of his childhood

And finally remembered his promise to Xiao Mei

After some inquiries, he decided to go to find Xiao Mei

Xiao Mei is now a waitress in a restaurant, very poor

It turns out that after the man left

Her brother Xiao Zhuang was sent to prison soon after

Her mother also remarried and had no time to take care of Xiao Mei

So Xiao Mei did not go to college, but to work, struggling to survive

After many years, Xiao Mei was very happy to see her childhood friend again.

But he brought up the hurt he suffered when we made videos together as children

These words are like rubbing salt in the wound of the heroine

(We're just kids. We don't have to take the blame for what we did.)

("Shut up Evan)

(You're wasting your breath)

(You can't resent yourself because your father is a twisted pervert)

(Who are you trying to convince Evan?)

(You came all the way back to mess with my life)

(Just because you have bad memories)

(All you want is for me to cry on your shoulder)

(And tell you everything's fine now?)

(To hell with Evan)

(Everything's not fine)

(Everything's never gonna be okay)

(You know if I was really that perfect)

(Why didn't you call me?)

(Why did you leave me here to rot?)

Soon after, the man received a call from Xiao Zhuang

It turned out that Xiao Mei had committed suicide after returning that day

The hero felt so guilty that he wanted to go back to the past with his diary

Change the history to save the heroine

He first wanted to go back to the day in the basement

At that time, the boy who still looked like a child had the brain of a college student

He scolded Xiao Mei's father and warned him not to hurt her again

and told him to control his sick son

The father across the street was really shocked by this scene

Promised the male protagonist's request

After that, the hero opened his eyes, he found himself not in the previous dormitory

And Xiao Mei was lying beside him

Countless new memories began to emerge in his mind

It turns out that history has changed and the neighbor was threatened by the hero and then became a virgin

Xiao Mei was not harmed and went to college

And grew up to become a couple with the hero

The hero just went back in time and said a few more words

changed the whole life of himself and Xiao Mei

Everything seems to be perfect

However, Xiao Mei's brother became the most miserable one

It turns out that because the hero had been told not to hurt Xiao Mei

So his father took out his anger on his brother Xiao Zhuang

Xiao Zhuang's psychology became twisted and paranoid and hated the hero more

Previously in jail, he was just released recently

As soon as he got out, he smashed the hero's car

Therefore, the main man and Xiao Zhuang fought, and the main man gradually got the upper hand

He looked at Xiao Zhuang and thought of the mother and son who were killed by the detonator

He thought of Fatty who was scared out of his mind

The main man's hand is getting stronger and stronger, and even killed Xiao Zhuang alive

In this way, the hero went to prison

In the prison has been a variety of inmates oppressed

So, the hero asked his mother to bring a diary

He wanted to go back in time and change history again

Although the mother did not understand, but still found two books to bring

In the process, the inmates created a lot of trouble for the hero

But in the end, the hero seized the opportunity

He went back to the day when the dog was burned to death

Once, Fatty became insane because of the bullying of Xiao Zhuang

Therefore, this time, the hero encouraged him to resist

And handed him a piece of iron sharp enough to cut the rope

This dog killing incident is also a turning point for Xiao Zhuang

He will be imprisoned for this, and then completely blackened

Therefore, in the face of Xiao Zhuang, the male protagonist taught him

Let him put down his hatred and change his mind

The good thing is that at this time the hatred is not yet deep, they are still "half friends"

Xiao Zhuang was successfully convinced by the hero, he let the dog go

But I did not expect that at this time the little fat misunderstood

He suddenly came up. With the main man originally gave him to cut the rope iron piece

Stabbed the little strong who has been bullying him to death

Things once again exceeded the hero's expectations

The hero wakes up and is no longer in prison, but is back in the dormitory where he started

He had a splitting headache and a nosebleed.

When his roommate returned, he was unconscious

Xiao Zhuang died in this version of life is even more tragic, so fatty went to the madhouse

Xiao Mei became a sex worker with no hope of survival

The doctor told the hero that many nerves in his brain had been reconstructed

It's like cramming 40 years of memories into one year

And this damaged the tissue of the cerebral cortex

This is due to the fact that the hero has changed his history many times, resulting in memory reorganization

Constantly updated memories rotated into the hero's brain

Afterwards, the hero stole the doctor's door card

He met Fatty, who was trapped in the hospital.

Because of Fatty's teenage murder experience

His mental disorder has become more serious

He resented the piece of iron that the hero handed him at that time

So, the hero decided to go back to the past again

He wanted to change the fate of Fatty and the others

But every time he changed history, everyone's fate would become worse

He decided to seek help from his father who had similar abilities

So he went back to the day he visited his father as a child and talked to him

But his father told him that it was simply impossible

You can't change one person without destroying others

It's time for me to end it.

If you go on like this, you'll probably kill you and your mother

The hero, on the other hand, doesn't believe his father's words

He was convinced that he could make everything right

Suddenly. The father crossed the table and tried to strangle the hero to end it all

As the hero crosses over again and again

The ambush laid in the first half of the film is also gradually revealed

The main character comes to his senses after being strangled

After that, he relied on the diary back to the day of the detonator explosion

This time the hero rushed to stop the woman from getting the letter, and although he succeeded

But the detonator also exploded in front of the hero

When he woke up again, he found that Fatty had become his college roommate

Just when he was secretly happy

But to his horror, he found that his arms and legs were all blown away

His head started hurting again, and new memories hit him once again

This time, the heroine fell in love with Fatty

And Xiao Zhuang has become a hero by mistake

He is now a "three good students".

Everyone is living a good life, except for the disabled hero

One day, Xiao Mei told the hero

Although she is now with Fatty, she used to like the hero

When her parents divorced, she only wanted to be neighbors with him

Only then did she choose to live with her father

This makes the hero even more sad, he even wanted to kill himself

But at this time as "three good students" Xiao Zhuang arrived in time to save him

Xiao Zhuang took the hero to visit his mother

The mother was already seriously ill

It is because the hero was disabled by the bomb, the mother fell into the pain

She smoked a lot and got lung cancer as a result

This is the fulfillment of what the father once said

Therefore, the hero decided to do whatever it takes to save his mother's life

He found the diary he had written before the bombing

When he crossed back over, he wanted to destroy the detonator that was the source of all the evil.

So he found a knife in the kitchen

But that's when his mother woke herself up

The hero was pulled back to reality without doing anything

So, he went back to the basement that day

After finding the detonator, he lit it up and used it to threaten his neighbor

But unexpectedly, when the two of them were fighting for the detonator

But the detonator was picked up by the heroine

Then. The heroine was killed in front of the hero

This made the hero who came back to his senses stimulated

led to his future mental breakdown

The hero was admitted to a mental hospital. Hissed and demanded his diary

But in this world, the diary never existed, because of the shock

The hero did not write a diary afterwards. So the diary doesn't exist.

The doctor thinks that everything is the hero's fantasy

The hero has accumulated brain damage from multiple crossings

At this point, it is irreparable

The doctor told him that the hero's father was once like him

But the father shouted is a video tape

Hearing this, the hero suddenly had a flash of light and got a hint

It turns out that video tapes can also be a medium for travel

After the hero asked his mother about the previous home video

The story goes back to the very beginning of the film

He hid under the table to write a message, just as the guard was about to open the door

The main character turns on the video camera, which is the video of the main character's birth

The parents are together, happily waiting for the birth of their child

The hero went back to the time when he was still a fetus

Just as the divine lady once said, the hero should not have appeared in this world

He was a fetus with an adult mind

He grabbed the umbilical cord of his own accord, triggering asphyxiation one

As long as he was not born, there would be no subsequent tragedy

In this way, the mother had another miscarriage

In this world, the male protagonist died before he was born

Because the male protagonist does not exist, Xiao Mei and Xiao Zhuang after their parents' divorce

did not choose to live with their sick father but with their mother

The two of them thus had a happy childhood

Later, they succeeded in going to college and had a bright future

And after the male protagonist's father was locked up in a mental hospital

Without the birth of the male lead, the mother remarried without any worries

and gave birth to a healthy child without genetic bad luck

Fatty did not suffer from a bullying childhood, and his life was very smooth

Everyone was happy, and all because the man was never born

This is the end of the film

The Butterfly Effect" is a movie

It is one of the most complex suspenseful and brain-burning movies ever made

The first half of the movie does not develop quickly, but laid a lot of pavement

And when the movie starts to stop from the middle

roller-coaster reversal

The role of these pavements also became apparent

Originally, the main character grew up in a time and space that had not been changed in any way

But his inherited special ability

He was able to travel through time by reading his own diary

As a result, each time he travels, things get worse.

As the film progresses, we discover that the point in time that changes the events

is precisely the point in time when he once lost his memory

In each crossing, just changing one small thing

will change other things at the same time. The whole body is affected by one hair

At the end of the film, the main character chooses to keep himself from being born

So that he will not have to suffer the pain of reincarnation

And make everyone's life better

But what is so frightening is that this is the mother's third miscarriage

We finally know at this moment

This reincarnation has actually entered the third time

This means that the first two miscarriages were the fetus crossing back to commit suicide

Fortunately, the mother later remarried, the third time is the last reincarnation

In fact, there are several versions and endings of The Butterfly Effect

The version introduced here is the most complicated director's cut

And in the ordinary public version

One day down, the man is still a child crossed to the party and scolded the heroine

Let himself have nothing to do with the heroine

This can also lead to everything that follows, and one does not have to die

This is more like an additional ending

Because only the director's cut version of the ending

It can echo the two miscarriages that the mother said earlier and what the father once said

This ending is more tragic and shocking

Although the Butterfly Effect is a science fiction film

But at its core, it is a story about predestination

We all fantasize about going back in time

Back to the summer of our senior year of high school and struggle again

Go back to that innocent time

To say the words we never said to her or him

Going back to that year to say goodbye to our loved ones that we didn't get to see one last time

We live in a world full of regrets

No matter how you change it, it will never be perfect

If you want to get rid of this imperfection

There is only one way. Never be born

However, we don't have the right to choose whether to be born or not

We don't have the special function of crossing over

We can only cherish the present and grasp the future

The past will pass, the future is still in our hands

This is the end of today's story

I am XXX, a narrator dedicated to bringing movies to life. See you next time

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