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Plot "Black Mirror Rush" movie commentary copy

Plot"Black Mirror Rush" movie comment ary copy

Plot "Black Mirror Rush" movie commentary copy

In the near future, people will become more dependent on smart devices such as cell phones

It has even become a part of the human body

Each person's eye will be implanted with a chip that communicates with the phone

Through this chip, the images from the phone can be projected directly onto the eyes

In other words, you don't have to keep your head down to play with your phone in class

You can play whatever you want

Of course, what is more important is the grading system

Become a key indicator to classify social class

When you look at a person, his score will appear next to you

The score directly determines a person's social status

5 is the highest score, 4 means OK

Three points means the person is not very popular

Two points means that everyone hates the person

Another point is that it has fallen below the world's tolerance level

People with high scores can enjoy more privileges and preferential treatment

As a result, scoring each other has not only become a part of people's daily lives

Most people will do this for a higher score

Do some deliberate acts

Our hostess scored 4.2. based on the "excellent" category

But the price is that she often does things against her will

She would practice giggling in front of the mirror

The people you usually meet when you're out and about say all sorts of unintentional polite things

Trying to give people five stars in the hope of getting five stars in return

to maintain their high-scoring persona

This day. The heroine is eating her breakfast

Even while biting into a cookie, she had to keep smiling in front of others

She just took a small bite and spit it out. And the coffee wasn't very good either

But she still posed. Took a picture and sent a friend circle

and captioned: Coffee with cookies is great!

Today is another day full of vitality.

It turns out that she did all these things just to send a delicate circle of friends

to get more favorable comments

After breakfast, the heroine started her daily work day

She bumped into her ex-colleague with a 4.6 rating in the elevator

But there was no topic to talk about and it was awkward

So she quickly swiped her phone to check the other party's circle of friends

Then she grabbed a topic and forced a fake smile to chat

Apparently, she is very good at this kind of thing

Just swipe when chatting

The other person's circle of friends will automatically appear

And no one will notice that she is looking at the other person's circle of friends

It is very convenient to pretend to be familiar with each other

The two pretended to have a pleasant conversation and then gave each other a five-star rating

Next. The woman looked at the ratings she received at work

Under the many five stars, there is a former girlfriend gave her four stars

And that girlfriend's homepage showed 4.8 points, which made the heroine envious

The woman is sitting at work, but the pot comes from the sky

A black colleague invited the hostess for a drink

The heroine found that the colleague only had a 3.1 rating

But out of courtesy she did not think twice before accepting and gave her colleague a five-star rating

The result is that the next second. The heroine found that the people around her

are looking at her with a strange look

It turns out that this black guy had an office romance and now broke up

And the co-workers all prefer the little brother's boyfriend

They collectively gave him a low rating in order to boycott the black guy

The female protagonist found out too late and was taken as the black guy's accomplice

Therefore, she received a lot of one-star reviews from her colleagues

On the other hand, because the apartment she shared with her brother was about to expire

She came to see the apartment during her break

Although the property introduced by the agent was very much to her liking

But the rent was very expensive and beyond her means

However, there is a special offer

As long as the score is above 4.5, the rent will be discounted by 20%

This made the hostess, who was only 0.3 points away from the discount, feel excited

So, she went to a professional scoring consultant

After some analysis, the consultant concluded

The lady's daily contacts were all people with low to medium scores of 4 and below

These people do not have a high weighting even if they give 5-star reviews

If the current trend of growth

It would take 18 months for her to reach a score of 4.5 or higher

Unless there are people with very high scores who give 5-star reviews to the female lead

Increase the rating of these high weight people

Her score can only grow rapidly in a short period of time

So early the next morning, the heroine went into the task of raising her score

But unfortunately, she met yesterday's black guy in front of the company

At this moment, he couldn't even enter the company because his score had dropped to 2.4

He couldn't even enter the company's door and was about to be fired

In order to save herself, the heroine chose to ignore his plea

In the elevator, the heroine met the lady with a score of 4.6 again

She hurriedly put on a solicitous appearance, but the result is too deliberate

The other party only gave a three-star rating

Terrified, she contacted the rating consultant and asked for advice on what to do

The expert told her: those high scorers are not stupid

She could see what she was trying to do right away

Instead of trying to be attentive, she should communicate sincerely and be herself

Then, she immediately remembered her childhood best friend

Because she is now a 4.8 high achiever

If she could get her help, she could raise her score quickly

So, she took a picture of the broken doll her best friend had given her

She took a picture and sent it to her friends

Although her best friend gave her this doll at that time to mock the heroine

But now, in order to improve her score, she didn't care so much

Fortunately, after uploading the photo

She really received five-star reviews from the other party, which made her very excited

So in the evening, she started to try to make the "Netflix meal"

And then take pictures to send friends, in order to give themselves points

Unexpectedly then received a phone call from her best friend

The hostess hurriedly primped and picked up

And the bestie's side is not polite

She came up to show off her big diamond ring and private island

The girl also cooperated by doing all kinds of exaggerated movements and tones

The girlfriend said she was getting married after some showing off of her wealth

The people attending the wedding are all high achievers with a score of 4.7 or above

The most important thing is that she wants the heroine to be her bridesmaid

And give a speech at the wedding

This made the heroine so excited that she burst into tears in front of the screen

She agreed to the job without hesitation

After all, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for her to raise her score

And after hanging up the video call, the brother rationalized his doubts.

The so-called "Mimi actually often hurt the heroine

When she was young, she was sneering at the heroine

The broken doll is also to ridicule her is the good old man before giving her

And she even dug the heroine's back

But none of this can stop the heroine

Now she doesn't care at all to improve her score

She has also prepared a set of fleshy wedding speech

She whitewashed her bullying experience as a fond memory between the two of them

The brother felt disgusted after listening to it, and he despised the heroine

He felt that the heroine had even lost her dignity for the sake of the score, which was unbelievable

He and his sister tore into each other on the spot, and even gave each other a bad star rating

The heroine, on the other hand, did not care, she hurriedly rushed to the airport

Ready to embark on a trip to raise the score

She could never have imagined that this trip, which was intended to raise her scores

She could not have imagined that this trip to improve her score would cause her score to fall to the bottom

She accidentally bumped into a passerby with a 4.8 rating and was given a 1-star rating just as she was leaving the house

In the cab, she flattered her best friend in a hypocritical and pretentious way

The driver got goose bumps and was awarded another star

When she arrived at the check-in gate, she was told that the plane was grounded due to a malfunction

Although there was a standby seat for another flight

But you need a score of 4.2 or higher to change your ticket

Because of the previous 1-star reviews

The heroine's score has dropped to 4.1

Therefore, the female lead after some fruitless communication, in a hurry to say profanity

This scene was seen by the people around

They gave her a 1-star rating

She was even punished by airport security for disturbing order

Although the time limit for downgrading is 24 hours

After the time limit, the rating will return to the original 4.1 points

But if you receive a bad review in these 24 hours, you will suffer double the loss

The plane is not available

So, the broken heroine had to rent a car to go to the wedding site

But since the current score is 3.1

She could only rent a very dilapidated car

After driving for a few hours, the car ran out of battery

She went to a charging station to recharge, but because the model was too old

There was no matching charging head, so she went to the station again and asked the staff

The man's attitude was so bad that he gave the woman two stars.

One after another, the unlucky things kept testing the bottom line of the heroine

But she can not vent out, otherwise it will attract more low score

The heroine had no choice but to hitchhike on the road

But the drivers passing by refused to take her when they saw her current 2.8 points

She could only drag her suitcase and walk alone on the road in the middle of the night

Until a female truck driver took the initiative to extend an olive branch

But she saw that the other party only had a score of 1.4

Such a person is usually considered an anti-social personality

She was a little afraid to get into the car, but after much consideration she had no choice

She got into the car, and in the car, the female driver took the initiative to talk

Asked about the heroine's experience, and then after listening to the heroine's plan to increase her score

She said to the heroine, once upon a time she was very similar to the heroine

Every day she chased the score, she also lived an elegant life with 4.6 points

After her husband got cancer, she gave every doctor a 5 star

Hoping they would do everything they could to save her husband

Then heard there was an experimental treatment that could cure it

But in the end, the hospital gave the qualification to someone who was 0.1 points higher than her husband

And so, her husband died.

From then on, the woman driver questioned the rating system

She didn't care about anything anymore

No more hypocritical socializing to get a high score

Instead, it allowed her to live her own life and lead an easy life

She persuaded the heroine to give up chasing scores and just be herself

But the heroine thinks she should live a life of high scores first

Then she can think about living her own life

After that, the heroine approached her destination

But the car also here is not the way

The female driver let her get off nearby and gave her a water bottle

She was still 30 kilometers away from the wedding.

She met two avid drama fans in the bathroom and learned of each other's preferences

She had an idea to pretend she also liked the show

So she hitched a ride with them

At that moment, a devastating phone call came and the bestie told the heroine not to come

It turned out that the girlfriend had also hired a rating consultant

She asked the main girl to come as a bridesmaid before

It was all to create a perfect image of herself as an unforgettable old flame

Let an old friend with a score of 4.2 "not high enough, not low enough" give a speech on stage

Can look like they are interested in helping their friends, good character

And now the female lead only 2 points more

If you appear in the wedding scene instead of bad influence

(You said you want your longest friend to go)

(I called you to speak when you were 4.2)

(We have conducted various simulations at this size of the gathering)

(It will have a very good effect)

("It's predicted to improve by at least .2)

("But now you're below 3." "Sorry.)

("That's not very flattering)

("It won't be good for us)

("Do you only care about the score?)

("We're all the same with less coming)

("You want to deny the superiority of the upper class)

("You can't get it on your own)

("Let's not kid ourselves)

("I'll get a high score.)

(What are you going to do, come over here and force people to like you?)

("That's right, I'm going to do my speech." "You can't.)

(I'm gonna do it)

("They'll give me high marks when they hear it)

("They'll dry their tears)

(Go home)

Hearing this, the female lead broke down again in front of the crowd

She also revealed that she had never seen the show, and was thrown out of the car.

And the whole car gave a bad rating of one star

What is the avalanche effect, this is the avalanche effect

A bad thing not handled well often leads to more bad things

The heroine was already broken at this point

She borrowed a four-wheeled motorcycle and rushed to the wedding site

But the main entrance here only allows people with a score of 3.8 or more to enter

She had to quietly take a side road, but accidentally fell into a mud puddle in the middle

She ended up at the wedding in a messy state

She got the microphone when people were not looking

So the heroine is angry at the shit her best friend did to her

while being grateful for her childhood companionship

In the midst of her frenzied and profanity-laced speech

The woman was once again given a one-star review by the crowd

She was taken away from the wedding venue by security guards. As her score was close to zero

She was taken directly to prison and had the chip removed from her eyeballs.

It was at this point that she finally saw the real world

The heroine smiled and left tears, now she can finally be herself

Repressed for too long, she towards the opposite cell in the black

began to curse and dislike each other, the more cursing the more comfortable

It seems that she has finally removed years of pretense and pressure

This is the end of the story

The story of "The Fast and the Furious

In the "Black Mirror" is a very "grounded" one

In fact, the scoring mechanism has begun to infiltrate our lives on a large scale

After receiving a quick takeaway

We will rate the store and the delivery boy

After watching movies and TV series, we will rate them

We will also rate the app on our cell phones

Nowadays, we all have a lot of time to brush our phones

Peeking into other people's lives through the circle of friends

The author uses this exaggerated technique

The author uses this exaggerated technique to show our daily behavior that we are eager to rate and follow our friends' circle

Wrapped up before display

The hypocrisy of human nature has become increasingly entrenched in this scoring world

This woman became obsessed with improving her score to enjoy rental discounts

In fact when obsessed with scoring

Women themselves become bound by the needs and ideas of others

Can't be myself

In the process of completing the obsession, she keeps lying

Exposing her own hypocrisy, but getting further and further away from the goal

A woman often paralyzes herself, endures the moment, pretends to be the moment

Later, when you get a high score, you can enjoy the life of a "human being"

Then you can be yourself.

But the truth is, as the scoring consultants suggest

It's easier to score high by just being yourself

No need to be so deliberately jealous and hypocritical

Enjoy life again. It's good to give to others

But the original intention, starting point and approach are also important

If you just flatter

you'll probably just reveal your own intentions, which is counterproductive

That's the end of today's story

I'm XXX, a narrator dedicated to bringing movies to life. See you next time.

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