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Suspense movie "sheep and wolves in love and kill" commentary text Afterthoughts

Suspensemovie "Sheep and wolves fall in love and kill" comment ary text after viewing

Suspense movie "sheep and wolves in love and kill" commentary text Afterthoughts

Can you imagine?

This couple's dating activity is killing people?

When a girl kills someone.

Would be considerate enough to stay away from the boy.

Lest the blood splash on him.

The boy hides to help the girl watch the wind.

Xiao Shuai is a geek who can't do anything.

Because it feels that life has failed too much.

That day he intended to hang himself.

As a result, the rope can not bear the weight.

Xiao Shuai even failed to kill himself.

Just when he was more desperate.

A light hit his head.

It turned out that there was a hole in the wall.

Through the light of the next door.

Xiao Shuai could not help but be curious.

Lie on the wall and began to peep.

Saw Xiao Mei eating.

The lovely Xiao Mei attracted Xiaoshuai.

Of course, he did not find himself being spied on.

Peeping at Xiao Mei has become Xiao Shuai's daily life.

This day Xiao Mei is changing clothes.

Because of the angle.

Xiao Shuai could not see anything.

In a hurry, Xiaoshuai walked to Xiaomei's door.

Trying to peek through the cat's eye.

Then he found a girl downstairs is watching him

The girl is to visit her brother who lives on the first floor

Before leaving, she also hung food on the door of her brother's room

Seeing the girl walking away

Xiao Shuai grabbed the food the girl brought and gobbled it up

Then when he looked up

And found Xiao Mei is watching him in the hallway

Xiao Shuai found an excuse to help test the food for poison

Xiaomei smiled gently and did not mind

Instead, she invited Xiaoshuai to eat at home

While Xiao Mei was preparing the food

Xiao Shuai also took the opportunity to observe Xiao Mei's home

He saw that the hole was inside the bookshelf

Xiaomei served the food

Xiaoshuai tasted it and couldn't resist eating it all

Xiao Mei also did not mind him

This makes Xiaoshuai more excited

Instead, he was more motivated to spy on Xiao Mei

Even the time to brush his teeth is not wasted

This day Xiao Mei's home came a man.

Xiaoshuai thought it was Xiaomi's boyfriend who was jealous

Xiaomei showed a smile

Xiaoshuai side of an excited

Book fell down that hole was also blocked

Do not believe that Xiao Mei killed someone

Xiao Shuai was at home thinking about what Xiao Mei was doing

When he heard someone knocking on his door

In the cat's eye was Xiao Mei with food

Xiaoshuai and Xiaomei eating a meal

Xiao Shuai talked about how he doesn't work or go to school

Why did Xiao Mei treat him so well as a loser?

And Xiao Mei replied that he was with Xiaoshuai

Only then did he feel less lonely

After Xiao Mei went back

Xiaoshuai peeped through the hole again

He saw that Xiao Mei was normal

He thought he was just hallucinating

Suddenly a woman came to Xiao Mei's house

The woman tidied up the books on the bookshelf

Exposed the hole

When the woman left

Xiaoshuai quietly opened the door

He saw the woman turn her head

Xiao Shuai hurriedly closed the door

Someone reminded him that the clothes rope was closed outside the door

When Xiaoshuai opened the door again

The corridor was deserted

The day went on like this

Xiao Mei is still so beautiful and gentle

Xiaoshuai - while doubting and comforting himself

That day was an illusion

That day Xiao Mei brought another man home

Xiao Shuai watched Xiao Mei kill another man with her knife

He couldn't help but scream out loud

Xiao Shuai fled from the house

And Xiao Mei chased him with a knife

Finally Xiao Shuai was chased to a rooftop

And Xiao Mei was already following him

Xiao Shuai didn't run away anymore

He was going to kill himself

He lived for a long time because he liked Xiao Mei

If he died by Xiao Mei's hand

He had no regrets to die

With a mouthful of words

Not only did Xiao Mei not kill Xiao Shuai

She also started to fall in love with him

The young couple ate together every day

And chatting through the hole

Xiao Shuai also for Xiao Mei

He got a job as a sales clerk

He helped Xiao Mei carry her bags when they were dating

So that Xiao Mei can kill people smoothly

Although Xiao Mei said that he killed all the guilty people

But Xiao Shuai was still getting more and more worried

But the newspapers didn't report any murderers.

This makes Xiao Shuai relieved and feel strange

That day, he met the girl who came to visit his brother.

The girl's name was Xiaochun.

His brother also said a few words to Shuai

Another day

Shuai saw Haru's brother tied up from the cave

When Xiao Mei was about to do it

Xiao Shuai tried to stop Xiao Mei

But Xiao Mei killed him anyway

Xiao Shuai came to Xiao Mei's room

He saw Ling, the woman from before.

She was cleaning up the scene with her men

Sister Ling told Xiao Shuai

They organized a high price to recycle the corpse Xiao Mei made

Xiao Mei had never been so close to anyone

Unless this person is his target

Said and showed his finger earrings

Scared Xiao bad a little

Xiao Shuai asked Ling

Why did Xiao Mei kill Xiaochun's brother to help people in the shadow

Ling took him downstairs

Xiaochun's brother's room

The room is very complete with all kinds of torture equipment

There are also stacks of boxes with pictures of cats on them

Xiaochun's brother is a pervert who likes to torture and kill kittens

So Xiao Mei killed him

But Xiao-Shan still can't accept Xiao-Mei's killing

That day Xiaochun came to see his brother

Xiao Shuai wanted to keep Xiao Mei from being exposed

He wanted to get rid of him quickly

But Xiao Mei saw this scene too.

To find his brother, Xiaochun talked to Shuai about calling the police.

Xiao Shuai urged him not to call the police

When Xiao Shuai was worried about what to do

Sister Ling found him and said she could help him

That is, not by the shadow

Xiaochun found the landlord and opened the door to his brother's house

The room was cleaned and tidy

It was completely different from what Xiao Shuai saw that day

There was a travel plan to Thailand pinned on the wall

Xiaochun really thought his brother was traveling abroad

Xiao Shuai helped him run up and down the stairs to express his gratitude

Xiaoshuai was on his way home

Saw Xiao Mei being held by a hooligan

But did not resist

He thought Xiao Mei had cheated on him

He got up the courage to ask Mei who that man was

Xiao Mei asked him why he was so enthusiastic about Xiaochun

Xiao Shuai said he helped Xiaochun because he was afraid he would call the police

He only likes Xiao Mei

Xiao Mei was touched

Xiao Shuai also intended to kiss Xiao Mei

(Not yet)

(I'll kill you if you don't)

It seems that Xiao Mei has not completely accepted Xiao Shuai

A drug trafficking triad approached Xiao Mei

They asked Xiao Mei to help them kill their rival

Use Ling's organization to dispose of the body to avoid exposure

Xiao Mei refused them

The triad boss threatened Xiao Mei

Don't forget that Xiao Shuai is just an ordinary person

Xiao Mei picked up Xiao Shuai from work

Then she saw Xiaochun

Already waiting at Xiao Shuai's door

During the meal, Xiao Mei gave Xiao Xiaochun a drug

She wanted to kill him.

But Xiao Shuai stopped him

Xiao Mei also said that he was lying to Xiao Shuai

When Xiaochun woke up, he confessed to Shuai.

He also said that Xiao Mei was just playing with Xiao Shuai

When Xiao Shuai didn't know what to do

Sister Ling came with people and Xiaochun left

Ling said this is the first time

Xiao Mei notified him but no body

And Xiao Mei is a wolf

If Xiao Shuai can't accept Xiao Mei don't delay him

Xiao Shuai was arrested by the triad

Knowing that Xiao Mei did not cheat

He was very happy

So that man was a triad

Informed Xiao Mei to help them work

But the triads didn't let him go

Give him a little lesson is to threaten Xiao Mei

Xiaoshuai asked Xiaomei to leave him alone

But Xiao Mei left without saying anything

Sister Ling came to find Xiao Shuai

Tell him to persuade Xiao Mei to be more restrained

Too many corpses will increase the risk

Xiaochun continued to ask Xiaoshuai to meet him.

He told Xiao Shuai that he and Xiao Mei were not the same person

He is the best for Xiao Shuai

Xiaoshuai went home and saw Xiaomei killing again from the hole

But Xiaomei's face

There was no smile of satisfaction like before

He called and rejected Xiaochun

He was already sure

Even though he and Xiao Mei are not the same person

But the only one he liked was Xiao Mei

No one can replace her

He took the knife and found the gangsters

Threatened them not to force Xiao Mei to do something he didn't like anymore

The gangsters knocked him down in a few blows

Then they punched and kicked him

Just at that moment

A tranquilizer bullet rolled in

Everyone lost their strength and collapsed to the ground

Xiao Mei was wearing a raincoat

She came in with a utility knife

The gangsters were killed in a few blows

The black boss came out with a samurai sword

Mei was not afraid

Once the black boss cut his throat

Seeing Xiao Shuai lying on the ground

Xiao Mei helped him up and asked him why he came here

Xiao Shuai said

Do not want Xiaomei forced to do something that does not want to do.

Xiaomei was very moved.

Xiaoshuai seized the opportunity to confess to him again.

And this time Xiao Mei also responded to him.

This time Xiaoshuai successfully kissed Xiaomi

Xiaoshuai collapsed to the ground.

Xiao Mei said happily.

He wanted to confirm his feelings.

Always wanted to try what it was like to kill a lover.

Xiao Mei was happy.

Xiao Shuai was happy too.

Even the wound doesn't hurt.

At the end of the story Xiao Mei and Ling met.

Sorry to let Ling remember to clean Xiao Shuai's room.

That's when Xiaoshuai appeared with his crutches.

Let him wait a minute.

Then exchanged real names.

They move in together to discuss cohabitation.

Xiao Mei promises not to kill again.

The whole movie is imaginative.

Although the female lead has a beautiful face like a flower

But continues to kill people.

The male lead is a voyeur.

But he was reborn because of the heroine.

Killing and peeping fall in love.

Inevitably, some disconnect will be encountered.

Though not fatal.

But it is fatal.

Lovers find each other's flaws in their time together.

Temporarily unacceptable.

But through the efforts of both parties and the addition of outsiders.

Finally the conflict erupts until it is resolved.

Eventually, both sides readily accepted each other.

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