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Animation movie "The Amazing Adventures of Goku" commentary text Commentary

Animationmovie "The Amazing Adventures of Goku" comment ary text commentary

Animation movie "The Amazing Adventures of Goku" commentary text Commentary

The seven fairies are clamoring for Christmas

They also want to become goddess Athena when they grow up

This made the Jade Emperor furious

He called Erlang Shen and Monkey to catch Santa Claus

To let Santa Claus know the power of Chinese fairies

Today I'll tell you a story

Gods also want to celebrate Christmas story

As the story goes, Tai Shang Lao Jun was over here playing chess with the Jade Emperor

At home, the alchemy children

actually transformed the alchemy furnace into a colorful furnace

And also sang Christmas songs next to the furnace

This can make Tai Shang Lao Jun's face is disgraced

The Jade Emperor also had a feeling

Said that his seven daughters had also caused havoc in Heaven

They pulled down the peach tree

and replaced it with a Christmas tree

They were discussing what kind of Christmas they wanted to have

To think that his daughters are worshipping foreign fairy old man

The Jade Emperor's old face was embarrassed

And his young daughters want to immigrate to become the goddess Athena

Even the Queen Mother sang Christmas songs

The Jade Emperor couldn't stand it any longer

He ordered Erlang Shen and Nezha

Go get Old Man Christmas!

This Nezha must be the ugliest Nezha I've ever seen

The two of them got on a hand-drawn carriage and looked at the driver

Isn't that Santa's reindeer?

Ugly Nezha is riding a small reindeer

Erlang Shen is ready to pounce

Jing Jing on the side of the road sees that Ugly Nezha looks like a bad guy

She saves the reindeer

Nezha is kicked away

Erlang Shen, in his capacity as the captain of the Heavenly Palace Police

ordered Jing Jing to hand over the reindeer

As a result, Nezha fell from the sky

Erlang Shen was smashed and bubbles came out of his mouth

Jade Belt saw that Erlang Shen couldn't even beat Old Man Christmas' mount

Can only go to ask the Buddha Monkey to help

Since the scriptures were finished

Monkey thought about how to prevent Alzheimer's disease

Sunbathing in the courtyard

Doing nothing at home every day

Wearing a small leather suit and a rap in his mouth

This is still the old Sun Monkey!

Think of yourself back then, eh.

Do not say anything

I can't even remember the incantation of the clouds

Not to mention the 72 transformations

Here Jing Jing brought the little reindeer back home

Jing Jing asked the little reindeer where his master was

The little reindeer cried so much that it was sad

It turns out that when the little reindeer and his brother came out

Because of gluttony, they got lost in China

After the monkey came down to earth

He smelled the corn and had a craving

He found he had no money at all

The old lady said, "If you don't have money, go away

The monkey said he could change

But all the monkey hair fell on the corn

He didn't turn out any corn

She scolded him

Jingjing, who was passing by, took the monkey as a beggar

Kindly gave a corn to the monkey

The tragic monkey

Really touched to death

Jing Jing is also looking forward to the arrival of Christmas

Because every Christmas

Dad will come back from America only

Monkey explained to Jingjing

He is not a beggar

He just has no money and no place to live now

With the big-eyed begging of the little reindeer, Kazran

Jing Jing agreed to take the monkey in

In fact, Santa Claus is also worried

Because he has grown fat

And lost a reindeer

Only one reindeer, certainly can not pull their own

We have to go find the little one

Come to Jing Jing's house

The monkey used this place as a base to find Santa Claus

Jing Jing and reindeer also joined the search team for Santa Claus

Jing Jing wanted to make a wish to see her father

The reindeer were looking for their master

Only the monkeys were looking for old man Santa Claus

But like this they look for

They won't be able to find him in a long time

In the mouth of the little fat

The monkeys found Santa Claus at the entrance of the square

He mistook the actor for the real Santa Claus

The monkey was baffled

This Santa Claus also knows how to split up!

He started a fight before he understood the situation

As a result, he was beaten up by everyone

Only after the fight did he tell the monkey

The real Santa Claus will not appear until Christmas

The next day, the monkey saw someone driving a cart

Delivering packages to people and not charging them

He drove a car to deliver gifts and didn't charge for it

Isn't this Santa Claus?

The monkey sneaks into the delivery warehouse

Seeing so many gifts

Thinking of destroying Santa's gifts

Using the fire, he lit up the delivery warehouse

Courier guys surrounded the monkey

They were about to get beaten up again

The two of them broke out the window

Useless monkeys, can not summon the cloud

Or the little reindeer dragged the monkey safely to the ground

The courier boy arrested the monkey

The monkey rode the small reindeer before escaping

After the end

The reindeer saw the cat on the roadside

He even liked him

He didn't know it was just a porcelain doll

The monkey couldn't find Old Man Christmas

So he came to the police station to report the case

Said Jing Jing's father

Climbed up the chimney to deliver gifts to others

He rode a deer and disappeared

When the police thought of delivering gifts

That's Santa Claus!

He is not under the control of the police

Jing Jing returned home

Called her father to remind him

It's Christmas tomorrow

But her father replied

He might not be able to come back this year

Monkey took the little reindeer out for a walk

They met Dasol, the reindeer's brother

Dasol is also an accomplice of Old Man Christmas!

The monkey pulled out his long golden rod and was ready to fight.

Dasol is not good-natured either

How dare he kidnap his brother?

Little reindeer came out to stop his brother

He lost his fake hair

The monkey then knew

He was cheated so badly

Feeling cheated by the world, the monkey

He found Erlang Shen and Nezha

Jing Jing's mother was also tempted by the monkey

Old Man Christmas joined the search team

The tragic Dasher took his brother home with him

After half a day in the city, he actually got lost

On Christmas Day

Erlang Shen wears cool three-eye sunglasses

He came all the way to the street to look for Santa Claus

Nezha didn't even spare a porcelain doll

He was beaten up by the same woman again

Look how ugly it is

In order to comfort Jing Jing

Monkey secretly dressed up as Santa Claus

And said that his father wanted him to come

The lost little reindeer thought it was really the master who came

Hurry to pull the sleigh car

He mistook the monkey for Santa Claus

The simple-minded Erlang Shen didn't recognize the monkey either

The monkey took off his hat

Erlang Shen's three eyes still didn't see it

The sled car was finally smashed into the billboard

This time, SDU Cloud didn't lose his chain

Monkey can only fight with Erlang Shen alone

Even the little reindeer came out to help the monkey

Erlangshen laughed at Monkey, who didn't even know how to use the Golden Band

It turns out that he has long recognized the old man Christmas is monkey impersonation

Just want to take personal revenge

In order to protect everyone

Monkey finally pulled out the golden rod from his ear

Erlang Shen instantly turned into an advancing form to fight

When the monkey was crushed

This also stimulated the potential of the Dou Beifu Buddha

Then the monkey turned into the form of Saiyan

The two staged a scene of Ultraman fighting monsters

After awakening, Sun Wukong threw Erlang Shen around on the ground

That's how he rubbed

Nezha was so scared that he did not even dare to breathe a little

Jing Jing had a memorable Christmas Eve

And the seven fairies in heaven did not wait for Santa Claus

The Jade Emperor simply dressed up as Santa Claus

Promised to grant their wishes

The Jade Emperor also figured out

As long as the children can be happy and joyful

What holiday actually does not matter

Another point

In fact, the real big boss

Not Erlang Shen

But this very cute and cute roaring dog

Erlang Shen is hypnotized to obey its orders

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