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Animation movie "How to Train Your Dragon" commentary text Commentary

Animationmovie "How to Train Your Dragon" commentary text commentary

Animation movie "How to Train Your Dragon" commentary text Commentary

A group of tough Vikings

They live in a Burke village in the south of the Cold Land.

Vikings usually do not only fish and drink barley wine

They also fight with dragons.

If you could defeat a dragon

Then you could honor your ancestors

You will have the highest glory.

On this day, the dragons came to the village to rob the lambs again

The village chief, Uncle Barrel, was the strongest fighter in the village

He led everyone to fight the dragon together

This little boy is the son of the village chief, Uncle Barrel

But he didn't inherit his father's genes in fighting monsters

Is a combat power of 5 dregs

Although his combat power is not even as good as a goose

But Xiao Ka also want to get the glory of the fighting people

He pushed the gun carriage to the highest point

After a wave of foul play

He aimed at the dragon in the sky and fired a shot

He did not expect to be hit

And it was a Night Fury that had never been seen before.

Xiao Ka told the barrel father about it

He didn't think it was a big deal.

No one in the village had ever seen a Night Fury before.

How could they believe Cass's story?

The next day, a reluctant Cass

wanted to find the dragon that he had shot down yesterday.

He came to the woods and saw a long trail dragged out of the ground.

Excited, Cass followed the trail

And he really found a black dragon.

So this was the Night Fury

The descendant of Thor and Death.

Cass wanted to finish off the Night Fury.

Take the heart of the Night Fury.

And take it back to the villagers to prove himself.

But he was too kind to do it.

He also untied the rope to let the Night Fury go.

The untied Night Fury

He pinned Xiao Ka to the ground.

Luckily, he felt the goodwill of Kouka.

He didn't attack him.

Turned around and flew away.

Seeing the Night Fury fly away.

Xiao Ka was so scared that he fell to the ground

While the old man helped his son, who was afraid to slay dragons.

Enrolled in a dragon slaying training class.

A group of young kids in the training class

They were chased and run over by dragons.

Xiao Ka was almost sent away by a bite of fire

Fortunately, the instructor who came in time to save him

After the training.

After training, Cass arrived at the valley where the Night Fury was found yesterday.

But the Night Fury hadn't flown away yet.

It turns out that the Night Fury's tail is injured and can't fly.

Looking at the poor Night Fury.

Kouka brought a fish to the valley.

He wanted to give the fish to the Night Fury.

But the Night Fury didn't dare to come near.

Because Cass was carrying a dagger.

After throwing away the dagger.

The Night Fury opened his toothless mouth and came over

After eating the fish, he spat out half of it to Cass.

Tolerated the nausea and ate the fish

Toothless Night Fury gave a smile just like Xiao Ka

One man and one dragon became friends

Kouka was also an apprentice blacksmith.

With his blacksmithing skills.

Koka helped Toothless make a control tail.

He accompanied Toothless to adapt to the new tail fin and fly in the sky

The constant practice made the two of them more flexible with the control of the tail.

Xiao Ka and Toothless have also reached the level of unity between human and dragon

The time spent with Toothless also let Kouka know the habits of dragons

He knows that they hate eels.

Don't like leeks

Fear of scratching

Prefer light

With the knowledge of dragons

Xiao Ka successfully tamed the dragons in the training class

That's how

The elders chose Kouka

as the best student in the training class

He could get a dragon hunting battle at the end

With his skill of taming dragons

Xiao Ka is also very popular among the trainees

Except for Xiao Cui

Xiao Cui is the most talented trainee in the training class

This former king

He could not even hold a shield before

But suddenly he was able to tame the dragon

Xiao Cui secretly followed Xiao Ka

She wanted to see where Xiao Ka was training in seclusion.

But she found Toothless, the Night Fury, in the valley.

Toothless was so scared that she ran away.

Toothless grabbed Xiao Cui and hung her up in a tree

After Xiao Cui calmed down

Xiao Ka let Xiao Cui sit on Toothless

I must say that this little Toothless is still very good at what he does

He accelerated and ran away.

Xiao Cui was very scared in her heart

But the body is very honestly hugging Xiao Ka

After Toothless scared Xiao Cui, he took the two of them to see the beautiful scenery

Xiao Cui hugged Xiao Ka happily

Toothless also leaked an evil smile

The former king was captured in this way

This story tells us

If you want to get the goddess

You have to find a night fury to take the goddess for a ride

If you can't find a night brake

Get an electric car is fine

What do you think?

Toothless flew with the two of them.

They flew to the lair of a dragon king.

It turns out that the marauding dragons are in the village.

Because they wanted to contribute food to the dragon king

After being discovered by the dragon king, the group escaped from the dragon king's mouth in great danger

Back to Burke village, Xiao Cui wanted to tell the news of the dragon's nest to the village head of the wine barrel

Xiao Cui was stopped by Xiao Ka

Now the village is no match for the dragons.

Going there is like going into a tiger's mouth

Next, Cass would kill a dragon alone.

This is the glory of passing the training course for him

Putting on the helmet his father gave him

After Xiao Ka entered the dragon fighting arena

The door to the dragon opened

A dragon covered in fire comes out

Kouka chose his weapon and shield

Stood opposite the dragon

Looking at the dragon in front of him

He threw away the weapon and shield he had chosen again

Cass reached out his hand to appease the dragon

But the barrel father felt that this was

It was a cheat trick

He smashed the guard in anger

This angered the dragon who was about to be pacified

Angry fire dragon began to attack the small card

In the valley, Toothless had already communicated with Cass

Sensing the danger of Xiao Ka

Struggled to fly out of the valley

He ran towards the village at a fast pace.

Toothless arrived in time to save Xiao Ka

After saving Kouka, Toothless was arrested by the warriors of the village

He was locked up

After the battle

Barrel scolded his son for trying to tame the dragon

Many people died in the battle between Burke's village and the dragon

Too much hatred has been planted in the heart of old man Barrel

Seeing the old man venting his anger against the dragon

The anxious little card wanted to explain

Out of the blue, he said that the dragons plundered the village

It was because the dragon king in the dragon's lair forced him to do so

It was not intentional

Hearing about the dragon's lair

The old man's angry mood suddenly calmed down

Xiao Ka realized that what he said

would make dad go to the dragon's lair to destroy the dragon

But there is a huge dragon king in the dragon's lair

If he went there, he would be in danger.

Xiao Ka tried to dissuade his father

But the Viking's reckless nature

But the Viking's recklessness was already a foregone conclusion.

He left straight away.

He had a plan in mind.

It didn't take long.

Father Barrel gathered all the warriors of Burke Village

And tied Toothless to the ship

Toothless was told to show the way to the Dragon's Lair

A few days later, the fleet arrived at the Dragon's Lair.

The Vikings who arrived at the Dragon's Lair

directly confronted the dragons

But when the giant dragon king appeared from the dragon's lair

The battle was destined to end

After the Dragon King spewed a pillar of fire

The Vikings were all defeated.

And at that moment, Xiao Ka, with the training camp buddies

appeared from the sky with a dragon

It turned out that the Vikings could not defeat the Dragon King

Long before the old man left

He began to teach his friends how to tame the dragon

While the training camp buddies were holding the Dragon King back

Kouka rescued the Toothless Night Fury, who was tied to a boat.

Xiao Ka drove the Night Fury to lead the Dragon King high into the air

Using dark clouds to block the Dragon King's view

After destroying the Dragon King's wings

The Dragon King descended from high altitude at great speed

When he was about to reach the ground

The Dragon King, who tried to spread his wings to reduce speed.

The wings were already riddled with holes

Toothless turned around

fired a flame cannon at the mouth of the Dragon King

Detonated the Dragon King

The Dragon King exploded on the ground

And Toothless' tail was burned

It also lost its flat cross

In flight, Cass was thrown out

Xiao Ka was also caught in the flames of the Dragon King explosion

Fortunately, Toothless caught up in time

With its wings to protect the fainted small card

Kouka woke up again

Already lost a foot

And he became the hero of Burke Village

He has gained the highest glory

Before the end of the movie

Xiao Cui also gave the audience a big wave of dog food

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