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Animation movie "How to Train Your Dragon 2" commentary text Commentary

Animationmovie "How to Train Your Dragon 2" comment ary text commentary

Animation movie "How to Train Your Dragon 2" commentary text Commentary

On the wide ocean a bird flies over the sea level

On it sat a man with an iron mask

It does not seem to be a bird

But a black dragon

This dragon can also change gears

The man in the iron mask made a move.

The dragon changed to automatic flight mode

Then his body plunged to the ground with great speed

Playing extreme sports

As he flew

The man with the iron mask almost hit a tree in the woods

Fortunately, the dragon caught up in time

Save him

There are millions of roads, safety is the first

No matter how good your equipment is, you can't mess around with it.

The man with the iron mask was none other than Burke Village's Koka and Night Fury Toothless

Toothless looked at Xiao Ka, who was almost in trouble, and made a face.

No matter how small card tease it does not work

And also hung Xiao Ka to the edge of the cliff

He wanted him to experience the extreme sports again.

The helpless little card had to obediently confess to Toothless

Only then was pulled back

Since Burke Village and the dragon got along well

Kouka often took Toothless to explore places outside the village.

On this day, Xiao Ka took his girlfriend Xiao Cui to continue exploring

They found an iceberg

After they got close to the iceberg

They were attacked by the dragon hunters.

Xiao Cui's mount was also shot down by the dragon hunters

In order to save Xiao Cui's mount

Xiao Ka came to the ground to negotiate with the dragon hunters

The dragon hunters were ordered by the evil dragon tamer Mourning Biao

They need to complete the target set by Bombshell

Otherwise, they will be punished

And the group of dragon hunters just caught the target

But they were saved by a group of righteous men.

The dragon hunters wanted to capture Toothless and hand him over to Biao.

The two fight.

Toothless shoots flames and shatters the ice spikes high in the sky.

Xiao Ka took the opportunity to save the tied up dragon

Toothless escapes in the car

The dragon catcher warned the fleeing Kouka

You can't hold the Night Fury.

Give them to Buster.

Otherwise, Bomber will take them all away!

Hearing the words of the dragon catcher

Depressed, Cass rode Toothless into the sky to vent his frustration.

At that moment, a masked man appeared in the clouds.

Xiao Ka was captured by the masked man

Toothless lost his balance and fell into the ice

Kouka was taken to a cave formed by huge ice spikes

Surrounded by a group of dragons

Thinking that he was captured by the evil dragon tamer Mugatu

Showing off his weapons

Soon after, Toothless was captured as well.

The masked man slowly approached

After seeing the scars on Kouka's face

He found out that Cass was his son.

The masked man took off his mask

He identified himself with Cass

Then he took Cass to the dragon's lair

There are many dragons living here.

They are protected by the dragon king Alpha Dragon in the dragon lair

And they obey the dragon king.

The dragon king spews out ice to form a barrier

Protect the dragons here

And the dragon caught by the dragon catcher that Cass met

Is rescued by the dragon king

When it was time to eat.

Xiao Ka's mother took Xiao Ka to the sea

Let Xiao Ka experience a different dining ceremony

I must say that this way of eating is really amazing

And at the same time when Xiao Ka was enjoying his mother's love

Kouka's father looked for his son and found the mother and son living in the dragon's lair

Seeing his wife whom he had not seen for years

The excited father had a thousand words to say

But in the end, they all turned into a kiss

The family lived happily in the dragon's lair

But at that moment, the dragon's lair was bombarded by artillery fire

A large number of troops had gathered outside the dragon's lair and were attacking it.

Mourning Biao brought his army of dragon hunters

He wanted to take the dragon's lair and control the dragons.

The dragons and the army fought to a standstill

At that moment, the Dragon King Alpha in the dragon's lair

appeared from the iceberg

Under the attack of the dragon king's ice spikes

Dragon hunting army soon collapsed

But Mourning Biao didn't panic at all

He even had a little smile on his face.

He turned his head towards the sea and roared.

He waved his weapon in his hand

The sea was suddenly turbulent.

Then out of the sea came another black Alpha Dragon King

The black and white dragon king began to fight against each other to compete for power

After a number of battles

The White Dragon King was gradually defeated

The Black Dragon King was thrown to the ground

After winning the battle, the Black Dragon King

Roared to the sky and gave off his kingly spirit

All the dragons began to submit to the Black Dragon King

Mourning Biao commanded the Black Dragon King to control Toothless

The controlled Toothless turned his head and slowly walked towards Kouka

Under the control of the Black Dragon King

Toothless fired a purple flame cannon at Xiao Ka

The attack was blocked by the old man who arrived.

The old man who blocked the attack lost his life

But Xiao Ka blamed all the fault

Toothless was to blame!

Xiao Ka was angry and drove Toothless away

Under the control of the black dragon

Mourning Biao took all the dragons in the dragon's lair

Toothless was also ridden away by Mourning Biao

With the dragons gone, Bones launched an attack on Burke Island.

After Mourning Biao left, Kouka cremated his father

After the cremation, Xiao Ka realized that

Not all people can solve problems in a peaceful way

Xiao Ka also wanted to become a great, brave and selfless person like Pops

He wanted to protect Burke Island for his father.

Just after Biao led the Dragon King to control the dragons of Burke Island

Kouka came with his buddies

While the boys were using the lamb to attract the attention of the Dragon King

Xiao Ka got close to Toothless and tried to wake it up

But Biao was very smart to perform a

The villain often dies from talking too much storyline

Let Xiao Ka call out to Toothless

Just after Cass touched Toothless' head

Toothless came to his senses and got rid of his control

After regaining Toothless

He blindfolded Toothless with a cloth and flew towards Mourning Biao

He was ready to finish off Mourning Biao first.

But the Dragon King appeared from behind and spewed out a mouthful of ice

Frozen to the ground

The frozen Toothless, in order to protect Xiao Ka

Awakened its king's aura

With the same domineering power as the Dragon King

The two dragons began to fight for control of the dragon.

The dragons began to submit to Toothless

The Black Dragon King was blown away by Toothless' cannon and broke its teeth

So it turned and dived to the bottom of the sea and escaped

After Toothless defeated the Black Dragon King

He became the new dragon king

All the dragons submitted to Toothless

The elders of Burke Village put the chief's mark on Kouka's forehead

Xiao Ka also became the leader of Burke Village

This is the end of the movie

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