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Love "After" movie commentary copy

Love "After" movie commentary copy

Love "After" movie commentary copy

He is a playboy who only talks about flings

No girlfriend playboy

But when he saw the girl in front of him

he was charmed.

This day Xiao Mei just finished taking a shower

suddenly found someone behind her.

She was startled.

(Listen, I'm sorry.)

(You seem to be in the wrong room.)

Carl but calmly said

("I'm not in the wrong room.)

(How did you get in here?)

(Well, can you go out in the hallway and let me get dressed?)

(Don't make a fool of yourself. I'm not looking at you.)

It turns out that Carl is a friend of Mei's roommate.

The roommate invited Mei to a party tonight.

Mei had never been to any party before.

But Carl's taunting words forced her to calm down.

He says he will definitely go.

As he leaves, Carl looks up and down with contempt.

At the party Mei shows up in a rustic red dress.

A few people played truth adventure.

When it was Mei's turn, she chose Dare.

The guy said from the sidelines

I bet you wouldn't dare kiss Carl.

Hearing this Carl stood up excitedly

He stared into Mei's eyes and slowly approached

(Do you want to?)

The handsome Carl made Xiao Mei a little nervous

He had never been this close to a boy before.

(I don't want to play this game)

For the first time, Carl, a playboy, was rejected.

And it was all recorded by the roommate next to him.

("Harding, Scott got rejected for the first time.)

(Rejected, man)

This dare was the beginning of the love affair.

At night while sleeping

Carl kept flashing in Xiao Mei's mind

She couldn't understand what was wrong with her.

The next day in class

Carl was the last one to arrive.

He was seated not far from Mei.

The teacher was discussing Pride and Prejudice.

The concept of love in this book

Carl said

Love is just a transaction

We are all ruled by our desires

Without desire love is nothing

But Mei immediately raised her objections

(This is bullshit)

Then the two began a heated debate

Mei was clearly pissed off

Carl, on the other hand, was having a good time.

(It was exciting just now)

("Not very annoying)

("I like it.)

("Listen, whatever you have in mind, stop)

Mei says we're not going to make it.

I don't like your type

(We? Aren't we talking about Pride and Prejudice?)

She complained to her friend Blackie

I've never seen such an arrogant person

It's so annoying

But Blackie said

"He's so handsome

He has money in his family

The next day Xiao Mei came to the cafe

Looked back at Carl also sitting there

The moment her eyes met, she immediately dodged


("I can't leave you)


But Carl immediately changed the subject and said

("Tessa, let's start over. We can be...)

("Be what? Be friends?)

("Why not?)

(Carl said I want to take you to a place)

But Xiao Mei said

("I think it's best if we keep our distance)

And so Carl drove Mei to

His favorite place

Without waiting for Mei's consent, he took off his clothes and jumped into the lake

He was a scumbag who only talked about sex but not girlfriends

It only took a few days

Took away the girl's first kiss

The first kiss for Xiao Mei is reserved for her future husband

This also shows that she has decided that the boy in front of her

In the evening when they were meeting.

The girl next to Carl kept hitting on him.

Mei was expecting Carl to open up about their relationship.

But the next thing she knew, Carl was telling her to wait for him.

(-What just happened? -What just happened?)

("Are you embarrassed that they saw us together?)


("I'll tell Noah about us.)

("We? There's no such thing as us.)

Mei looked at Carl with disbelief

("I'm happy to be with you, but I don't have a girlfriend.

Mei was in a complete panic.

The boy she had just been sure of turned out to be a scum

But I could see in Carl's eyes

This is not his intention

It took a long time for Xiao Mei to emerge from the shadows

This night she attended a fire party

I didn't expect Carl to be here.

At this time, the crowd played a game of sucking paper pieces

When it was Xiao Mei's turn

The man played a rascal

He blew off the pieces of paper on purpose

Xiao Mei did not want to

But the man continued to be relentless

After Carl saw it

madly rushed over to the man on the ground and beat him up

Then left without looking back

Xiao Mei did not worry

came to Carl's house

Here is already a mess

Black said

After leaving you, Carl drank all day long

He destroyed everything he could in the house

We don't know what's wrong with him.

I hope you can talk to him.

Then Mei found Carl by the pool.

He was going to pick up a broken bottle.

But his finger was cut.

This man with a heart of stone can be cruel to anyone

But he can't see Xiao Mei hurt at all

Looking at each other's eyes

The previous unhappiness instantly disappeared

The two just came together again

The two of you and I followed each other for the rest of the day

By the river, they played and frolicked

Snuggling and reading together in the library

Confessing their love in the oceanarium

Carl blocking Xiao Mei's eyes

When he dropped his hand

A clean and elegant room came into view

This room became the beginning of their life together

With Xiao Mei's encouragement

Carl also went to his father's wedding

In his eyes, his father was a jerk.

As a child

His father was drinking and messing with the wrong people.

These people came to the house and

In front of his own face bullied his mother

Little Mei realized that

Underneath Carl's strong exterior was a lonely and fragile

Inadvertently, she was already the support of Carl's heart

A few days later

Xiao Mei inadvertently found

Carl's phone with warm messages from others

But Carl did not have any explanation for this

("What's wrong with going out?)

("Do you trust me?)

("Of course I believe you)

("Then why are you worried?)

The girl found warm messages in her lover's phone

At night, her lover had not yet returned home

Xiao Mei then went to the location written on the text message

Carl said the text message had no meaning

It was sent as a joke

After saying that he was going to take Mei back

But then Carl's suitor stopped him

He took out his phone and showed Mei a video

(You think I can't do it?)

(Do what Harding)

("This is my dare: make her fall in love with me)

(And then I just...)

(dumped her)

Hearing this Mei was instantly frozen in place

Carl's suitor also forgot to add fuel to the fire

Said this is just a game

Tessa you must believe me

Tessa, that was all in the past.

It was before I got to know you

She looked around at her friends

She could see in their eyes

That she was the only one who had been kept in the dark

("You're a liar)

("That was all in the past)

("Before what?)

("You snapped your fingers and dumped me)

Xiao Mei turned around and disappeared into the rain alone.

Looking at her back.

Carl knew he had screwed up.

In the time that followed

The two of them never contacted each other again

Mei spent all her energy on her studies.

But Carl was always in a state of regret.

Listening to songs alone

Weeping alone

Sitting alone on the rooftop, reminiscing with Xiao Mei

It was the day of graduation.

The teacher handed over a paper to Xiao Mei

It was Carl's graduation thesis.

(I think it was written more for you than for me)

And a portrait of myself

Before this, I never thought I would be

I never thought I would be completely swallowed up by another person

She took me by the hand and led me out of the darkness

Showed me that whatever our souls were made of

hers and mine are both the same

I'm sorry. Please forgive me.

You once asked me who I loved most in the world

After I met you

I did a lot of things that I did not understand

But because I met you

I saw myself

Seeing what I wanted.

He did lie to her.

More than that, he was in love.

Love is a poison and an antidote.

Truly, he finally touched her.

Every love goes to the end.

When I was a kid, I thought love should be like this

Titanic like a blast to not waste this life.

Three days is enough to remember a lifetime.

But after growing up, I found.

Simple and ordinary is good.

Companionship is the longest confession

Okay, here is XX

Thank you for your attention.

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