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Animation movie "Elf Hostel" commentary text Commentary

Animationmovie "Elf Hostel" comment ary text commentary

Animation movie "Elf Hostel" commentary text Commentary

Hello everyone, today I'd like to tell you about a

The vampire baby has a fatherly vampire father who loves him very much

For the baby to be happy and joyful

The story of a vampire father who is willing to give everything for his baby to be happy

There is an old vampire named Andrei.

Ever since he had a baby girl, Belleau

He only had eyes and ears for his baby girl

He would buy the most expensive skeleton toys.

Even the trash can had to be the best coffin

As his daughter grew up day by day

When Andrei taught his daughter how to fly, she had to wear a helmet

Not even the slightest harm can exist

Andrei grew up telling his daughter horror stories about humans

That they love to eat monsters

to stop her from interacting with humans

In order to have more monsters can play with her daughter

Andrei ordered the zombie boys to do a big project

After the zombie boys worked overtime.

A hotel for the elves was born.

Within a few hundred miles of the hotel

There were ancient tombs and ghosts.

Humans couldn't even get close.

The Elf Inn became a refuge for monsters.

All kinds of strange monsters would come to visit here

For example, a werewolf couple with a pack of wolf children.

The wolf cubs like to bite everything they see.

Pharaohs from Egypt, mummies and fat people

And Frankenstein, whose whole body can be freely combined

This time they gathered at the Elf Inn

To celebrate Belleau's 115th Bar Mitzvah

But Belleau doesn't like this kind of party.

She wanted to go out and see what humans looked like.

Her luggage was ready, but her father refused to let her leave.

She had no choice but to use emotional tactics and hope that he would agree.

In the end, although he agreed to let Belleau meet humans

But on the other hand, he brought the zombies to pretend to be humans.

The first time she saw a human, Belleau

Simply terrified

Hurry home as a bat

I have to say that for his daughter to build a city

I'm afraid that only Andrei

After this lesson

Belleau never dared to meet humans again.

But coincidentally

There was actually a human at the hotel.

Daimao is a hiking enthusiast.

He thought there was a costume party going on.

So he followed his zombie buddies to the hotel.

Andrey was in a hurry.

Once the guests knew that there were humans in the hotel

The Elf Hostel would be closed.

Andrei had to hide Big Hair first

And he disguised him as Frankenstein.

Dumo was impressed with the realistic make-up skills of Mrs. White Bones

That is admired very much

But a touch was even more amazing

This is actually the real White Bone Spirit

And then turn your head to see, my God

Here are actually all real monsters

Big hair is now scared silly

When he was about to run away

He bumped into Belleau

The two little ones

A hundred years apart in age

They had fallen in love with each other.

The old man next to him saw what Belleau was thinking.

He was going to send Big Hair away for the night.

But Berio stopped him on the way.

He wanted to send Big Mao out through the underground maze.

The result was that he got lost in the maze

Finally, he went to the bathroom of the White Bone Lady

By the white bone boss beat back

It seems to be impossible to send out

Andrei, who loves his daughter like his life

Can only leave the big hair behind

Belleau also slowly noticed

This boy is different from all the monsters here

The rest of the day

Big Hair pretended to be Frankenstein's nephew

He was in charge of rehearsing the show for the monsters.

It was a very boring day at the Elf Hostel.

Either buying a skeleton lottery ticket for fun

Or following the flies to wipe their mouths

Big Hair had a bright idea

Take out the skateboard and rub it on the ground

The atmosphere was immediately more pleasant

Other monsters also like to play with Big Hair

Big Hair brought all the games that humans play into the Elf Hostel

This was very annoying to Andre.

He wanted to send Big Hair out again

When he was leaving, he had to hypnotize Big Hair with his eyes

After a long day of work

He found that he was wearing contact lenses

Obviously, this time it failed again

Dumo took Belleau on a date to see the sunrise.

It was then that Belleau realized how beautiful the sunlight she was afraid of was.

It didn't take long for Big Hair's human scent

The chef's mouse smelled it.

Dumo was soon kidnapped by the cook

A bonfire was set up and Big Hair was about to be roasted and eaten.

Fortunately, Andrei appeared in time

to teach the chef a lesson

By now, Andrei had grown fond of Dumao

He told Dumao the story of himself and his wife

He hoped that Dumo could be with Belleau.

Although he loved Belleau and wanted to protect her

But he also hopes that she will find her other half

The next day, Belleau's birthday party was about to start.

Everyone was ready for the show.

When Belleau and Daimao were about to make love to each other.

At that moment, the chef suddenly showed up again

And told everyone that Big Hair is actually human

When the other monsters heard that Big Hair was human

Everyone was scared into a mess

But only Belleau still chose to leave Big Hair behind

After Big Hair left

The Elf Hostel became dull again

Belleau was also sullen every day.

The monsters asked Andrei to refund their money.

After some brainwashing by Andrei's boss

The monsters suddenly realized

Big Hair was not at all scary

Moreover, he brought unprecedented happiness to the Elf Hostel

So, they all drove their cars to go after Big Hair

The little wolf girl smelled Big Hair's clothes

Immediately tracked that Big Hair had gotten on the plane

And then, Andre turned into a bat in the sun to chase the plane

For the sake of his daughter's happiness, he was going to be burnt

He finally found Dumo in one of the windows of the plane with the burning

Andrei rushed to lie on the head of the plane

Before the captain could understand the situation

Andrey was hypnotized to return to the plane

By the time Andrei returned home, he had been burned to a crisp

And the big hair also changed his mind

Followed Andre back to the Elf Hostel

Everyone held a party again

This time it wasn't to celebrate Belleau's birthday.

But to celebrate the wedding of Belleau and Big Hair

A movie that wears the veneer of monsters and love

But the movie is about fatherly love

A man's worst enemy is also a man

Since they are the ones who give happiness to the ones they love most

So why does it have to be themselves?

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