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Horror "Frightening Haunted House" movie commentary copy

Horror"Haunted House of Fright" movie comment ary copy

Horror "Frightening Haunted House" movie commentary copy

It is said that on Halloween

children will not only dress up as ghosts

and go from house to house asking for candy

The real ghosts will also use this night

To go out openly...

Under the guise of playing games

Killing people who let their guard down.

A group of teenagers go to a haunted house on Halloween

Everything inside is actually real.

Bloody, rotten and sick stuff.

It's really happening in front of us

XXX today is going to talk about

The Haunted House of Fright

The heroine Atsui has a violent boyfriend

She never dared to ask to break up with him

Today, with the help of a friend

Sent him a breakup message

Then went to the bar with them

Today is Halloween

Atsui met a handsome guy, Keung, there

They had a good talk

But when Ah Chui went out for some air, he saw

A man in red outside the iron gate looking at her

She thought it was her ex-boyfriend who followed her

That's when Ah Qiang came out to look for her

One turn of the head

The man in red disappeared

After that, a few friends felt that drinking alone was not fun

So they wanted to take advantage of Halloween

Go find a haunted house to have some fun

In the car, they were thinking about which haunted house to go to

At that moment, Atsui noticed a car behind them

Seems to be the ex-boyfriend's pickup truck is following them

The smart fat boy immediately turned off the car and pulled over to the side of the road

Just as they were staring

To see who was following them

The lights on the side of the road suddenly lit up with a pop

When they looked at it, they saw that it was a haunted house

It was in such an isolated place

If we go up there, we can lose the stalker

So the group drove up the shady hill

Arriving at the door of the haunted house

They were greeted by a clown

While they were still watching.

A heart-rending scream came from inside the house

The people outside the door were not only not afraid when they heard it

Instead, they were more excited

They couldn't wait to see

What's inside...

When they really entered the haunted house

At first, it was just some ordinary tricks

But after they went through a dark tunnel

Everything began to change not so ordinary

After passing through the tunnel, a witch appeared in front of them

She took out a pocket from the darkness

Unzipped and inside lay

A strange woman in bondage

The witch turns around and picks up a red-hot branding iron

directly to the woman's face

No matter how much the woman cried out for help

They just watched as if it was a show on the side

Even the final burn

After a puff of smoke rose, they also applauded

Before the applause was over, the next door opened

When they reached the fork, they split into two teams

A Cui's team through the "coiled silk cave" when

Huang noticed the spider on the web

What she didn't know was that there was a live spider crawling on her hair

There was also a live spider crawling on her hair

She didn't have time to think about it

Huang was called over by Cui and Fatty

In front of them were three large coffins

Behind the coffins was a secret room

There was only one vent-like exit

Although Ah Cui was a little reluctant to enter

Such a narrow and dark passage

But it was the only way out

Fatty volunteered to take the lead

Ah Cui and Xiao Huang followed closely behind

During this period, Cui saw a dark shadow not far away

And it was still moving slowly

It made a creaking sound

But the fat boy in the lead was urging

She did not dare to think too much and climbed out

But Little Yellow, who was following her

but disappeared

While they were staring at the cave entrance with wide eyes

Inside slowly came the sound of crawling

But the one who crawled out was not Huang at all

Instead, it was a tall man in red

In the face of Atsui and Fatty's questions

The man in red didn't say a word and instructed them to go forward

They could only go forward carefully

Behind the iron gate in front of them came a burst of

The rumbling sound of chainsaws

The further they went, the louder the sound of chainsaws

Then they came to a graveyard

From the corner, a chainsaw man suddenly rushed out

With a chainsaw, he gestured in front of Atsui

But there was no intention to hurt her

However, when he came to Fatty

Before he got close to the fat boy pushed him away

After being pushed away, the chainsaw man looked straight at Fatty

Little face is full of great confusion

Realizing that the atmosphere is a bit strange two

Hurry to leave

Came to the next secret room

Previously split up the action

A strong small black and small green actually also inside

And Blacky was also wounded

So they played a game

game of "scrying"

Green and Qiang reached in and were fine

But when Blacky reached in

Not only was the ring taken away from his hand

wrist was also cut by a knife many slashes

When Ah Qiang and his team asked about Xiao Huang

They didn't have time to answer

The witch suddenly appeared again

This time he dragged out the tied up Huang

The same method, different protagonist

Seeing their friend die in front of their eyes

The crowd was completely stunned

Now all they could think of was to go home.

So Ah Qiang told Fatty to stay behind to look after the girls

He continued to walk forward under pressure to find the exit

He came to an eerie passage

There was a figure standing in the middle

But when Qiang looked up again

The figure disappeared

He continued to walk forward with his head

Suddenly there was the sound of footsteps behind him

Qiang called out to him

Saying that we have someone injured who needs help

I did not expect that the opposite really stopped

And turned on the lights and came over

The ghost-faced man led them back the way they came

But when they got to the vent

Said we have to pass one by one

Otherwise, they would trigger the mechanism and be taken away to "perform"

Fatty took the brunt of it

Ghost Man followed closely behind

However, when he came out

While Fatty went ahead to explore the way

He took a wooden board directly to block the passage

At this time, still in the passage of Ah Qiang

was blocked inside

The other side of the passage

The man in red with a steel fork

came straight to them with bad intentions

Green, who was too late to escape, was killed on the spot

He turned around and tried to kill Cui again

Atsui ran wildly

But finally she was blocked in a dead end

She could only keep begging for mercy

Finally, she even called out her ex-boyfriend's name

At this moment, the man in red suddenly stopped

Crouching down, he slowly took off his mask

revealing a face that was even scarier than the mask

He said he was very interested in Atsui's face

He wanted to take it off and make a human mask

At this moment, Ah Qiang, who was blocking the passage, suddenly appeared

He used a nail gun to cover Atsui's escape

On the other hand, the clown also took off his mask

Under the mask is still a clown

And Fatty, who had really escaped

Did not know that the vent was blocked by the ghost-faced man

He was still waiting for his companions to come out

But the ghost-faced man said he wanted to take off his mask

Let Fatty see his true face

However, the next second he took off his mask

Fatty was grabbed by a hammer on his head

He collapsed unconscious

Atsui's side escaped to the room

The room with many rag dolls

Through the clues inside

Atsui found the last passage

But when she activated the mechanism

The door was not opened directly

Instead, it was broken by a gun

It turns out that this is not a mechanism to open the door at all

It was a mechanism to kill the person who had broken through to the last level

The mechanism to kill the last person

Luckily, Atsui was not hit by a bullet

Crawling and continuing to advance

At that moment, the man in red behind her roared and caught up with her

He rode on top of her and grabbed her by the neck

At that moment, the machine pulled the trigger again

directly killed the man in red with one shot

After that, Ah Chui and Ah Qiang successfully met up again

Together they killed the chainsaw man and the ghost-faced man

The two of them just escaped back to the ground

Before the witch reappeared in front of them

But she just said two harsh words before the two

Jointly killed

Finally, Ah Qiang and A Cui finally escaped

But there was still one person alive in the haunted house

A reluctant clown lit a lighter

And burned the whole haunted house to the ground

The clown waited for the right moment

To save face, he had to do it himself

He found Atsui's place

But I didn't expect that Atsui was already prepared

To treat this man like he did

After a few traps

A shot was fired directly at the head of the clown

This is the end of the story

This story tells us

Good and evil will be rewarded, God will reincarnate

If you don't believe me, look up and see who God has spared

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