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Adventure "The Adventures of Jodilite" movie commentary copy

Adventure "The Adventures of Jodilite" movie commentary copy

Adventure "The Adventures of Jodilite" movie commentary copy

Hello everyone

I am XX

Today I bring you an adventure movie

The Adventures of Jodhpur

A poor guy finds a nuclear bomb.

Thinks he can be invincible

Turns out it's the story of a septic tank.

Very exciting

There is a poor boy called Ergazi abroad.

This guy has no money, but his hair is so cool.

What's more, Ergazi has a broken car of 700 hands.

This car starts.

Just the engine does not ring.

As long as the gas pedal PM2.5 can instantly explode

In order to support themselves

Ergazi found a job as a cleaner in the TV station.

This day Ergazi is cleaning.

The radio guide suddenly took a fancy to Ergazi

Because Ergazi's hair is very strange

At first glance is a person with a story.

So the director took Ergazi to the studio.

Let the host start an interview with Ergazi.

Ergazi immediately told his story.

15 years ago, at the age of 8, Ergazi went on a trip to the Grand Canyon with his parents.

Unexpectedly, Ergazi got separated from his parents

What's worse, Ergazi's IQ is not too high.

Didn't know his parents' names at all

The police looked at Ergazi and didn't know anything

He had to be adopted by someone else.

But the relationship between Ergazi's stupidity and the adoptive family was very bad.

Changed three adoptive parents in one breath

Finally Ergazi could not stand the frequent change of family

Had to choose to live independently

began to look for their biological parents everywhere

Time passed and Ergazi grew into a 20-year-old boy

While working odd jobs and looking for his parents

One day, Ergazi was on his way when a meteorite suddenly fell from the sky.

The meteorite was black and smelled strange.

This made Ergazi very happy.

He thought to himself that this meteorite could be worth several million dollars.

So Ergazi took the meteorite to the town.

He wanted to sell the meteorite to a boss.

The boss studied the meteorite for a while

told Ergazi that this meteorite is not worth anything at all

Because it's not a meteorite but a cesspool of iron thrown from a plane.

After high temperature oxidation to become a meteorite look

So Ergazi happily went on the road again

He met a girl named Big Golden Hair

And the big golden hair dog egg became good friends

In the egg of the most cooperation between the two of them better and better relationship

But Da Jinmao's father, Tie Kuan Li, did not see Ergazi

Because Ergazi is not only easy and poor

In order to make the two break up their relationship

Tie Yang Li had to take the dog egg to the forest hunting

The result is that Tie Yang Li bad position of the foot stuck in the train tracks

This is anxious Tie Yang Li let the dog egg to go to help

But the dog did not call for help

Tianyang Li could only watch the train hit off one of his legs

Instantly evolved into a complete body

Put all the fault on the egg head

Pillar of the iron abductor with a spray gun to the eggs of the fruit

After the death of the dog egg egg, the two Gako completely heartbroken

Take the egg's ashes and left the big golden hair

Also told the big gold hair to find a good man to marry

After leaving the big golden hair

Ergazi again set out on the road to find his parents

This day, Ergazi found a job handing out leaflets

An old lady took pity on Ergazi.

Sold her luxury car to Ergazi for five dollars

She also told him that in order to find his parents

Must make some search ads

At this time, the leaflet owner asked Ergazi to fix a hot air balloon

Unexpectedly, the hot air balloon took Ergazi up into the sky

It drifted with the wind for three days.

Throwing two Gako to an oil well next to

And this oil well is recruiting workers to earn $365 a week

Immediately became a drilling worker

But Ergazi is too stupid that is every day leaking oil

The boss took a look at the situation and gave Ergazi 365 dollars to let him go

After getting the money Ergazi came to the police station

Wanted the police to help him get a portrait to find his parents

Unexpectedly, the police thought that Ergazi was mentally ill

They took 365 yuan from Ergazi

Made a few random portraits to fool Ergazi

In the following days, Ergazi put up posters everywhere looking for people

Looking for three months still can not find parents

At this time, Ergazi had a flash of light

Think of the ancient Indian trackers

So Ergazi went to the desert

He found a little Indian guy, Big Baring Flower

He asked him to help him find his parents.

The big barbarian told Ergazi

He was selling fireworks and had no time to help him.

Ergazi tells him

The fireworks business must be exciting enough so that people can buy them

As soon as the words left his mouth, Ergazi took the fireworks and started to play with them like crazy.

A slip of the foot unexpectedly picked up a nuclear bomb

It's true that Ergazi also did not hesitate to detonate the nuclear bomb

The big bared flower was blown into slag

This frightened the two Ga Zi directly woke up

It turns out that the second Gaozi fell unconscious

Just detonated the nuclear bomb was a dream

But there was really a nuclear bomb in the place where Ergazi fell down

Ergazi immediately decided to take the bomb to the tourist office

Investigate the travel list of the day he and his parents were lost.

The big bared flower saw how courageous Ergazi was.

He drove him to the tourist office.

Ergako strapped the nuclear bomb to his body

He started to threaten the people of the tourist office.

A group of people were shivering with fear

At that moment, the police came and told Ergazi on the spot

This is not a nuclear bomb but a septic tank of the locals

But the police felt that Ergako was a kind boy and released him on the spot

And also let the tourism bureau gave Ergazi the list

There was a photographer on the list.

Maybe he had photographed his parents.

So Ergazi found the photographer really found a photo of his parents

But the photo only the back can not see the face

Looking at the back of the parents feel that they are one step closer to finding their parents

Next, in order to fill his stomach

Worked as a janitor in a school

Also met a colleague big back

The school had an accident right after Ergazi started working here

The big back saved a dozen students at once

But the big back said that the students were saved by Ergazi

This time Ergazi became a hero TV station began to interview Ergazi

Ergazi took the opportunity to broadcast the back of the parents through the TV station

And said that the students were taught by the big head and not himself

The television station immediately reported on the big back

Unexpectedly, a group of killers came to Big Head's house

After a burst of sparks and lightning the whole house did not move

By the time Ergazi arrived at the scene

Everything was already too late, the killers and the big back were dead

The police told Ergazi that the big back used to be a big man in the jungle

Then he washed his hands and lived here in seclusion

As a result, Ergazi was too honest and caused Big Head to go on TV

Let a group of killers to find the location of the big back

After listening to the police

Ergazi apologized to the corpse of the big back

Unexpectedly, the big back talked to Ergazi

Let Ergazi hurry to find his parents

It turns out that the big back is not dead

But to protect himself pretend to die

Ergazi saw that the big back was not dead

He went back to the town where the leaflets were distributed.

Wanted to get back the luxury car he bought for five dollars

But the parking lot wanted $3,000 for the car.

Ergazi can only spend fifty dollars to buy a 700-hand broken car

Looking at his broken car Ergazi suddenly came to inspiration

Because his parents drove the car on the photo in his hand

So Ergazi immediately went to the 4S store

began to check the customers who bought the same model car

4S store owner is also kind

Told Ergazi this kind of car sold very few back then only 70 people bought

Then the owner of the 4S store gave the name and address of the owner of the car to Ergazi

Looking at the list of people

Ergazi suddenly remembered his full name with a mean face Ergazi

Immediately in the 70 people to find the last name of a face of the people

And really found a family

According to the address, Ergazi went to the house

found that the family had long since left

The camera panned back to the radio station

The host and listeners listened to Ergazi's story

The interview with Ergazi began

They said they would help Ergazi find his parents.

And at that moment, Ergazi suddenly received news from his parents

He drove his car to his parents' house.

He saw that Ergazi's father also had a cool haircut.

Ergazi was so happy to see his parents.

But his parents didn't care about him at all.

Instead, they wanted to use the TV station to sell their toys

At this point, Ergazi realized that something was wrong.

Asked his parents why they didn't go back for themselves

Ergazi's parents were also honest

They said that Ergazi was not lost but abandoned by them on purpose

Listen to the parents' words Ergazi instantly exploded.

Think their efforts to find their parents for more than a decade are a joke.

So heartbroken two Gako decided to commit suicide by jumping into the river.

At this time big gold hair appeared.

Tell the two Gako as long as you live

There are relatives everywhere.

He also said he wanted to marry Ergazi

At first glance big gold hair too like themselves.

Did not want to kill himself and big golden hair home.

At this time, the jianghu big shot, big back, big bared also came to Ergazi's house.

Congratulate the second gako.

But Ergazi's next door neighbor, Old Wang, looked at Big Golden Hair

He threatened Ergazi that he would marry Big Golden Hair.

The big back got angry and warned the old king next door on the spot

Said you're fooling around, I'll send you to see Auntie Song.

The old king next door was instantly scared in a cold sweat.

Such a kind guy Ergazi through their own efforts

Have their own family.

From then on, the second gako and big gold hair to live an indescribably happy life.

If you have a 700-hand broken car

What would you do with it?

If I were to drive it to haul bricks

Probably pull tens of thousands of dollars at a time

Well, this is the end of today's movie

I am XX

If you like it, don't forget to like and follow

See you next time

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