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Drama movie "My Father and I" review Commentary material Afterthoughts

Drama movie "my father and I" movie review commentary material after feeling

Drama movie "My Father and I" review Commentary material Afterthoughts

Just after the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday

The National Day holiday is coming up again

And "Me and My Fathers

as one of my anticipated National Day movies

I've finished watching it a few days ago

Today we'll talk about this film

First of all

The theme of "My Father's Generation

Compared to "Motherland" and "Hometown

It has become "smaller"

From the perspective of children

It looks at the struggles of generations of fathers

and the impact it has on future generations

The theme of the film is more specific

It is also more emotional

Throughout the movie

Tears and laughing points were poked.

The Fathers" consists of four stories

Directed by Wu Jing

Zhang Ziyi

Xu Feng and Shen Teng

I also use four key words

to summarize these four stories

The first keyword

Jing Xi

That's Wu Jing's "Ride the Wind".

Wu Jing, who has made "War Wolf" 1 and 2

The scenes are never bad

But what surprised me was

This first story's literary scenes

The shooting is far beyond my expectations

Moved me to tears ah

The story is about the anti-Japanese war period

Wu Jing as the head of the Ma Renxing

Leading the Jizhong Cavalry Regiment

To resist the Japanese

The story of protecting the masses from evacuation

Wu Lei in the film

played Ma Renxing's son Ma Chengfeng

On the surface

Ma Renxing is a strict father

As the leader of the group, he

Only orders and reprimands to Chengfeng

It is as if from him

Can not see a little love for his son

But is this really the case?

One rainy night

Ride the wind asked him

"When will you care for me like you care for others?

care about me?

Then at this time

Ma Renxing took out a handful of mugwort

This is specially picked by him for his son

To treat the wound on his neck

How could Ma Renxing not love

his own son

But this love

deep and introverted

Ma Renxing faced the enemy

Brave and fearless

Strong and courageous

But even a man of iron blood

He also has a tender side ah

In the film, Ma Weixing walks alone through

A man-high grass swamp

The scene where he cries out in pain

Let the audience look with heartbreak

The end of the story

Ma Renxing leads the Jizhong Cavalry Regiment

To kill the enemy

This section can be said to be the climax of the story

Thousands of troops and horses

No turning back

When the audience sees

The horses trample over the enemy's body

Seeing the blood-red banner

Planted on the hill

Ma Renxing is victorious

The emotions that had been pent up in the audience's chest

And finally got to vent

The war years

It is the heavy price paid by our fathers

To get the peace today

The second story "Poem

My keyword is

Zhang Li

Zhang Ziyi's chapter

Her first time as a director

and has made a

very powerful film

The Poem is about 1969

China developed the Long March 1 rocket

Launching the first artificial satellite

The sorrow and happiness of an ordinary spacefaring family

The film is played by Huang Xuan

Zhang Ziyi plays the role of a husband and wife

are both developing

solid rocket engines

In this story

Zhang Ziyi focuses on the details

The emotions of the characters

Very delicate portrayal

Let me give you an example

Huang Xuan as the father

He communicates with his children to get along with the feeling

Although intimate

But it reveals the eccentricity

When I was watching

I was even a little baffled

This father's attitude towards his son

Why does it feel like a guest?

This father-son relationship

How to make it like this?

Is it the first time to shoot inexperienced ah

And then I realized

I was wrong

I was on the first floor

They are really not the real father and son

My emotions in the front

Surprised by the director a little pinched

And for example

The film also does not directly

all the sadness and happiness

all the sadness and joy

Say you can cry

Get excited

but through the thread of writing poetry

little by little

Rendering slowly with tension and relaxation

The romance of a couple is to write poems to their lover

And the romance of Chinese astronauts

is to write poems in the sky

Through Zhang Ziyi's extremely charming

female perspective

The story is captured with a lightness of touch

Delicate and profound

Through the water leak in the house

children longing for meat once, etc.

the little things in life

In a small way, the story shows

The hardships of our scientific research work back then

The third story

is "The Duck Prophet" directed by Xu Feng

The key words I give are

Zheng Qi


On the other hand

is that Xu Feng's personal style is very strong

You can see that he shot

On the other hand

The main thing is that the father he plays

Also really quite striving ah

Compared to the first two stories

The atmosphere of this story

It seems much lighter

The setting of "The Duck Prophet

Set in the late 1970s

Xu Feng plays a character named Zhao Pingyang

His son is called Dong Dong

That's right.

It's this little boy again

Dongdong wrote an essay

To his father is a brag ah

It's not even a businessman anymore

That is simply an economist ah


in the classroom

directly by the neighbor's children to break the stage

The classmates had a laugh

But although his father was temporarily down and out

But his ideas were ahead of the times

A business trendsetter

He believed that the medicinal wine he sold

The quality was unbeatable

But the wine was too good to be true

No one knew about such good stuff

One day

He suddenly came across

The concept of TV commercials and saw that this thing is good

That foreign countries have been playing quite well

Why don't we have it in China?

Why don't we have it in China?

So he raised money

Technically speaking, he stole money from his daughter-in-law

Made the first TV commercial in China

That's great.

This is also the ancestor of cha rice let's say yes

When you watch this story?

Amused is not the second thing

The main thing is that after the successive appearance of

Various old ads

Instantly evoked a lot of memories of my ah

What Jianlibao

Southern black sesame paste ads

I did not watch a lot when I was a child

To now are familiar with it

And as a child watching TV

Whenever Tuesday afternoon

The TV station would show the test chart

I remembered it all

Since the reform and opening up

China's development is changing rapidly

It's because of people like Zhao Pingyang in the film

Zhao Pingyang in the film, who dared to be first in the world

They were bold and experimental

pioneering and innovative

Only then did the possibilities become endless

The last story

It's called "The Young Man's Journey

The key word I give is


Teng is Shen Teng's Teng ah

Fly is not just to say that the brain took off ah

Shen Teng people also really took off

It is about a

A child who has lost his father

and Shen Teng plays this

A robot who comes back from the future

They are not father and son

Like father and son of the short time together story

This story

is basically the happy mahjong

All-star cast

For this story

I and my friends who watched the movie together

had a little disagreement

He thought the story was off-topic

It has nothing to do with the fathers

But I think

This story has a lot to do with the theme of the fathers

There is a lot of relationship

The father of the child

Is a researcher of artificial intelligence

Although his father left later

But the father's influence on him

But the father's influence on him is extremely far-reaching

He likes to invent as much as his father


And the appearance of Shen Teng, a robot

Even more in his learning

Gave great encouragement

Perhaps it was just a parental

An inadvertent action

The life of the younger generation

may be changed by it

Fathers tried over and over again

Experiencing failure after failure

Just to fulfill the dream in their hearts

This dream is not imposed on the younger generation

But the descendants want to pass it on from the bottom of their hearts

In my opinion

Compared to "Fatherland

focuses on historical moments

"Homeland" focuses on the story of the hometown

The theme of "The Fathers

May be more difficult to grasp

It depends more on the director's personal understanding

Father's generation

To put it in a small way, it's parental affection

Then in a larger sense

It is a kind of spirit

The transmission of beliefs

Ride the Wind" is about the war against Japan

This is the peace that our fathers

to create peace for us

"Poetry" is about building rockets

For our space industry

which laid the foundation for our space industry

"The Duck Prophet" is about the first television commercial

The appearance of the first TV commercial

Showing our fathers and mothers

in the wave of reform

Dare to be a pioneer

While "Youth Walk" is more science fiction

The story is told in the future

But think in another dimension

At this time we

will also become the next generation of parents

And from these stories

We can also see

Father's generation in the struggle

There are achievements

There are sacrifices

There is also a spiritual heritage

In exchange for the continuous development of our country

Continued progress in all walks of life

At the same time, we can also feel

Different historical periods

The communication habits between fathers and children

communication habits may be different

There are also differences in the mode of relationship

But the same thing is

There are always so many great fathers and mothers

Their hard work

The spirit of perseverance and struggle

have had a profound impact on future generations

They set the right example

Me and My Fathers

This is a family film that is perfect for

family movie for the whole family

Four stories

span different time dimensions

After we watch it

There will be an understanding

After parents watch it

May be a new feeling

And after grandparents watch it

May evoke a different kind of memories

Everyone grew up in a different era

With different identities

and different experiences

When watching the point of empathy is also different

After watching, the whole family can communicate with each other.

May be able to collide

A kind of warmth belonging to their own family

The order of the four stories

is also more reasonable

The beginning is rather pathos

Slowly is moved

Then warmth

Finally, it is optimistic

So that we don't have to leave the theater

We cry out of the cinema ah

This wave that is in the atmosphere

All right

Then this is the end of this issue


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