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Horror drama "evil spirit Marianne" commentary text

The horror drama "Marianne of the Evil Dead" commentary text

Horror drama "evil spirit Marianne" commentary text

This episode brings you the French high-energy horror drama "Marianne of the Evil Dead",

In the last episode, we talked about the horror writer Emma,

The last episode mentioned that horror writer Emma, inspired by her own childhood nightmares,

The character "Marianne the Evil" was created by horror writer Emma, inspired by her childhood nightmares,

Surprisingly real, but also frantic to call her back home,

All kinds of desperate rush,

Emma returns to the town and encounters a series of events,

The old woman possessed by Marianne,

The old woman possessed by Marianne, the parents controlled by the cursed amplifier,

Just like the priest said,

Everywhere Emma goes, bad things follow,

In a matter of days, Emma's mother was dead,

The assistant and the father were both lying in sickbeds,

To overcome the evil spirit Marianne, Emma is alone,

At the same time, Marianne emerges from the old woman's body,

Who will be her next target? We'll see,

In Emma's loneliest moment,

In Emma's loneliest moment, her friends, represented by Blackie and Xiao He, become Emma's support,

Emma's friends have become Emma's support,

And Sheriff Lo Sir, who is also continuing to track down the truth of the case,

The two of them shake hands and make an alliance, vowing to find out the truth about Marianne,

The old woman was lucky not to die, she just lost her sight,

It is said that Marianne ripped the optic nerve from her body,

Now she is accused of murder,

But she doesn't know what she did,

It all seems like a dream,

She is no longer with me,

But she's still here,


Emma asked you to write a book and you wrote it,

Give her what she wants,

Or she'll make your life a nightmare,

Just like me,

Luo Sir came to the old lady's house and pried open the locked door,

Sure enough, the old lady's husband was inside,

The cursed amplifier skin bag was suppressed,

The skin has been peeled off most of the body,

It seems that the raw material of the skin bag is taken from him,

Luo Sir continues to seek advice from friends who understand psychic,

Learned an important clue,

You ask her if she is Marianne, she will not lie,

Another rune that appeared with the skin,

is the stamp of a certain demon king of hell,

There's a demon behind the whole thing,

The dimensions of the case exceeded the knowledge of a police officer,

Luo Sir forced,

Good, after searching,

He got a witch trial report,

This report reveals the life of Marianne,

Marianne was born in 1587,

Marianne was born in 1587, and her family died in a fire at the age of 7,

Only she and a black cat were left alive,

She was adopted by a convent, which was plagued by a plague,

No one survived except Marianne and the black cat,

Later she married and had a child,

Marianne killed her husband and fed the child to the black cat,

Marianne was arrested and hanged,

The Church put Marianne on a cross and put her in the ground,

A fire burned her to ashes,

Luo Sir was confused,

Marianne's soul went to God at that time,

How is it possible that hundreds of years later,

can still jump out to plague the earth? ,

The truth is,

The truth is that a clergyman,

was ordered to burn the body of Marianne's factory,

In the gloomy tomb, Marianne controlled him,

He did not light the fire, but lied about having completed the task,

At night, Emma has a dream,

She dreamed that Black's wife had given birth to a monster,

The image is like a demon reborn,

In reality, Black's wife gave birth and everyone was happy,

In the middle of the night, Marianne is back in action,

First she attacked a little brother by the harbor,

First she attacked a little brother by the harbor, and then she scared a little girl under the bed,

I'm not under the bed, I'm in your head,

Finally, she went to the hospital and stole Black's little baby,

Marianne really kept her promise, said what to do,

Luo Sir found Emma,

The two of them began to analyze Emma's childhood,

Little Emma grew up in the shadow of Marianne,

Marianne often invaded Emma's dreams,

At the age of fifteen, she was still scared to wet the bed,

Until one day,

Emma gathered her friends to hold a séance,

On a dark and windy night, the crowd gathered in a circle,

A spell was cast to summon Marianne,

The séance was a success, and Marianne took on Emma's body,

Marianne took on the form of Emma and looked at the crowd viciously,

Said some unbelievable prophecy,

At that time, these words made people wonder,

To this day,

Marianne's prophecies have all come true,

After the séance, the friends are a bit distant from Emma,

Emma had to get close to Xiao He's sister Xiao Lian,

Xiao-lian likes to play hide-and-seek with Emma,

She hides in the freezer and accidentally snaps the latch,

This is naturally the work of Marianne,

Emma searched for a long time,

She was confused when a blackboard turned around,

A chalkboard turns around and draws the frightened face of Xiao Lian lying in the freezer,

In the darkness of the freezer, Marianne was still frightened of Xiao-lian,

Emma followed the instructions to find the freezer and opened the door,

Emma was devastated when she found the freezer and opened the door,

Xiao-lian became Emma's nightmare,

She will appear with Marianne,

Emma came to church to confess,

She did not tell the others about the hide-and-seek,

The priest warned her,

Something that breaks God's rules is coming for you,

Only by leaving town and going to a new place to live,

The only way to avoid bad luck and disaster is to leave town and go live in a brand new place,

Of course, to make people accept your departure,

Of course, to get people to accept your departure, you have to mess up your image in people's minds,

Emma is convinced and starts to wreak havoc on the town,

Emma is convinced and begins to wreak havoc on the town, successfully tarnishing her image,

The parents send Emma away confused and helpless,

Black gives a final parting kiss,

After this, Emma writes a book about her nightmares,

Marianne's story was then born and became a worldwide sensation,

It can be said that Marianne made Emma,

Emma made Marianne, and Emma made Marianne,

As an evil being who fought against God's rule,

The more people see Marianne's story, the more powerful she becomes,

The more people see Marianne's story, the more powerful she will become,

This is the reason why Marianne is playing hard to get,

The memories are over and the ideas are clear,

It's all Marianne's fault,

The question is: how to kill this bitch? ,

Can you kill something that's already dead? ,

Emma had an idea,

Since what is written in the book, what can happen in reality,

Why not just write Marianne to death? ,

Goodbye, Marianne, she's trapped,

The people are ready to divide this evil witch into five horses,

As I was writing, the power went out,

Emma was shocked and had a nightmare,

All the stuff she had just written was gone,

It seems that Marianne will interfere with Emma's work,

Write to death does not work,

Luo Sir suggested that we do not come to a séance ceremony,

Mary Ann summoned back and then surrounded and destroyed,

So, another dark and windy night,

A gloomy abandoned building,

A few people set up an altar and sat in a circle, casting a spell,

Where is Marianne at this time? Where is Marianne?

She's in the hospital, attached to Kaka,

The person who stole Black's baby was Kaka,

After the crime, she put the trachea back into her throat and lay down,

She's not even aware of it,

The old father at the bedside,

The old father at the bedside, watching but unable to move,

That night, when Kaka picked up the force,

When the nurse was ready to result,

Marianne received a summons from Luo Sir inside her body,

The séance spell worked, and Marianne left Kaka's body,

This time she attached to who? ,

When we were doubting each other, Luo Sir took out the gun,

No need to guess, it's me,

Marianne would not lie about her identity,

Want to destroy me? You are too young,

The police force Luo Sir also hanged,

Marianne again to the main characters to carry out the battle of the heart,

Xiao He and Black are hiding under the table,

They chose not to hear or see the hallucinations,

A little girl flashed by and unplugged their headphones,

It's Xiao Lian,

Xiao-lian tells her sister the truth about her own death,

And Emma has been hiding it for years,

So, when they reunited again,

When they reunited, their friendship almost broke up,

They all blame Emma,

Why do you want to go against Marianne?

Listen to her and keep updating the novel,

There is nothing wrong with it? ,

Emma was in a difficult position, and she had compromised,

But instead of peace, there was only more death and terror,

The Hat was impressed by Emma,

He was impressed by Emma and made a touching confession,

The result is that the next second was arranged by Marianne,

I can not help it, the evil spirit is too ferocious,

Before finding a way to fight it, only to listen to her,

The heroine turned on the computer to continue to write,

And in no time, Black's baby was returned,

In the middle of the night, as a token of his gratitude, Black climbed through the window and snuck into Emma's house,

The first time I saw him, I was in a hurry,

He promises to relive the love affair with Emma 15 years ago,

Emma is a little surprised,

I thought you didn't have sex behind your wife's back? ,

Just one night, no more,

So, they undressed and played all night,

Emma got up early in the morning,

Black left without saying goodbye,

Outside the house, the priest rang the doorbell,

Outside, the priest rang the doorbell and threw the cross in Emma's face,

It seems that Emma is in trouble,

The priest beat her face with blood,

Emma wondered, "Why are you hitting me? ,

The priest said, "I didn't even touch you,

I just poured holy water on you, it's all your illusion,

Sure enough, the blood disappeared,

The priest said,

Emma, now you're Marianne, you've given in to her,

The novel you published last night has exploded again,

The more people read her story, the more power she will have,

Emma didn't believe it, and the priest asked her,

Are you Marianne,

Marianne doesn't lie about who she is,

She possessed Emma and shot the priest,

She possessed Emma, shot the priest, and prepared to perform her last rites,

Marianne had chosen little Emma years ago,

Marianne had chosen little Emma years ago to carry out her hundred-year plan,

Today the time is right,

She pulled Emma down from the hut,

She pulled Emma over the hut and found her own black hole in the tomb,

After whispering,

Emma pulled Marianne out of the black hole,

The linen was removed and there was a beautiful young woman,

Not surprisingly, Marianne was in her twenties when she was buried,

The two walk hand in hand in a nightmare,

In reality, Emma, who was completely controlled, stabbed the priest,

I see you little priest,

Stay away from the witch,

You have no choice but to face me, little priest,

Face Marianne,


And ready to end Xiao He,

Luckily, Xiao He put it on Emma in time,

The necklace can weaken the power of darkness,

Emma's willpower prevailed,

And Marianne started a confrontation,

I'll blow your head off,

Use this,

In reality, Marianne reveals her true form,

A horrible old hag with bulging eyes,

Emma abandons her treatment and plans to shoot herself to death,

And Marianne's plan,

On the other hand, the priest, who was still breathing,

She's going to shoot herself and end Marianne's plans, while on the other hand, the priest, who is still breathing, takes the opportunity to sneak into Marianne's grave,

No. You can't have this,

You can't have this,

I know, but I invented it,

I wrote the book,

To complete a ritual that should have been done by the Church hundreds of years ago,

A ritual that should have been done by the Church hundreds of years ago,

Cremation of Marianne,

Farewell to Marianne,

I'm sorry, Xiaohe,

No, no, no,

Damn bullies,

The climax of the play is when the tomb is set on fire,

The priest and Marianne die together,

Xiao He jumped on Emma,

The hero's unnecessary sacrifice is avoided,

Kaka and the old father are all well,

The ending, too, is a happy one,

However, the real horrible truth,

The director hid it until the last moment to reveal it,

After eliminating Marianne, it was time for Emma to leave town,

Before leaving, he wanted to say goodbye to Black,

Before leaving, he wanted to say goodbye to Black and reminisce about the warm night,

But Black was so disgusted,

I've never been to your room. I've never been anywhere with you,

You're kidding me,

I told you I'm not that kind of guy,

I told you I'm not the kind of man who has sex behind his wife's back,

Emma panicked,

So who was the guy I slept with that night? ,

Soon, Emma had vomiting,

She bought a pregnancy test,

One was a no, two were a yes,

And it was,


With Emma's confused and remorseful eyes, the play ends,

Who was Emma playing with that night? ,

Whose baby was she carrying? ,

I believe we have already guessed,

It's the big boss behind the show,

In life, he accompanied Marianne in the form of a black cat,

The one who gave Marianne the evil power after her death,

The demon king of hell,

Marianne not only wants to take revenge on the people of the town,

She also has a hidden plan B,

To give birth to a child through her belly,

To help the demon king of hell to be reborn and return to earth,

The demon borrows the womb of a healthy young woman,

The devil uses the womb of a healthy young woman to raise the son of Satan on earth,

It can be said that the director borrowed this setting,

That's why Marianne,

So Marianne, in Emma when she was very young, was chosen,

And Marianne can read novels through people,

The setting of people reading novels to gain power,

is the director's original,

The play is not a logical and high scoring drama,

But also a lot of highlights, there is no shortage of outstanding points,

Especially the eyes of the old woman is a frightening piece,

It is simply the most chilling existence in the horror drama,

Although only a supporting role,

But also support the entire first half of the story,

In contrast, the second half of the story is much weaker.


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