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Horror zombie movie "Delicious" commentary copy

Horror zombie movie "Delicious" comment ary copy

Horror zombie movie "Delicious" commentary copy

A beautiful woman is in the hospital for plastic surgery

She was attacked by a large number of zombies.

Before she had time to escape, the police locked down the hospital.

Hello everyone, today I would like to tell you a

The latest zombie movie "Delicious

The main character is a girl with big boobs.

Everywhere she goes, she becomes the center of attention.

The return rate is 100 percent

This is a woman's pride and should be happy.

But the big boobs are often troubled by this

Wearing clothes, doing the bus are a little inconvenient

So she asked her boyfriend glasses

So she asked her boyfriend glasses to take her to a plastic surgeon for breast reduction surgery

She also took her mother with her to have her eyelids cut

When she arrived at the hospital

Big Boobs explained her reason to the director

She wanted to reduce her G cups to B cups

The director said, "The customer is God, as long as the customer likes it.

He will do everything possible to meet the customer's needs

Before the surgery, the glasses had a special ceremony.

To say goodbye to his girlfriend's big boobs

But just as the doctor called the girl in for surgery

Glasses suddenly sensed that the hospital was a bit irregular

Without giving his girlfriend any test, he was directly sent to the operating table

And the doctor was also relaxing in the operating room drinking coffee

When glasses raised these questions

The blonde assistant of the director hurriedly asked Daniel to take glasses

Take them out to relax

This Daniel is a drug addict.

After taking the glasses to the office, he ran off to do drugs.

At that moment, glasses heard a strange sound from the next room

When they opened the door, there was a woman in a mask lying on the bed.

Her hands were tied up.

Glasses helped the woman to remove the mask out of kindness

Who knows that the woman was turned into a zombie by the virus

Daniel and glasses saw the situation and rushed to run away

The female zombie took the opportunity to bite off the bandage and escape

A zombie crisis that will destroy the human race is about to break out

On the other hand, before the big boobs had time to operate

But the glasses stopped in time

He told his girlfriend that the hospital was in danger and she had to leave.

The two of them just left the operating room

They saw the nurses pushing all the patients out of the ward

This hospital must have some hidden secrets

As the patients were fleeing the hospital.

The zombie virus was spreading like wildfire.

The survivors fled, and the hospital was in chaos.

Big Boobs also encountered a zombie while searching for her mother

Glasses picked up the infusion rack and zombie fight

As a result, he fell to the ground and cracked his head.

Thinking that her boyfriend was dead, she escaped alone.

Panicked, she ran into an operating room

The zombie outside also brought in

At that moment, the doctor was performing liposuction surgery on the patient

And the big-boobed girl inadvertently touched the switch

As a result, the extracted fat was poured into the patient's body

The patient's abdomen kept expanding

Big Boobs escaped from the operating room at the last minute

Finally found her mother in a hospital room in a coma

To escape from the zombie attack

She pushed her mother around the hospital and ran away

Her mother fell from the hospital bed and was bitten by a zombie.

Thanks to Daniel's timely action, she saves their lives

Meanwhile, Glasses wakes up from her coma

They walked into the taxidermy room of the hospital in a daze.

There are many specimens of animals in there.

He accidentally knocked over a glass vase on the table

A zombie lizard crawled out from inside

Glasses was immediately scared and ran away

He ran into the dean and the blonde girl who were burning the materials

The dean takes an axe and helps glasses find the girl.

But Boomer's mother was bitten by a zombie and will soon become a zombie.

By then, no one can control her and everyone will be infected.

So the dean picked up the axe ready to kill her

The result was a face full of blood

The director was afraid of being infected himself, so he took everyone with him to create a vaccine

It turns out that there is an anonymous patient program in the hospital

The female zombie released by the glasses was patient number zero

The dean wanted to use the female zombie

To develop anti-aging drugs for the benefit of mankind

But by accident, glasses released her

He worked for half a day to formulate the antidote is not very useful

The blonde girl saw that the dean had been infected with the virus and let him get his lunch with an axe.

After the death of the dean, the doctor and glasses continue to prepare the antidote

As a result, the doctor was accidentally bitten by the mother of the big-boobed girl

In order to prevent the spread of the virus

Daniel was going to use the axe to cut off the doctor's arm

But the axe fell off at the critical moment

The doctor had no choice but to use the shredder to do amputation surgery

At this time, the mother of the big boobies also turned into a zombie

In order to relieve her pain

Big Boobs took the axe and ended her mother's life

Then several survivors went to the roof of the building

They escaped through a wooden board to the opposite floor

The doctor lost his balance because of a broken arm.

He fell from the roof and died.

Daniel had overheard the conversation between Blondie and the director

In fact, the anonymous patient program was all Blondie's idea

So Daniel wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to extort a hush money

Otherwise, everything will be made public.

The blondes held a grudge because of this

So she used a zombie to create a trap and bit Daniel.

Daniel killed the blonde in a fit of rage

The rest of the group went to the first floor

They found the hospital surrounded by police.

A beautiful nurse thought she was saved

So she ran over there with great joy

The result was that the police killed on the spot

Because everyone in the hospital could be infected with the virus

So those who escape without permission will be shot on the spot

Then several people led by Daniel into the sewers

Glasses was accidentally bitten by the lizard he released

The three of them finally found an exit after stumbling around.

But the police found out just before the big boob's finger was stretched out

They called a car and crushed it on top of the manhole cover

The big girl's finger was instantly stuck in pain and screaming

The moment of crisis glasses using lenses cut off his girlfriend's finger

After dressing the wound, the three continued to run for their lives

A few minutes later the three found an exit again

Big Boobs climbed out smoothly

Because the exit ladder is more than one person high

The remaining two people can only go out one

Glasses thought he was infected

So they gave up the opportunity to Daniel

After Daniel got out

He escaped from the hospital in the car of the big-boobed girl

On the way out, Daniel tried to molest Big Boobs

Big Boobs grabbed a screwdriver and stabbed him and threw him out of the car.

Then a kick on the gas made Daniel get his lunch

On the other side, there was an explosion in the sewer

A large number of zombies took the opportunity to escape

At the end of the film

A man covered in mud came to the road to stop the car

Big Boobs didn't care if it was a ghost or a man, she hit it with the gas.

It turns out that this man is actually glasses

She was distracted and the car crashed into a tree on the side of the road

None of the main characters in the film survived

Well, that's it for today's movie

We will see you next time

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