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War Movie "Necessary Killing" Commentary Copy Commentary

War movie "Necessary Killing" commentary text commentary

War Movie "Necessary Killing" Commentary Copy Commentary

As an Afghan

Is it wrong to fight for your country?

From the Afghan perspective

It's absolutely right.

But from an American perspective

it's not the same.

What's more, he killed three Americans. ......

Muhammad Afghan



All Afghan militants are called by this name.

Because American soldiers had unlimited access to his hideout

Mulder killed them first.

Because of the fear

He spent his life running through the valley.

Finally hit by a US rocket. ......

When woke up, he was captured by the American soldiers.

But he also died from the explosion.

Causing him to temporarily lose his hearing.

But he never betrayed his faith.

He refused to communicate with the U.S. Army.

Despite the best efforts of the U.S. Army.

He still didn't say anything.

Because he was fighting for his country.

He was expelling invaders.

Torture after trial is ineffective

The U.S. military and other "terrorists"

Put them on a plane together

Escorted to a military base in Poland.

But who would have thought that after getting off the plane

When the car reached the steep road

The car met a wild animal

The driver was unable to avoid it

He plunged into the valley

When the car stopped.

Mulder was unharmed.

He took advantage of the night to hide in the bushes

Began the escape route

But he was dressed thinly

Shoes were also left at the crash site

He ran a few hundred meters.

The biting cold made him give up voluntarily

If this continues, let alone escape

Probably before dawn

A pair of his feet will be lost

He had no choice but to come back with his hands up in the air and surrender

But who would have thought that in just a few minutes

American troops could not stand the cold

They had already retreated.

The only thing left was a car on duty on the highway.

The two soldiers who were guarding it

Just playing music

Kissing and making out with the head on the phone

Completely forgetting their mission

Even though Mulder had crept up on him.

He also did not know

Since this is the case

Why don't we just do it?

Mulder grabbed their pistols and killed them both.

After making sure it was safe

He went to the car and used the tools to open the shackles

Then he got himself an escape kit.

Just as he was about to drive away

A helicopter suddenly appeared in the sky

Mulder knew that if he drove away

would be spotted by the helicopter

So he slipped into the woods.

Although he had been very careful

He was spotted.

The U.S. troops who were after him had several dogs.

He smelled the scent and came.

Panicked, he fell into the hunter's trap.

He was in a lot of pain.

The American troops were about to arrive.

He had to take off his shoes and flee barefoot.

When the dogs that were following him arrived here.

They found only bloody shoes.

They concluded that Mulder would not get far.

All they had to do was follow the blood trail.

And Mulder was trying to escape the chase.

In his desperate attempt to escape.

He found a dog in the snow.

The dog was lying there motionless.

It turned out that it was also trapped by a trap

Mulder saw the situation and had a plan

He forced the trap to rescue the dog

Then he put the bloody sock on the dog

to drive it away

Mulder thought he could get away with it.

But he was spotted by the dog.

To avoid the bite

Mulder jumped into the water

And the dog pounced on him.

Just as he emerged from the water, he was bitten by the dog.

He had to pull out a dagger and stab it to death

The American soldier who was chasing him was knocked out early.

He then changed into American equipment

He started running aimlessly for his life again ......

Long time running

made the man thirsty and hungry

In order to solve the problem of food and clothing

He had to eat ants to feed his stomach

But the calories brought by the ants

Simply not enough to support him to continue to run for his life

So he had to chew on the bark of a tree

One piece.

And so he chewed it slowly

When he was almost done, he continued his journey.

Unexpectedly, he met a truck loading lumber

To escape the American army.

He jumped on it.

He wanted to take advantage of the ride to leave this place of trouble

He thought he was saved.

But then the truck stopped.

It turned out that he had arrived at a logging site.

Here a group of workers are replacing the wood

In order not to be discovered

He had to hide quietly

But unfortunately

By a tree directly knocked out

And the branch penetrated his abdomen

When he woke up

A worker was cutting next to him

The two then fought

Here Mulder couldn't tell if these Europeans

American or not.

He had to kill the lumberjack to survive.

He continued to run for his life.

For two days he ate only bark.

He was already hungry.

While he was trying to remember his fate

Not far away, there was an old man fishing

Mulder didn't say a word

He grabbed the fish and ran away

He found a place where no one was and gobbled it up

He cried as he struggled to enjoy the food

But this was not enough to relieve his plight

Then a mother on a bicycle

happened to pass by

The woman accidentally fell down

Causing the baby in her arms to cry out

To soothe the baby

The woman unbuttoned and breastfed

What breast milk?

He thought for a while but decided to grab food with the baby

In the process he strangled the woman

Until the sound of a car came from the distance

He left in a hurry

In order to prevent the baby from freezing to death

He also deliberately blocked the path of the car with his bicycle

So that they could save the mother and child

He then fell to his knees and cried out

He was so angry with himself for his impulse

At night he came to a small village

Struggling to reach the door of a woman's house and fell down

The kind hostess watched for a long time

but decided to save him

But when she found the pistol Mulder was carrying

she was still shocked

She instantly knew Mulder's identity

At the same time

The American troops who were after him also arrived here ......

After the American troops knocked on the door

found that the woman was deaf and mute

Can not get any effective information

Had to stop and leave secretly

After returning to the room

The woman found Mulder curled up under the table in fear

Not moving at all

She slowly approached Mulder

Put away the pistol

Then she took him to the bedroom

Tended to his wounds

And made a bowl of delicious rice and brought it to him

When it was morning

Mulder put on a new suit

Filled his stomach

In order not to cause the woman the necessary trouble

He had to leave in a hurry

To save his strength

The woman even gave him a white horse to accompany him

She even saw him out of the village herself

But Mulder didn't get very far on his horse

The wound broke open

He lay on his back and spat out blood.

Enjoying the last warmth of life

The film's necessary killings lasted a total of 80 minutes

But in these 80 minutes

The director showed us a different proposition

Is it wrong to fight for our country?

Is it wrong to kill to survive?

You can say that he is an evil terrorist.

But he didn't shoot the old man who was fishing

After robbing a nursing woman on the road

He swaddled the baby.

Grabbed a bike and blocked the traffic

So that he could save the mother and child

When he met a deaf woman who was kind and mute

He also did not do anything excessive

To get what he wanted

When he was dying of hunger

He met a herd of conger deer

He also did not hunt these living beings

Throughout his escape

He was only scared and frightened

He accidentally killed a logger

This brings the only contradiction to the film

The director uses the extreme situation of "escape"

The director continues to shape the spiritual world of this Arab man

When his strong desire to survive conflicts with his faith

Is his struggle and persistence still right or wrong?

As a viewer, I think

In fact, the whole movie is killing the load

It's just that the hidden points are too deep

For example, the deaf woman personally watched him leave.

She must have known in her heart.

This place will definitely freeze to death in the snow.

What could she have done?

There are too many philosophical ideas in this movie.

The director doesn't use profanity.

Just cursing America out.

It's really a big hit.

If you are interested in this art film.

Please watch the original film

See you next time.

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