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Suspense "Hide and Seek" movie commentary copy

Suspense"Hide and Seek" movie comment ary copy

Suspense "Hide and Seek" movie commentary copy

Alia lives in a happy family

Her parents love her very much

Her favorite game is hide-and-seek

Every night, her mother would play this game before putting her to bed

There was always a crack in the room

At 2:06 a.m., her father, Dahlin, woke up from his dream

The wife beside me was gone

Dalin followed the sound of dripping water to the bathroom

Seeing his wife, who was fine a few hours ago

Couldn't believe she was lying in the bathtub

Slit her wrists and killed herself

Dahlin hugged his wife and cried

And at that moment, Emily

stood in the doorway to witness all this.

The death of her mother made the originally lively and lovely Emily

become silent

She was always staring into the distance with a dull gaze

As a psychologist, Dahlin was very sensitive

Aware of his daughter's psychological problems

So he decided to move to the northern town

To give his daughter a new environment and make some new friends

An hour's drive later

They arrived in this quiet town

The real estate agent

He was showing the house to Dahlin.

They turn around and find that Alia is gone.

After a quick search, they realized she hadn't gone far.

She was just looking thoughtfully at the path through the woods.

At the end of the day, as is customary.

Dahlin took his wife's place to put his daughter to bed.

But Alia didn't cooperate.

It was very embarrassing for Dahlin.

The next morning, Alia followed the forest path from yesterday

He came to a hillside and there was a cave in front of him.

Then he didn't know what he saw

She was so scared that she dropped her favorite toy

When she returned, her shoes were covered in mud.

At night, Dahlin was surprised that his daughter

The toy that she had to hold every day to fall asleep was gone

Alia told Dahlin that she didn't like that toy anymore

Because she had a new friend named "Charlie"

And when Dahlin asked who this "Charlie" was

Alia did not want to say more

So Dahlin suspected that this "Charlie" was Elia's

After the psychological damage, he imagined his friend

Afterwards, Dahlin saw in the trash can

The toy that Alia liked the most

But it had a big slash on its face

Dahlin was a bit surprised, his daughter, who had always been a good girl

How could she do such a thing?

At 2:06 a.m., Dahlin was awakened by the same nightmare again.

He came to the bathroom and found it decorated like

as his wife's suicide had been.

And when he turned his head, Elia had somehow

appeared behind him

So Dahlin asked Alia why she did it

But Alia wouldn't admit that she did it.

She said it was "Charlie" who did it.

The father wanted to say something more.

But thinking about his daughter's recent trauma

It was all he could do.

The next day, in order for Alia to meet new friends.

Dahlin had invited Irina, whom he had just met

and her niece to the house.

Irina's niece was very lively and cheerful

She offered to share her doll.

But when Elia took it, she squeezed the doll's face

And pinched it out of shape

And warned her to leave the house or she would be hurt

Scared, the little girl rushed home

In the evening, Dahlin boiled a pot of water, ready to make some tea to drink

The result was not two steps out, turned around to see that the water had boiled


One thing after another

Dahlin came to Alia's room

He saw that his daughter was still awake and smiling

Alia said she was just playing with "Charlie"

And he just left and looked out the window

Dahlin went to the window and looked out

This window was not open because he had tried it before.

I thought it was in disrepair, but now it was somehow open

With Alia's strength is certainly not open

Is there really a "Charlie" person

So Dahlin told Emily

He wanted to see this Charlie

But Alia said "Charlie" does not like his father

refused him

Dahlin had to turn around and go downstairs

To record the state and change of Alia

And when her father left, Elia

played hide-and-seek with "Charlie" again

Searching and searching, she came to the basement

She still couldn't find Charlie.

Just as she was about to turn around and leave

The lights in the basement suddenly went out

Scared, Alia screamed out loud

And Dahlin, who was upstairs, heard this and rushed to the basement

She found her daughter cowering in a corner.

So he asked Alia what was wrong

But Emily answered him with a desperate look on her face: He's hiding!

Charlie hid in the dark...

In the evening, Irina comes to visit.

Emily probably saw that Irina was interested in Dahlin.

She is like a different person, dressed in her mother's costume

As if she was asserting sovereignty for her mother

During dinner, she tells Irina that her mother slit her wrists in the bathroom.

Her own mother committed suicide by slitting her wrists in the bathroom

The whole dinner party broke up

That day, Dahlin woke up from his nightmare for the third time.

It was still 2:06 am when he woke up.

What's even more frightening is that the bathroom was again decorated

The way his wife had killed herself.

And the family cat was found in the bathtub

The father came to Emily's room.

It was as if she was waiting for Dahlin to come over

Before he could say anything, she said: "Charlie" did it.

She told him to trust her.

Dahlin panicked, turned around and closed the door behind him.

Then he went to the kitchen and found a bag to put the cat in

buried in the woods outside the house

The next day, Dahlin felt that Alia's condition

had become more and more serious

He decided to talk to her about "Charlie".

So, when pressed by her father

her daughter took him to her room

She was ready to show him the true face of "Charlie".

However, all Dahlin saw was a painting on the wall

Dahlin felt that he alone might not be able to solve

There was no way to solve Alia's problem

So he called Katherine, Elia's former psychiatrist

He wanted her to give his daughter a psychological counseling

After some contact and conversation, Catherine came to the conclusion

She felt that Alia's situation was a bit serious

She wanted to bring her back for systematic treatment.

But Dahlin refused. He wanted to observe her for two more weeks.

If that didn't work, he would send Alia there.

After all, Dahlin was also a psychiatrist.

Catherine didn't say anything more and left without worrying.

At night, Dahlin quietly went to Alia's room.

He opened her diary.

She saw that Alia had drawn a picture on the foot of each page.

And when all the pictures were connected together

is the scene of her mother's suicide in the bathtub

It seems that the effect of this incident on Alia

Far more than Dahlin could have imagined

At that moment, Alia suddenly appeared behind him.

Dahlin panicked and got up to leave.

As a rule, he left a doorway for his daughter.

But this time, Alia asked Dahlin to close the door

and said she didn't need the light anymore

The next day, Irina came to Dahlin's house again.

She came mainly to try to ease the relationship with Alia

At this time, Dahlin was writing in his diary with his headphones on.

So she went straight to Alia's room.

Alia told Irina

She was playing hide-and-seek with Charlie.

And when Irina opened the closet door

I think she saw something terrible.

And then she fell out of the window.

In the evening, the police were called to investigate.

According to Irina's family.

She came to Dahlin's house.

Dahlin was writing in his diary with his headphones on.

It's true that he didn't see Irina.

But Elia first said she hadn't seen Irina.

However, after the police left.

Dahlin asked Alia again.

Alia looked a bit broken and took out an alarm clock

It showed that it was 2:06 a.m.

The truth was out there

What does 2:06 a.m. mean?

And who is this "Charlie"?

Dahlin went to the bathroom, where Irina was lying.

This was driving Dahlin crazy.

He took a knife out of the kitchen and rushed out.

He searched everywhere for this "Charlie".

On the other side of the room, Elia sneaks downstairs.

She called Catherine.

She said she didn't want to play with "Charlie" anymore.

She asked Catherine to come and pick her up.

Dahlin was looking for her.

He saw the neighbor

The neighbor saw that Dahlin looked nervous.

She opened her mouth and asked how Alia was doing.

Dahlin thought he was so concerned about his daughter.

Could he be the "Charlie"?

So he cut the neighbor with a knife

Then he went home and locked the door.

Dahlin held his daughter tightly.

He told her that no one should hurt her.

At that moment, Dahlin noticed that the door to the storage room

It had opened at some point

He went in and found that he had brought

The headphones and diary were unopened.

Not a single word on the diary

But he obviously used it a few days ago.

At this moment, Dahlin's mind turned upside down

All the memories were linked together

The nightmare he often had was a party

That day he witnessed his wife cheating on him

Furious, Dahlin killed his wife that night

But afterwards, he couldn't believe it had happened

So he split into another personality

And disguised his wife's death as a suicide

The person Alia saw in the cave was actually Dahlin.

Only he asked Alia to call him, Charlie.

Irina was also pushed down by Dahlin's own hands

As the saying goes, it is difficult for a doctor to heal himself, not for himself.

Who would have thought that the psychiatrist had a psychological problem?

It was Dahlin who woke up at 2:06 every day.

And from the time he went to bed until 2:06 a.m.

Charlie is the one who appears

Of course, this is just a normal situation, the "Charlie" personality

will come out from time to time

For example, the pot of water that boiled as soon as you turned your head

It was actually because the "Charlie" personality

came out of nowhere

and went to play with Alia

So the middle is missing such a period of time

And in the movie, whenever Dahlin is listening to music and taking notes

means that it is now Charlie who is out and about

This also explains why there is no word in the diary

Because he didn't write it at all

Dahlin, who didn't believe he was "Charlie"

He hid in his subconscious and the "Charlie" personality appeared.

He knocked out the police who came back to his house to investigate.

and Catherine, who arrived after receiving a call from Alia.

Then he played hide-and-seek with Alia again

Alia runs away and comes to the cave.

Charlie is closing in.

Aria asked Charlie not to hurt Catherine.

Because Catherine was her friend

However, these words sparked Charlie's jealousy

It felt like he was about to turn on Alia.

As the lights flickered for the last time

Catherine suddenly appeared in front of her

And shot Charlie dead.

And also killed Dahlin.

This nightmare is finally over.

Let's go back and analyze this.

Charlie's motive.

Dahlin's "Charlie" persona

Was split after he found out that his wife had betrayed him

After he found out that his wife had betrayed him and killed her.

After his wife died, he gave all his love to his daughter.

He was afraid that his daughter would backstab him like she did.

So he developed a twisted desire for control over Alia.

He wanted Alia to have only one friend forever

Not even the dolls or the family cat

So before, Alia was scaring the little girl by

Scaring the little girl away.

actually should be protecting the girl

Because she understands that if Charlie finds out

The girl would probably be hurt

At first, she and "Charlie" played very happily

But gradually, Charlie's behavior became more and more excessive.

Alia became afraid, but was afraid to tell her father.

This might lead to Charlie coming out of the woodwork and going crazy.

So she called Catherine quietly

Katherine came to pick her up.

Don't worry, the movie isn't over yet.

Once everything had settled down.

Kathryn takes Alia home to raise her.

However, when the camera slowly moves to Emily's painting

We can see the picture of Aria has two heads

It turns out that Aria is also a dual personality patient

Coupled with her father's dual personality

This is a family of four

The four personalities of father and daughter meet randomly

When dark Emily and Charlie meet

Emily will become an accomplice

Doing bad things with Charlie

Usually when Alia and Charlie meet

We will play some games together

In fact, we can also see from the movie two

Emily with completely different personalities

The original kind-hearted Ellia is lively, obedient and timid

When she sleeps, she must leave a crack in the door

But the dark Elia tells her father to close the door

Draw some pictures

Dresses up in her mother's clothes to provoke her father and Irina

The movie implies that Elia is a dual personality

There's another detail that's not easy to spot

Afterwards, Dahlin is finally shot by Catherine

Alia's cries seem to be interspersed with smiles

If you don't believe me, just listen

That's the end of today's story

Then look forward to the next XXX update

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