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Thriller horror Korean drama "Hometown 11" movie review Commentary material Afterthoughts

Thriller horrorKorean drama "Hometown 11" movie review Commentary material Afterthoughts

Thriller horror Korean drama "Hometown 11" movie review Commentary material Afterthoughts

1985 Old Choi followed his predecessor to interrogate the prisoner

People are hung upside down in the room

The process is quite violent

Before he left, the man wanted to ask for some water

Old Cui gave in to the man's request

The man asked him to remember his name, Zhao Jinghao

At the dinner party afterwards

He took off his pants in front of the seniors

He bought the entire restaurant's wine

He can do anything he wants at this moment

But he won't do the forced confession thing anymore

The price for not doing it was being fired.

He left without a moment's hesitation.

The car accident in '85 happened on this night

Today, I'll continue to tell you about the ending of the Korean drama "Hometown

Old Choi finally rescued Jae-young.

According to Jae-young

My aunt and grandmother never wanted to come back

It was her strong request to move back in.

Auntie and grandma agreed.

She wanted to come back because of Jo Kyung-ho

Jo Kyung-ho told her

There is a story about her mother here

She was curious about her mother's past

That's why she came back without hesitation

And because of that

A series of horrible things happened

Jae-young's friends are still waiting for Jae-young.

Old Choi brought Jae-young over with him.

The four of them hugged each other tightly.

Jae-young was able to return thanks to Jo's sacrifice.

Jo volunteered to replace Jae-young as the heir.

She wanted to use this opportunity to wake up the bearded man.

But it wasn't her that the bearded man wanted.

But the bearded man didn't want her, he wanted Jae-young, and her presence made the bearded man upset.

The bearded man grabbed her by the neck.

Jo Kyung-ho's voice suddenly appeared in her mind.

"Take the bag and go to the station and wait for Zhao's instructions."

The bearded man ran after her, his heart was very complicated

On the other hand Zhao Jinghao found his own father

Always put Zhao Jinghao and his siblings in a small dark room

A day is closed, do not care

Zhao Jinghao in that painful period of time

Lost the concept of time

Mastered the unparalleled ability

He remembered one thing very clearly

After being locked up for days

His own father drunkenly opened the door of his room

He saw that they were still alive.

He said, "The son of a bitch has a hard life.

There's a reason for this, and it's been years.

The biological father paid for his bestiality

Zhao Jinghao gets a carriage

At the same time, old Cui for safety reasons

He brought his four children to his home

There is a photo of him and his wife at home

Jae-young was born to his wife

That's interesting.

Old Choi went out to receive information

Professor Jang of the Skull and Bones faction is Congressman Lim

Old Choi wasn't very surprised

Because he had already guessed it

Pig is Yongjo's little brother

Yongzhuo was dead and Pig wanted to take revenge

Lao Cui had a dream at night

He dreamed about the good times he had with his wife

In the blink of an eye

His wife turned into a female ghost

He woke up from his sleep

Jae-young came to talk to him

The relationship between them was a bit awkward

Jae-young was born to his wife

She's obviously Jo Kyung Ho's daughter

But it's hard to say what's going on

After all, his wife had a miscarriage.

He didn't see it with his own eyes.

Jae-young seems to know something.

She said there must be a reason why people leave people

Just can't say it out loud

Not to mention a beloved family member

On the other hand, Jo was taken to the practice room

There was a rope in the room

Every night, someone would hang upside down in here

Zhao felt that this was not a practice but a torture

She set the rope on fire, causing the crowd to watch

The bearded man advised her to stop fooling around

What can she do if she burns the rope? She can get a new one

She went to the rope

Grabbed the burning rope with her hand

Tore the rope with pain

The meaning was clear

It was not a rope that would not break

At the same time, the pig got his revenge on Senator Lim.

Senator Lam was very sinister

He told the pig that he was looking for revenge on the wrong person

The enemy of an enemy is a friend

If he really wanted revenge.

He can send the pig to the cult leader's room

Shortly afterwards Cho Kyung Ho came to the place where Yong Joo had his accident

Then he took out his camera and started shooting

This is the alma mater of Lao Cui's wife

Old Cui had been here and he had been here

He went to the wall and sprayed the strange symbol on it

At this point a problem appeared on Lao Cui's side

The words on the school magazine in '87

And the message Jae-young's classmates received.

Jae-young didn't do it.

Someone disguised as Jae-young and tricked everyone.

Jae-young wanted to look at the seven places in the school magazine.

Maybe she'll find something.

Meanwhile, Jo's mother received the tape.

It looks like she's close to death.

Choi accompanied Jae-young to those places.

It used to be an aunt saving her niece.

Now it's the niece's turn to save the aunt

The cult is also interesting

Jae-young was the one who wanted it.

Now he's been replaced by Cho.

Even if you don't get rid of Zhao

But also let Zhao to the members of the anti-brainwashing

Is it possible that from the beginning

It was Jo who wanted him.

On the other hand, Lao Cui and Jae-young also came to the place where Yongjo had his accident.

Old Choi was stunned. There were memories of him and his wife in this place.

The two of them saw the words left by Cho Kyung-ho

Old Choi suddenly became nervous

Because he found a problem

The seven places on the school magazine

All of them are places of memories for him and his wife

Especially here

Is the place where he proposed to his wife

Meanwhile, Zhao Jinghao came home

His adoptive mother was watching a video tape

He was a little bit surprised

But what else could he do after watching it?

The content of the tape was captured by his own hand

The woman in white is Cui's wife

And that crossed arms pose

Is not a ceremony

It was just wiping tears from his eyes

The adoptive mother knew he was avenging his father's death

The day his father died, he said this

We'll go together as a family

At that time, the foster mother held the hands of the Zhao siblings

She asked her father how he could say such a thing

He said, "What's wrong with that?

Of course we should go together as a family

The adoptive mother was furious at that time

If you want to die, don't drag your family into it

In that case, the death of the adoptive father

Adopted mother also have responsibility

Zhao Jinghao left tears of pain

Let the foster mother run away quickly

The adoptive mother kept saying she was sorry

Then she turned her attention to the video tape

I heard Cho Kyung Ho say

Anyone who has seen the tape

After killing their beloved one

And die in pain.

The adoptive mother drew a knife and stabbed Zhao Jinghao

Zhao Jinghao performed a white knives with empty hands

When he walked out of the house

Assemblyman Lim came to welcome him back

He knew that the tape was sent by Congressman Lim

But he refused to admit it

He was very arrogant in front of others

But in front of Zhao Jinghao, he was very good.

Why? Because he's the one Zhao Jinghao wants to kill the most.

When Zhao Jinghao forced him to turn himself in.

His daughter had the same attitude

So he killed his daughter with his own hands in a fit of anger

He also begged Zhao Jinghao to erase this memory

Zhao Jinghao didn't kill him because he saw how he would end up

His end was even more miserable than death

On the other hand, Jae-young came home to see

Her grandmother died, her pain is imaginable

She hoped that her grandmother would be her daughter in her next life

She wanted her to be her daughter in her next life, so that she could spoil and repay her.

At Grandma's funeral, an unexpected guest, Senator Lim, arrives.

Meanwhile, there's a big move from the cult.

Because of Xiao Zhao's anti-brainwashing

The bearded man had to re-stabilize the troops

To keep everyone believing in Guru.

Lao Cui came to the funeral

He didn't give any face to his father-in-law

His father-in-law wasn't angry.

He said that Guru was waiting for him.

If he didn't go

Zhao was afraid that he would not live to see the day

At this time, Xiao Zhao began to pull people together again

She has already convinced some people

The bearded man was anxious, but in the area of attacking hearts

He is really inferior to Xiao Zhao

Xiao Zhao drank the "poisoned wine"

She wanted to use her death to wake up the people

That's when Senator Lim proposed a solution.

Jae-young goes to save Cho and Choi goes to see Guru.

Neither side will be delayed.

Choi doesn't want Jae-young to risk his life.

But Jae-young had to go.

Because he couldn't guarantee Jo's safety.

I'm afraid it's a bad time to go.

They agreed to have dinner together when the job was done.

Jae-young followed Congressman Lim.

On the other hand, Jo's actions worked.

The apostles had a desire to live.

They didn't want to follow Guru to death.

The bearded man began to rage incompetently

Councilor Lim's men rushed in

A box for every man

It seems that they are still inevitable death

Old Choi went back to his house.

Guru was waiting for him here

Zhao Jinghao is Guru is not surprised

They were sitting face to face

Lao Cui proposed a solution

Zhao Jinghao goes back to prison and he dies

In this way, Zhao Jinghao has completed his revenge

without sacrificing innocent people

Unfortunately, this was not the ending that Zhao Jinghao wanted

If he wanted to kill Lao Cui, he would have done it already

Why wait until now?

After the gas incident.

He came to Lao Cui's house.

He was going to kill him.

But he found something in the kitchen.

A letter left by Lao Cui's wife

In it, he recorded a lot of content that Lao Cui did not know

Old Choi almost lost his mind

He didn't even know the letter existed

Zhao Jinghao took out a gun

Let Lao Cui finish reading the letter

And the gun will be handed over to Lao Cui

This is not bad for Lao Cui.

Choi had no reason to refuse.

Meanwhile, Senator Lim took Jae-young to the training room.

This isn't where Jo is.

Jae-young was tricked.

Congressman Lim wants to turn this place into a sanatorium.

He wants to contribute to society in exchange for some fame.

To do that, he had to eradicate the cult.

And Jae-young and Jo, as relatives of Guru.

Naturally, they had to be sacrificed.

On the other hand, Lao Cui opened the letter with fear and trepidation.

The content of the letter was short but shocking

The baby was not miscarried and she took the baby to Japan for refuge.

But still could not escape from Zhao Jinghao's hands

So she chose another way to protect the child

She tied the baby to Cho Kyung Ho.

So Jae Young is really Choi's daughter.

Choi is the son-in-law of Congressman Lim.

Then Jae-young is Mr. Lim's granddaughter.

Mr. Lim killed his daughter with his own hands.

And now he's going to kill his granddaughter with his own hands.

Is this the tragic ending that Cho Kyung-ho saw?

Old Choi completely lost his mind.

He wanted to kill Zhao Jinghao right away.

Zhao Jinghao did not resist

He only had one request to listen to what he said before making a decision

Lao Cui had already seen the tape

Anyone who has seen the tape

Will kill his beloved and then die a tragic death

In the past, Cui had no one he loved.

But now it's different.

Jae-young is his beloved.

He only had two choices now.

To kill Jae-young and then kill himself.

Or kill himself where he is.

His words had some kind of magic.

Old Choi was having serious hallucinations.

Meanwhile, Senator Lim heard several gunshots.

He sent his men up to check the situation.

Gas could be interpreted as suicide.

It's hard to explain with a gun.

Jae-young learns that his aunt is upstairs.

Her anger level rises, but there's nothing she can do.

On the other hand, Old Choi regained his senses.

Killing Jae-young is definitely not possible.

He chooses to kill himself, but he doesn't have the courage.

He can only choose the third way.

Let Cho Kyung Ho erase his memory of his daughter

Zhao Jinghao picked up the camera

Wanted to record the scene

But unexpectedly Lao Cui suddenly shot him in the leg

He was a little surprised but did not panic

Because Cui couldn't have killed him.

Once he died, Cui would be in a permanent hallucination.

He would never be able to see his daughter again.

He had underestimated Lao Cui's consciousness.

Old Choi had wanted to die for a long time.

To know that his daughter was alive before he died.

It wasn't painful for him, it was a relief.

He shot and killed Zhao Jinghao.

Then he called the police and confessed to the murder.

Then he dialed Congressman Lim's phone number.

Mr. Lim had been waiting for a long time.

He hurriedly put the phone to Jae-young's ear

They both knew each other's identities.

But neither of them said anything.

Mr. Lim took the phone.

I thought it was Guru on the other end.

I didn't expect it to be Choi.

With Guru's death, his memory came back.

Choi didn't say much to him.

He hung up after leaving a message that he would see him in hell.

Congressman Lin was in a panic.

He turned around and Jo was here.

It turns out that the gunshot came from the pig.

Pig took out Senator Lin's men

Then he killed the bearded man to avenge Yongzhuo's death

Congressman Lin is completely confused

He couldn't understand what had happened

The memory of killing his daughter also appeared

He couldn't believe it was real.

He hurriedly threw the lighter to end it all

Jo pulled Jae-young out of the way

Congressman Lim's memories were becoming clearer and clearer.

He had already killed the person he loved.

Now it's his turn

Meanwhile, Jo Kyung-ho was still alive.

In the last moments of his life, he fell into memory

So it wasn't him who killed his adoptive mother

It was the adoptive mother who killed herself

Old Cui sat at home waiting for the police and did not go anywhere

Time came six months later

Zhao and Jae-young were both fine.

When Cui went to jail, he didn't dare to see Jae-young.

He could only listen to Zhao's stories about Jae-young's condition

Jo didn't believe the tape was that bad.

He wanted to see Jae-young.

To see Jae-young get married and have a child.

But he didn't have the courage.

The hallucinations were getting worse and worse.

Every night, he saw a bunch of people lying around him.

Asking him to kill his daughter.

If he doesn't see them, he can hold on by thinking about them.

If he sees her, he is afraid that he will not be able to resist

Break the current balance

So it is better to maintain the current state

He's living in prison.

Zhao is outside taking care of Jae Young

This is the end of the story of "Hometown

This drama is so mysterious

In the end, it's Jo Kyung-ho's revenge

He was abused by his own father as a child

After being sold to an orphanage

He was also abused by Congressman Lin

Then his adoptive parents saved him

Let him feel the love

But the adoptive father became the backstabber

He began to avenge his adoptive father

But the revenge process is very mysterious

Video and audio tapes

He killed his beloved and then died a tragic death.

His so-called experiment should be a test of humanity

To see if people will choose to sacrifice themselves to protect their loved ones

Anyone who kills someone and then commits suicide

are selfish people

Only Lao Cui completed the experiment

He did not choose to kill his beloved.

He did not choose to erase the painful memories

Instead, he separated himself from his loved one and never saw them again

The same choice was made by the adoptive mother

She should have killed Zhao Jinghao and then committed suicide

But in order to protect Zhao Jinghao

She chose to kill herself earlier

Lastly, I would like to add

Can insist on watching this drama are tough people

Well, that's all I have to say


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