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Plot "Heidi and Grandpa" movie commentary copy

Plot"Heidiand Grandpa" movie comment ary copy

Plot "Heidi and Grandpa" movie commentary copy

This is the little girl Artie

The first time she meets her grandfather

Grandpa is chopping wood

Artie comes up to say hello

(Hello, Grandpa)

But Grandpa responded like this

(Get out of here!)

Auntie quickly pulled Artie back

and explained briefly

She left her here

She ran away in a panic

When grandpa found out

Turned around and closed the door

No matter what Artie called from the door

He wouldn't open it

There was no way out

Both parents are dead

Her aunt didn't want her.

Grandpa was a lonely, weird old man.

Artie had to go to

The unlocked sheep pen next to her

To hug the lambs

Through the night of thunder and lightning

The next day

Grandpa went to the sheep pen to milk the sheep

Artie rushed to greet him

But Grandpa still ignored her

But after milking the goat

Grandpa took a ladle of milk

Turned around and handed it to Artie

Artie was very happy

She gulped down the goat's milk

But the next thing he said was

He was going to send her away after drinking it

Artie thought he would take her in

She wiped her mouth

She bowed her head in disappointment

The priest examined Artie briefly.

He said the child was sturdy.

He was healthy.

It should be a good baby.

But the priest would not go to the city until three days later

See if he can find a good family.

If not, he'll have to go to an orphanage.

He'll have to stay with Grandpa for the next three days.

Grandpa said reluctantly

In three days.

I'll bring her here again

On the way back

Grandpa was walking ahead

Artie chased after him

When we arrived home

Artie asked timidly

(Am I going to sleep in the sheep pen tonight?)

Grandpa told Artie

You can sleep wherever you like

After hearing this, Artie

excitedly jumped into the house

But the first floor was too simple

There was only a table and a chair

and grandpa's bed

So she ran to the second floor again

It was full of fluffy hay

Artie was so easily satisfied

She was overjoyed

She immediately rolled in the grass

Artie had no one else to turn to.

She wanted to stay and live with Grandpa.


(I don't want to go to the orphanage)

Grandpa was silent.

But he was already shaken inside.

Early morning

Artie was awakened by the goat herder, Ate.

She ran out excitedly

She took a big sip of fresh goat milk

And washed her face with the clear water of the stream

Then she picks up her bag

and went to herd the sheep with Ate.

Autumn day in the mountains

The grass is light and the trees are yellow

Artie is like an elf

With bare feet

On the slopes of the Alps

Running freely

Looking at the endless mountains

Artie was mesmerized

Art even took her to play with the groundhog

For days

They played together in the grass

Naughtily smearing their faces with fruit pulp

Like little wildlings.

But the fun was short-lived.

Today, Artie was sad to tell Art

That he could no longer play with him

Because the three-day appointment had expired.

Grandpa would send him away.

But when Artie got home

He was surprised to find

There was an extra chair in the house

Then she realized

Grandpa was not going to send her away

Artie was so happy

She hugged her grandfather

With the coming of winter

Art would no longer go to the mountains to herd sheep.

He had to go to school.

Artie was without his little friend.

She was depressed all the time.

Grandpa saw that she was having a hard time too

So he took Artie on a snowmobile

He went to Art's house along the mountain road.

At Art's house

Artie found out that

Art's grandmother had lost her eyesight

Even her teeth had fallen out.

And the bread in the mountains was very hard.

Grandma couldn't even bite it.

This made her ponder.

Suddenly she realized

Compared to Grandma Ate

She and Grandpa were happy.

And so the days went by.

The first snow melted away.

Everything started to come back.

Artie and grandpa were getting along better and better.

But suddenly, my aunt came to the door again.

She wanted to take Artie away.

She said she was sending her to study with a rich family.

In fact, she wanted to sell Artie to a rich family.

Grandpa was very angry when he heard that

He couldn't stand it anymore.

He almost did it

(Artie is my granddaughter)

(Now get out of my house!)

I didn't expect her to be too cunning

On Artie's way home

She cut her off halfway

She took her away with some coaxing and tricks

By the time grandpa realized something was wrong

Auntie had already escaped

Grandpa rushed down the mountain to catch up

And by now

Auntie took Artie with her

had already gotten on the carriage

By the time he reached the town

There was no one left

At that moment

He seemed to have aged a lot

The white hair on his head looked particularly harsh

At first he was cold and indifferent

He never took Artie seriously

Now that Artie was really gone

He realized how sad he was to leave

How will the rich family

What would that rich family do to Artie?

This little girl was so pathetic

She was sold by her own aunt

And she didn't even know she was being sold

And she just watched her count the money

Luckily, Artie met a good family.

Miss Melara liked her very much

They soon become friends.

Because of the sudden death of her mother.

She developed a heart condition

She was unable to walk.

And Artie's task is simple

Just make Melara happy.

But on her first day at work, she messed up.

It's a big house.

Melara was very kind.

To keep Artie from getting scolded.

She took the blame for her.

When she saw that the lady wanted to protect Artie.

The housekeeper gave up

This housekeeper is very old-fashioned

There are rules about how to talk over a meal.

("May I have two?)


("Please bring me two loaves of bread.)


(Please bring me two loaves of bread)

(Mamma, you)

(Two loaves of bread, please)

(Two loaves of bread for you)

(I'm sorry)

(I'm sorry)

(Thank you)

The housekeeper didn't like her very much.

She decided to send her away as soon as her master returned.

I'll send her away immediately.

When it was time for her lunch break.

Artie asked the servant to open the window for her.

Because she wanted to see

The mountain where her grandfather lived

But she was soon disappointed

Because all around her were tall attics

The mountain was nowhere to be seen

The servant told Artie

To see the big mountain

You had to climb up to the church

to the top of the church over there.

So the next day

She pushed the door open secretly

And slipped out with Melara.

Two young girls in bondage

And at last their natures were freed

Soon they arrived at the church.

Artie wanted to climb up and take a look.

But she didn't want to leave Melara alone down there.

When she was in a dilemma

Melara said

Don't worry about me.

You should go inside.

Artie climbed to the top of the tower with great enthusiasm

But no matter how much she searched

She couldn't find the mountain

The mountain that she had been dreaming about

The servants on the other side

Was anxiously looking for them

And finally brought them back

Also brought back some cute kittens

But this has completely offended the housekeeper

Because the housekeeper is allergic to cats

The appearance of cats

The appearance of the cats made her look bad in front of everyone

She was too angry to blame the lady.

She had to put all the blame on Artie.

She was punished by not being allowed to eat today.

And she had to face the wall.

The next day

Artie changed back into her own clothes.

She's used to being free.

She doesn't like to be bossed around.

She turned to go back to her grandfather.

But she was stopped by the housekeeper

She was threatened not to leave.

("Do you know how lucky you are?)

("I wish I could grow up here)

And looking at the sad Melara.

Artie had to resist the urge to go home.

She stayed for a while.

But sometimes the more repressed you are.

the more likely it is that something will go wrong

Later on

Artie even began to sleepwalk

Every night, he would unconsciously

Come to the front door

Looking at the direction of grandpa

The doctor found out about this

Because he couldn't wake up a sleepwalker

He followed Artie back to his room

The doctor asked Artie if he was homesick.

Artie didn't answer

Just buried her head in the pillow

and cried.

The doctor told the man

Artie was suffering from a serious case of homesickness

If not sent back in time

The problem would get worse and worse

But Artie wanted to go

It was hard for Melara

To Melara, who has a friend

It's another thing that is very difficult to accept

(What will I do if she leaves?)

("The only way to cure Artie is to let her go home...)

(No, I just want her to stay)


("I don't want to be alone anymore.)

("What are you doing?)

("Calm down right now.)

(You go!)

("Go find your grandfather and Ate.)

(You all go!)


Will Artie make it home or not?

This glowing white girl from a rich family

It's her first time in the mountains.

She is not used to eating without utensils

So Artie taught her step by step

Open her hands first

Hold the bowl

Then she drank it all

And when she finished, she had to stick out her tongue

Lick the bottom of the bowl clean too


Wipe your hand across like this

This wave of ancestral operation

There is an internal taste

That's right.

Artie came home.

And he brought Melara back with him.

But this caused Ate's displeasure

When Artie excitedly

When Artie excitedly introduced him to Melara.

(Melara, this is Art)

("Hi, Artie talks about you a lot.)

(Do you want to come?)



("Let's go with him.)

("How can you come with me?)

("You can't even walk)


("Come on, let's go together.)

(I won't leave Melara behind.)

(Go, go, go!)

Yes, he's jealous.

The perfect example of what it means to be single with strength

This is a good hand, but you play a bad hand

The beauty of the Alps

Can not make Aite understand

How lucky he is

Artie was laughing around Melara all day.

He was left alone to herd sheep in the mountains

At night

Two little girls

made a wish to a shooting star

The next day

When Ate passed by Artie's house

He heard the sound of their playfulness

The jealous king of the Alps has turned over again

He looked at Melara's wheelchair

He couldn't resist

and pushed it off the cliff

When the wheelchair fell to pieces

Aite suddenly realized his mistake

He rushed to escape

Without the wheelchair

Melara couldn't go anywhere.

Grandpa had to carry Melara up the mountain on his back.

Grandpa took a look.

He knew it was Ate's fault.

He was going to teach the brat a lesson.

Melara stayed alone on the rock

Looking into the distance.

She was enchanted by the beauty of the surroundings

She cleared her gloom

She smiled sweetly

At that moment a butterfly gently

Placed itself on Melara's toes

She instinctively leaned down to touch it

The butterfly waved its wings and flew away

Melara wanted to keep it

unconsciously fluttered forward

And that's when the miracle happened

She actually stood up

Seeing this scene

Artie ran over to her with excitement

Hiding in the back, Art also rushed forward

Together with Artie, they helped Melara

After finding out that she was okay

and tried to let her walk a little

One step

Two steps

Her leg actually healed

Soon after that

Melara's father, who was concerned about his daughter

also arrived here

At this moment

Melara could walk around without help.



(You can walk now.)

(Please forgive papa)


This movie is called "Artie and Grandpa

Before watching this movie

XXX thought it was a very tear-jerking family movie

But actually, after watching it

My first feeling was that it was very comfortable

It doesn't make you happy or sad

But everything comes so naturally

So it's just right



Alpine scenery

This movie really adds a lot to it

Perfect for when you are alone

Especially when it's raining

Hide under the blanket and watch it all in one sitting

So this "Artie and Grandpa

Recommended for you

That's the end of today's story

I'm XXX. See you next time.

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