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Plot "The Rise and Fall of the Real Estate Hustler" movie commentary copy

Plot"The Rise and Fall of the Real Estate Hustler" movie comment ary copy

Plot "The Rise and Fall of the Real Estate Hustler" movie commentary copy

This poor guy

Goes out with $200

Starting from moving bricks

In less than a year's time

Already over 100 million

Real estate tycoon

Driving a luxury car

Lives in a luxury house

Partying every night

Living a life

A life of luxury envied by millions

How did he do it?

After seeing his legendary story

Maybe this will get you interested in money

And the real estate industry

Have a different perception

This poor guy's name is Mikey

Learned from a young age

Once people run out of money

How miserable it can be

Father had no income because he was unemployed

Suffered the cold shoulder of others

Mother abandoned them both

Married a rich man instead

At a young age, Mikey

made up his mind

When he grew up, he wanted to be a great man

To make lots and lots of money

To make his mother regret

for choosing to leave them

At the age of 18, Mikey

He planned to go to the big city to make a living

Before leaving, his father

Gave him only 200 yuan

and a

A decent suit

And a word of advice

("Keep smiling)

(You can conquer the whole world)

Mikey's first day in the big city

He encountered a setback

He tried to rent an apartment

The rent alone was 12,000

And Mikey was so confident in himself

Said it was the one

But the agent

But with a disgusted look on his face, he asked him to show

labor contract and proof of income

Otherwise, no negotiation

No choice

Ahmad had to turn around

First, he found a job

brick-lifting job in a construction site

A hard day's work

The pay was pathetic

Even next to the construction site

38 yuan a night

Small hotel can not afford to stay

At night, Ahmad sat on

on a bench in the park

He understood that he could never become a rich man by just working as a bricklayer

Will never become a rich man

Thinking back on the past two days' experience

He had an idea in his head

A quick way to make money

The next day

Mikey changed into the body suit

The whole person instantly had a lot of energy

Then he went to an Internet cafe

He altered his ID card with PS

And forged

Labor contract and income certificate

Then he met with a beautiful agent to see the house

The beautiful woman saw that Mikey

Although he was wearing a decent suit

But the clothes he was wearing

Definitely not high quality goods

(Come with me)

This time, Mikey was looking at

Penthouse luxury apartment

The monthly rent is 3400

The agent thought Mikey would back out

But when he showed his proof of income of 20,000 a month

proof of income

his attitude immediately

A hundred and eighty degree turn

(fully qualified)

But the problem is that the income is false

Where does he get the money to pay the rent?

Mikey immediately returned to the construction site

He took out the only $200 he had left

Gathered the workers together

Saying that it costs $38 for you to stay in a small hotel

I now have a luxury apartment

It's only $15 a night

No proof of income is required

Many migrant workers were impressed

A dozen people came to the apartment with Mikey

At $200 a day

6,000 for 30 days

Not only did they pay the rent

And also net more than 2,000 yuan

That's how

Mikey started a business as a second landlord

He did the same thing

He rented ten such apartments

He made his first money in life

But at this rate

Sooner or later, the lightning will strike

Sure enough

That night

Mak received a complaint call

To the apartment building to see

Oh my God!

His tenants were going crazy

They were partying on the balcony

Throwing down mattresses.

The scene inside the apartment was even more outrageous

There were people herding sheep in there.

There were people fighting in there.

It was like a slum.

Soon after the agent with the police

came in

Mikey knew it was a big deal

He quickly ran away

And in the process of running away

Mikey met

His future partner

A man named Gary Lee


Just a lot of friends

He admired Mikey's

guts and business acumen

The two of them hit it off right away

They decided to do something big together

These two poor guys

found a

way to become billionaires

The fastest way to become a billionaire

That is to do real estate

Because this business

It's a lot of money for nothing.

Mikey and Garelli went to the

Where the court auctioned the property

The first time they came

There was too much competition.

Nothing came up for auction.

The second time they came

They made some small moves

First, they bribed the security guards

They tricked the other bidders

That way

They were the only two left

To buy the property at the starting price

far below the market price

After taking a few apartments

The final auction was for a dilapidated building

With 20 apartments inside

The total price was $350,000.

This is far more than

Two people's budget.

Garelli said we should go.

But Mikey just stood there

And then slowly raised his hand

(Are you crazy?)

("Keep smiling)

(And you can conquer the world)

Afterwards Guerrieri was very angry

Said we don't have that kind of money

And Mikey said

The money is in the bank

Only seven days to pay for the house

The two of them found Garelli

Nicole, who works at the bank

Asking her to go through the process of getting a loan approved

Nicole had a sneer on her face.

What will you use as collateral?

Mikey says

I have 20 apartments

apartments worth 300,000 euros

That's a total of 6 million euros

When she heard that much money

Nicole was impressed

That's a lot of money.

It would definitely get her a promotion and a raise

The two then approached

Gary Lee's old insurance buddy.

They stole a list of quality clients.

Sending them a mass email.

The first line was.

("What do you think you make?)

("not enough to buy a condo?)

("Well, think again.)

Once you've settled on a loan

and the target group

That's when they remembered

To look at the building they had taken pictures of.

Go inside and take a look

What a mess!

Obviously has been abandoned for a long time

They couldn't afford to hire a renovation team

And the clients are coming to see the property tomorrow

How can we sell it like this?

But Mak is

As calm as ever

He asked Garelli to ask his friend

To buy some buckets of paint

Picked an apartment and painted it like crazy

He spent the whole night painting

Finally, it looked like a new house.

By this time, the buyers were coming to see the apartment

Ahmad confidently

Showed them the

The finished house

The buyers were very satisfied

They signed the contract

and at Nicole's

took out a home loan

But none of them thought to see

What the other rooms looked like

(because they would only)

(See what they want to see)

(As long as our brains)

(Believe in something)

(And everything else will)

(Automatically whitewashed to perfection)

One of the buyers

was a grandfather

He gave all his savings to give his granddaughter

To leave a property to his granddaughter

He was hesitant when he signed

This is not a scam, is it?

Mikey hesitated for half a second after hearing this

Then he showed his trademark smile

(You can rest assured about that)

In fact

The house he's selling

is not worth $300,000 at all

The person buying the house is facing

the risk of losing their home

But Mikey's guilt

After getting the 6 million

was gone

A night of partying with Garelli

And as a result, Nicole

Nicole was promoted to head of the bank.

Mikey was his VIP client

The two of them came and went

And they saw eye to eye

Already a winner in life, Mikey

Still not satisfied

With the help of Nicole

he bought a

real estate company

Following the same pattern

The wealth flowed like water

into Mikey's account

In less than a year

Mikey was able to achieve

his dream of becoming a billionaire

Living in a mansion with Nicole

and bought himself

and his father a sports car

And then spent a lot of money

A diamond necklace

In the name of my father

He gave it to his mother, who had abandoned her family

But the mother didn't appreciate it

She even scolded Mikey

She said that she had left

It wasn't for the money at all

Mikey was furious to the core

He was making money like crazy

One of the main reasons

Was to get his mother to change her mind

But now he had failed

Mikey was in a great emptiness

He had only one idea now

And that is to make more money

Ten times more than now.

A hundred times more money

When a poor boy becomes rich overnight

How crazy will become

Drive a luxury car

Live in a luxury house

Throwing parties day and night

In order to find potential customers to buy a house

He directly bought

An insurance company

And the first thing he did

Was to have the employees sing a chorus

Whoever didn't sing would leave immediately

(Sing it up)

("Today is a good day)

("Anything you want can be done)

And behind the madness

Behind the madness is the lack of emotion

Because of the lack of family warmth since childhood

Mikey decided

To marry Nicole and have children

To put the expensive necklace that his mother didn't want

Wear it around the bride's neck

But his best friend Gary Lee

did warn Mikey

To hide the necklace

He and Nicole had known each other for a long time

He knew how much she loved money

He told Mikey to never, ever

Not to trust easily

A woman who loves money

But Mikey, who was in love

Didn't take Garrilli's words to heart

To his heart

A year after the wedding

Nothing much happened

Mikey had the happiest time of his life

The happiest time of his life

But the change came sooner than expected

On this day, Mikey and Garelli

were playing a game in the office.

The finance director came up to them in a hurry

The company was investigated by the tax office

The company owed millions of dollars in taxes

But at that moment, the money in Mikey's account

He had squandered it all

Mikey went home

Asked his wife to take out the necklace to save him

But his wife

could not get it out

Mikey was furious

Thinking that Guerrieri was right

The couple's trust collapsed

Mikey then asked Garelli to borrow money

But the other man was having a hard time

Mikey was advised to pay back the taxes

Just stop

But Mikey's eyes were firm

He said the loan was not to pay back the taxes

but to develop new properties

Continue to make the company bigger and stronger

To make a qualitative leap

Advertise on TV

Expand the real estate territory

Expand to multiple cities

And then use the money we made

And spend it all

There is no sense of saving money

Because they are very confident

They think they can make more money

This day, after spending money, Mikey

Nicole, his wife, caught him in the act

And she found out that her husband was spending money behind her back

spending his money

Nicole was furious

Took the kids and left

and filed for divorce from Mikey

Without Nicole's help

Mikey couldn't get a single loan from the bank

He tried to mortgage the property

But the deed to the property was still in

Nicole's name

Without the cash flow

Mikey's company

was in a huge crisis

But he didn't stop there.

Even more crazy

Since the bank wouldn't lend to him

So why not open a bank of his own

And then borrow money from the central bank

So Mikey brought all kinds of documents

And a few retired bank employees

He came to Malta to register a bank

Not enough qualifications

Then we used money to make it up

(Welcome to Malta)

Although it solved the urgent need

But at this rate

Sooner or later there will be problems


After a wild party.

A group of police came into the mansion with guns

Arrested Mikey.

He was arrested for bribery, money laundering.

Tax evasion, fraud

He was sent to jail

His father called and said

He'd come to see him right away

But then Mikey waited for a long time

His father didn't come

Until this day

Mother came to see him

And she brought some bad news

(Your father called me)

("He told me you were in jail.)

("He was driving.)

(He called me from the car)

When Mikey found out

He was in a bit of a trance.

He was in so much pain that he couldn't take it.

On the way back to his cell

He began to lose his heart

Not only did he lose all his money

Even his family was gone


This is his retribution

A few years later

Artie was released from prison.

His ex-wife Nicole came to pick him up.

It's not that she forgave Mikey

It was that she didn't want her daughter

to be without her father.


After his release from prison, Mikey

He lived in a small apartment

One day he received a letter out of the blue

It was left for him by Garelli

It says

A quote that means something

I hope you

To end up as a lion

Because you've always had a

A heart as strong as a lion

Mikey thought about it for a long time

Suddenly it dawned on him

Remembering the time when

Garelli gave him the

Lion's head statue

So Mikey slipped into the

the mansion that had been confiscated

and found the lion's head

and chiseled away

Sure enough, before I found it

The expensive necklace she gave to her ex-wife

Turns out the ex-wife didn't take it all.

Garelli stole the necklace

Leaving a way out for Mikey

With the necklace in hand, Mikey

Once again, his face was glowing

Suddenly he saw

The old man who had cheated him the last time

The old man

Mikey froze

But the next moment

Talking to a woman passing by

(Are you participating in)

("property auction?)


(I want to take my chances)

(I'm going to go there too)

Mikey didn't change his ways

He went back to his old ways

Continuing to be a real estate crook

The movie is called

"The Rise and Fall of a Real Estate Hustler".

It's the German version of

"The Wolf of Wall Street".

But XXX thinks

"The Wolf of Wall Street

Maybe throw up

But if you have nothing else to do

Watch it while you eat

It's still okay.


That's the end of today's story

See you next time

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