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Plot "Cell 211" movie commentary copy

Plot"Cell 211" movie comment ary copy

Plot "Cell 211" movie commentary copy

This man is a

young prison guard who is just about to take up his post

But the day before he starts work

was mistaken for a prisoner

and put in jail.

As a result, after a few days inside

He became a real

A murderer with blood on his hands

Even promoted a prison riot

As the spiritual leader of the prisoners

Negotiated with government officials in a fit of rage

(These people have no credibility)

It's hard to imagine

what he has been through

Such an extreme change

XXX is going to talk about this film today

"Cell 211".

A Spanish low-budget masterpiece

8.0 points on Petals

It swept many awards that year

The whole story is quite shocking

After watching it

You will deeply understand what this means

Politicians are ruthless and rogues are righteous

Good and evil

It's often a matter of thought

This man's name is Rian.

He was so unlucky.

As a rookie prison guard

Proactive and a day early

Came to visit the prison

Trying to familiarize himself with the process

And his colleagues told him

The prisoners in here

Either sentenced to life imprisonment

Or they are terminally ill

So they don't care about anything

Extremely dangerous

The old prison guard gave him three pieces of advice

Don't trust anyone.

Don't forget where you are

Don't let them see your fear

Just as the words were spoken

Suddenly there was a loud bang

There was debris falling from the roof

And it hit Rian's head

In an emergency

co-workers dragged him into the vacant

cell 211.

They were about to call a doctor.

But at that moment

Scar, the prison bully in the cell

Pulled out a metal bar from his mouth

unlocked the handcuffs

He took the opportunity to strangle the guard's neck

In a short time

A riot broke out in the prison

The inmates swarmed

All rushed out from their cells

The guards heard the alarm.

They left Rian behind and ran away.

Because if the prisoners caught him.

they were likely to be tortured to death.

The prison officials

Seeing that the situation was out of control

"the corridor door was sealed.

He didn't care that Rian was still lying

"was still lying in cell 211.


A prisoner found Rian.

And woke him up.

Because this face he had never seen before

And became suspicious.

He went out of the cell and reported to Scar.

Rian came to his senses instantly

He found out through the door

There was a riot in the prison.

If the identity of the guards is exposed

There would be no good consequences.

His mind raced.

The only way out now

was to pretend to be a prisoner

He hurriedly pulled out his shoelaces

Throwing it into the toilet

Then he unbuckled his belt and shoved it under the bed

And finally, he removes his wedding ring

Because none of these things would

appear on the prisoner

And at that moment

The little hat that was just there

Took Rian out of the cell

By this time, the prison

Had long been in chaos

They came to Scar.

Scar asked Rian where he came from.

Rian was a movie star.

Looked him straight in the eye

He said calmly

He's guilty of first-degree murder.

He's a murderer.

He was just brought in today.

And Scar looked at his skinny face

His first reaction was disbelief.

("Your whole fucking life)

("You've never dropped a plate before, have you?)

("What do you think you are?)

("A prison psychiatrist?)

Rian's arrogant attitude

Scar's guard is down.

But the new inmates

He's going to get a hard time.

Scar forced Rian to strip clean.

Turned around in front of everyone

Then Scar ordered

"to destroy all the surveillance equipment in the cell

All the surveillance equipment

And that meant

And that meant a complete cut-off from the outside world.

Rian had an idea.

He asked Scar to leave a monitor behind.

To facilitate negotiations with the guards.

Scar thought it was a good idea.

He also realized that the man in front of him.

He's got brains and guts.

Unlike the other reckless men in the prison.

Rian grabbed a rag.

Crawled to the surveillance position

He winked at the camera.

Tell the guards outside

He was safe for now.

And then he covers the camera.



They were fooled by him.

Thought he was a prisoner


Special Forces have surrounded the prison.

Ready to force a breakthrough.

And Scar has pulled three felons out of their cells

Pulled out three felons

To use as bargaining chips.

They are members of a Spanish

Members of an extremist group.

They had a deal with the authorities.

Their identities are very sensitive.

If they die in prison.

It would cause social unrest.

Scar faced the camera.

He told us what he wanted.

He wants to improve prison conditions.

Over the years they were often

Abused by prison guards

No human rights at all.

The prisoners who were previously in cell 211

Which prisoner

was sick

And they didn't get any medical treatment

He was too sick

Finally died in the cell

An ordinary cigarette

In the hands of a desperate prisoner

Can also become a murder weapon

He first bit out the filter cotton in the mouthpiece of the cigarette

He heats it up with a lighter

Then he squeezes out the blade.

Rubbed it repeatedly on the table.


A sharp weapon was ready.

But he didn't use it to escape from prison.

But to end his own life.

He had a tumor in his head.

But the prison's unscrupulous doctors

Diagnosed as hemorrhoids

Before he died, he carved his last words on the wall.

Old Mo died of a headache.

This happened in

A tragedy in a Spanish prison.

The inmates were vicious.

But the guards were no good either.

The prisoners were abused for years.

Do not treat them as human beings

Until this day.

The prison bully Scar organized a riot

Taking hostages to negotiate with the prison

In the midst of this

There was a special prisoner

He was a new prison guard, Rian.

When the riot broke out, he couldn't escape.

In the heat of the moment, he posed as a murderer

With his guts.

A quick mind

He quickly gained the trust of

The trust of the prison bully Scar

But this makes Scar's former confidant

Bald Head was very jealous

He asked his accomplice Big Back

to secretly investigate Rian's background

Big Back went back to his cell

Pulled out a cell phone from the can

And on the other side

was a prison staff

It turns out that the big back is a prison guard

He was a spy placed in the cell

So he knew

Rian's true identity

On the other hand

The prison staff came down to negotiate

Rian took the opportunity to search his body

to deliver important information

The hostage was in the laundry room


He handed over the paper with the prisoner's request

to the staff

Before they left.

Scar remembered that Rian had a wife

wife who was six months pregnant

So he raised the stakes

He asked Rian to leave with him

To meet with his wife.

This Scar is a good man.

For Rian.

It was a good chance to get out.

But as luck would have it.

There was a sudden commotion in the cell.

Scar rushed to take the men hostage.

Let Rian check the situation.

It turns out there's been a confrontation between two prisoners.

One of them was killed.

The guards couldn't see the situation through the surveillance.

Thought the dead one was a hostage.

So he ordered the special forces

to break through.

At the critical moment, Rian was quick to react.

He ran to the room where the hostages were being held.

Bringing them under surveillance.

He sent a signal to the guards.

The hostages are still alive.

The Special Forces aborted the operation.

The conflict was successfully defused by Rian.

The prisoners cheered.

Rian was treated like a hero.

But he wasn't overwhelmed.

He walked over and raised Scar's hand

to show that the other man was the boss.

This action

It is a high level of intelligence

However, Scar still

Feeling threatened

Holding Rian's head, he made a harsh statement

("You did a good job this time)

("But if you ever get ahead of yourself again)

("I'll cut you in half)

The unrest had subsided.

But the news of the death in prison

was soon reported on the news.

A large number of prisoners' families

were blocking the prison doors.

Rian's wife couldn't reach him.

Among the families were also present

Anxiously asking about Rian.

At this time, the head prison officer was in his office

relaxing with a glass of wine.

A stone came crashing in.

He was always abusing prisoners.

Naturally, he couldn't take it.

Directly led the bomb police

They came out and violently suppressed the family

The inmates saw the scene on the broadcast

saw this scene

They were all outraged

The situation intensified

Both sides fought.

Rian's wife was pregnant.

Standing hard in the crowd

A heartbreaking scene

Rian saw it.

He angrily grabbed the walkie-talkie

He demanded that the prison officials

to rescue his wife.

But to his surprise

They simply cut off the signal

so that they could not see anything

And at that very moment

The head prison guard swung his baton

Turned and struck Rian's wife

to the ground...

His wife, who was six months pregnant.

was seriously injured and sent to the hospital

But Rian in prison didn't even know it.

He was on the walkie-talkie

Asking the prison authorities about his wife's condition

asking for a conversation

But the response was

Your wife is out of danger but needs to rest.

Rian had a bad feeling.

He asked Scar to let him out.

And this was Scar's reply

("You're not the only one)

("There's family out there.)

Scar felt bad about it.

He talked to Rian in private.

He said that when it was over.

He'll take the blame for everything.

Let Rian say he was coerced.

He didn't have to take any responsibility.

Rian was inexplicably moved by this.

The officials on the outside

Just use him as a pawn

But the prisoners in the prison

really saw him as a brother

At this point

Baldy hands Scar

A list of injured prisoners' families

There were only four names on it.

Scar was angry when he read it.

Obviously, the prison was fooling them.

The real number is definitely much higher than that

To vent his anger.

Scar decided to kill one of the hostages.

And Rian didn't want anyone to get killed.

He said the Special Forces would come in.

Why not cut off one of the hostages' ears?

To make a statement

The bald man has always had a problem with Rian.

He handed the dagger to Rian.

Excitedly, he asked him to do it himself.

The situation is forced

Rian had no choice but to do as he was told


Rian washed the blood off his hands

He had a lot of mixed feelings.

He had never done anything bad.

But now he had to do something bad.

Suddenly the little hat rushed in.

He took Rian into a cell.

Scar and the others were standing there with serious faces.

Rian panics.

Thinking that his identity as a prison guard had been exposed

But what was waiting for him

But what was waiting for him was a more cruel news

The big back pulled out his cell phone

It was the image of his wife being beaten by the head guard

The image of his wife being beaten by the head guard

Rian was overcome with grief and anger.

Every blow on the video

hit him hard in the heart

The fire of revenge

Burned wildly in his heart

(I want to see him!)


The head of the prison guards appeared inside the prison

Scar used a dagger to coerce him downstairs

And brought him to Rian.

Rian slammed his cell phone

Smashed it in his face

Asking him why he was beating a pregnant woman

And left her behind

Rian grabbed the walkie-talkie

Asked the prison officer to let his wife speak.

Now it's come to this.

The prison guard couldn't hide it anymore.

He told Rian about his wife.

And the baby in his belly.

They hadn't been saved.

Rian was devastated.

All he wanted to do was work.

To give his wife a better life.

But now there was nothing left.

Scar hugged Rian.

He tries to comfort him.

The other prisoners turn their attention to the guards.

They gathered around him in a fury.

They pummeled him.

To take it out on Rian.

Who knew that the guard was trying to stay alive

To survive, the guard revealed Rian's true identity

He told them who he was.

("That man is a guard.)

(Damn it)

("Look me in the eye)

("He's not a prisoner.)

("He lied to you.)

("He lied to you.)

(Lied to everyone)

(He's a prison guard!)

At this moment

Rian completely lost his mind.

Pulled out the sharp object in his hand

and killed him with his own hands.

By mistake

He really became a murderer.

Desperate, Rian tried to kill himself.

But the belt wasn't strong enough.

It didn't work.

He looked at the prisoners before cell 211.

The suicide notes left on the wall.

These silent accusations

And the death of his wife.

Rian saw the face of the government.

He didn't just want revenge.

He had to fight for the prisoners.

He dragged the body of a prison guard to the first floor.

He declared war on the prison system.

Either publicly abolish the monitoring system.

Or he'll come and collect the bodies of the three hostages.

Let them say on TV

Will abolish the system

The pressure was on.

The negotiators agreed on the surface

But behind the scenes, they made small moves

Soon after.

Scar received a call from the intercom

He came to the prison roundabout.

The file on the floor.

It was Rian's prison guard information.

But Scar doesn't believe it.

When Baldy and Big Back found out about it.

They advised Scar to kill Rian.

But Scar said.

"Even if he dies.

He would never betray his brothers.

Scar finds Rian in his cell.

They talk like best friends.

He hands the dagger to Rian.

He said he would fight to the end.

They walked out.

They found out that the government had really made a public commitment

To abolish the prison inspection system.

And just as everyone was cheering.

The situation took a sharp turn for the worse

The informant, the big backstabber, suddenly rebelled

Armed with weapons

In front of the cell where the hostages were being held

Inside and outside with the police

Immediately afterwards

Several smoke bombs were thrown through the window

The Special Forces started a strong attack

Scar and Rian just reacted

Kill the hostages

The big back shot an arrow

He pinned Rian directly to the ground

Scar's tear-stained eyes

Trying to save Rian

He himself was hit by an arrow

But he didn't give up the fight

Keeping his promise

Even to death

He would fight to the end

(It's now or never!)

In the end

The prison riot ended in failure.

The dead Rian was put into a body bag

The severely wounded Scar was taken to the hospital

While cleaning up the scene

Rian's colleagues came to cell 211

They saw Rian's wedding ring.

and the last words on the wall.

This is the end of the movie

The end of the story

Representing the evil prisoners

Showing the glory of humanity

And the so-called righteous law enforcement officers

Instead, they treat human lives as straws

Good man Rian

Was forced to become a villain

And eventually died in silence

The prisoners and these law enforcement officers

Who are the ultimate thugs?

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