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Science fiction "Upgrade" movie commentary copy

Sci-fi"Upgrade" movie comment ary copy

Science fiction "Upgrade" movie commentary copy

This little thing looks like a cockroach

But it's actually a chip

When implanted in the human spine

Can achieve brain-computer interconnection

No need for any operation

Controlled directly by nerves

The paralyzed person can not only get back on his or her feet

They can also upgrade their body functions.

This is the world of the future

Cutting-edge smart technology

Does it sound like it?

"Musk, the science nerd, announced last year

Brain-computer interface technology is very similar

However, this seemingly beneficial technology

But there is a huge controversy

If brain-machine connectivity becomes a reality

Will humans become more powerful

or completely reduced to

A slave to artificial intelligence

Today XXX is going to talk about this highly rated science fiction film

It shows us

A potential

And at the same time extremely dangerous possibilities

The story takes place in the not-so-distant future

AI technology has penetrated into

Every aspect of life

Self-driving cars

Smart homes with full touch screens

Even drones with identification systems

They monitor every hidden corner of the city

But not everyone

Will embrace the convenience of high technology

This car mechanic named Leo

is one of them

He prefers the smell of motor oil to self-driving electric cars.

He prefers the smell of motor oil

and the roar of the engine

This day

Leo is returning a newly restored conventional sports car

To return to its owner

To make the return trip easier

He asked his girlfriend

to go with him in his smart car.

His girlfriend, Lisa, works for an

artificial intelligence company

She recognized right away

The owner of the car, who was playing with artificial clouds

Is a big brother of the world's largest technology company

who incidentally showed the two of them

The latest product he had developed

Super Brain

("Can it make babies and play soccer?)

("It can do everything for the good of society.)

Leo has never been a big fan of this kind of

He's never been a big fan of high tech.

He always felt that

Sooner or later, the human race

Would be destroyed by artificial intelligence

Then on the way back

Immediately, Leo's fears were confirmed.

The smart car suddenly lost control

It was going faster and faster.

The brakes failed.

It crashed straight into an obstacle.

But the body is still strong

Two people's lives are not in danger

But not long after

The car door was opened

Several masked men

Dragged the two out

They neither robbed the money nor robbed the sex

But in front of Leo.

They shot Lisa dead.

Leo tried to resist.

But he was hit by a pulse gun.

He lost the ability to move.

He watched his girlfriend

die in front of him.

When he woke up in the hospital.

Except for the movement of his head.

All four limbs were paralyzed

He could not leave the wheelchair for the rest of his life

Eating and drinking all rely on mechanical arms

But what was even more unacceptable to Leo

The murderer is still at large.

The police investigation was going nowhere.

Just as he was losing his mind

The former tech guru

suddenly appeared in the hospital room

He offered to implant a super brain in Leo's body

to help him get back on his feet.


("Explaining the connection between the brain and the...)

("The pathway to the limbs has been cut.)

(Superbrain can fill the gap)

To avenge his girlfriend's death

Leo agreed to become a test subject.

The whole operation went smoothly.

He managed to get up from his wheelchair.

Not only can he walk

He can also run faster than before

Since the surgery is currently illegal.

Leo had to sign a confidentiality agreement

In front of outsiders

He still had to pretend to be paralyzed.

And when he regained the ability to move.

Immediately began to investigate the murderer

Just when he was at a loss.

The superbrain inside his body

spoke up.

("I'm talking to your ear drum)

(Conducting sound waves to sound)

("Can you recognize my thoughts?)

(No, I can't.)

(I can only recognize the words that come out of your mouth)

The superbrain then also offered to

Help Leo find the killer.

By zooming in on the security footage from that night.

Super Brain found that

The killer used a weapon implanted in his arm

Killed his girlfriend.

And one of the accomplices

Had tattoos painted on his wrists.

With Leo's authorization.

The superbrain controlled his arm.

Like a photocopier.

A perfect reproduction of the pattern

And used it as a clue

Traced his identity and address.

Leo then infiltrated the man's home.

In his messages.

"Old Bones", a bar.

was mentioned repeatedly.

But that's when

The man suddenly came home.

He had nowhere to run to

Had to hide behind the curtain

Biding his time in silence

(Now is the time)

(While the situation is in your favor)

The man is being choked.

He's about to die of suffocation.

But in the next moment

(Permission granted)

("Thank you)

He handed over the control of his body

To the advanced artificial intelligence inside him.

Leo, taken over by the superbrain.

He was a master fighter.


Leo didn't want to hurt anyone.

But his body was out of control.

It didn't take long.

His opponent was killed by the emotionless superbrain

He was killed.

Super Brain was kind enough to remind Leo

to clean up any evidence of his presence here.

The next day

According to the clues he found

He found a bar called "Old Bones"

He provokes him like crazy.

He was soon dragged into the bar bathroom by a black man

Dragged into the bar bathroom

In order to get him to let his guard down.

The superbrain turned off

Leo's pain nerve system.

No matter how hard he stabbed him with the knife.

He didn't respond.

Blackie got carried away.

He freely admitted that he was

one of the murderer's accomplices.

After hearing this, Leo

immediately activated the super brain

(It's your turn)

Under the control of the superbrain

Leo was invincible.

He quickly knocked everyone to the ground

Then with brutal methods

forced Blackie to confess the truth

It turns out that the accident

Was actually a carefully planned murder

The murderer who killed his girlfriend

Was a man named Fisk

Leo still wanted to continue to ask questions

But Blackie was already dead

At that moment

Super Brain sensed that

The big tech guy was trying to shut it down remotely

To stop Leo from abusing it.

Hyperbrain said that to get rid of Big Brother's control

You have to write a Trojan horse

to destroy the operating system.

He's on the dark web

Found the closest hacker

Only ten minutes away

There was no time to lose.

Leo rushed out.

But at this point, the superbrain

Only 70% of its function was left

And is still decreasing

Leo was at risk of

The risk of becoming paralyzed again

He stumbled

Into an old building

He managed to climb to the fifth floor

His legs were no longer working.

Only his arms are barely functional

Leo used his last ounce of strength

Frantically rapping on the door

(I have money)

The hacker pushed out the door

Takes the money.

Dragged him into the room.

Then he connects to the superbrain.

Start writing the program

But hacking the system

It takes some time

And then...

Danger was approaching...

This man is not normal.

Just a sneeze

Can kill a man.


The sneeze he makes

He sneezes with a lot of miniature mechanical scythes

directly into the nostrils of the opponent

And then...

The old man's brain cells were shattered.

Immediately fell to the ground and died


The murderer named Fisk

Is also a reformer

He had embedded in his body

A lot of high-tech equipment

The iron needle of his finger

Into the eyes of the victim.

And he can see his

Remaining images of his life.

(Apartment 514)

("7th Avenue Spring Road)

(10 minutes away)

In this way.

Fisk tracked down Leo's location.

He found Leo, who had cracked the system.

Leo's in the process of rebooting.

("Super Brain)

("Glad to be back, Leo.)

Leo's speed is amazing.

He made it all the way to the rooftop.

I didn't expect it to be a dead end.

But Super Brain didn't panic at all.

He immediately manipulated Leo to fight back.

Yes, that's right.

After escaping from prison.

It can control the host's body

To take direct control of the host's body.

By the time Fisk arrived.

His men were already dead.

Leo is nowhere to be found.

Leo escaped and went home.

He confessed everything to his mother.

That's when the police came to the door.

They said that Leo had been found near the scene of several recent murders.

Leo was found near the scene.

Leo was guided by his super brain.

He used his own paralyzed phlegm as a defense.

The police were unable to refute him.

She had no choice but to leave.

But before she left, she put a bug in the room.

Put a bug

Soon she overheard the conversation between Leo and Super Brain


(You can only do what I tell you to do)

Leo learns that the Overmind

"was able to manipulate his body without authorization.

He felt a great fear.

He tried to abort the operation.

But at this point, his body

was no longer in his hands.

("Now that he's started)

("it had to end)

Superbrain manipulated Leo's body.

He drove his car to kill Fisk.

The police took the opportunity to follow him.

But soon, Super Brain

soon detected the traces

Just then

Super Brain saw a smart car

There was a smart car

So it hacked into the system

Control the car backwards at high speed

towards the direction of the police

(Go Leo)

After losing the cops

Super Brain found Fisk in a factory office.

Fisk was found.

Under Leo's interrogation

Fisk reveals a shocking truth.

That night

Leo was the real target.

In order to make him a quadriplegic.

And as for killing his girlfriend.

It was just an accident.

Leo was furious when he heard that.

He fought with Fisk.

Although he had the help of his superbrain.

But the intelligence in Fisk's body

Has gone through many iterations.

Can predict the actions of the super brain

And that's when

Leo had an idea.

He came up with the idea of a mind attack.

("Your name is Fisk Brantler.)

(So, is Thicke Brantler your brother?)

Leo kept talking.

How he killed Fisk's brother.

Trying to provoke him.

And sure enough.

Fisk was affected.

His reaction was a second too slow.

Super Brain took the opportunity to grab him

And slammed him to the ground.

Fisk was killed in one move.

After killing his enemy.

Leo thought that was the end of the matter


He heard a command

He heard a command from the tech boss.

(Listen to me Fisk)

(He will find you)

("Before he kills us both.)

(To finish the job.)

Leo never expected

The big guy who kindly helped him implant his superbrain

was the one behind it.

Did he make Leo paralyzed

To make Leo

become a test subject for his brain?

Leo went to the big man's underground villa

He confronted him face to face

Then the police suddenly appeared.

With a gun, Leo was forced to comply.

Leo pretended to obey

Then a rebound knocked the police away

Under the control of the super brain

The police officers were hit hard

Leo didn't want to get killed again.

With the last of his sanity.

He told the police to tase himself.

Short-circuiting the superbrain temporarily

Big Brother saw this

Quickly take advantage of the opportunity of the super brain offline

Tell the final truth ...

It turns out that

He was just a puppet

After Super Brain was created

He quickly took control of the company

He planned all this.

The purpose was to use Leo's body

To become a real human being.

Leo was still in shock.

He was soon controlled by his waking superbrain

He pointed his gun at the police officer across the street.

Leo tried to resist

But failed

(Leo is no longer here)

("He's gone to a good place)

(In his spirit world)

(As he wanted to be)

(I'm in charge of this skin now)

End of story.

He shot the cop.

And at that moment, Leo

Lying in a hospital bed

His girlfriend is also beside him

But it was all a lie

His consciousness

Is imprisoned in a hyperbrain

In an illusion created by his mind

And his body

had been completely

taken over by the superbrain

The name of the movie is "Upgrade".

At first glance

looks like a revenge movie in the guise of science fiction

But after watching it

One cannot help but feel the double-edged sword of artificial intelligence


Do we really have the ability to control

Something a hundred times smarter than us

Is it a ladder for human upgrade?

Or is it a Pandora's Box that has been opened

What do you think?


That's the end of the story for today.

I'm XXX. See you next time.

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