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Science fiction film "Kennel" commentary copy

Science fictionfilm "Kennel" comment ary text

Science fiction film "Kennel" commentary copy

A boy is hit by a meteorite and accidentally gains superpowers.

From then on, he can S people from space.

He is able to put the other person on the ground even in front of the screen.

After his mother was harmed by online violence

He was so angry that he opened a live broadcast online to kill S keyboard warriors.

Scared people are afraid to look at the phone.

This issue of the Japanese fantasy film "Kennel" for you!

Inuyasha is almost 60 years old.

Not only is he not respected by his children at home, but he has to squeeze the train with young people every day.

He is in a hurry to get to work.

At his age, he should be doing well in the workplace.

But he is still being scolded by his boss, who is one year younger than him.

His daughter also dislikes him for his cowardice and weakness.

When he saw the hooligans, he didn't even have the courage to call the police.

When he returned home, his wife accused him of incompetence in front of his children because of the small amount of money he earned.

That day Inuyasha came to the hospital and was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

He had no more than three months to live.

It seemed that his life was over.

Inuyasha returned home, lost in thought.

He called his wife and children one by one.

But no one answered.

Perhaps they were tired of hearing from their father.

At dinner, Ino tried to mention the cancer again.

But when his daughter disliked his age.

He didn't even have a chance to talk about it.

He had no chance to talk to his family.

Inuyasha went to the park alone at night.

Here he meets Murakami, a young man with a troubled face.

Suddenly the sky lit up with a white light.

Then a meteorite hits them both.

Inuyasha wakes up again and finds himself unharmed.

He stumbles home.

He stumbles home, unconcerned by the fact that his father and family have not returned all night.

Soon Ino's body became abnormal.

He needed to drink a lot of water every day.

He couldn't taste any of the normal miso soup.

An even more amazing sight was that his arms became machines.

Can also be able to launch the body of food.

The old uncle has a machine body.

On the other hand, Murakami's body has also changed.

He can use his fingers as a gun to shoot down birds in the air.

He is a real "pistol".

He can also manipulate cars at will.

He was able to change the balance of his cell phone bank card to 1 million.

With a "pistol" Murakami soon becomes the protector of his bullied classmates.

Faced with his father, who had abandoned him and his mother, Murakami almost took his life.

Apparently both of them have become RoboCop.

They had to drink water to replenish their energy.

Inuyasha's other skill is the ability to heal a dying animal.

Look at this half-S pigeon come to life in the next moment.

A child in a hospital accident woke up when he touched it.

He is challenging medical miracles.

That day, Ino suddenly found Murakami, who was seeking revenge.

This is their second meeting.

It was obvious that they were at odds with each other, one trying to save the other.

Murakami thinks he's a god.

But soon the police came to Murakami.

How could you catch him?

Murakami turned around and ran away and got rid of three policemen in the process.

As a dangerous criminal.

His face and identity were soon announced by the government and the media.

His mother couldn't bear the pressure of the media alone.

She apologized in front of the TV.

The Internet was flooded with vitriol.

The mother ended up dying of grief.

After Murakami learned of his mother's death on television, he

He is even more mad with revenge.

He first found out who leaked the information about his mother.

Then he hit him through the screen.

More and more people are insulting Murakami's mother.

More and more people are being knocked off the screen by Murakami in public for insulting his mother.

A phone call could kill you.

No one dared to look at their phones anymore.

Soon the government sent a mobile unit to arrest Murakami.

However, Murakami's girlfriend was inadvertently harmed.

The girl is the only thing that keeps him going today.

Murakami hates the world.

But people on the Internet keep calling Murakami names.

Come out and show me more people.

Murakami went on the TV news.

On the big screen in the square, he introduced himself and clarified the facts.

Then he declared war on Shinjuku, a city of 120 million people.

The next moment he opened fire.

The next moment, he was shooting, and the people who were watching were getting their lunch.

The host who was covering him fell to the ground after receiving the call.

Society is in total chaos.

But robots have weaknesses. They are afraid of salt water.

Inuyasha believes that his weakness must also be Murakami's weakness.

The two of them are in a one-on-one three-dimensional fight on land, sea and air.

Tired of fighting, both have water with them as a source of energy.

So Ino tricked the other into drinking a special salt water, and then

Murakami is killed and the city is reduced to rubble.

In the end, the old man defeats the young man.

Inuyasha saves his dying daughter.

He is no longer the incompetent, cowardly father his daughter thought he was.

The father is not cowardly or weak in the face of the mob.

He was willing to risk his life because he had his family behind him that he wanted to protect.

Never test a father's determination to love his daughter.

Because you may pay the price of life.

But don't miss the opportunity for your family to talk to you.

An old father who is willing to talk is already summoning all his courage.

Don't let him off the hook again.

He really doesn't want to burden his children.

That's it for this issue.

This is the end of this issue, to honor and understand every great father. (End)

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