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Animation movie "Journey to the West" commentary text Commentary

Animatedmovie "Journey to the West" comment ary text commentary

Animation movie "Journey to the West" commentary text Commentary

A movie, a life

Hello everyone, today I bring you a Chinese animation

Journey to the West: The Return of the Great Sage

500 years ago, Sun Wukong was displeased with the Jade Emperor and caused a big trouble in the Heavenly Palace

He beat up the heavenly soldiers and generals in the Heavenly Palace

So Buddha sealed him under the Five Elements Mountain

In a flash, five hundred years have passed

In the picture, a father is telling his child the story of the Monkey King

But suddenly, a mountain demon attacked, and the father tried his best to resist

But how can a mere mortal body defeat a powerful mountain demon?

In desperation, the mother jumped off the cliff with the baby in her arms

The baby drifted down with the river and was saved by an old monk who took him in.

The old monk named the baby Little Liu'er and taught him to meditate and chant sutras from then on

To look at all things in the world with a light heart

After growing up, Little Liu'er worshipped Sun Wukong and regarded him as a hero

He felt that chanting sutras every day could not save the current chaotic world

So he only wanted to learn his skills and go fight the mountain demon

One day, the mountain demon attacked the village

Little Liu Er bravely saved a baby girl from the mountain demons

As a result, he was chased by a large group of mountain demons

In the panic, Little Liu'er and his master got separated

And he went into a dark cave by mistake

Inside the cave there was a huge ice cube chained with iron

Little Liuer touched the ice out of curiosity

Unexpectedly, the blood on his hand accidentally lifted the seal on the ice

The ice then broke and a monkey emerged

This is the legendary Sun Wukong

The Monkey King easily defeated the mountain demon that came after him

After 500 years of being suppressed, he could finally come out and stretch his muscles.

He was so happy that he wanted to turn a somersault cloud

But the chain on his hand sealed the magic power and fell down heavily

Little Liu child learned that he is his idol Qi Tian Da Sheng

He followed him closely and could not get rid of him

Chattering and asking him a lot of questions

Noisy voice made Sun Wukong almost go crazy

But he could not get rid of him

Can only reluctantly answer all his questions

But then, a huge stone monster suddenly appeared and blocked the way

It turns out that it is the mountain god of the Five Elements Mountain

By the Buddha's order, he was here to guard the Monkey King

Sealed power of the Monkey King is no match for this big guy!

At this time Little Liu'er bravely climbed on the stone monster to tear off the spell

The stone monster instantly turned into stone pieces

Little Liu'er also fell off the cliff with the broken stones

Luckily, the Monkey King saved him

After this battle, Sun Wukong became closer to Little Liu'er

In the evening, the two of them grilled fish at the river, but met a pig

The pig was the one who was beaten down by the Great Sage when he made a big mess in the Heavenly Palace

He has always held a grudge against Sun Wukong because of this incident

He wanted to seek revenge on him but could not fight

So he had to follow Sun Wukong's lead

When passing by the cliff, Little Liuer accidentally woke up the white dragon in the water

The White Dragon opened its mouth and tried to eat him

At the moment of crisis, Sun Wukong stood out

And then angry reprimand little Liu'er put himself in danger

At this point the Monkey King is more like a father scolding his children

Then there was a long journey

On the way three or five people traveled in a group is not lonely

In the evening, they arrived at an inn

Little Liu'er, who was very hungry, happily darted over

Little did he know that danger was coming

The demon king had already laid a net here

The old pig who got up in the middle of the night to look for food

Inadvertently learned that the shopkeeper was a mountain demon

Wanted to get away to inform the news but was found by the mountain demon

Fortunately, the Monkey King appeared in time to knock out the mountain demon

Then a large number of demons attacked, the Monkey King could not get away

The old pig took the children to escape

Finally the Monkey King with their own power to get rid of these monsters

But then, the demon king suddenly appeared to capture the girl

Little Liu'er asked Sun Wukong to save her

But at this time, the Monkey King's magic power is sealed, is not a rival of the demon king!

Little Liu'er had no choice but to go to the demon king alone

After Little Liu'er left, Sun Wukong was depressed, he hated his own powerlessness

After some thought struggle, finally decided to rescue people

Here Little Liu'er followed the mountain demon to the lair of the Witch Demon King

When he was about to be in danger, the master appeared in time to fight off the mountain demon

And accidentally fell into the cave of the demon king, and also stirred up the place to the bottom

The demon king was furious and wanted to strangle the little runner to force the Monkey King to show himself

At this moment, a white dragon in the mountain stream flew out

Knocked down the king of the demon and went straight into the clouds

White dragon just out to play handsome?

The task of saving people or rely on the Monkey King

Finally along with a cloud of smoke Sun Wukong showed up

The old pig could not resist the first to come out to fight

He instantly became huge towards the demon king a rake down

The result is handsome but three seconds was hit by the original shape

Then is the Monkey King and the demon king of the duel

The fight scene is thrilling

No magic power of the Monkey King with the hard work of the demon king to the end

Finally the demon king down the cliff

Just when the crowd was happy with the victory

Suddenly the ground shook and the danger came again

The demon king transformed into a giant worm

The crowd was scared and fled everywhere

The original form of the demon king's combat power escalated

Sun Wukong was defeated without a fight

Little Liu'er appeared in time to distract the Demon King's attention

Demon King chased after Little Liu'er

Sun Wukong took the opportunity to get out by breaking the stone

Run towards Xiaoliu'er with all his might

But still did not have time to stop the demon king

Looking at the little Liu'er buried in the rubble

Anger made him break the seal of magic power

Sun Wukong completely transformed into a powerful Qi Tian Da Sheng

In the end, Sun Wukong used the Golden Band to kill the Demon King

To return the world to a peaceful world

What about Little Liuer? Did he really die under the pile of rocks?

Of course not

Because his mission has not been completed yet

He still has to go to the West to obtain the true scriptures, and then to universalize all beings

In the movie, Little Liuer was an orphan since childhood, although he was taken in by his master

But he grew up without a father's love, and without a mother's company

This makes him meet Sun Wukong, as if he found a long lost father's love

This reminds us that parents should give their children enough companionship

And spiritual care

Don't let your child become a physical left-behind child

And don't let children become left-behind children in the mind

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