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Action "The Devil's Double" movie commentary copy

Action "The Devil's Double" Movie Commentary Copy

Action "The Devil's Double" movie commentary copy

This is the most brutal man I've ever seen.

He attended someone else's wedding.

Takes a fancy to the beautiful bride

Dragged it into the room.

Then abuses them in every way possible.

The bride was humiliated.

No shame to face her husband directly jumped to her death.

What's even sadder.

The groom faced the tragic death of his lover

Even though his heart is full of sorrow and anger.

But also can only be helpless.

Because this person, he simply can not afford to mess with

To see any woman he wants on the street.

Even underage students

Is also directly grabbed the car to take home.

Even if the police are around.

Can only be considered not seen.

Because in this country

As long as he is happy

can do whatever he wants.

If someone makes him unhappy

He will use the knife to kill

You think this is just a movie plot?

It's not just real.

And the reality is even worse than the movie.

It's definitely going to be more than you can imagine

So who is this man?

He is the infamous Iraqi Crown Prince Junior U

The son of the most powerful president in the history of Iraq, S. Lao

After Xiao Wu was successfully assassinated by S

The Iraqi people celebrated with joy.

According to the memories of those who survived the assassination.

At least a few thousand people were abused to the point of S

He welcomed them with open arms.

The girls he slept with had to be different every day

Life was even more extravagant

With hundreds of attendants

He is in charge of his food, clothing, housing and transportation

In this country

Not only does he fear his father, Lao Sa

He was most afraid of being assassinated

Because there were too many people who wanted to S him

So he wanted to follow the example of his father, Lao Sa.

Find a double for himself

Let the double show up in public

He manipulated everything in the dark

Xiao Hai was Xiao Wu's classmate

Both of them have very similar physical appearance

This led him to become Xiao Wu's first choice for a double

Although becoming a double can enjoy all the glory and wealth

But at the same time, it means that he must lose his identity and

the risk of suffering from secret S

Xiao Hai definitely refused to do so

But Xiao Wu was obviously not discussing with him

He tortured Xiao Hai in various ways

Finally, he used Xiao Hai's family as a threat

Xiao Hai had to agree

Soon the plastic surgeon performed a full body makeover on him

Even details such as teeth

To do exactly the same

After that, he had to imitate Xiao Wu's habits

and behavior

And so a perfect double was created.

Even the real father, Lao Sa, was unable to distinguish the real from the fake

After becoming the double

After becoming the double, Xiao Hai really saw the brutality of Xiao Wu

He actually took pleasure in torturing athletes

This is the most miserable national athlete I've ever seen

No one

If they don't play soccer well, their legs will be broken.

If they didn't win the Olympic trophy in weightlifting

They will be electrocuted alive

Xiaohai watched these inhumane video images

It was unbearable to watch

Angry turned off the surveillance

He then realized that

The so-called rulers who called for the liberation of Iraq

How brutal they are

But in front of the people, they always answer the call.

And all the attention.

Because his father, Saad, was the savior of Iraq.

Blind fanaticism is in the blood of this country.

Yet no one cares about what is truly right.

Xiao Hai sees more and more

The dark side of the country

It's not uncommon for young men to rob girls in the street.

The horrible thing is that after playing with these girls

They will be dumped directly into the wilderness

And the lawless Oogway

The only person he was afraid of was his father, Lao Sa.

This day, because of a small conflict at the party

He lost control of his emotions

He killed one of his father's generals in public.

He knew he was in trouble.

He immediately pretended to be seriously ill

But Sa was not so easily fooled.

He rushed straight to the hospital to remove his son's catheter

A dozen slaps in a row made Xiao Wu foam at the mouth

Then he directly took a knife

Ready to castrate the son who does not compete

But after all, he is his own son

Finally when the knife to fall or weak heart

However, the small Wu escaped a disaster still did not restrain

Continue to live a life of desolation and dissipation

But the people of this country

The people of this country are still suffering from war and strife

He sent his double Xiaohai to the front to boost the morale of the army

but he himself lies in bed

Watching his own live broadcast on the news

Xiao Hai was assassinated on his way back

In the chaos of the gun battle

Xiao Hai's little thumb was lost

His body was mutilated.

This means that he is no longer perfect as a double for Xiao Wu.

Xiao Hai understood that he was now of no value to Xiao Wu.

no value

He must find a way to escape Xiao Wu as soon as possible

Otherwise, the only thing that awaited him was death

He secretly contacted one of Xiao Wu's prostitutes

This prostitute also hated Xiao Wu

They decided

and fight to escape from the devil's clutches

This man

Dared to openly shoot and kill

The son of the Iraqi president, Sara

But with the protection of the crowd

Xiao Hai was soon cornered

When there was no way to retreat

The prostitute opened the elevator door to meet him

The two of them went to the underground parking lot

But Xiao Hai did not kill the bouncer in the parking lot

The assassin just took the weapon

And drove away.

The escape.

Means that the whole of Iraq will be hunted

Because as Xiao Wu's double.

He knows too many secrets that he shouldn't know.

Xiao Hai and the others had just checked into a small hotel.

Thinking they were safe for the moment.

But then he got a call from Xiao Wu.

He was told to go back

Xiao Hai knew his whereabouts had been exposed

The woman on the side helplessly admitted that he did it

Because at that moment his daughter was also kidnapped by Xiao Wu

The woman was also forced to do so

Before she could finish her sentence

A bullet passed through Xiao Hai's head

Wu's assassin had already followed her

Fortunately, the police patrol did not know to drive away

But soon Xiao Hai received a call again

Wu had kidnapped Xiao Hai's father.

Threatened him, but his father knew

But Xiao Hai knew

Even if he went home

They would both be killed

The brutal Wu wouldn't keep his promise at all

He told his son

Don't worry about him

The tragic death of his father

Made Xiao Hai understand

There is nowhere to run in this country

The only way to survive is to fight back and kill Xiao Wu.

He finds the husband of his bride, who was insulted by Xiao Wu.

He concocts a daring plan to assassinate her.

Because he had been acting as a double for Xiao Wu

Xiao Hai knew his area very well.

On this day

Xiao Wu was picking out young girls on the street to take home as usual

He didn't realize the danger that was coming.

The bride's husband slowly approached with his van

Stopped Xiao Wu's car

Then he suddenly pulled out 100k

Unexpectedly, the bodyguard in the shadows took the lead and shot him dead

But who would have thought that Xiao Hai was the real killer

The front is all eye-catching.

In the confusion came in front of Xiao Wu's car.

Was about to be shot down

Did not expect to be brought to the car girl.

He is a blind worship fanatic.

Desperately push the muzzle of the gun.

Although Xiao Wu was not killed.

But Xiao Hai hit him dead center.

It was too late to raise the gun now.

The bodyguard found him and stopped him.

But seeing the man in front of me

Xiao Hai

The bodyguard chose to turn away.

Pretending not to see Xiao Hai blended into the crowd

Disappear from sight

This mysterious suicide happened in 1996.

History discriminates.

He left Ou with a lifelong disability.

In also unable to seek pleasure.

Seven years later, in 2003

This evil human demon was killed by the U.S. Army.

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