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Action "Agent Strong" movie commentary copy

Action "Agent Powerhouse" Movie Commentary Copy

Action "Agent Strong" movie commentary copy

The man is urinating in the toilet.

The cleaning lady looks at the man's posture, which is familiar.

Bend over. Nice guy.

This style, is not three years ago abandoned their boyfriend?

The woman didn't say anything to directly hit him on the spot.

This woman's name is Sooji

Her real identity is an agent.

He made a great contribution to the Korean Intelligence Agency.

Just now, she ended up taking away a group of criminals.

Helped the police to solve the case.

But she is not happy.

Because her boyfriend, Dae-joon

Because couldn't stand her frequent disappearances and lies.

Finally broke up and decided to leave the country.

Suji received a text message and had no time to change clothes.

It was already too late to chase with a pistol stuck in her thigh.

As a terrorist was forcibly taken away by the police.

In the blink of an eye, three years have passed.

The superiors gave a new assignment.

The doctor who developed the anti-bird flu virus project.

Took the frozen vaccine without permission.

This vaccine at a specific temperature

Would mutate into a new virus.

It takes only 6 minutes to change the genes of all living creatures in the country.

That's why the doctor must be found as soon as possible.

Stop him from dealing with criminals.

And so Sooji and his colleague worked together unspoken.

First drugged the doctor's glass of water then disguised as a janitor

While he was taking a piss, he injected the tracker into the doctor's body

At that moment, the man next to him was urinating

While the man next to him was urinating, he peed everywhere

In order not to arouse suspicion, Sooji had to mop up the mess carefully

In the process, she noticed

The posture of the man peeing how so familiar

Pulled over to see the good guys

This guy is not the scum who abandoned her three years ago Dae-jun?

When they look at each other

Da Jun can not believe that his former girlfriend

Now he is a cleaning lady

Soo-ji kicked him in the vitals when he tried to question him

Soon they are brought to the police station

Dae-joon is still upset about Soo-ji's frequent lies during their relationship

But as an agent, she can't reveal anything.

She had to swallow her grievances

When she left, Dae-joon gave her a business card

He offers to help her find another job, but Soo-ji tears it up on the spot.

After leaving the police station, Dae-joon went to the National Intelligence and Investigation Agency.

He reported to the Overseas Agency Unit

It turns out that he has been undergoing special training in Russia for the past three years.

Now he has become an agent

But his strength is a little weak

This time he came back to China with a mission

From Da Jun's report, he learned that

This time the target is called Black Eagle

He is a former secret agent of the Russian FSB special forces

Now he is a criminal.

Black Eagle was coming to Korea to meet with an important person

Coincidentally, this mission of Dae-joon

Is the same as the one Soo-ji is carrying out.

Since they are two different departments

So neither of them knows each other

Dae-joon, who has just returned to Korea, goes to a video store to visit an old friend he hasn't seen in years.

But he was in a hurry to go out

So he left him at the store to help collect the rented movies

Coincidentally, Soo-ji was also on the list

How could a girl watch such action movies?

Without saying a word, he called him.

At that moment, Soo-ji was on a blind date with a rich young man

The two of them were talking to each other over the phone

Soo-ji's date was ruined

She rushed to the video store

But the video store was already closed.

It turns out that Dae-jun was sent on a mission by his superiors

But he's a rookie and the mission fails without incident.

Dae-jun was scolded by his superiors for this

At night, he sneaks over to Soo-ji's house to ask for comfort and hugs.

He didn't realize that the password hadn't changed in 3 years

He enters the house without any problems

Unexpectedly, he ran into Soo-ji, who was still angry

He hadn't seen her for 3 years, but she was still watching movies.

Soo-ji kicked him out after giving him a hard time

The next day, Soo-ji finds out that the doctor he's been following is about to make his move.

He is going to sell the new virus to the criminals.

And the national intelligence agency overseas also found out that Blackhawk will soon make a move

So Dae-joon volunteered to be a baby in order to wipe out the shame of the past

He planned to disguise as a cab driver to follow the Black Eagle

Unexpectedly, he was in a panic

But by mistake, he ran into Black Eagle's car

When Da Jun turned left, Black Eagle's car turned left behind him

When Da Jun turned right, he also turned right

It turns out that in the eyes of foreigners there is such a saying

Follow the driver and you will never get stuck in traffic

Da Jun has thus turned from a stalker to a road opener

The boss was furious and cursed

In the end, the other party increased the throttle to overtake Dajun

Both sides came to an amusement park one after the other

To say that this big Jun

I suspect that he has poured all his money into the red envelope

Good deeds in a past life, burned incense into the secret service

Otherwise you see his tracking skills are really too good

Sitting on his butt next to the doctor

Tiny little eyes as if to tell Blackhawk

I'm here to stalk, so delete you can do what

No doubt, he won, Blackhawk helplessly found out

Had to get up and leave

Dajun saw this panic and chased after him

Unexpectedly, the other party is not polite to pull out a pistol directly shot

Scared Dae-jun hide aside straight shiver

At the critical moment, Soo-ji appeared in the guise of a pregnant woman

The two lovers met again

This time they didn't care about arguing

They each went after the target

Dae-joon followed Black Eagle to a model house

As soon as he entered the door, a gun was put to his head

He was so scared that he almost peed on the floor with his hands up in the air

He was about to kneel down and beg for mercy when he realized that it was a model soldier

At that moment, Black Eagle shot him several times

Dajun panicked and scurried around

Surprisingly, he perfectly avoided all the bullets

The two of them fought in close quarters and Da Jun accidentally shot down Black Eagle's pistol

Pistol and the toy gun on the ground mixed together

So two big men picked up the pistol on the ground

You a gun and I a gun, playing a lot of fun

Finally Dajun lucky to find the real gun

Black Eagle saw this and immediately turned around and fled

Meanwhile, Soo Ji chased the doctor to the haunted house

He met a group of young people who were having fun

They pushed her around and scared her

As a result, she was tossed like a crazy woman

Their tracking mission ended in failure

When they returned, they were scolded.

Soo-ji went home alone in a depressed mood

Stirring beer, white wine, red wine and cocktails into the juicer

Preparing to celebrate her birthday

At that moment, Da-joon came in the rain and made a crazy confession

The two of them were in a frenzy

There was a fierce mutual gnawing

But they still had weapons on them

In case the gun goes off, they end up not doing anything

Immediately after, they received a call from their bosses to go on a mission

At this time, Black Eagle and the doctor were preparing a deal at the KTV

Both teams sent two people on the mission at the same time

In order to get the criminal's trading information

Dajun shamelessly sells his sexuality and gets hot with the blonde

Just when he was falling head over heels in love with the other woman

Soo-ji, disguised as a nightclub girl, walks in

The two of them just stared at each other

Who cares about the task or not?

The five minutes of trust that they had just established was gone again

Soo-ji grabbed a bottle of wine and grabbed it directly

With the sound of screaming like a pig

The two of them were brought into the police station again

In front of the police they argued a lot

Soo-ji said he forgot about the little one when he saw the big one

Is size that important?

The police officer on the side couldn't help but answer that it was important

Soo-ji was almost silenced on the spot

Now the two of them are completely messed up

The sad Soo-ji went home and continued to get drunk

Dae-joon cries with his superior

At that moment, both teams held an emergency meeting one after another

Dae-joon's side saw that Soo-ji, a pregnant woman, was running fast

She is considered a suspicious person

In the same way, Soo-ji's side sees that Dae-joon is a fool who is out of his league.

He classified this living treasure as a dangerous person

In order to find out the purpose of the other party

The two of them were sent to meet by their superiors

At the same time, they put on a wire in case they need it

And so they arrived at the restaurant as promised

As both of them thought that the other was approaching them for another purpose

In a fit of rage, they both smashed their plates

After installing the wiretap, they turned around and left

That night, Da-jun did not go home

Instead, he slept in his old friend's video store

Seeing that his suit jacket was so handsome

So he put it on himself

He went out to meet with the client to buy and sell small videos

But he was robbed by Soo-ji's team on the spot

Soo-ji was followed by Dae-jun's team

But she was easily defeated by the martial arts champion

Meanwhile, after waking up, Dae-joon is bored playing a card game

Suddenly he finds the video of their surveillance of Black Eagle

They weren't just playing cards.

Instead, he was playing a riddle of hearts

After doing some calculations, he figured out where the other party was dealing.

It should be in a bar in Itaewon

So Dae-jun sneaked in alone

The result was surprising

He was surprised to see that Black Eagle was a woman after removing her disguise

Shocked, Dae-jun took out his phone to take pictures

Who knows that the damn app even sent out the sound of taking pictures

Realizing that the situation is not good, Da Jun ran away

Black Eagle immediately chased out with a gun

Coincidentally, a police car just passed by

The brakes were applied just in time and Dajun was not seriously hurt

The criminals saw the situation and had to flee first

Dajun quickly got into the car and called his superiors at the first opportunity

At the same time the woman's photo to the other party's cell phone

Let superiors to find her specific information

But Dajun's computer happened to be locked with a password

His superiors asked him to give the password

Dajun had to say: the superior is a rabbit

This made him angry enough!

Black Eagle's real information was confirmed

This person's name is Victoria

She is the president of the Russian Businesswomen's Association

She will be going to the meeting at 11:00 in Rhymus-dong

On the other hand, Soo-ji connected the locations of the last few

She's going to the meeting at 11:00.

She also found out the location of the other party's upcoming deal

Both of them are heading to Rhyunmu-dong, one after the other.

Soo-ji spots the doctor first and follows him quietly

Unbeknownst to him, the other side was already prepared

Soo-ji immediately fainted after a shot of anesthesia

When she woke up, the other side had completed the deal

Soo-ji was about to be silenced

In the nick of time, she turned on the laser system of the electronic watch

Burned the rope and managed to escape

At the same time, Dae-joon turned on the circuit of the scene

Through technical means connected to the surveillance equipment

He found the location of the other party

He immediately rushed there

He opened the door and pointed his gun at Soo-ji who was trying to escape

He thought that Soo-ji was Victoria's man and took her under control.

Dae-joon threatened the two of them to stop

But the other party did not care to shoot

Dae-joon's first reaction was to block Soo-ji with his body

He was knocked to the ground on the spot

This time Soo-ji completely angry a willow head shot off the other side of the pistol

Then a side kick served to put him down

But Victoria is also not a fool

She grabbed the whip and hit him hard

Both sides fought to a standstill

At that moment, Dajun, who was wearing a bulletproof vest

stood up again and joined the fight

Seeing that the situation was not good, Victoria and the two men rushed to escape

Da Joon saw this and also followed them

Sooji and Victoria fought each other with swords

Da Joon saw the situation and also followed

Sooji and Victoria fought each other with knives drawn

Sooji leapt down and chased after them despite the danger

Sooji and Victoria were fighting with each other with knives drawn

Dae-joon also arrived at the scene after beating his accomplice

They pulled out the flagpole on the scooter

and Soo-ji and the two work well together

They used the two swords together

Victoria was defeated

Unexpectedly, this woman also became ruthless.

She picked up the virus in her hand and threw it, intending to die together.

At the critical moment Da Joon jumped down to grab the virus.

Xiuzhi directly released the big move, kicked out Victoria

Then rushed to Dae-jun.

At this moment, they finally confessed their identity as agents to each other.

After the misunderstanding was lifted, the two embraced each other tightly.

Kissing that called a faint

At this time the two organizations also arrived on the scene.

Dr. Victoria and others will be brought to justice.

The movie "Agent Strong

Although the plot is simple, but is a fierce fight scenes.

Plus the ridiculous factor.

Still quite interesting

The female lead in it is very sexy and pretty.

Needless to say, Kim Ha Na's acting skills.

Naturally, there is no need to say much

Absolute power play

The plot is tight and full of tension.

During its release in Korea, it received a lot of praise.

But there are also arguments online.

I think this movie is suspected of copying "Mr. and Mrs. Smith".

I don't know what you think.

Well, that's it for today's movie

We will see you next time

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