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Thriller Korean drama "Search 02" movie review Commentary material Afterthoughts

ThrillerKorean drama "Search 02" movie review Commentary material Afterthoughts

Thriller Korean drama "Search 02" movie review Commentary material Afterthoughts

What's wrong with this man?

His eyes are red

A low hissing sound kept coming out of his mouth

When he sees a woman in front of him

He pounces on her like a wolf.

The woman under his impact

There is no way to fight

It was hard to find an opening

Called his ex-boyfriend for help

But he was on a mission

Could not answer the phone

She had to dial the phone to a colleague

This time, she finally got through

But she didn't have time to say a word

The man went crazy and jumped on her again

He grabbed her neck instantly

When the room was about to be put to rest

A colleague finally arrived with backup

The man was shot several times, but he didn't fall down.

in a crisis

Yelin took the pistol thrown by his colleague

pulled the trigger repeatedly

and finally hit the monster in the back of the neck

before the other side fell down

But even so

it still tried to get up

Yerin shot it several times in the head.

The man was finally killed

all the people there were shocked and speechless

Who is this man?

He was already dead before

He had been in the autopsy room for days.

Why did he suddenly get up and attack a human again?

Ye-rim couldn't figure it out

The only clue is

He is the same as the wild dog we met in the jungle before

he was carrying a mutated rabies virus

During the fight earlier

the wound on her wrist

She had accidentally gotten his saliva on her wrist.

The good thing is that after the blood sample was collected and tested

No signs of infection were found.

Colleagues concluded that the virus is not transmitted from person to person

But Yilin thought this statement was too one-sided

In order to test her suspicions

She injected the serum of a wild dog

into the dead rat

But not long after that

The dead mouse came back to life

And its eyes were red

It looked very excited

This incident soon attracted the attention of

Prevention and chemical department's high attention

Everyone gathered to discuss the reason

In fact, from the medical point of view

There is no way to explain this phenomenon

But it is certain that

The nucleic acid in the infected person's body has produced some kind of mutation

which affects the central nervous system of the brain

That's why the dead come back to life

If the medulla oblongata of the brain is cut off.

can make the patient completely dead

As for the infectious ability of the virus

It is not yet known how strong the virus is.

The chief of defense and chemical quickly reported the matter

Reported to the commander of the defense forces, Han Dae-jin.

When he read the report.

It was related to Area 21 again.

He couldn't help but have a headache.

After the Defense Chemical Officer repeatedly assured him

That he had seen it with his own eyes.

Commander Han then reluctantly accepted

The story of the dead coming back to life.

Although it was confirmed that the virus could be transmitted between animals

But whether there will be a phenomenon of human-to-human transmission

For the time being, no conclusion could be made.

After deliberations among the officers

Decided to transfer Yilin, who knows the most about the virus, to the special task force

This can better respond to emergency situations

All the members of the special task force were drawn from various units

They were the best of the best.

In order to kill the mystery man in Area 21

They are now stationed in a village

In a village at the foot of the mountain.

But they didn't know that the mystery man was carrying

A virus that can bring people back from the dead

At this time, the special team has a new teammate

His name is Wen Zhe

He is good at information detection

He is good at tracking and searching.

This is the kind of help we need for this mission.

Now except for Yilin

The members of the special task force have arrived

Captain Hao Kuizhao started the pre-battle deployment

The identity of the target to be killed is unknown

The only person who has met with him is the main character, Dongjin

But he only had a quick glimpse

No useful information can be provided.

Captain Ho-kyu, based on the video recordings

We've determined the area of operations.

We'll start searching the mountain at 5:00 tomorrow morning.

We must complete the kill mission within a week.

Because this is a deadly order from Commander Han Dae-guk.

Man-kyu had made a promise in front of him.

But there's something else that he's confused about

Commander Han had instructed

If you find anything suspicious in Area 21.

He had to bypass the headquarters and report directly to him.

Hao Kui felt that this mission might not be simple

Especially when he found a hand-drawn map at the scene where Wu was killed.

He found a hand-drawn map

and a landscape in District 21 were very similar.

The more he felt that this mission had become strange

According to the usual practice when carrying out dangerous missions

soldiers must write a suicide note in advance.

Wen Zhe, a new scout, was not convinced.

He was very confident about this operation.

He thought that if we set up surveillance in the woods

And aerial reconnaissance by drones

The enemy would have nothing to hide.

But he soon realized he was too naive.

Because North Korea has placed electromagnetic interference in the border area.

It would make the transmission signal very unstable.

The drones might not be able to do much.

But he was able to capture

He accidentally caught Dong-jin leaving his post without permission.

So he immediately went to the captain and complained.

Ho-kyu already had a strong opinion of Dong-jin.

This time, he seized the opportunity to punish him severely.

Dong-jin had a lot to say.

In fact, in the morning

He found out that his comrades from the same post

They were also here.

Mine clearance mission

The former brothers were happy to see each other.

Later in the evening, when Dongzhen was on duty

Inadvertently saw one of his old teammates

accidentally fell down while repairing a signal wire.

Dongzhen rushed over to help

The scene was caught on camera by a drone

When he didn't know how to explain

Lieutenant Lee, the deputy captain, came out in time to intervene

claiming that he had ordered him to help his injured comrade

This is what saved Dongzhen from being punished

This Lieutenant Lee was indeed much kinder than Captain Ho-kyu

Early the next morning

The special team members were already standing by.

Since it was the first time since the team was established.

This trip was not expected to kill the target.

Instead, they were familiarizing themselves with the terrain and installing surveillance equipment.

The truth is just as Wen Zhe guessed

After entering Area 21.

Due to the strong signal interference

Drones can not be used

Now we can only install cameras

But this method can detect the range is really limited

After they finished the installation

The team members were ready to go to the next area to search

At this moment

Dongzhen, at the front of the team, was alerted by a military dog

Spotted a dark figure standing not far away

It looked similar to the target.

When Dongjin was about to report to the team leader

The dark figure suddenly ran away into the distance

He did not have time to ask for permission.

He immediately took the dogs and chased after the mystery man.

His teammates also wanted to follow him.

But Captain Hogui wanted to be safe.

He told everyone to stay put first

Wait until the situation was clear

Poor Dong-jin just followed the mystery man all the way

He followed the mystery man into the forest.

In the end, not only did he lose them.

Because of signal interference.

And teammates lost contact

What's more tragic is that

Even the compass could not be used

The team did not wait for a long time for news from Dongzhen

began to worry a little

Good thing there was a sudden movement in the pre-installed surveillance

A black figure flashed by

Moonchul guessed that it was probably the target.

Hogui immediately ordered

He rushed to the target's location.

Lieutenant Lee, the lieutenant, thought

The most important thing is to find the missing Dongjin first

But Ho-kyu didn't listen to him.

He thought Dong-jin had the help of a military dog.

He can come back on his own.

It was more important to finish the mission first

But the truth is not as simple as he thought

At this point, Dong-jin was in big trouble.

This Korean soldier

He had lost his way in the woods.

He was walking randomly.

He had unknowingly crossed the Korean border.

This caused him to break out in a cold sweat

In the jungle not far away.

A group of North Korean soldiers were tracking the mysterious black figure.

They thought it was a soldier who had defected to Korea.

Even though the mission was exhausting and dangerous.

They had no choice but to do it.

The unlucky Dong-jin was the first to discover

The presence of the North Korean soldiers.

He was trying to hide his tracks along the way.

Fearing that they might run into each other

Unfortunately, as fate would have it.

Dong-jin was still discovered by the North Korean soldiers

He had to start running away from the road

Luckily, he was in good shape.

He finally hid behind a tree.

He managed to lose the enemy.

But before he could breathe a sigh of relief.

Suddenly, he felt blood dripping down from above

Dongjin looked up and saw

A flesh and blood animal was lying on the tree

He knew there was something worse in the woods.

He didn't want to get his dog killed with him.

So he gestures to the other side

Tell it to leave and join the rest of the team

It would be easier for him to get away alone

Dong-jin proved to be a bit over-optimistic.

It didn't take long for him to be surrounded by North Korean soldiers.

Dongjin knew it was impossible to run.

So he explained to them that

He had just gotten lost and accidentally wandered into this area.

According to the rules of engagement in non-combat zones.

Both sides' soldiers were not allowed to fire.

But the officer in charge didn't care about the rules

He ordered his men to shoot and kill Dongjin.

Just as the soldier was about to pull the trigger with trembling hands

Suddenly a huge force dragged the soldier to a tree

The rest of his teammates looked up for a long time

Only one arm fell off.

The North Korean soldier was scared out of his wits.

They were shooting upwards like crazy.

It was a rare opportunity for Dongjin.

Without thinking, he turned and ran away.

The intense gunfire also alerted the special forces.

At that moment, the military dogs also followed the scent and found them.

The team knew

If they followed it, they could definitely find Dongjin.

But Haokui still did not intend to go to the rescue

It was important to complete the mission first.

At this moment, Dong-jin was in a miserable state.

He had just escaped from the North Korean soldiers.

This time, he's met his match.

The mysterious and unpredictable man

Bloodthirsty eyes and alienated arms

The first time Dong-jin saw it.

He couldn't even think of resisting

But at that moment, a gunshot rang out

It turned out to be Ye-rim who came to back up

In fact, she had already arrived at the camp in the morning

She heard the news of Dong-jin's disappearance.

So she immediately took her weapons and went into the mountains to look for him

She was much more reliable than her teammates

When she saw that Dongzhen was in danger

She shot at the mystery man

But he was as light as a swallow

He dodged all the bullets perfectly

She quickly rushed towards Ye-rim

I don't know if she will succeed in killing the mystery man this time

Or will the mystery man kill her?


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