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Thriller horror Korean drama "Hometown 01" movie review Commentary material Afterthoughts

Thriller horrorKorean drama "Hometown 01" movie review Explanation material Afterthoughts

Thriller horror Korean drama "Hometown 01" movie review Commentary material Afterthoughts

October 6, 1987

A suitcase is placed at a waiting station

With an unknown gas leaking out

The station is in chaos

A man stands in the crowd

Wearing a gas mask

July 12, 1999

Teenage girl walks through the rainy night

Nearly hit by a car

She made her way to the police station

Said there was someone in the bathroom at home

Mom wouldn't get off work for a while.

But mom always said the woman wasn't in there.

That's why she came here by herself

She wanted to ask the police to confirm.

The police didn't take her seriously and asked her to fill out a form first.

She left the police station disappointed

Just after she entered the house, she heard the sound of water in the bathroom.

She quickly went to the kitchen to get a knife

Her mother's voice suddenly appeared

It turned out that her mother was preparing to take a bath and was running the water

But she was still upset

Grabbed the knife and went to the bathroom

She cautiously went in and opened the curtain

She was about to turn off the faucet.

A woman appeared in the bathtub

There was a scream and she fell into the tub.

The scream drew the attention of her mother

Mom came to the bathroom door

The door was locked and a whisper came from inside

I couldn't hear what was being said

At that moment, the phone rang

Mom looked back

The door to the bathroom opened at that moment

Mom was caught inside and the door closed again.

The screams rang out in the night air

Today we bring you a suspenseful thriller

The Hometown

Lao Cui experienced the incident firsthand.

He was part of the Gyeongnam Crime Unit.

It was raining heavily that day.

His partner, Lee Se-jung, drove him to the scene.

The victim was a mother.

The whereabouts of his daughter Kyung-jin were unknown.

The father was in Japan on a business trip due to the weather

She would not be back until tomorrow

The mother had multiple stab wounds and the cause of death was excessive blood loss.

No murder weapon was found at the scene.

From the shape of the wounds are relatively sharp sharps

Lao Cui speculated that it was a revenge killing

Because the killing method is too brutal

The investigation revealed a strange thing

On the night of the murder, someone called the police anonymously

He said there were strange noises in that house

Cui always had a feeling

It was the missing Kyung Jin who called the police

Because there was no sign of outside intrusion at the scene

Kyung-jin probably killed his mother first and then called the police

And then escaped

Go to the school to inquire about it

Kyung-jin academic performance is very good has always wanted to go to the College of Excellence

College of talent to admit only two kinds of people

One is particularly rich and one is particularly smart

Kyung-jin did not have these two things

Only the strong desire to come here

Xiao Zhao runs a restaurant

Many years ago she and her mother did something

The people of the church lost their children

Now the church has re-admitted them

One day the insurance agent suddenly approached Zhao

She said that Zhao's high school classmate Zheng

He set himself on fire not long ago but didn't die

Now he is lying in the hospital

He had been in touch with his classmate before the accident

He said the same thing

When talking about Zhao, Zheng said this

Guru's family is back

Before reaching the appointed time

Guru's daughter would take his place

Jo didn't understand what that meant

Jo had a niece who went to the same school as Kyung-jin

The niece was one of the four swordsmen of the school's radio program

After Kyung-jin's accident, they received a cassette tape

In it was the voice of Principal Lee of the Academy of Excellence

It sounded like a normal lecture voice

But it always gave people a sense of fright

On the other hand, Kyung-jin's father had returned home

He went to the police station to help with the investigation

He took out a tape from his bag

Because of his frequent travels

Kyung-jin would make him some cassette tapes

for him to listen to on the road

Usually Kyung-jin would record a message at the beginning

about what happened recently

But the content of this tape is very strange

Kyung-jin told a secret

This secret is related to Zhao's niece

The niece's father is Cho Kyung-ho

The terrorist who released poison gas at the station in 1987

Meanwhile, the niece suddenly told Cho

She had something very important to say

But only if she had to wait for a day

She wasn't ready for it.

According to Cui's recollection

1987 Zhao Jing blame in the Cheli station side collected a poison gas

Causing more than 200 people to be killed.

It was a terrorist attack of a very bad nature

According to eyewitnesses, the gas had just started to spread

people left wearing gas masks

Because there was no surveillance

There was no surveillance at the time, so the suspect could not be locked in.

If Zhao Jinghao had not turned himself in

I'm afraid it would still be an open case.

Zhao Jinghao is a Japanese student

Only two months after returning to China, he did such a terrible thing

And in his own hometown.

Cui's wife was killed in that attack.

On the other hand, his niece was about to tell Zhao her secret

But Zhao left a note

He said he was going to meet someone after school

The person Zhao wanted to see was Zheng, who set himself on fire

Zheng's body was wrapped in gauze and was badly injured

Zhao met his old classmate here

According to the old classmate, Zheng had an engagement a few years ago

The result is that the other party was killed in a car accident before the marriage was finalized

Then Zheng went abroad

Only a short time after returning to self-immolation

Before the accident, the old classmate received a phone call from Zheng

Zheng was looking for the old school magazine

Old students happened to save some

But before he could give it to Zheng, something happened

The old classmate heard the school magazine

Xiao Zhao heard it was Gulu

Why should Zheng treat it differently?

And Guru is much more difficult to understand than the school magazine

At that moment, Zheng was in shock

He died in a short time

At the same time, the four Musketeers received news

Kyung-jin's mother was killed Kyung-jin disappeared

The niece suddenly became restless

Excuses to go to the toilet to sneak away

The doctor at the hospital told Xiao Zhao

Zheng mentioned her when she regained consciousness

Asked the date of the day

Then repeated a phrase over and over again

Jo couldn't stay here

Otherwise, Zhao Zaiying would be in danger

Jo Jae-young is Jo's niece

On the other hand, Jo's brother from the hotel came to pick up Jae-young

Jae-young seemed to realize something.

She asked her aunt and grandmother if anything had happened.

He told her to get in the car first and talk on the way

After school, Jo came to pick up Jae-young.

I heard from my classmates that Jo didn't go to class after lunch.

It seems that he left on a motorcycle.

Three days after Kyung-jin disappeared, Jae-young also disappeared.

And all of this is related to Cho Kyung-ho

He's a very difficult person to deal with.

Three parts of truth and seven parts of falsehood make people confused

This is the end of the first episode of "Hometown".

The whole episode reveals an air of mystery.

The weird murder case, the mysterious tapes.

The disappearance of two young girls, the evil terrorists

The clues are scattered and can't be pieced together

The overall atmosphere of the show is not suitable for night watching

The lighter you throw a cell phone

Seriously, you won't be able to sleep all night

Especially the bizarre murder case

If you have a bad heart, you will be scared to death


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