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Thriller horror Korean drama "Hometown 07" movie review Commentary material Afterthoughts

Thriller horrorKorean drama "Hometown 07" movie review Commentary material Afterthoughts

Thriller horror Korean drama "Hometown 07" movie review Commentary material Afterthoughts

This is a brutal story beyond the scope of perception

A family orphanage in 1987

The children are not only starving but also freezing

Death was a common occurrence, and it was not uncommon.

Since then, Zhao Jinghao has decided to change everything

Today we continue to tell you the seventh episode of "Hometown

Time comes to 1999

Zhao suddenly approached Lao Cui

She thinks Jai-Ying is not dead

Not long ago she was taken away by a cult

She saw Jae-young in the corridor

Although her face was covered with a cloth

But she could feel that it was Jae-young.

When she went back later, the building was empty.

She thought about it carefully.

She thought that Jae-young had gone there voluntarily.

But she couldn't figure out what the reason was.

She didn't come here to ask for Choi's help.

Instead, she wanted to find Jae-young with the determination to die.

If she had been killed.

At least someone would know that Jae-young was alive.

Before she left, she reminded Choi.

If she was going to see Cho Kyung Ho.

Don't meet him face to face.

Because Zhao Jinghao was scarier than she thought.

In fact, she was disgusted by the name Cho Kyung Ho.

This name originally belonged to her father.

After his death, her brother changed it to this name.

Cui told her that she was going to pay respects to Mr. and Mrs. Li Shi-Zheng in a few days.

If you have time, join them.

After all, she and Lee's wife were classmates.

She was taken away when the couple died.

She was taken away, and if Cui hadn't told her today.

She didn't know about it yet.

On the way back.

Jo met Jae-young's classmates.

They didn't believe Jae-young was dead either.

They've been posting missing persons notices everywhere.

But Jae-young is Jo Kyung-ho's daughter.

She's not well liked here.

They were looking forward to her death.

Who would help find her?

This made Jo very unhappy.

She went to the church and took a stone with her.

The stone that smashed the glass of her house

She felt it was unfair for people to do this

It was Zhao Jinghao who made the mistake

Zhao Jinghao should be the one to bear the consequences

Why did she take it out on innocent people?

Pastor Yu advised her to take care of herself.

Most of the people here are the families of the gas victims.

They have already suffered too much.

Zhao, as the family of the perpetrator

She shouldn't blame the victims' families.

Since we can't live together in peace

Then Pastor Yu can only issue a warning

To tell Jo to leave her hometown

But Jo refused. In fact, she was so impulsive.

It's because everyone was indifferent to Jae-young's disappearance.

Even if she didn't pray for Jae-young's safe return, she cursed him.

She was willing to bear all the consequences.

She could beat her, scold her and curse her.

She just wants everyone not to blame Jae-young, not to curse Jae-young.

Pray for Jae-young more if you can.

Jo came home with a tired body.

There was a woman sitting in the house.

She thought it was Jae-young who had returned.

But by the sound of her voice, it was Lee Se-jung's wife.

Lee's wife blamed Jo for her misery.

She blamed Xiaozhao for all her misery

If Jo hadn't chosen her in the first place

She wouldn't have ended up in this situation

She came here for revenge

She saw a rope wrapped around Zhao's neck

Zhao's feet were off the ground and it was getting harder and harder to breathe

At the moment when she was about to suffocate

Zhao woke up from her sleep

It turned out to be a dream

It wasn't Li's wife who blamed her for the mistake

Rather, she blamed it on herself

Zhao put her mind back together

Together with Yongzhuo, they looked for clues

This time the pig followed

The place they were going to this time

It's the place where Old Chui conducted his last raid.

The lair of the Skull Faction

This place was recorded in the school magazine in '87.

They even took a picture here back then

The two of them soon found the symbol

Cho was thinking about a problem.

This was private property and no one had given them a clue.

How did they know about this place back then?

There was only one possibility

One of them had been here before

But who was the person who drew the symbol?

Why was it painted here?

Yongzhuo suddenly had a feeling of unease

Tell Zhao to get out of here

Yongzhuo was one step ahead and Zhao was half a beat behind

When she came up, there was a man lying in the corridor.

She was just about to go over when someone attacked her from behind

Zhao Jinghao is an extremely dangerous person

There are two unwritten rules in the prison

One, don't look at Zhao Jinghao

Two, don't talk to Zhao Jinghao

One of the new guards accidentally looked at each other.

Immediately imagined the image of being killed

He was so scared that he was trembling

Lao Cui finally did not listen to Zhao's advice

Choosing to face Zhao Jinghao face to face

On the other hand, Zhao woke up

Last time it was the bearded man who kidnapped her

This time it was Councilor Lin who kidnapped her

Senator Lin threatened Zhao with Yongzhuo's life

He wants Jo to participate in his plan

Zhao had no choice but to agree

He slipped Zhao a business card

In fact, this was not the first time they met

But Zhao didn't remember

He gave Zhao a hint

A family orphanage

Then Zhao had a dream

Dreamed of the orphanage brother pool

And Congressman Lin

Zhao went back and asked his mother

Do you still remember the director of the orphanage, Senator Lam?

She forgot all about the orphanage

Didn't even recognize it when they met

Mom's expression was a bit strange

She also advised her not to think about the past

Some things should be buried in her heart

This made Xiao Zhao even more curious

What exactly did she experience in the orphanage?

This mother is quite interesting

Just after she said not to mention the past

Then she asked Zhao if she still remembered Lin's daughter

Of course Zhao doesn't remember

It's hard enough to remember Congressman Lin

But she remembered Congressman Lin's daughter even better

After she quit her job at the orphanage

I never saw Lin's daughter again

Until a few days before the gas incident in '87

Lin's daughter suddenly came to her

Only then did they see each other again

Zhao Jinghao had always taken the initiative

He had already guessed the question Cui was most curious about

Who is Guru but he just won't say

He also led the topic to Lao Cui

He knew a lot about Lao Cui's story

Especially Lao Cui's wife

The daughter of Senator Lim.

Since his daughter died.

Old Choi has been in pain

But Choi didn't know what the source of his pain was.

For example, why did she leave him?

Why did he go to the station at that time of the day?

Why after their daughter had a miscarriage

would choose to go to Japan with Zhao Jinghao

Meanwhile, Zhao's mother also expressed her doubts

That night Lin's daughter came to him

Always gave people a strange feeling

As if she had come to see Jae Young instead of her.

She always felt that Jae-young's mother was Lin's daughter.

It was as if Jo's mom and Jo's mom had agreed to do this.

Together they revealed a clue about Lim's daughter.

Old Choi completely lost his mind.

If someone hadn't stopped him.

He would have killed Cho Kyung Ho on the spot.

On the other hand, Jae Young was under house arrest

She was served by a young man of her age.

He was very respectful to Jae-young.

After all, Jae-young is the heir and he's just a servant.

There is a huge difference in their status.

But Jae-young didn't care.

She just needed someone to talk to.

They made a pact.

They would be friends when no one was around.

The sound of a bearded man came from outside.

Jae-young rushes to put on the veil.

The bearded man told the boy to go out.

He has something to say to Jae-young

Jae-young failed to wake up again today.

Guru was angry if Jae-young continued to behave like this.

Then the bearded man won't be able to keep his promise.

What's the deal?

Not to hurt Jae-young's family.

Jae-young said that he would succeed next time.

I've said that many times.

The bearded man doesn't believe me.

But Jae-young is the heir, so we have to give her a chance.

The bearded man can't hurt her.

But he can hurt her family.

It seems that Jae-young did not join voluntarily.

And she's not too keen on the cult.

She only came here to be the heir to protect her family.

Meanwhile, Jo went to the hospital to visit Yongjo.

Jae-young's classmates are also there.

Yongjo is helping with the tape.

He said he wanted to rewind the tape.


Jae-young mentioned the school magazine from '87.

But the point is not the contents of the magazine.

It's the words written on the last page.

Rewind the tape.

I don't know who wrote it.

But Jae-young gave this as a clue.

The tape was given to the police.

But my classmate kept an extra eye out

I made a copy of the tape.

Yongjo has finished the tape.

It's time to listen to the content of the rewind

But they forgot the most important thing.

They didn't have their Walkman.

Jo decided to take the tape home and listen to it.

When she got home, her mother was already asleep.

She gently closed the door behind her

Ready to listen to the contents of the tape

On the other hand, because of Lao Cui's impulsiveness

The first meeting ended hastily

The camera man went back to organize the information.

Meanwhile, Jae-young was taken to a place

If he doesn't come to his senses this time.

The family will be in danger.

The cameraman stared at the screen for a while.

He suddenly became a different person.

He came to the warehouse and took something away

Zhao listened to the contents of the tape

After rewinding, it was a normal voice of speech

And also in the voice of Ying

It probably meant that he had been pestered by that woman

And it was all about the school and Guru

If Jo hadn't chosen to come back

Jae Young would not have happened.

If Jae-young had died, it would have been Jo's fault.

And now she's not far from death.

This is the end of episode 7 of "Hometown

This is really an amazing drama

It's a really amazing drama that plays with the mystery to the extreme.

There are only a few key points in the whole episode

Jae Young is the daughter of Old Choi

Zhao also did a lot of bad things

But he was forced to do so by Cho Kyung Ho.

Jae Young has been threatened by the cult.

She had no choice but to enter the cult

This drama has a weird way of killing people.

Listening to tapes can kill you, watching videos can kill you.

Jo Kyung-ho is invincible.

One look, one word.

can hypnotize people

If there is no strange power

How to round the back

Is it true that the opening words

This is a cruel story beyond the scope of perception

Well, that's all I have to say


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