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Korean suspense movie "The Witness" commentary copy

Koreansuspensemovie "The Witness" comment ary copy

Korean suspense movie "The Witness" commentary copy

A car running on the road late at night

It did not stop until it reached the gas station

The employee refuels as usual

But he saw something unusual in the trunk

But he wouldn't have thought

In the trunk there was a woman tied up

The man continued to drive on the road

After arriving at the back of a hill

The man dug a hole and prepared to bury the woman alive

At that moment, the woman finally broke free and ran for her life

She ran towards the light

She broke into a neighborhood

But she still couldn't escape her tragic fate

Sang-hoon, who had just moved into the neighborhood, was usually tired of working.

He finally bought the new house with his teeth

At night, a sleepy-eyed Sang-hoon steps into the elevator to go home

He ran into his neighbor, Choi

A frightened Choi asked Sang-hoon if he had heard shouting.

They had a casual conversation

When he returned home, Sang-hoon stood on the window sill looking at the view

He saw the woman who ran for her life lying by the garden.

A man in a duck cap was beating her wildly

Sang-hoon was so scared that he suddenly came to his senses

At the same time, his wife woke up and turned on the light in the living room

Sang-hoon immediately ran to turn off the light

But he still attracted the attention of the man in the hat

Sang-hoon hid by the greenery and saw the duck-tongued man give up beating the woman

and started to count the floors

Sang-hoon wanted to call the police, so he put down his phone

Then he saw the man with the duck tongue coming towards his building

He was so scared that he stood by the door with a baseball bat all night long

And after two hours in the building

He came back to the woman who was still alive

He turned off her distress call and killed her completely

Sang-hoon woke up in the morning and remembered everything that happened last night

He thought it was a dream

Until he saw a group of police investigating the flower bed downstairs

Only then did Sang-hoon realize that it was all real

Anxious, Sang-hoon prepares to leave for work

And the police started to visit the neighborhood and ask questions about what happened last night

Sang-hoon started to work hard on his job

But he was still worried about his family being hurt.

After work, he rushes back home immediately

But he met the director of the neighborhood who visited him at home

He also wanted Sang-hoon to sign a document not to assist the police

In case the incident expands and the price of the house in the neighborhood decreases

But Sang-hoon was hesitant to sign.

He wrote an anonymous letter to the police at night

In the end, he chose to delete it

Early the next morning

The police found traces of the back of the hill

They determined that there had been a two-hour gap between the woman's murder and her death.

So they tried to find witnesses to find out what had happened.

Sang-hoon, who is still in a state of panic, finds that his dog, Bibi, is missing

And frequent silent phone calls

It seems that the duck-tongued man is warning him to shut up.

When the old police officer visited Sang-hoon's wife through the surveillance records

Still no useful information

On his way home, Sang-hoon found dog hunting notices and contact information posted all over the world.

He was scared out of his mind.

He was afraid of giving away his wife's information and safety

He didn't notice a motorcycle appearing behind him

Just as the motorcycle was about to crash into Sang-hoon

He was disrupted by the sudden appearance of an old policeman

Then the old cop started to ask Sang-hoon about the night

Although Sang-hoon knew that the killer was right in front of him

But he didn't dare to tell the truth

He had to pretend that he didn't know anything about it

The police found the suspect who is suspected to have killed the woman

and made an arrest.

This man had an affair with the murdered woman.

In addition, when he was caught, he kept resisting to escape

And in the end, he committed suicide by taking potassium cyanide.

Therefore, he was reported by the police and the media as the real murderer.

The old police officer, who was always strict and dedicated, thought that this man was not the real murderer.

But there was no evidence.

After Sang-hoon saw the photo of the arrested man on the news

He found out that it wasn't the murderer he saw that night.

At that moment, the doorbell rings

Sang-hoon opens the door

He finds his neighbor, Choi, whom he met in the elevator.

But she was panicking and holding the photo of the murderer released by the media

He said he had seen the murderer and it wasn't him

He hopes that Sang-hoon will go with him to the police to catch the real killer

But Sang-hoon panicked and didn't agree

He threw Choi out of the house.

But he didn't expect to be followed by the duck-tongued man just after he left the house.

He followed her to the door and killed her with a knife.

The fashionable Hoon came downstairs to return the phone that Cui left behind

But he only saw her body and the man with the duck tongue

Sang-hoon had to run for his life to call the police

However, he met his wife who was going home with his daughter

The murderous demon was right in front of him.

If he told the police the truth, his family's safety would not be guaranteed

So Sang-hoon was silent once again

The old cop found a clue about the stolen car at the police station

It was a match for the murder case.

They found the car and the memory card from the car's navigation.

He recovered the vehicle's track from that night.

The home of the duck-tongued man was found.

On the other hand

Cui's disappearance also left her husband heartbroken

began to post a search notice in the neighborhood

Unexpectedly, he was opposed by people in the neighborhood

afraid that he affected the neighborhood's housing prices

It's true that people are cold

Only Sang-hoon's wife stood up for him at this time

Although the police know the whereabouts of the murderer

But now there is no evidence and witnesses

So the police once again found Sang-hoon to persuade him to testify

Sang-hoon heard the old police officer say that there were three people who might have witnessed the case that night

The other person was Jo Be-goo, who was a bit demented.

After hearing this, Sang-hoon immediately ran to look for Jo Be-goo.

He was afraid that he was being targeted by the duck-tongued man.

When he found him, he realized that it was a trap set up by the police.

Faced with the police's request for identification

Sang-hoon tossed and turned

But he didn't realize that the real murderer, the duck-tongued man, was nearby.

So Bikul really disappeared.

The police and Sang-hoon followed the coke bottle left by Bi-koo.

But all they saw was a beaten and dying Bijou.

Sang-hoon, who was outside the operating room, was heartbroken and helpless.

He watched one life after another disappear before his eyes.

When he returned home at night, Sang-hoon confessed to his wife

He was ready to report to the police to identify the murderer.

After the police received Sang-hoon's testimony, they immediately started to arrest him.

However, the cunning duck-tongued man seems to have anticipated all this

He set up an explosion that cost the police a lot of money and managed to escape

Sang-hoon was angry and scared when he found out that he hadn't caught the murderer.

He immediately left the police station to go home to protect his wife and children

But after getting into a taxi

He found a car following him

The driver dodged all the way

But he collided with the car in the end

But the man who came out of the car was not a duck-tongued man

But the neighbor Cui's husband

In order to avenge his wife's death

They struggled and were stopped by the police after a struggle

The wife's side was sent by the police to protect the Interpol

Unexpectedly, when the door was opened, the detective was attacked and knocked out by the duck-tongued man

The wife was so scared that she locked the bedroom door to protect her daughter

Finally could not resist and began to go out and fight with the duck-tongued man

Wanted her daughter to escape

At this time the wife pretended to faint

She attacked the duck-tongued man

Carried the daughter all the way from the stairs to escape

And on the way to escape, but found that even the security guards were taken care of by the duck-tongued man

Finally on the first floor when they were about to be killed

Two porters appeared just in time

Faced with this situation and the police and Sang-hoon who arrived one after another

The duck-tongued man had to leave

And when Sang-hoon saw the mother and daughter

To protect their safety

He finally decided to fight the duck-tongued man to the death

To settle the matter once and for all

He went to the back of the mountain and provoked the duck-tongued man

and started to fight with him

When they were fighting with each other

A landslide caused by heavy rain washed them away

Sang-hoon woke up from the mud

He saw a dead body and a dying duck-tongued man.

Sang-hoon finally chose to leave and called the police

The case was finally solved

The secret of the disappearance and death of more than 20 people was solved

Finally, Sang-hoon's family decided to leave the neighborhood

Standing at the place where the woman died, looking at the neighborhood full of lights

Sang-hoon shouted for help but found that no one opened the window

The whole neighborhood was covered with snow

A dead silence fell

The movie "Eyewitness" is about a seemingly absurd case

There were countless opportunities to call the police and get justice.

However, no one has spoken up and let the murderer go free.

However, upon closer examination, we can find that

The movie is not about the act of not calling the police

But in a time of darkness

Is calling the police really the real solution?

What is the real reason why everyone is willing to pretend to be numb and not speak out?

This is the question we should think about!


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