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Suspense movie "Passage" movie review Explanation of the material after viewing

Suspense movie "The Passage" movie review Explanation material Afterthoughts

Suspense movie "Passage" movie review Explanation of the material after viewing

Today we bring you the latest suspense film "The Passage" in 2021.

The film comes from a beautiful country

Starring Shay Whigham

This name is unfamiliar to many viewers

But mentioning his masterpiece

I think all of you are familiar with

Fast and Furious 6

Kong: Skull Island

The Wolf of Wall Street

Each of them is a classic

So today

Let's take a look at

His latest suspenseful masterpiece "Passage

Without further ado, let's begin.

The story takes place in St. Louis, Missouri.

In a city where

Crime is commonplace.

And where hallucinogenic drugs

Is actually legal to sell

You can buy them in the supermarket.

You can imagine

How chaotic this city is

At this moment, our hero, Dazhuang, appears

He is a social worker

He is responsible for supervising and managing foster families and children

Here's a brief explanation

The vetting of foster families in Pretty Country is very strict

There are many requirements

The child must have a separate room

Foster parents must have a stable income

No criminal record, etc.

Of course, once the vetting is approved

The government will give the foster family a monthly subsidy

The intention is good

To provide a good environment for orphans to grow up

Can feel the warmth of home

Even in this kind of charity industry

There are still dark areas

The so-called unspoken rules

By applying for foster children

To obtain subsidies from the government

profit from it

That's why the profession of social worker was created

Responsible for monitoring and managing these foster families

If they violate the rules

they are stripped of their foster care status and take back their children

As usual

Dazhong came to a foster home to review

The result was a surprise

The child looked at Dazhuang innocently

Da Zhuang looked around for a while

Thinking that there must be nothing good

Walked in to see

As expected

The man was unconscious

The woman was dead

There was a lot of contraband on the table

Immediately reported to the police

At this time, Dazhong could not remember

How many such families this was

He only knew that children being placed in such families

is undoubtedly a great danger to society

But what can he do?

As a social worker, he could only express his feelings

When he was going home from work

The car's audio equipment was also stolen

Dazhong looked back

It was two half-grown children

Dazhong did not mean any harm

Just want the stereo back

But the two children

But in front of his face taunted a

and then ran away

Such a weapon Zhang Baxi

But the social environment is like this

You just have to adapt

This is the mess of the foster care system

Leading to serious juvenile delinquency

Early the next morning

He received a phone call

It was Little Flower

Also one of the foster families he manages

Claiming that no one had sent her to school

Dazhuang immediately arrived

When he entered the house

When he saw the items on Xiaohua's desk

reminded Dazhuang of what happened to her as a child

The reason why he is in this business

Because I was also raised in a foster family

But unfortunately

The foster family was not harmonious

His father often committed domestic violence

At one time, he suffered from depression

So he had to be a good social worker

To prevent the recurrence of such families

As a result, just as she was about to send Xiaohua to school

The foster mother came

Her name is Dame

Dazhong immediately warned her

Explain the situation and explain

If it happens again

you will be stripped of your foster care status

But Dami didn't pay any attention to Dazhong

Instead, she apologized to her daughter

and went into the house.

From her expression, you can see

This mother seems to have some kind of trouble

After the incident, Dazhong returned to the unit

At this time, his colleague Erdog came

The second dog

is the "best" in this industry of subterfuge

and immediately bragged to Dazhuang

That he had received another favor

gave the green light to a foster family

He also advised Dazhuang not to be so stubborn

Society can't change just because of you

It's good to be like me.

Although such an outlook on life disgusts Dazhuang

But the truth is right in front of him

He was so annoyed

So he perfunctorily sent Erdog away

The scene changed

Xiao Shuai appeared

He had just been released from prison

From the expression can be seen

It's not the first time

And not the slightest intention to repent

Then he was taken away by his friends

Taken to a bar

This bar is owned by his boss

He not only has a bar

He also has a lot of underground industry chain

Bribed many police officers

He is a famous local gangster

Recently, he's planning a blackmail

He immediately put Xiao Shuai in charge of this matter

Said this is the last time

Let him retire afterwards

And give him a stable job

This condition makes Xiaoshuai very tempted

In fact, it's not that he didn't want to be good

Also want to be like ordinary people

Watch a football game

Send the children to school

But all these have a prerequisite

That is the need for money

But unfortunately, I joined the wrong profession before

With this boss

It can be said that men are afraid to enter the wrong profession

So he agreed to the boss

But what he did not expect is

This last time

But it became his last song

On the other hand

One night

Dazhuang came to the house of his father who adopted him as a child

Dazhuang did not enter the house

He just watched from the doorway

He was not sure that after father and son met

He was not sure what he would say

Would his father hit him again?

So he left

The film up to this point can be seen

Each of the characters in the film

All suffer from the dangers of this turbulent society

Just like the recent hot "Storm of Crime

Corruption and subterfuge protection

In every corner of society

And just like the Empire State Building

It will not fall down

We all know this

But nothing can be done about it

Although everyone has a heart for justice

But there's no choice but to go on with life

We can only do our part to do the best

It is also worthy of their conscience

At least that's what Dazhong thinks

The next day when Xiao Shuai returned home

He ran into Dami, who was taking her daughter to school.

After four years

Seeing Xiaoshuai again

She sobbed uncontrollably

In the past four years

The aggravation she suffered in raising her daughter made her sob.

But the news of Xiaoshuai's return home

Dazhong was told by her daughter Xiaohua

Then Dazhong found Dami's home

Obviously, this Dazhong, who had just been released from prison

was not qualified for the conditions of the foster family

Dazhong had to understand clearly

In the process of communication

Xiao Shuai once thought

Dazhong and Dami were having an affair

This shows that Xiaoshuai loves Dami very much

Then Dazhong praised the beauty of his daughter Xiaohua

As a result, Xiaoshuai mistook him for a child lover

But Dazhong didn't explain too much

Because so far

Although this Xiaoshuai has been in jail

But at least he loves his wife and child

This is different from those foster families at the beginning of the film

There is a fundamental difference

Even much better than them

That's all.

Dazhong did not deny them foster care status

and left

came to the bar

This was the first time Dazhong gave the green light to foster families

But he didn't regret it

At least this family

can let Xiaohua grow up happily

But what Dazhong hesitated about now was

He chose to trust that

Is it right or not to trust Xiao Shuai who has committed crimes?

It seems that he was disappointed this time

Xiao Shuai is on the other side

Completing his last mission

That is to eat black

It's a clean and crisp operation

He will directly kill the other side

And the irony is

At this moment, Da Zhuang is cheering for his success in helping Xiao Hua

found a foster family and cheered

The next day, Dazhong renewed the contract for Dami

At this time, the colleague who often received benefit fees came again

He was still showing off his "good fortune"

Not only that, he also took a fancy to Dami

Immediately, he was in his head

Asked Dazhuang to give him the case

And then asked him to make a price

It seems that the unspoken rule also includes X bribe

That's why this kind of scum appeared

That is why the children have been suffering

Finally become a cancer in society

Thinking of this

Da Zhuang could no longer restrain the anger in his heart

A punch to hit him

And the more ridiculous thing is

After this incident

Dazhuang was actually dismissed by the director

saying that he had violent tendencies

This is really a great irony

The good man was expelled

Evil people were protected

This was the society at that time

Dazhuang had no choice but to leave.

When he was leaving, Ergu was mocking him from afar

This is really pathetic and ridiculous

On the other hand

Police girl bald girl found the handsome boss

Rather than saying that this bald girl is a police girl

Not to say that she is a police scum

She is an intermediary between gangs

As long as the money is paid every month

She mediates between gangs

Whoever pays more money

will give more territory to whoever pays more money

But this time the blackmail

A little too much

It has attracted the drug cartel

Then tell the boss

This time is a bit tricky

It's not easy to handle

The key is that there's surveillance everywhere

Your boys are all exposed

But there is not no solution

Let's get some more money.

When the boss heard that


You just want to get more money

directly to the bald girl

After the boss found Xiaoshuai

Told him that the arrest of a little big trouble

Let Xiaoshuai first hide for a while

When the wind passed in his work arrangements

And let him hand over the goods robbed

This made Xiao Shuai very confused

He said to the boss directly

First of all, you asked me to do this

And at that time you also said it was not a big deal

It's just a simple blackmail

Now you're going back on your word

The boss told him directly

Because you killed someone

Xiao Shuai heard that

That's nonsense

At that time, either they died or we died

Of course there will be casualties

But the boss did not listen to the explanation

This attitude makes Xiao Shuai begin to think

If we hand over the goods

Would he not receive the money

Instead, he would be silenced

Thinking of this

Xiao Shuai pretended to verbally agree with the boss

And left in a hurry

The result just arrived at home bald girl came to the door

But after all, Xiao Shuai has been in prison for so many times

He also knows the law

Since he didn't have an arrest warrant or a search warrant

He made up a random excuse

He sent the bald girl away

When he went back to the house, he thought

That day before the boss asked him to meet him

asked him to bring the goods

But Xiao Shuai kept an eye out

Deliberately said he forgot to bring it

As a result, the police came to his door today

This means that these two people may know each other ah

One took the goods

One arrests people

It seems that I am busy and all the way 13 moves

In the end, he became a scapegoat

He rushed to call his friends

To transfer the goods

At least this batch of goods is a real bargaining chip

As long as these things in their own hands

No one would dare to touch Xiao Shuai

But now he was being watched by the police.

He had no choice.

He could only hide the goods in his daughter's school bag

Then he asked his friend to pick up his daughter Xiaohua from school

And then take the goods away

It seems that sometimes children are forced to transport drugs

It is also forced to have no choice

As it turns out

Xiaoshuai and Dami just left the house

They were stopped by the police

They searched them all

Dami, who was kept in the dark

directly dialed Dazhong's phone

for help

Immediately Dazhong arrived

Under the protection of his social worker position

Dami escaped

On the other hand, because Xiaoshuai moved the goods in advance

not searched out

So he was also released

After Dami was shocked

The first thing she thought of was her children at school

So she picked up Xiaohua with Dazhong

Unbeknownst to them, this just ruined

Xiao Shuai and his friend's plan

Until now, Dazhong and his friends still don't know

how much trouble they were in

He only knew that Xiaoshuai was usually violent at home

He thought that this was also a conflict between husband and wife

Dami told Dazhuang directly

Is there a place to take in mother and daughter?

She didn't want to be domestically abused anymore

Dazhong looked at the innocent child Xiaohua

So he agreed to Dajiang's request

But he was a social worker.

The address would be easily found

He had no choice but to ask the one person he didn't want to ask

His adoptive father.

After so many years of cold war

His father had long since let go of his feelings

and admitted to the mistakes of his youth

This is the first time after years that father and son

The first time they smiled face to face

It was a blessing in disguise

It saved Xiaohua and at the same time

Also let his relationship with his father ease

But is this really a good thing?

Let's read on

When Dami was talking with her father

She accidentally found out that Xiaohua's school bag

was actually drugs

This made Dazhong's father very angry

He immediately yelled at him

He thought his son was now

was following his old path

But this made Dazhong's face abhorrent

What the hell

Until he saw the drugs

Only then did he understand

So Xiao Shuai came home this time

Not to live a good life

To raise the adopted children well

but to use them to transport drugs

He was so angry that he gnashed his teeth

But Dazhong didn't know

Xiaoshuai also has a problem

He was also being used

Dazhong decided to go to the police first thing in the morning

But Xiaoshuai had the location of his daughter's cell phone.

He is searching the city for the mother and daughter

At this moment, Dazhong is still unaware of it

Talking with his father

Enjoying this hard-won reconciliation

This night was a happy one for Dazhuang

Because he finally got the understanding

But little did he know

This was the last night of his life

Then Xiao Shuai found this place

He rushed in directly

A gun battle broke out

In the end, during the argument

Xiao Mei's righteousness

Killed Xiaoshuai

And Dazhong was wounded too much

He passed away forever

Then the police arrived

Is this the end of the film?

Of course not.

Here comes the twist

Finally the boss was assassinated

And the murderer is the police girl bald girl

Here the film does not say

Bald girl hired the real reason for killing the boss

According to my guess there are two possibilities

The first one

Maybe at the beginning

Bald girl did not decide to help the boss to reconcile

but to use this excuse

To get more money from the boss

And then collect a sum of money from the drug cartel

Tell the boss where he is

The drug cartel bought and killed the boss

Just in time to help the bald girl to eliminate the mouth

The second type

Dazhong's death has attracted the attention of the FBI

Then the source of the drugs will be investigated

Bald girl is an insider

The information is very well-informed

She has received a lot of money from the boss

In order to protect herself

Can only kill the boss

But no matter which one it is

It's the evil one who has the last laugh

Society remains unchanged

The people who are free from the law still live a very happy life

The end of the film

The film also does not forget to satirize the

The current state of society

At the funeral of Dazhong

A group of people danced happily

And the people on the stage

to this funny tradition

But indifferent

More reflect the numbness of the people at that time

This is the end of the film

This is a film where the villain has the last laugh

It is also the usual style of beautiful country drama

This kind of film is a criticism of social unrest

does not need a perfect ending

Instead, it is easier to reveal the ugly society of the time

How rotten it was

If a city

Is bewitched from its roots

then the people will live in deep water and fire

That's why the fight against blackness and evil

In our country is the most important

In recent years is also a lot better

Large and small umbrellas have been uprooted

Really let the people

live in peace and prosperity

It really lives up to the saying

I do not regret entering China in this life

I want to enter Kyushu in the next generation


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