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Disaster movie "Doomsday Virus" commentary copy after viewing

Disastermovie "Doomsday Virus" comment ary text after viewing

Disaster movie "Doomsday Virus" commentary copy after viewing

The film we brought this time we will call it a literary horror film, the depiction of human nature is still quite profound. The screen is playing back a video from long ago, the mother and twin brothers waving happily to the camera. The father also participates and has fun with the kids. The brothers are having a great time on the beach, chasing seagulls. The scene shifts, the two blue skies are connected to each other, the scenery gradually becomes clear, and time has come to the world after the virus outbreak. On the endless highway, a car sped past. Surfboards were strapped to the roof of the car, foreshadowing the destination to be visited. A picture of the two brothers as children was taped to the car glass. The two have grown up. The one in the blue shirt is the younger brother, Xiaoshuai, and the one driving is the older brother, Dajiang. The passenger seat is the brother's girlfriend, Ahua. And Xiaoshuai sat side-by-side with the woman named Ah Xiang. Driving a stolen Mercedes, four people in the world without a cure for the plague, hastily and warmly to the destination. At this point, a car on the road ahead of them to stop their way, the car down an uncle, brother alert to let everyone first close the windows. The uncle said while approaching, we do not mean any harm, just want to borrow a little gasoline. The little loli in the car peeked half of the head to look. In such an apocalyptic situation, the brother was not willing to help him. The older man still did not give up and said we could make a deal. Ah Heung saw that the little girl had been infected and spoke out to remind the crowd. The brother drove the car to try to escape the place. Seeing that the car was leaving, Uncle couldn't think of anything else and slipped a wrench out of his sleeve. The uncle swung the wrench to smash the car window. The brother was a good driver and got around the car that was in the way. The car drove away, leaving only the uncle's increasingly blurred figure. A flower sympathetically said, they will certainly die. Dazhuang expressionlessly said, everyone will die. Due to the sharp turn just now, the car began to leak oil, and everything drove away into the unknown. Under the post-apocalyptic survival, brother Dazhong developed several rules. Rule number one, avoid infection at all costs. Rule number two, 24 hours to fully disinfect what the patient has touched before it can be used. Rule number three, people who have the disease have no medicine, no sympathy, different lines. Just under this rule, four people have been able to survive so far. Not long after the car was running, a puff of white smoke came out of the hood. The brother took out a wrench to the brother, oil leakage caused the car burst the cylinder, it looks like only a wrench is not good enough to repair. The brother came up with a solution, the car just did not have oil. One of the two girls said that there were infected people in that car and did not agree to go back. The other said that going back was the best option. Several people were at a standstill. Finally, there was no other way, the crowd took disinfectant water and gasoline and went to find the car just now. Nearly close, four people cautiously put on masks. The older man first introduced himself in a friendly manner, his name was Lao Wang. The brother had a gun in his hand and went straight to the point saying that the car was commandeered by us. Lao Wang told him there were infected people in the car, and the brother said we had enough disinfectant water and would do a full disinfection. Lao Wang said he heard an announcement a few weeks ago that people were flocking to a school where the CDC had set up an emergency site where the new antivenom was available. The brother didn't believe Lao Wang. There had been vaccines before, and they hadn't worked. The brother came up with a solution. Have the father and daughter sit in the back of the car and then isolate it with a whole sheet of plastic wrap. They carefully wiped with disinfectant water. The brother threw out all the father and daughter's luggage. Drove the new car to the place where they broke down. Xiao Shuai strapped their own things back on the roof of the car, not forgetting to take the brothers' photo together. By this time the radio broadcast that the school was closed because of a virus outbreak. At the end of the day, Shuai tells stories about when he and his brother were kids. At that moment, the

Two cars came in the darkness and several people rushed to put out the fire. A figure fled in fear under the headlights, and after a gunshot, the fleeing man rolled down into the grass. The crowd did not dare to make a sound, pie breathing, watching nervously. Now the weak and the strong are embodied in the best way. The next day, the crowd resumed their journey. With the appearance of biochemical signs, the group finally approached their destination. The streets were empty and garbage trucks were piled high with infected bodies. The car stopped in front of a school. Lori did not want to be left alone in the car and pleaded with her father not to go. A-hwa says I'll stay with her, and Da-jang tells A-hwa to remember to keep her distance. Several of them entered the school, which was empty. They came to a basketball gym, which was filled with hospital beds. The crowd was delighted to find a doctor working inside. Old Wang hurriedly went up to ask about the situation here. The doctor said that the supervisor here died on Thursday. The old king wanted the doctor to help his daughter, but he found out that the doctor was also infected. The doctor told them I have a serum here, but it can only stabilize the patient for three days, but cannot be cured and will only add to the pain for longer. The doctor didn't want to go on like this, and he planned to end his life. A flower in the car with little Lori, when the child began to breathe sharply, A flower anxiously through the plastic sheet to call little Lori. The situation was urgent, A-hwa held the mask, tore open the plastic film of isolation and removed the oxygen mask to little Lori. Just then, Lori spat out a mouthful of blood. A-hwa was stunned, there was already blood on her face. She hurriedly re-pasted the plastic film. Old Wang and the others were already walking back. Ahua tried to calm down, suddenly saw blood on the sleeves of clothes, scared to take off his coat. Da Zhuang came back and said there was nothing here. The old king found his daughter fell in the car and asked what happened, A-hwa did not want to say just a few perfunctory words. At this time, little Lori got up and said she wanted to relieve herself. Old Wang held his daughter but was afraid that Dazhuang would not wait for them, and he hoped that Dazhuang would have some conscience. But the old king just left, Dazhuang moved their luggage from the car, but the younger brother felt bad, but the brother said to bring them here has been kind. Xiao Shuai can only apologize for watching the father and daughter turn around and get into the car. The car started, Lori busy back to look. The old king heard the engine but did not turn around. He asked his daughter a children's song that her teacher had taught her to divert her attention. The father sang along with his daughter, drowning out the despair with his voice, and slowly walked toward the visible end. Although his brow was furrowed, his pace was so determined, such is the great fatherly love. The brothers began to fully disinfect the car, and Hana threw away the blood-stained clothes when no one was looking. The car arrived at a golf club and the brothers began to check the room for any abnormalities. A-hwa looked in the mirror and carefully checked for infection, reassuring herself that nothing was wrong. At this point, Da Zhuang calls out to the others that he has found a swimming pool, and the brother goes over there, only to miss checking a locked room. Dazhong found that the stick seemed to be hanging onto something, only to yank up an infected corpse. In shock, the brother slipped and almost fell into the water. He clung to the pedal, and if he fell into the water he would surely be infected. Just when he couldn't hold on, his brother came to save his brother. At night, Xiao Shuai and Xiang found that there were other people in the house and hid in the kitchen. The man turned around and left without finding them. The two tried to sneak away, but they were caught when they escaped to the door. The leader here asked several of them to leave his territory, and while checking if they were infected, Da Zhuang found out that Ah Hua had been infected. They continued their journey after dawn, by which time several people had put on masks. After a long consideration, Dazhong let A-hwa out of the car and the other two were silent. Dazhong gave A-hwa some food and water and told her to walk to the next town. A-hwa begged hard not to leave her behind, but Dazhong said that because of your kindness you infected yourself with the virus. A-hwa looked at the distant car, leaving herself with only pain and sorrow. Da Zhuang they came to a house and found that he had also been infected, his brother hurriedly put on a mask, and Ah Heung saw Xiao Shuai with a mask and understood what was wrong. This time Dazhuang was isolated by the plastic film. He became very weak, the car played songs, surrounded by a dense darkness, when only they were left, I wonder if they felt lonely, or lonely. Stopping to rest, my brother offered to keep the car keys for himself. Several people sat around the fire, brother sometimes awake and sometimes asleep, with the gun in his lap. Ah Heung gave Xiao Shuai a wink and told him to get the gun and keys. The brother put on the mask to prepare for action, just still sleeping brother suddenly called out to the brother, choking and asked the brother what is wrong with me, why have I become so cold-blooded and heartless. He said and passed out again. The brother obediently took his brother's pistol and handed it to Ah Heung. Xiao Shuai shed tears, because of the abandonment of his brother, or the shame of his own behavior, everything is clear only to him. They were just about to go to the car when the brother's voice came over. Asking where they were going, the brother said we were leaving. It turned out that the brother had the wrong keys and the real car keys were in the brother's hand. The brother pointed the gun at the brother and asked for the car keys. The brother said to take me with him and we would go to the beach together like we used to, laughing and playing and chasing the waves. The brother didn't want to take him with him. The brother said he wanted the car keys and either killed me or took me with him. Xiao Shuai put on the mask and said this is the rule you set, people who have been infected are no different from dead people. Brother with a faint smile, Xiaoshuai pulled the trigger and killed his own brother. The fire from the shot reflected the photo inside the car. The last lesson Dazhong taught his brother was to end his own suffering with a bullet, and he had to tell Xiaoshuai that living is destined to take a lot. The two men are back on the road, the end of the road under the doom is endless loneliness and gloom, perhaps death is not a good thing. The sunny and warm smile of my brother can only appear in the memory in the future. The sweet and beautiful memories of laughing and chasing around the beach with my brother, with my short blonde hair floating in the wind, are now only memories.

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