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Drama film "the most beautiful retrograde" movie review Explanatory text Afterthoughts

Positive energydramafilm "the most beautiful retrograde" movie review Explanation text View after

Drama film "the most beautiful retrograde" movie review Explanatory text Afterthoughts

The pair of traffickers pretended to lose their documents

Fooled the staff into sympathy

Successfully boarded the train to Wuhan

A woman named Zheng Ying

is a railroad police officer

Halfway through the train, she found the man drinking ice water to his sleeping daughter in his arms

It's winter now

Near the Chinese New Year

Zheng Ying senses something unusual

She took the opportunity to test the man

How old is the child?

Five years old

He's the same age as our child.

Yes, yes, yes, he's a bull.

The child is a bull

Nonsense, five years old is supposed to be a sheep

What kind of father can't remember his daughter's zodiac sign?

The boy showed his face

The trafficker was arrested and brought to justice

Zheng Ying originally planned to hold a wedding with her boyfriend during the Spring Festival

Her boyfriend is also a railroad police officer

Who knew that the new coronavirus suddenly broke out

The epidemic became more and more serious

The wedding had to be cancelled

The national administration took an oath

To join the battle that has no smoke and mirrors

To go to the front line of the protest without hesitation

To provide the first line of security for the general public

Wuhan will be officially closed on January 23, 2020

The number of virus infected people is soaring.

Medical supplies were severely understocked

Many doctors were unable to close their eyes for days and nights

Female doctors who have not returned home for many days look at their children from a few meters away


Don't come over

Come here next

I can't hold you

Told her husband to take care of the family

This moment she as a doctor is righteous

Wuhan emergency

A party in need of support from others

National self-clothed angel rushed to Wuhan

Our respiratory materials are all in the battle

Regardless of life and death, regardless of pay

No matter life or death, no matter how much we are paid

Loving entrepreneurs have donated epidemic prevention materials

Help the motherland to tide over the difficulties as soon as possible

Zheng Ying's father is the director of a hospital

During the SARS outbreak in 2003

He lost his wife to save patients

This also became a barrier between father and daughter

After the father's marriage

The daughter could never forgive her father

During the epidemic when masks were scarce

The father brought the mask to the daughter

The past seemed to be vivid in the daughter's mind

She didn't know when she could forgive her father

He was a fraudster

Willingly risked being caught

Boarded the train under Zheng Ying's jurisdiction

The man was coughing as he walked

Unaware that he was already a newly crowned patient

The neighboring passengers reported him in time

Zheng Ying confirmed that he was the suspect involved in the case

When the man resisted

She subdued him with a back drop

But unfortunately, she came into close face-to-face contact with him

After returning home, Zheng Ying began to cough and have a fever

She hid it from her on-duty boyfriend and forced a smile

A few days later she finally couldn't take it anymore

After coming to the hospital

She was diagnosed as a new crown patient

Your report was positive

Forced to be treated in isolation

Zheng Ying was so scared that she sat on the ground

She knew that this was the early stage of the virus

The chances of a successful cure are slim

The fraudster learned that he had infected the policewoman

He regretted it

He had been reluctant to confess

confessed to the crime

This little girl with a new crown pneumonia naughty

Tore off the female nurse's mask

After the nurse calmed the girl

Crouched in the corner crying tears

She knows how likely she is to be infected

Although she was a nurse

But she was also a daughter

Immediately after she was placed in mandatory isolation

Officially diagnosed

At her bedside, she called the chief's father, who had not been able to close his eyes for several nights.

She called her father, the director of the hospital, who was trying to save the patient.

She cried and comforted her father.

She told him to come back safely.

Father and he agreed to visit her in a few days

At this moment, the father did not know

This would be the last phone call he would have with his daughter

After hanging up the phone

The daughter could not stop her tears for a long time

How much the father wanted to take care of his daughter himself

But in the face of national tragedy

He was an angel in white

He could only sacrifice his family to protect the whole family

The next day, his daughter's condition worsened.

Many doctors were trying to help.

The daughter's pain was so strong

Tightening her eyes

Just waiting for her father to arrive

To see him one last time

Colleagues are telling her to hold on

The father was on his way

After a few minutes

She closed her eyes

She gave her young and precious life for her country.

At that moment, her father pushed in the door.

It was the last second.

The father looked at his daughter's body on the hospital bed.

He was trembling as he walked.

His daughter was still holding

The green hairpin her father had bought for her

The father trembled on the ground with excitement

The father was alone in the corridor, pushing his daughter's cold body

Tears soaked the mask

Blocking the goggles

As if the daughter asked her father to stay with her for the last time

Who can understand the feeling of sending the dead to the black at this moment?

As the car carrying the body left

The daughter's colleague recalled her work with her little by little

Falling to the ground and crying

Can not forget for a long time

People like her sacrifice

During the epidemic, there were countless others.

Every doctor was fighting for every second

Rescuing patients from the hands of death

This Dr. Li was so exhausted

He collapsed in the operating room.

When he woke up, the first thing he did was

instructed the nurse to test the patient's blood sugar

He collapsed in the operating room

Told the nurse to test the patient's blood sugar

Watching the patient pass away from him/her

But there was nothing I could do

Even the strongest doctor

can't help but break down and cry

This is a police officer who was infected with Neoconiosis.

Her father is the director of the hospital.

If there hadn't been an outbreak

A few days later, she would have gotten married in a big way.

Her boyfriend is holding flowers in front of the isolation ward

Looking at the woman's hair from afar

Talking from the heart

In the intensive care unit

The woman thinks of her father who is separated from her

She pleaded with the nurse to help video call with her father

The father looked at his dying daughter on the hospital bed

Crying, he said to his daughter

I'm sorry for you

I want to visit you, but I can't go in Wuhan

Can you forgive your father?

At this moment, my daughter's condition has worsened

Still unable to speak

The father begged his daughter to forgive him

The daughter used her last strength

She gasped for air and said


I forgive you

On the other side of the phone

The father looked at his daughter's heart cut like a knife

Crying out loud

The daughter knew she didn't have much time left.

Her last wish was to wear a wedding dress

To get married to her boyfriend

Hospital makes exception to her last request

A woman in a wedding dress.

Oxygen mask on her head

Sitting quietly in a wheelchair

Several paramedics push her towards her boyfriend

Boyfriend and family through the glass

A simple but difficult wedding ceremony with her

The wedding began

The wedding ceremony

The medical staff present saw this scene

They all shed tears of emotion

Seeing her boyfriend and herself worshiping the heaven and earth

The woman was trembling

Her eyes were slightly closed

Slowly stretched out her hands

With the last bit of strength

With the help of the doctor, she stood up


She took off the oxygen grass that supported her last life

A kiss with her boyfriend through the glass

In her mind's eye

Seemed to see the real wedding scene

Then she closed her eyes

Seems to see the real wedding scene

Falling in front of her boyfriend

This is the end of the film

In front of this sudden battle

Like Zheng Ying

Thousands of people walking against the wind

They walk against the wind

Rising to the occasion

Dedicated to the fight against the epidemic

With the unity of the Chinese people

Wuhan as the main battleground for the prevention and control of the epidemic in China

The epidemic prevention and control, mainly in Wuhan, has achieved a stage victory

But finally, we remind you

The epidemic is not over yet

We still need to be vigilant

To those who are working on the front line

Well, that's it for this episode.


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