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Horror movie "A classic horror story" movie review Explanation of the material Afterthoughts

Horror movie "A classic horror story" movie review Commentary material Afterthoughts

Horror movie "A classic horror story" movie review Explanation of the material Afterthoughts

This is a horror legend

In order to protect the people of the village from starving to death

The villagers must offer human eyes

Ears and tongues as sacrifices

This kind of legend, which sounds feudal and absurd

is actually played out in the 21st century

What really happened to them?

Today we will watch 2021

The latest horror thriller

A Classic Horror Story

Xiao Mei is currently a doctor-in-training

Life has just begun

But she got pregnant before she was married

Now the scumbag guy has disappeared without a trace

For the sake of her future Xiao Mei can only go home to have an abortion

She booked a hitchhiker

Lao Wang is a vlogger

In order to record the departure of the situation

He acted as a temporary photography

There was also a couple in the same front

They were going to their best friend's wedding

The other one is a relatively cold doctor

Then Xiao Mei also got into the car

She was a little shy in front of the camera

There were five people in the car

We all set off in laughter

Thoughtful Wang prepared beer for everyone

Couple of men happy to share the wine to everyone

Because of her pregnancy

Xiao Mei refused to drink at first

This seems to look like a bad group

So Xiao Mei also had a bottle

Not far from the car, a billboard caught Xiaomi's attention

Unexpectedly, the eyes of the characters on it were all erased

Then everyone talked about the mafia

The mafia is the dark side of the area

Every now and then there are disappearances

Obviously they have nothing to do with it

Halfway through the conversation

Mei started vomiting

Everyone rushed to pull over

Everyone thought she was just carsick

But the drunken couple insisted on driving

We all disagreed

But he sat on the driver's side and refused to come down

Apparently the area was sparsely populated, so he was allowed to

The others were already asleep

Only Wang and the couple were chatting

It turned out that Wang was a student at the film school

Had suffered hearing damage due to violence

During the roadside deer warning signs appeared

As a result, while they were raising their glasses and drinking

A dead animal suddenly appeared on the road

Wang swerved to avoid it

The next second the car crashed into the roadside

The next day the people woke up

The couple man's thigh injury

The doctor did a simple treatment for him

Use iron bars to make a temporary brace

Xiao Mei rushed to call for help

But there is no signal here

They plan to go to the road for help

Now they realized that there was no road

They came to a clearing surrounded by trees

But the accident happened on the side of the road last night

How could they come back here?

What's even weirder is that

There was an oddly shaped red cabin

And a horn stand filled with lights.

They went to the front of the house and asked for help.

Through the window

The couple saw a bloody table inside

After calling the door without success, they returned to the car

Both Wang and the couple said the accident was caused by each other

The eerie situation scared everyone

There is no road here, and to get here

Either through thousands of trees

Or fall from the sky

The doctor and Lao Wang went out to find a way.

Old Wang, who grew up here, suggested going south

Xiao Mei tried to use her cell phone to contact her mother for help

But the message didn't go out at all

Couple of women came over to share their funny video

Strange passengers now depend on each other

Xiaomei and the couple woman chatted about their own scum cheated

And met this shit really bad luck

The couple asked Xiao Mei

Is the car accident the boyfriend's fault?

Xiao Mei said it is not his fault

On the other hand, Wang and the doctor are still looking for the road

Old Wang said he once saw a movie

It was about people who didn't know they were in hell

Every day they start the same day

This seems to be very similar to what they are experiencing now

Talking about

Then a strange scene in front of them made them stop in their tracks

Underneath the three scarecrows draped in red cloth were five

Bloody pig heads

The sign reads "3 Horsemen of Glory".

It looked like some kind of ritual

The two men were so scared that they rushed back

On the other hand, Xiao Mei saw the door of the red house open

Seeing that everyone else was asleep

She had to check the situation herself

Mei poked her head in and asked if anyone was home

The house was filled with pictures of people wearing masks

Suddenly there was a strange sound from inside the room

Xiaowei went to look for her body

The room was filled with candles


Old Wang explained the horror legend written on the wall

The Three Horsemen of Glory are actually the Three Horsemen of Darkness

One of them was blind, one was deaf and one was mute

A long time ago, there was a famine in the village

Many villagers died of hunger

The three horsemen promised to save everyone

The condition was that they needed tongues

Eyes and ears as sacrifices

Then this sacrificial tradition was passed down

Think about the five pig heads in the woods

Does not correspond to their five people?

Such an ominous legend and scene

We all had a lot of fears

We decided to spend the night in the car

The couple man began to blame himself

Old Wang began to analyze the situation of the past few days

He thought it was the same as the bridge of a horror movie

Said the old king went to the woodland for convenience

At this moment appeared

Two people wearing masks looked straight at Old Wang

Old Wang was so scared that he held back his urine

This side of the crowd found the end of the red house was lit up

Couple of women are bold

Charge ahead of the front

She took down the ladder and climbed up to the second floor to check

The old king rushed to tell everyone that there was someone in the forest

The doctor left the couple man and ran into the red house after him

They saw a girl locked in a straw cage on the second floor

There was still a tongue in the water bottle on the floor

According to the legend, the girl was the sacrifice

Suddenly the red siren of the sacrifice sounded outside the house

The couple was worried about their boyfriend

Wanted to rush out to save him

They were stopped

Three strangely dressed men dragged the lover boy into the house

Tied him to the table

Ritual music was played

The strange man took a hammer and broke the couple's feet

Then reveals his mask

It was the Three Horsemen of Glory

Then he pulls out a horrible prop

Aimed at the eyes of the couple man

Looks like they want to gouge out his eyes

The crowd saw all this through Mu Feng

They were too scared to make a sound

Then the alarm of the end of the ritual sounded

The three men left

The next day everyone rescued the mute girl

The couple woman was in deep grief and couldn't help herself

There were still blood stains and props on the table

All this means that they have really hit the evil this time

Everyone abandoned the car and fled

If they didn't escape, they would become sacrifices

They came to an abandoned car park

Now they realized

So they were not the first to be killed

So where did all the others go to die?

The doctor angrily blamed the couple.

He thinks it's all his boyfriend's fault

The woman blamed the doctor for running away alone

He questions the doctor's ability and identity

Why would a doctor carpool?

Usually they would choose a more advanced way of travel

The two argue endlessly

The mute woman got into a car to touch her diary

Xiao Mei asked her if she knew the way out

And the mute woman writes "This is not a forest."

If it's not a forest, then what is it?

Before Mei has time to think

The ritual alarm sounded again

From last night's experience

I think someone is going to be killed again.

They didn't dare to stop and keep running

Only to find themselves back in front of the red house

The forest was too big to get out of.

This time, even the car disappeared.

Only a bottle of beer was left behind

Despite the fear they had to spend the night in the red house


Everyone was on edge

As everyone drank their sorrows away

The doctor confessed that he had killed a patient

Disciplinary action followed by a fight with his wife

That's why he chose to carpool away from home

Old Wang said

He was wrongly accused of being a mafioso and killed

Xiao Mei told of her family selling their house

to pay for her education and prepare for abortion

The atmosphere gradually eased

Everyone was scared and frightened

The whole day was soon spent in sleep.

The midnight ritual alarm sounded again

Red light burst into the house

Xiao Mei woke up and went out of the room

She found the lights above the speakers all lit up

The couple girl, the mute girl, the doctor

They were all tied up on a stage that suddenly appeared

A group of masked villagers were staring at her

Her pupils dilated in fear

She stood there dumbfounded

At this moment Old Wang dragged Xiao Mei into the house and closed the door

The villagers did not do anything else

They just wanted the ritual to begin

They turned around and faced the stage

Like the legend

After the winged horse stomped on the feet a few times

the ritual began

The men on the stage with the masks of the knights of glory began to recite the incantation

They hold fiery knives

The blind knight gouges out the eyes of the lovers

The deaf knight cuts off the ear of the doctor

The ears, eyes and tongue come together

They began to ring the bell

Put the sacrifice on the straw man mask high in the air

Then a knife killed two people

The ritual was completed

Xiao Mei completely collapsed

The bloody scene is really horrible

This does not make sense ah

We were just sleeping together.

How could her companion be taken away?

I did not know anything about it

Old Wang's true face gradually emerged

He pretended to be kind and hugged Xiao Mei to comfort her

Picked up the bottle of wine

Smell the wine she suspected that the wine was drugged

And the old king again hugged Xiaomei to comfort her

Just too scared to think

Xiaomei seemed to accept this explanation

She leaned her head against Lao Wang's ear

Suddenly she heard a voice coming from his ear

The other party kept calling Lao Wang's name

She asked him to take Xiao Mei to a place

It turned out that Lao Wang was not wearing a hearing aid at all

But a Bluetooth headset

Exposed by the old Wang began to swear

Blaming Xiao Mei for ruining his plan

Not long after the old king called someone to drag away Xiao Mei

Xiaomei was taken outside

She had been beaten and covered in blood

Her hands were nailed to the chair with iron nails

In front of her eyes was a joyful dinner scene

The villagers were offered a sumptuous meal through the ritual

The lady in the newspaper was also present.

Xiao Mei's miserable situation looks out of place

She said "help" in a breathless voice.

But everyone is absorbed in the one-eyed

The boy's song

He was singing the praises of the Three Horsemen of Glory.

The crowd applauded and raised their glasses to the knights.

Xiao Mei cried with sadness

The villagers followed suit

The mayor slaps the table and stops the crowd

The three knights of glory are the founders of the Mafia

Of course, the mayor was among them

By sacrificing the mayor, he captured the hearts of the people

And relying on mafia operations to secure his position

If Xiao Mei doesn't die, everyone will be left without food

A police car is coming.

Mei screams for help.

The mayor got into the car and left without looking back

Faced with Xiao Mei's desperation

The people ate indifferently with their heads down

They only care about their own rice bowls

They don't care about other people's lives

A man pushed Xiao Mei into the house

Inside the house were large screens

Recorded every scene they walked through

Including the corpse of the animal halfway down the road

Then Old King appeared on the screen

He arranged everything and then filmed it as a horror movie

Xiao Mei was angry and hated

This kind of realistic murder horror film

It could sell for a very high price

But all this was ruined by Xiao Mei

Wang was so angry

He planned to rewrite the script and then kill Xiao Mei

Xiao Mei no longer wanted to be manipulated

She put up with the pain

She pulled her hand out of the nail and blood kept flowing out.

After a simple bandage, she went outside the house to look for the mute girl

The place is full of props from the movie.

Outside the tent, a woman's clothes caught Xiao Mei's attention.

She went inside the tent to see

There was a mask of a knight

There was a camera next to it

Suddenly the sound of yelling inside the car came

Old Wang was still angry

His perfect movie was ruined by Xiao Mei

He was working on a new script

He didn't expect the mute girl to be there

They started to argue

Finally the argument ended with a slap from the mute girl

Then she started to make up to look like the mute girl

Preparing for the next scene

She wasn't the victim at all

She was an accomplice of Old Wang

All this was overheard by Xiao Mei who was lying outside the window

Even the mute girl was a fake

Xiao Mei felt so deceived

She decided to fight back

Open the door

Xiao Mei with a mask and a gun shot the mute girl directly

Old Wang saw the shotgun jammed and rushed towards Xiao Mei

At the critical moment Xiao Mei shot him in the leg

The old king fell to the ground

Cursing and calling the staff to save him

But no one heard

This time it was Xiao Mei who controlled the camera

She wrote her own script

She recorded it all on tape

The old king began to curse and beg for mercy

Xiao Mei reassured him that it was just a movie

Then she directly killed the old king

Facing the camera

Mei took off her mask and said this is your end

Xiao Mei was walking in the forest with a gun

Suddenly a boy appeared

He saw Xiao Mei and ran away

Xiao Mei followed him through the barbed wire fence

It says on the internet that illegal armed surveillance is prohibited in military areas

No wonder this area is deserted

Let the old king do whatever he wants

Follow the boy to a beach

Here everyone is soaking up the sun.

Enjoying the romance of the sea breeze

Seeing Xiao Mei covered in blood

They all raised their phones to take pictures of her

Xiao Mei took out her cell phone

She found that the phone had a signal

She had escaped

In the end, Xiao Mei walked into the sea

The sea drowned her in the end credits

This horror film was still put on the dark web

Netizens have given bad reviews

The end of the film

This film is a bit like "Truman's World

The characters unknowingly

become part of the live broadcast

At the beginning

The horror is taken in the direction of the paranormal

But then the reversal reveals

This is a live broadcast

People unknowingly

Became the entertainment in the eyes of others

Distorted human nature and values make this happen


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