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Horror short film "Dark Alley" commentary text Movie Review Afterthoughts

Horror short film "Dark Alley" commentary text Movie Review Afterthoughts

Horror short film "Dark Alley" commentary text Movie Review Afterthoughts

A guy is riding his bike late at night

Passing a crossroads

saw an offering there

A piece of meat and a bowl of rice

There were three incense sticks on top

He didn't care and rushed off on his bike

When he was ready to go home after delivering the goods

Suddenly heard a strange knocking sound

The sound was very close to him

Then came the sound of eating

A child was squatting at the intersection eating the offering he had just made

His hair was long and he couldn't see his face

In the late night very rash people

When the boy passed by

saw the food being moved

He also heard the sound of running faintly

He was frightened and wanted to leave quickly

But the car accidentally knocked over the rice

Then the sound of children's laughter was heard in the air

Then something horrible happened.

The guy always felt that someone was following him

And he heard the sound of running.

But in the long alley

There was no one to be seen

But the sound was still coming out from time to time

The guy was scared

He looked backwards

While staring hard at the car

When he passed a crossroads

The guy stopped

He was about to turn his head to see

It turned out that the one following him was a ghost

The ghost's eyes were wide

With blood dripping from the corners of its mouth

It was following the guy

The guy accelerated all the way to the front door of the house finally

Threw the car to the ground

He hurriedly opened the door and entered the house

But then the roller shutter door behind him shaking

The guy rushed upstairs

But until he got into the house

The sound did not stop

The knocking sound is getting closer and closer

It became clearer and clearer

The guy walked towards the curtain

The ghost was lying outside looking at him

The guy was terrified

He fell down and hit his head and passed out

When he woke up, the world was quiet

It was as if everything was back to normal

He poked his body out the window.

He didn't see anything

The guy was finally relieved

He wanted to go out and get his car back

But just as he opened the door

An offering appeared at his door

The guy was terrified

Who was this offering for?

He did not dare to think about it


This short film is called "Dark Alley

Only eight minutes but the level of horror is quite acceptable

Ask everyone a question

Have you ever spilled a sacrifice?


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