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Adventure movie "Iron Man 1" movie review Afterthoughts Explanatory text

Adventuremovie "Iron Man 1" movie review Afterthoughts Explanation Copy

Adventure movie "Iron Man 1" movie review Afterthoughts Explanatory text

He doesn't do his job

He's a rich kid who goes around picking up girls

He is arrogant and domineering

He doesn't give a damn even if he wins the top prize in America

He's one of the richest men in America.

He's an inventor, an adventurer.

And of course, most importantly

He is the smartest man in the world

He is the owner of the largest arms dealer in the United States

Tony Stark.

On this day he came to the war zone in Afghanistan

To show the world his latest missile system.

Claiming that one launch would wipe out all the bad guys

The moment the missile exploded.

The power of the missile stunned everyone

But as he was on his way home.

He was attacked by a targeted terrorist.

He saw the weapon that attacked them.

"Stark Industries" was written on it.

He couldn't have imagined

How the weapons he produced could be in the hands of a terrorist organization

That's when the bomb exploded.

He was seriously injured and passed out.

When he woke up again.

He found himself lying in a dilapidated prison

Next to him was a cellmate, Ethan.

And he found himself

Was connected to a battery

A large hole had been gouged in his chest.

With an unknown object inside.

He was stunned.

What the hell is going on here?

It was Ethan who saved him.

Because the bomb shrapnel broke through his bulletproof vest.

It was threatening his heart.

Ethan helped him remove as much shrapnel as he could.

But there was still a lot left that couldn't be removed.

These fragments would flow with the blood to the heart

So he came up with a solution.

With an electromagnet to stop the shrapnel from advancing

Thus saving Stark

That's when someone came in.

Apparently a small leader of a terrorist group.

He claims that Stark is the most famous murderer the United States has ever seen.

And he wants Stark to build him more sophisticated missiles.

Of course Stark didn't want to.

He had no idea that the peace he was seeking

He never thought that the peace he was seeking would be aiding and abetting the enemy.

He was taken outside the cave by the young leader.

All the weapons here were made by himself.

He was so distraught that he decided to save himself.

So he accepted the chief's request.

However, he only had seven days.

He asked for all the materials he could use.

The desire to survive always works miracles.

First he had to get rid of the battery

In this difficult environment, he built a miniature reactor

Enough to last his heart for thousands of years.

Secondly, he drew up some drawings for a weapon.

On the surface, they look normal.

But by overlaying them together

It was the manuscript of a steel mech.

This was the only way he could break out.

Faced with 24-hour real-time surveillance.

He had to race against time.

Six days had passed.

He was one step closer to success.

That's when the big boss noticed something.

He was coming in with his men.

Ethan to buy Stark the last time

Grabbed the gun and rushed out

The mech was finally assembled.

The angry Stark began to revenge

He killed a man and a god.

He killed the big boss with one shot

He saw Ethan, who was dying next to him.

Not long after he died

He came out of the cave

In the face of many enemies, he was not afraid.

He wanted to burn all the weapons here

At the last moment

The mech ejected.

He was saved.

Stark returned to America as he had hoped.

To minimize the tragedy.

He had to hold a press conference.

As unconventional as ever.

He asked the reporters to sit with him on the floor.

He told the story of his experience

Finally he decided to stop making weapons

And it took effect immediately

Because he knew

Only by not producing weapons

the terrorists would never get a point

This news stunned everyone present

It caused Stark Industries' stock price to plummet 56%.

His uncle Obi approached him and questioned him.

He said he had a new way out.

A miniature ark reactor that hadn't been developed in 30 years.

He had built it.

Obie was overjoyed to see it and let go of his fears.

Stark was really good.

In a matter of days, he started updating his reactor.

He had his assistant, Pepper, burn the generation reactor.

He doesn't like nostalgia.

Stark began secretly researching a new generation of mechs.

He thought it would be the ultimate weapon.

But he was afraid of leaking it.

So he didn't tell anyone.

The only person who accompanied him was Jarvis, the machine butler

On the other hand

It turns out that Big Boss came back from the dead.

And also found the remnants of Stark's mech left in the desert

A bigger conspiracy is coming

The day Obi came to the door

Said the company's board of directors is planning to fire him as the boss

If you don't want to be fired

You need to show something convincing.

Like the reactor on Stark's chest.

Stark refused.

He would rather be fired than hand it over.

Then he went downstairs to continue working on the mech.

This time the mecha went well.

The Mark II came out.

He was so excited that he flew out.

Looking out at the city at night.

He became more and more excited

He went straight up into the sky

He was going to break the record for the height of an airplane

But just at that moment

Due to flying too high

The whole mech was frozen and could not run

It fell from the height directly

Just as it was about to fall to the ground

Mecha regained power

Stark saved a life

He really went crazy

Back home

He received a gift from Pepper

Opened it.

It was his first generation reactor

Pepper didn't burn it for him.

Instead, he made a beautiful specimen

And on it was written

Stark has a warm heart

Stark smiled and preserved him

To be able to handle more combat situations

Stark then started the development of the Mark III

Reinforced the mecha materials and solved the problem of high altitude freezing

The new mech began to assemble itself.

He'd been at home too long.

He had to go out and socialize.

He came to the party and met with Agent Coulson of S.H.I.E.L.D.

S.H.I.E.L.D. was very interested in him.

But then he turned his head and saw Pepper in her sexy outfit.

He walked right past Coulson.

And Chili picked up a social dance

Pepper felt bad at this point

After all, he is an assistant

Do not want to spread any scandal with his boss

So he went to the rooftop and Stark argued

Of course that didn't stop Pepper from becoming the boss's wife later on

Stark returns to the party.

One of the reporters he'd slept with before approached him

Showed him a few photos of terrorist weapons

He mocked Stark for saying one thing to his face and doing another behind his back.

Stark didn't realize the company's arms deal was still going on.

He approached Obi to ask about the situation

Obi didn't deny it.

And told him

The board fired him because it was Obi's idea

Stark was stunned.

After his father's death

Obi was the one person he trusted and was closest to.

And he betrayed him like that.

He put on the newly developed Mark 3.

He was furious

He wanted revenge for all of this.

He put on the newly developed Mark 3.

He was furious.

He flew at supersonic speed to a terrorist lair.

He's going to save the inhabitants of this place to atone for his sins.

And he's going to start a new wave of revenge.

These people were no threat to him now.

The group skill is activated.

They were instantly wiped out.

He was on his way to the next lair.

Destroying all the Stark Industries weapons there.

But he was shot down by a tank in mid-air.

And the tank's power was just enough to wear down the mechs.

Stark shot a small missile at the tank.

He didn't look back and left.

That's how confident he was.

Stark's goal was achieved.

He destroyed all the weapons in the area.

He was ready to go home.

And that's when he was targeted by the military.

The military didn't know what this thing was.

So they attacked it.

During the battle, one of the planes accidentally crashed.

In the end, Colonel Rhodes found out that it was his best friend inside.

Found a random reason to let Stark go

And said to Stark owed him a plane

Of course, Stark finally returned Rod than the plane a hundred times stronger things

This is a later story

Obi at this time also through the news found Stark's secret

Came to the war zone

The original Stark was kidnapped at the beginning

Terrorist weapons supply is all the ghost of Obi

The bad guys began to reveal their true colors

Obi succeeded in getting the plans of the mecha from the big boss

His next step is to find the world's best engineers to develop a micro reactor

Stark's side was hollowed out due to his power.

He needs Pepper to go to Obi's office and steal the files.

He needed to know what Obi was up to.

That's when Obi comes in.

Pepper says hello in a panic.

He walks away, pretending to be calm.

Obi turned on the computer.

On the interface, the words "download complete" were written.

He realized something was wrong.

The research on the micro reactor was still in progress

But he knew he was out of time.

Everything was going to be exposed

So he went to find Stark to do it first

At this time Stark just got on the phone with Pepper

But could not say anything

Obi took the reactor from his chest

This will certainly kill him

Stark fought back his paralyzed nerves.

He thought of the gift Pepper had given him.

The generation reactor that was supposed to be destroyed.

He crawled over to it.

Pepper realized the urgency of the situation.

He called S.H.I.E.L.D. and prepared to find Obi.

And told Rhodes to save Stark.

And told Stark that Pepper was on her way to find Obi.

Stark realized that Pepper and these people are definitely not a match for Obi

Go to reinforce

Obi side has completed the last step of the mecha

Mecha assembly is complete

At this time, Pepper and his men also arrived

At that moment, Pepper saw a giant mecha standing in front of her

It was Obi.

Just as Obi was about to attack Pepper

Stark arrived and fought with Obi

But Obi's mecha is too big and heavy

For a while Stark was no match for him

At that moment he thought of a move

Immediately flew into the air

Obi caught up with him

When it reached a certain height

Obi's mech instantly froze and fell down

At that moment, Mark 3's mecha energy was not much left.

Back on the ground

I didn't expect Obi to be alive.

Stark put on guard and was beaten up

In a moment of despair

Pepper turned on the power of the large reactor to the maximum

Obi was killed by the energy of reopening the sky

It's time for another conference

Coulson very kindly prepared a speech for Stark

But Stark was not in the habit of reading from the script

Finally he said the most inspiring words

I am Iron Man

Ending egg

Stark returns home

To find S.H.I.E.L.D. Director Fury waiting for him

Telling him that there are many more people like you in the world.

He's going to organize these people into the Avengers.

This film was the beginning of Marvel.

It saved Marvel from being in deep trouble.

It also saved Stark's actor Robert Downey Jr.

The Marvel Universe has been kicked off since then

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