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Narration copy for the drama film "Life Like Paper

Drama film "like paper life" comment ary copy

Narration copy for the drama film "Life Like Paper

The man is sick with a deep scar on his waist

He must be suffering from a serious kidney disease

However, he was carried to the hospital by his friends on this day with great difficulty

He was thought to be critically ill

He will get emergency treatment

But the security guard told them to take a number first

He was trembling as he suffered from the disease

It felt like death was standing right next to him

Suddenly a mother was in a hurry

She rushed into the hospital with her child.

It was obvious that he came first

But the nurses and doctors rescued the child first

Seeing the mother left in the same place helpless pain and despair

This kind of heartbreak seems to be like the present oneself

Today we watch a touching Turkish movie "Such a Life" of 2021

Driving a luxury car and using a watch

Always surrounded by beautiful women

They are the winners of life when they go out to high-end hotels

But many people have to run for their lives

Doing the lowest level of work

With the most meager income

Not in the darkest corners of the world

When the parking attendant drives the car to the parking lot

Driving a luxury car, he also did not forget to show off to the girls on the side of the road

But the big brother behind him quickly shooed him away

Not long after driving forward

Suddenly a scavenger blocked the narrow alley

The parking attendant honked his horn in anger and frustration sounding sharp and harsh

The man was unmoved

Whether you drive a Mercedes or a Ferrari

It is not as heavy as the cardboard in his hand

The man thought, "Don't panic about anything.

And then slowly moved his baby to move

At this point the scavenger turned around and stared at the parking attendant fiercely

As if in his eyes

What are you talking about?

You have the guts to come down and fight alone ah

But after the inner jealousy life still has to go on

This heavy cargo scavenger with heavy steps

Continue on the road

While others are enjoying the prosperity of the city

And the garbage pile is all he has

A man named Keiko

He opened a scrap yard by scavenging

Because the night sky suddenly began to rain heavily

He worked hard all day before he could go home

When his best friend beard arrived at the scrapyard

but found that Qiangzi had been overworked by the disease

Qiangzi has a serious kidney disease and needs a kidney transplant

He worked so hard during the day and probably just wanted to save money for a kidney

With the help of beard

They came to the hospital

Also happened at the beginning of the story of Li Mu mother and son's special situation was first taken care of

The good thing is that Qiangzi survived to see the doctor alive

After that Qiangzi slowed down

But the doctor told him to find a suitable kidney transplant before

He must hold on

And it was time for dialysis

Because he can't delay this disease

What is dialysis?

In layman's terms, it's dialysis to bring fresh blood into the body

Then the blood will be expelled

After a simple treatment

Qiangzi left the hospital with a tired look on his face

Beard also asked about the money

He asked if Keiko had saved enough money for the replacement

Keiko was not worried about the money

Because he had almost saved up.

He was most worried about whether he could live or not

On the way to the birth of the source Qiangzi also flirted

Qiangzi's home was at the end of a small alley in the middle of the city

This is a slum where all the poor and the lower class live

What makes him even worse is that he is not only poor

He also had a disease

His urine was filled with blood

As soon as he sat down, he first took his medicine out and ate it

While bemoaning how long he had left to live

He took out a picture from the drawer

Then he held it tightly in his arms

It must be the person in that window

But now it was only in his heart

The next morning, the bright sunlight woke up Keiko's body.

As soon as he woke up, he cleaned up his messy house.

He was in the best mood to welcome the new day.

Just as he was about to have breakfast

A phone call rushed him out the door

With the pace of an ungrateful man

Johnnie walks through the alleys of the forest

He greeted everyone with enthusiasm

Even the orphans here are well taken care of

To fill their stomachs

Keiko would often give them some money

It's clear that Keiko has a good heart

He is also a good friend

Then he came to the scrapyard

A good man shouted

All of them were waiting for him to eat

So everyone was waiting for Keiko to open the door

Hu Zi was still worried about Qiangzi for last night's incident

Now he can not be a good boss

He has to sneak out in the middle of the night to pick up junk

If he dies out there

No one cares

Qiangzi is very open-minded

Sooner or later, they will die, but afraid that their dreams have not yet been realized

It turns out that last time when the beard birthday

They made a list of hospitals

So Keiko wanted to live while he was still alive

Together with the beard to complete the above wish

But the bearded man was too busy making a lot of money outside to care

Qiangzi looked at the first item on the list and was discouraged

He was already several dozen years old.

I guess it is impossible to find his mother

I can see that Keiko is also an abandoned orphan

Keiko started his day with a lot of work.

The children kept bringing him back a steady stream of goods

This way he changed the money also saved up little by little

At the same time, the bearded man outside was happily rummaging through the garbage cans

It was as if there were treasures to be found in every trash can

This is him

Their scavenger life

Although all day long is dirty and smelly

But as long as they are happy doing it

No one can take the joy away from them

But there is competition in every industry

No one is an exception

This day beard to other people's territory

Maybe because of a can thing

He was chased by his peers

But the bearded man stole the car drifted the other side to lose

Finally also proud to despise each other

A busy day beard is finally handed

But lazy as hell he can not poison

Directly let Keiko himself to get a butt to run


Almost finished cleaning up Johnnie also closed the store

But just when he was about to put the money into the small vault

suddenly heard a movement in the warehouse

Johnnie thought it was a mouse and went down

Picked up a stick and a big rat was scared out of him

But he was just about to go back

Do not want the warehouse again sound

Looking for the sound of the past

It turned out to be in the trailer bag to see

Hey on this rat is quite large

The bag has made so much noise

Knocked a few times, but no response

It's not a cat, right?

Yell for a half day not come out, right?

Keiko simply kicked

Hey seems wrong ah

This is clearly a child

The frightened child rushed to hide in the corner to hide

and in front of Qiangzi are stunned

This child in the end where it came from ah

He tried to ask the child's origins

But the child was shivering with fear

Dare not squeak

And also very afraid of this strange uncle in front of him also refused to come out

Then asked him where he came from

Why was he in the bag?

The child just refused to talk

So Keiko said to take him to the police station

Unexpectedly only then opened his mouth

The child instantly begged for mercy

Asked Keiko not to do that

Keiko agreed

That's why he was relieved

Then coaxed the child followed out

Afraid that the child was hungry

Johnnie also brought a bowl of rice to him

The child's name was Ali, after he was abused by his stepfather.

Ali's mother put him in the bag

When he heard Ali said he needed money

Keiko was very surprised

Why would a child need money?

When he asked him about it

Ali told the reason

He said he wanted to save his mother from his stepfather's hand

And then live with his mother

Hearing this, Qiangzi's heart sank

She didn't understand why

as a mother would put her child into a stranger's bag

But seeing the child covered in bruises

Bare feet

Keiko felt what the child had suffered

A stepfather's domestic violence can ruin a good child.


Hu Zi rushed to find a pair of shoes for the child to wear

and comforted the child to stay with him tonight

Tomorrow we will think about what to do

At this moment Qiangzi

It was as if he saw himself as a child in the young and helpless Ali

After the child had slept peacefully

Qiangzi rushed to call the beard to come over

Before he could react

Qiangzi dragged him into the house in anger

What's going on?

Let the beard is not a clue

quickly took him to see the child

and said that the child was from his bag to burst out

Hearing this situation beard are confused

Unbelievable and at the same time the beard thought of the tower uncle

Let Uncle Tower to deal with the child

Keiko was excited to hear that

He knew that Uncle Ta would send the child to the police

So he insisted that the child stay

But the beard felt that it was not right

Although the child had been abused at home

But at least he has a home

If he stays here

That is not my life as they were ruined

In addition to their own are mud bodhisattva over the river

There is no ability to control a child

That said

But Keiko still can not bear to

If I didn't have to

How could Ali's mother leave him behind

So the mother must be desperate to do so

And the stubborn Qiangzi decided to find out the truth before

absolutely will not abandon this child

However, the world will not be torn apart

Even Keiko, who was seriously ill, needed care.

How easy is it to take care of a child now?

The next day Keiko went to the store to buy some clothes for Ali

A woman came to the store later

Keiko immediately recognized her as the mother who took the child to the hospital

And asked about the child's condition

I saw the woman's face with a wound

With tears in her eyes did not answer

Then sadly turned and fled

What Qiangzi didn't know was that

In fact, Ah Mei is Ali's mother

In addition to giving Ali a clean change of clothes

Qiangzi also took him to the bathhouse to take a bath

And had a nice burger in the street

To give Ali a new start

Keiko also went to the cake store to order a cake

But the cake was not made on the same day

But the cake was not made on the same day, but a few days before it was thrown away.

But when Keiko was negotiating with the owner in the back kitchen

Ali in the store suddenly shouted

Keiko rushed out

Nervously asked about the situation

Ali said that a woman had just tried to take her away

Hearing this situation

Keiko rushed out viciously

See which son of a bitch dare to rob Ali

In the case of Keiko looked very excited that

Also caught the negligent caretaker of the beard and warned severely

I could see how much Ali cared for the poor boy

Like he hurt himself

The bearded man knew in his heart

Johnnie just cared about the child

In the evening, Johnnie celebrated Ali's birthday with his own garbage squad.

And also let the children there make a wish together

It made Ali feel at home with Keiko

When Keiko asked about another child

His wish made Keiko's heart bleed

The child said he wished to see his mother.

But Keiko said to change it

Because the child had made this wish every year

But then the child said he wished to die.

This made Keiko instantly dumbfounded

Everyone has to grow up

He asked the child why

The child said that if he grew up, his mother would not recognize him

For orphans like them

The feeling of worrying about their mother

Keiko does not understand

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