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Fantasy movie "Where is Fantastic Beasts 2 The Crimes of Grindelwald" commentary copy

Fantasy movie "Where is Fantastic Beasts 2 The Crimes of Grindelwald" commentary copy

Fantasy movie "Where is Fantastic Beasts 2 The Crimes of Grindelwald" commentary copy

This man is very impressive

He actually used his tongue to lick the ground very hard

And just by this lick

The man knew that this place was full of spooky atmosphere

Then the man used a 360 degree turn

Instantly released a dazzling magic circle of light

And in that golden circle of light

The image of a divine beast actually appeared in the air out of nowhere

This extremely difficult to subdue sea spirit

Seems to be very obedient to this man

Even this only in the mountain and sea scriptures

The fierce beast Zouwu

actually also called this man brother and brother

And speaking of this man

He has a lot of origins

Because his teacher is the magic world

Everyone knows him

Dumbledore, the principal of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Do you think Timothy is going to talk about Harry Potter this issue?

No way.

This is a must-see movie before watching Harry Potter

Even our Captain Jack has become the number one villain here

The name of this fantasy film is seriously delayed

Where the Fantastic Beasts Are: The Crimes of Grindelwald

Now begins

Curly actually saw a leather glove

It was floating in mid-air.

And the leather glove seems to be guiding Curly to this place

Curly understood

He took hold of the leather glove

The glove instantly brought him to the top of a building

And standing in front of him is his teacher Dumbledore

And see the teacher's face can not hide the anxiety

Smart curly hair at this point already know that there must be a big event

Sure enough, Dumbledore solemnly gave it to Curly

The fate of the entire magic world is a major task

The horrible dark wizard Grindelwald who was once imprisoned in the magic dungeon

Tied up in a carriage of the underworld

Preparing for her final judgment.

She's in league with a wizard.

On the way to the trial.

She escaped by taking care of all the escorts.

And Grindelwald, who had just been released from his bondage.

Grindelwald immediately began his plan to revive the wizard civilization.

And the first task

He had to find the one

He had to find the boy who was hiding the dark spirit in his body.

It turns out that he was not destroyed by the Wizarding Society

Instead, he became even more powerful

On the other hand, Curly had just returned home

but was surprised by a strange sound in the room

Seeing the blonde girl

was happily playing games with the muggle beard can

But Curly saw this face full of the expression of Yuan Fen

Bearded man but how to see

How to feel wrong

As a matter of fact, Curly found that the bearded man

Indeed, the blonde girl was put under a love spell

Curly raised his hand to lift the spell

In a flash

The bearded man instantly sobered up

And because it was too embarrassing

Blondie hurriedly packed up her things

Despite the bearded man's repeated attempts

Blondie still used a phantom move

Disappeared into the air

Can't find it?

Curly used recovery techniques to learn where the blonde girl went

And he found that this seems to be with the teacher's task

There is a vague connection

So Curly decided to take this muggle with him once again

He set out on a fantastic journey to the world of magic.

Curly took the bearded man and found a man with an exaggerated expression

Curly reluctantly paid the strange man for the journey

The strange man started a strange countdown

The iron barrel on the ground suddenly started to shake strongly

Then Curly took the bearded man's hand and stepped into the barrel with one foot

Two people just instantly disappeared into the air

And at the same time

A mysterious woman took advantage of the lack of attention

Through a statue actually magically into another world

And what came into view was a fantasy world of magic

And in this fairy tale kingdom-like world

There was also a dark corner

This woman with a helpless expression on her face

With the beast master's angry rebuke

A strange thing happened

This strange woman leaned back in anger

The bones and skin of her body

Suddenly began to change violently

Finally, she turned into a huge snake thicker than her thighs

And just when the tamer was pleased with himself

I did not expect the giant snake suddenly attacked him

And at the same time

The partner behind him also directly put the cage

A large number of electric tail dragon released

And began to attack people frantically

When the woman saw that something was wrong

Hastily with a move to leave the circus shifting

But I did not expect that the outside was even more unstoppable

A huge and agile beast suddenly

broke through the cage

Is it a tiger?

This beast with a fierce look is a big deal

To introduce

I didn't expect this big guy to come out

The circus director suddenly felt that this place is not easy to stay for a long time

He had no choice but to

He had to decide to move the whole group

And the circus in the magic world is different

The way they move is so unique

With the cooperation of the elven assistants

The entire circus was loaded onto the wagon

The entire circus was loaded onto the wagon in a rotating manner.

Just in front of the woman slowly left here

And what remained in front of the woman

Is this roaring beast

Does it look familiar? Yes.

He is the sacred beast that was written in the Shanhaijing


Looking at such a fierce beast

The woman was at a loss for words

Curly appeared in time

He opened the magic leather box

He stood calmly in front of Zugo

Do you want to be tough?

In the face of Zugo's powerful aura

Curly calmly took out a feather embroidery ball

And when the fierce Zugo saw it

actually showed such a cute expression

And at this time everyone's heart

Is not this cute beast to melt it

If so

Please give a strong recommendation and attention Oh

Curly saw that the time was ripe

One hand

threw the embroidered ball into the box

As expected, the adorable Zougo directly followed

jumped into Curly's magic suitcase together

Did he get caught?

My divine beast is always the king everywhere!

Even in the box

Zugo was not intimidated by the surrounding environment at all

Under the powerful aura of the divine beast

Curly had to play dead

to show his weakness to Zugo

But one thing to say, Curly's understanding of the nature of these magical animals

understanding of the nature of these magical animals is really remarkable

He slowly used magic to untie

The magic chains bound to Zugo's body

And this action finally succeeded in convincing Zugo

Countless black silk three dark aura

Suddenly appeared in all corners of the air

and were gathering towards one place

The black wizard Grindelwald

had begun to gather all his wizard followers in the world

In order to find their gathering point

They followed the directions provided by Dumbledore

I reached an alchemist who was over 300 years old

It was in the alchemist's crystal ball

Not only did the bearded man see the wizard

But also saw the blonde girl was actually

Hoofing it towards there

And the alchemist through the crystal ball can see immediately

This trip is definitely very dangerous

And in order to understand the background of the silent host Grindance

Curly and Mushroomhead secretly went to the archives of the Magic

Association headquarters to find some relevant information.

But they didn't expect that just after they entered

Curly's ex-girlfriend, who is a senior official of the Ministry of Magic.

Sister Black ran right into each other.

The three of them looked at each other awkwardly and politely.

But at that moment

The archivist actually

appeared in front of them with three magical guards

and approached Sister Black step by step

Sister Black raised her hand and attacked one of them

But unexpectedly, after the guards were attacked

They split instantly

Angry magic guards directly towards the people crazy chase over

Is there no way out?

No way.

When all the obstacles disappeared

The only thing left on the ground was an ordinary-looking suitcase.

A guard slowly approached around the suitcase

Suddenly Curly leaped out of the suitcase on a giant beast

The divine beast Zougo makes a dominant appearance again

A divine beast with a tail like a colorful auspicious cloud

Suddenly leapt out of the suitcase

Make a dominant appearance

Just a few magical guards

To the divine beast Zugo, it was a piece of cake!

But who would have thought that a large number of magical guards actually rushed over

Curly waved his magic wand

Using a sudden wooden pile move

The countless file cabinets instantly rose up from the ground.

Zougo used his nimble positioning

On this cabinet like the plum blossom village

He danced like he was walking on the ground

But even so

There were still a large number of guards who came after him

They attacked Zougo like crazy.

Faced with a large number of guards

Is it going to be a bitter battle?

At the moment of danger

Zugo actually unleashed his ultimate move

Zugo's whole body glowed with a flame like light.

Ichikawa took Curly into

into an inter-dimensional space

The magic guards left the magic headquarters

Instantly turned into three cute little cats

And the divine beast is the divine beast

A good move space travel

It actually brought several people

Instantly brought to the entrance of the wizard gathering place

And through the tacit cooperation just now

The divine beast Zougo and the curly hair

Have formed a deep friendship

And such a powerful and dominant beast

After seeing this feather embroidery ball

That cute little expression

Is not once again everyone's heart will melt it

The dark wizard Grindelwald

Has gathered all the wizards in the world

He used illusions to show people

Showed the future direction of human development

It is a world full of war.

The outbreak of nuclear war

has led to the extinction of mankind

And to prevent this from happening.

Grindelwald decided to wipe out some of the ordinary people

thus achieving his so-called purpose of purifying the world

After a passionate speech

the crowd of wizards answered the call

They went to all corners of the world

ready to begin their plans for the rise of the wizards

The dark wizard Grindelwald

Finally began to show his true power

He waved his wand.

The blue fire of the underworld

Instantly burned around him

And only those who are loyal to him

can be exempted from the judgment of this flame

The fiery ghostly fire

instantly turned most of the magic association people into ashes

The bearded man originally thought he could reunite with the blonde girl

But to his surprise, the blonde girl

She chose to join Grindelwald's camp

She crossed the burning fire

She went to the black wizard's side

Completely become a member of the wizard army


Grindelwald waved his hand

Black sister directly in the flames turned into dust

Faced with such a powerful black wizard

The others had to use the Phantom Shift

to escape from the black wizard's spell

Did they really escape?

No way!

The horrible fire of the underworld

It turned into three blazing flaming dragons

Flying in this weird night sky

If we let these dragons kill the world

Then the consequences are unimaginable

At the moment of crisis

800 years old alchemist arrived in time

He led the few remaining magicians

With all his strength

Collectively released a group skill

In an instant

Powerful flames instantly trapped the three evil dragons

trapped in the center of the dizzy spell

Under the extreme operation of the group

The evil dragons were finally surrounded by the fire of justice

completely disappeared

The magic world can be said to have suffered heavy losses in this battle

And the black wizard Grindelwald became famous in this battle

He found the host of the dark spirit of silence

And awakened the powerful wizard power in him

The pancake awakened the strong dog's wizardry in him

And this magic battle

The future was also written into the

In the textbooks of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

It became a classic battle in the world of magic

And the future direction of how

Let's look forward to the arrival of the third part

Although the dark wizard Grindelwald's behavior is too extreme

But his prophecy does

is also an important warning to mankind

May our world always be peaceful

Don't let the prophecy of Grindelwald the Black Wizard come true.

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