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Comedy film "Top Secret of Billion Dollar Boys" movie commentary copy

Comedy film"Top Secret of Billion Dollar Boys" movie comment ary copy

Comedy film "Top Secret of Billion Dollar Boys" movie commentary copy

He is a legend

16 years old, addicted to games, wasted his education

17 years old Dropped out of school to start a small business

18 years old Father's business failed and family went bankrupt

19 years old, heavily in debt, he learned to make seaweed snacks

Started his own brand

Gets rich from seaweed snacks

Became a billionaire

He is Itipa Koppenwinkie

A real-life legend

In 2011, his story was brought to the big screen

Top Secret of a Billion Dollar Boy

Now let's hear his story

Atta was different in high school.

Everyone else was in the classroom.

He was playing games for money.

He was only 16 years old.

Had a six-figure balance on his card

Bought his first car

Drove it to school

The principal reprimanded him.

But he bribed the school

and made a donation to the school

Mom and Dad told him to study hard

He didn't listen

Addicted to games, he

Gradually neglected his studies

He didn't get into college either

Wanted to go to college

Had to go to a private university with high tuition fees

He spent too much money in his daily life

Now he doesn't have that much money

He wanted to continue playing games to earn money

But his account has been banned

To earn money for tuition

Atta plans to sell DVD players

He bought a batch of DVDs from a trader

He bought a batch of DVDs at a low price

But when he got home

He realized that they were poor quality copycats

He went to the trader to discuss

As a result

He was slapped by the vendor

The vendor drove him away

This was the first time in his life that Atta was frustrated

It was also the first time he felt the cruelty of reality

He eventually went to college

But he didn't want to rely on his parents

He rented a fully automatic chestnut frying machine

He planned to sell chestnuts to earn money for school.

The monthly rent was 50,000 baht.

His dad called him stupid.

This chestnut machine.

He could have bought one at the flea market for 30,000.

His father and mother were disappointed with him

But Atta had his own insistence

He didn't know anything about fried chestnuts

So he went from stall to stall

He tasted other people's ingredients.

He learned how to identify bad chestnuts

He learned how to fry them with gravel pebbles

He also developed his own ingredients

After several failed attempts

He made the fried chestnuts that his father and mother praised so much

He called up his housekeeper, Uncle Tang

He rented a stall in the mall

Officially started selling fried chestnuts

Contrary to his fantasy

His fried chestnuts went untouched for days

Is there a problem with his sales skills?

He went to the market

He went to the market to observe how the vendors were selling.

He soon concluded one important factor


So he quickly changed his strategy

He rented a stall near the front door

Sure enough, the next day Ata's chestnut stall was very popular

He made four dry plants that day

Atta struck while the iron was hot

Using the same tactics, he did the same thing

He opened ten branches in a row

This way, he could earn 40,000 iron a day

Just when Atta was getting ambitious

A new problem emerged

How to become a billionaire from nothing?

See how he did it

The unimportant fried chestnuts

Ten stalls in a row in the mall

In one day, he could net 40,000 baht

But trouble soon came

The fried chestnuts were so smoky that the store ceiling was yellowed.

The mall told him to move out.

So much for the 40,000 baht a day business.

At the same time an even bigger blow came.

Dad's business failed and the factory went bankrupt.

Mom and Dad want to take him abroad to avoid the debt.

He refuses to go.

If he left, he would lose everything.

He decided to finish his education here

To start over again

(I'm sorry)

It was the first time Dad apologized to him.

Atta realized for the first time

This man, who was usually like a mountain

was no longer the man he used to be.

In the end, Mom and Dad left.

And he stayed behind

One day Atta accidentally ate a piece of seaweed given to him by his girlfriend

He thought it was very tasty.

Once again, he saw a business opportunity and hope.

He sold his computer

With all the money he had, he bought dozens of boxes of seaweed ingredients

He started to study how to make seaweed snacks

Experimented over and over again



Still failing

Either the taste is too bitter

Or too greasy

Or not crispy enough

Box after box of ingredients are lost

This is burning money

But he still refused to give up

He was convinced that he would earn back what he had lost sooner or later

Soon all the ingredients were completely depleted

All that was left was a packet of rain-soaked seaweed

He tried to pass it in the frying pan.

Suddenly he was astonished.

This was the shape he had always wanted.

He couldn't wait to taste it.

It was crispy and delicious.

After tens of thousands of attempts

He finally succeeded

It turns out that seaweed should be soaked in water and then

deep-fried to be delicious

And so they returned to the mall.

Once his seaweed was sold, business was booming

He did some rough calculations

At this rate

He could make a million baht a year.

He called his parents.

Finally he had the courage to ask

How much money the family owed

The whole $40 million

Hearing this astronomical figure

Atta's world was about to collapse

One million dollars a year

It would take forty years to pay it off

He thought about giving up.

But then he saw the sleeping pills his parents had hidden behind the pictures.

40 million in debt.

He could understand the pressure of his parents at that time

We're both dark horses before the world is settled

He had no reason to admit defeat before he rose.

That day, Atta came out of a convenience store chain

Looking at the shopping bag in his hand

He suddenly realized something.

If he could rely on the convenience store chain

To sell his seaweed all over the country

He would be able to make a lot more money.

So he immediately contacted the head of the convenience store chain

He came to the headquarters of the convenience store chain and prepared to negotiate

His life had hope again

How to become a billionaire fast

Listen to his story

Homemade seaweed snacks

One million iron a year

Such a speed

Forty years

To pay off the huge debt his father owed

Others have nothing at most

But he is in debt

If he wanted to make money fast, he had to copy

He thought of a convenience store chain

He went to the headquarters of the convenience store chain with great ambition

The person in charge turned him down when he saw he was young

The packaging was not attractive enough

They did not even want to taste

Atta's life was set back again

His girlfriend persuaded him to give up and let him go back to school

Atta did not agree

How could she know that her boyfriend was already in a dead-end situation?

Atta thought for a long time

Finally decided to redesign all the packaging

With the new packaging

He went to the convenience store chain headquarters again

But this time the person in charge didn't see him

He waited for a long time and finally left in anger

He knew that the other party did not want to see him

Before leaving, he left a box of seaweed in the elevator

He didn't know that his seaweed

had been delivered to the person in charge.

The next day, he was told that the product was ready to be put on the shelves.

The person in charge told him

His seaweed would be delivered to 72,000 stores nationwide.

Before that, the company would arrange a factory inspection.

The inspection would be effective immediately after passing the inspection.

So a new problem came up

It was impossible to complete the inspection in the small workshop at home

He had to have his own factory now.

But at 19 years old, how could he afford to open a factory?

He could only come to the bank

He had to apply for a loan from the bank.

But he was only 19 years old.

The bank manager couldn't lend him the money

His life had hit rock bottom.

He thought about giving up

He thought about flying abroad to find his parents

But he wouldn't.

He forcibly demolished a dilapidated warehouse that had been seized from his family

He was in debt and he was desperate.

He met his girlfriend, whom he hadn't seen in a long time.

His girlfriend has a new boyfriend

He's destined to go all the way

One month later

He renovated the broken warehouse into a simple factory

The person in charge was disappointed

Whether it was hygiene or size

None of his factories met the standards.

They have to go back to the meeting to discuss

And then decide whether to allow the shelves

-Time and time again, they were frustrated.

One setback after another. The man with a heart of stone was too long ago to be defeated.

Where they didn't meet the standards, they improved.

Soon, Atta got the go-ahead.

His seaweed was shipped all over the country.

In a desperate attempt, he finally succeeded.

Now he finally had the courage to send his parents home with peace of mind.

Two years later, Atta had paid off all the debts his father owed him.

By the time he was twenty-eight, he was a billionaire.

It's an incredible legend.

He was in debt.

What is there to fear when you have nothing to lose?

Don't give up

Nothing is impossible in this world

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