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Plot "Baseball Love" movie commentary copy

Drama"Love of Baseball" movie comment ary copy

Plot "Baseball Love" movie commentary copy

This is a special team made up of deaf and dumb people

trying to compete in the national high school baseball tournament

The men scoff at it

This group of disabled people

Can't even hear the sound of the bat

How can they beat normal people?

His name is Lao Jin.

He is the best baseball pitcher in China

MVP for three years in a row

But this image was completely destroyed by drunken violence

5.9 million people collectively denounced

Send him to jail

To quell public anger

The team executives sent him to a remote village

To be the baseball coach of Chungju Sacred Heart Academy.

It's an academy

It's actually a school for the deaf and mute

Unless there was no other choice

He wouldn't take over this bad team

He can't pitch.

He can't even catch.

Even afraid to hit the ball

Lao Jin has a face of disdain and disdain

He only sees this as a temporary landing place

And when the fame is over

He'll still be back in the game

Unfortunately, his plans were wrong.

On his first day at school

He encountered a difficult female teacher.

Early the next morning

He was tucked in.

Lao Jin was reluctantly dragged into the court by Ms. Luo

To watch the game she had arranged.

The opponent was a very strong junior high school baseball team.

Ms. Luo was quite arrogant

As soon as the game started

The team was blown away by the junior high school kids

Kim couldn't stand to watch.

Soon after, the team's pitcher was injured by a baseball.

He packed his bags and left the team in anger

The team's only pitcher left

At night, Lao Jin walked by the field

He was attracted by a teenager who was practicing hard.

Seeing the boy

He seemed to see his own shadow when he was young

At this moment, Lao Jin was moved

There was a time when he was sweating too

But after years of fighting on the field

He had lost his heart long ago

Now the young man had awakened his purest love for baseball

Lao Jin found him

He invited this talented pitcher to join the team

He finally started to help these kids from the bottom of his heart

He was a top baseball pitcher.

Everyone was in awe.

But his training was insane.

Who can stand such pain?

And that's not all.

He led 50 laps every day

The first 20 laps the kids could still keep up

After twenty laps

The kids were all exhausted and collapsed on the ground

The court is the battlefield

He taught them by example

He taught them all kinds of dirty tricks

Under Lao Jin's inhumane training

The kids could not stand it

They didn't even come to practice

To truly enjoy baseball

You have to have a heart that really wants to win

You have to learn to endure the pain

Now Lao Jin is going to make them realize

The difference between them and the national contestants

Lao Jin organized a rivalry game

And the opponent

Gunsan Minami High School, one of the top four teams in the country.

This is an unfair baseball game

A special team made up of deaf people

Against Gunsan Minami High School, one of the top four teams in the country

At the beginning of the game

The deaf team was beaten by the other team

They didn't score a single point in several rounds

But then

Gunsan Minami High School missed one after another

The young pitcher became angry instead of happy

His hand was shaking.

Seeing this, Lao Jin immediately called a halt to the game

He rushed onto the field in anger.

("It would have been better if you had just looked down on him)

("At least that would have made people angry)

("It's okay to trample)

("But you can't even have the courage to get back up)

("You can't even trample on them.)

Pity them

That's the greatest disrespect and injustice to them.

Finally, Gunsan Nangao began to exert his full strength.

With the power of the team

The deaf and dumb team could not be beaten

32 to 0

They tried their best

But they lost in the end

Until this moment

They finally realized the difference between them and the national contestants

On the way back to school

No one got into the car

They followed Lao Jin and ran hard

All of them had a strong energy

A force that was not willing to lose

Until they could no longer run

One by one, they collapsed to the ground

The most fearful opponents are not the strongest teams that cannot be beaten

It's the teams that take pity on them

To be impressed by others

You have to get stronger

Make them afraid.

(shouting out)

(Here we come)

(We're going to beat the shit out of you)

("We're not afraid of you)

(I'm proud of myself)

Until this moment

This group of socially isolated children

Finally, they were brave enough to shout out their inner voices

After the First World War, these children began to transform

They learned to endure pain

They had a true desire to win.

All of them have developed their full potential.

They began to train hard.

The training was hard and tiring

But no one backed down

They sweat it out and keep going

Just want to use countless painful experience

In exchange for a youth without regrets

Soon, Lao Jin's punishment came down

He was removed from the National Baseball Association

This meant the end of his career.

He fought hard to vent his anger

But in the end, it was the death of what he loved most in his life

What was even more desperate was that

The president and the trustees met and agreed

They decided to resign him as coach.

Faced with the decision of the principal and the school board

The children stood up bravely

They knelt at the door in unison

They hoped that Lao Jin would stay

It was Lao Jin who brought them hope

Taught them to grow up

Gave them strength

They hope that Lao Jin can join them

pursue the love in their hearts

The children's heartfelt voices moved the principal

Lao Jin finally decided to stay

Soon after, the National High School Baseball Tournament began

This special team was inspired by the whole school

This special team, inspired by the whole school, embarked on the journey

This is a talented pitcher

He grew up with great talent

But during a game, he became deaf

He lost his hearing.

The genius boy became disabled overnight

He suffered from the eyes and ridicule of the world

He worked hard to practice lip-syncing

He wanted to be treated like a normal person.

For this reason, he gave up his love of baseball

Until this man came along

changed all that.

The man rekindled the boy's love for baseball

The mother tried her best to discourage him

She wanted her son to live like a normal person

Joining them would be admitting he was disabled

Then even then

The teenager still chose the love of his heart without hesitation

For this special group of kids

It would have been impossible for these special kids to play on the same field as normal players.

But now, they've done it.

National High School Baseball Tournament

Sacred Heart Academy versus Gunsan South High School

The first game was against an old rival

Last time, they were beaten 32-0.

Now, no one thinks they can win.

But no one knows

This special group of overlooked players

have been very different

The game started

They came out with a lot of power

First to score

Leading the opponent 2-0

Even the opponents didn't believe it

One after another, they threw the ball with all their might

One reckless catch after another

One after another, they ran the bases with all their might

Sacred Heart kept scoring

Facing today's Sacred Heart Academy

Gunsan Minami High School couldn't shake them off even with all their efforts.

As game after game went on.

As the only pitcher on the team

This young man had already thrown more than 100 balls.

His body had reached its limit.

Even so, he kept going.

This is the tactic they planned together

Only when you really trust your teammates can you succeed.

It's really working.

The game went into overtime again.

The teenagers' hands are covered in blood.

Lao Jin suggested they give up.

There's still a chance.

He didn't want his young career to be ruined

But the teenager had to persist

He didn't want to lose.

He wanted to win back what was theirs

With blood and sweat to live up to the love of his heart

He is not alone now

Behind him are his teammates

They are one.

(Let's go)

(Victory is ours)

(Come on)

They're back on the field.

They're running hard, they're fearless

They fought hard to live up to their youth

But in the end, they lost

They lost by one point

They fell to their knees in grief

But just then

A round of applause rang out on the field

The applause came from the opponents

And from the audience

They did lose

But they sowed the seeds of victory

They worked a hundred times harder than normal

They earned the respect they've always craved

They performed a miracle

Worked hard

They may lose

But at least they will earn respect

At least they will live up to their love

Live up to their youth

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