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Suspense film "Night of Memory" movie review Explanation of the material after viewing

Suspensefilm"Night of Memories" movie review Explanatory material Afterthoughts

Suspense film "Night of Memory" movie review Explanation of the material after viewing

At dinner

A man hears a noise upstairs

He looks up and sees

The family is unresponsive

A thunderclap

The noise from upstairs is drowned out by the thunder

Jun-ho stares at the ceiling in thought

He lay in bed at night

But as soon as he put on his ears

when he heard a more violent sound

He took off his ears

and ran to the sound

Father had repeatedly told

Not to open that door

Driven by curiosity

He slowly gripped the handle

The family moved to a new place

Jun-ho felt a sense of déjà vu

Because of repeated failures in the G exam

He suffered from mental illness

He has to rely on Y substances every day

But his brother is a top student

His job is also enviable

But in a car accident

Brother broke his left leg

In order to give Jun-ho a new environment

The family moved to this house

But since they entered this new home

There was something strange about it.

The family became very abnormal

Just after the two brothers finished talking

The brother was suddenly kidnapped and put into a car

Jun-ho chased after him.

Can only watch the car run away

With no choice

He hurriedly wrote down the license plate

But surprisingly

J inspector could not find the car at all

Not even a similar license plate

Junho was sure that he had remembered correctly

Rubbed his eyes tiredly

The crowd had no clues

They had to start a long wait

Until the nineteenth day

Brother suddenly returned home by himself

When he was asked what happened

He couldn't remember anything

The memory of the pain was completely erased.

The doctor said that it was probably due to the C shock.

Selective amnesia

But Jun-ho felt that

It's not that simple

Early the next morning

Jun-ho found

Brother's thin leg had changed to the right

He asked a curious question

But his brother hastily changed back

He thought he had misread it

So he didn't think about it anymore

At night

Jun-ho slept directly on the table

But his brother came over with a gloomy face

He picked up an automatic pencil

He pointed the pencil at Jun-ho's eyes

He pressed it again and again

When he was about to put it in his eye

The pencil fell out

Seeing no reaction from Jun-ho

Brother turned around and left

At that moment

Jun-ho suddenly opened his eyes

And followed him quietly

He saw that his brother was walking as fast as he could

And smoked a cigarette skillfully

He followed behind him

But he saw his brother turn into an alley

There were many people in the alley

They all called him "Boss" with respect

Junho was confused

Because he had seen these guys before

They were the police officers who handled the disappearance case.

He was always a refined brother

But he has two faces

Jun-ho was about to find out what was going on

But a man suddenly appeared behind him

He was knocked unconscious

When he woke up again

Jun-ho was still lying on the table

He couldn't believe what happened

A greeting from his brother

Scared him straight to his feet

In response to his brother's question

He rushed into the bathroom

No matter how much he explained

Jun-ho still refused to believe

He grabbed a steel pipe to defend himself

Slowly opened the door of the room

His brother suddenly rushed out

He pinned him to the ground

Advised him to calm down first

He said everything was a hallucination of Junho

He also asked him if he forgot to take his medicine

Jun-ho then remembered

Yesterday, he dropped the pills on the floor

He really didn't take his pills

Thinking about this

He finally calmed down

But when he went back to his room

But when he returned to his room, he saw the pen refill on the table

He instantly got chills all over his body

Everything that happened yesterday

It was all true

The man held the pencil in his hand

Aimed at his brother's eyes

He ejaculated the pencil with one stroke after another

It was about to go in

But the pencil is at the end

It fell on the table with a sound

My brother was always good to Jun-ho

But now it was a nightmare for him

Ever since he moved.

It's like he's a new person

Even the broken leg was a fake

Jun-ho told his mother everything

But then he found out

His mother had told his brother about it

He instantly went into a panic

Subconsciously, he took a step back

But the sound of the floor

caused his mother to notice

She pushed open the bathroom door

And Jun-ho

was hiding behind the door

Hearing his mother report to his brother

He fled straight to the window

It was raining heavily outside

But he couldn't care less

He had to climb back into the room along the outer wall

When his mother came looking for him

Jun-ho was already lying in bed

She lifted the covers

She saw his face covered with rainwater

She stared at Jun-ho indifferently

A strange smile slowly appeared

Hearing the sound of the door closing

Jun-ho breathed heavily

He was too scared

But he just got up

His mother was staring at him with a serious face

Jun-ho was scared out of his wits

His breathing became rapid

He was about to run away from here

He didn't even bother to put on his shoes

He jumped out of the window

He stumbled and fled to the door

But just after he looked back

The whole person instantly froze

He was confronted by his father

Jun-ho was about to explain everything

His mother had already chased him out

He suddenly realized

Since the family is all fake

Then how could his father be real?

So he hurriedly pushed his father away

and ran away

Luckily, the police station was not far away

Jun-ho escaped from everything

But when he was questioned by the inspector

What he said didn't make any sense

The inspector didn't believe him.

How could someone not know his own family?

They seriously suspected

Junho was mentally ill

Just then

They found out the identity information


Born in 1977

He's 41 years old

Hearing this

He was directly confused

Isn't it 1997?

He should be 21

But the wall calendar next to him

It was clearly written that this was the year 2017

And in the news

President Trump is speaking.

He couldn't believe all this

He silently went to the mirror

The young and handsome Junho

What he saw in the mirror

But the face of the old man is full of changes

He instantly woke up from his dream

He touched his face in confusion

His eyes were filled with panic

He decided to go home and ask for clarification

But no one answered from his family

All he could hear was the sound of music.

He searched for the sound

He came to the mysterious room.

Open the door.

A mannequin covered in blood

Lying on the floor

A sharp knife was thrown next to it

Look further inside

In front of the piano was another figure

Blood was spilled all over the floor

Because of heat panic

He subconsciously took a step back

When he looked confused

Family members came in

The brother said with a regretful face

This solution really does not work

20 years ago

In this room

A tragedy occurred

A mother and daughter were brutally murdered

But the inspector was not interested in solving the case.

The case was never solved.

As time went by

The case was gradually forgotten.

Only the family persisted in the investigation

After more than ten years of hard work

They finally found the murderer

And the murderer was Jun-ho

The family arrested him

But he couldn't remember anything

Even with the use of B force

But they couldn't get him to confess.

The family was furious.

They tried to kill Junho.

An axe came

Instantly scared the shit out of him

Then they held him down in the water

But no matter how he was treated

He could not remember that memory

No way

The family brought in a C-sleep specialist

To bring Jun-ho's memory

Before the crime

That's it.

The C-sleep specialist kept suggesting

Jun-ho finally fell asleep

When he woke up in the car

Several actors became his family

The man suddenly realized

That he had gone back 20 years

And the people in the car

became family members

The family moves to a new place

But Jun-ho felt a sense of déjà vu

It turns out

This is the place where 20 years ago

The crime scene where Jun-ho killed someone

But the memory was too painful

He developed selective amnesia

In order to make him remember the motive for the murder

The victim's family put him to sleep

He was lured to this house

The reason he kept hearing noises.

It was because someone was setting up the scene.

They wanted to recreate the scene.

To stimulate Junho's nerves

So that he can regain his memory

He was about to open the door of the mystery room.

The door of the mysterious room

"Brother" appeared in time

He asked him to go outside for a chat

But on the way home

But there was an accident

J inspector suspected "brother" of human trafficking

Forced to take him away

And when Jun-ho saw this

Hastily notified his "family"

He told them to call the police.

They had to find "Brother's" men

Pretending to be inspectors

To handle his disappearance

It took 19 days

Before brother 99 was released on bail

But they had missed the rainstorm.

In order to restore the rainstorm on the day of the crime

They could only continue to wait

But at that moment

Jun-ho was slowly unraveling the mystery

He became suspicious of the family

There was nothing he could do.

"Brother" has no choice but to take revenge in his own way

He takes Jun-ho to the countryside

And explains everything to him on the way

But he still can't remember that he killed someone.

Faced with the man's threat

He pulled open the car door and jumped out

Jun-ho crosses the guardrail

Weaving in and out of traffic

He ran wildly all the way

Seems to finally escape

But suddenly hit by a truck

And the impact

Reminded him of everything

The family was on a road trip

But they were in a car accident

His parents died instantly.

His brother was also dying

Jun-ho is left alone

But in the midst of the economic crisis

He tried everything

But he couldn't get enough money to pay for his brother's hand

He kept posting messages on the internet

Hoping for a job opportunity

But no response was forthcoming.

Although the doctor sympathized with his plight

But there was nothing they could do

This day Junho finally received a reply

The pay was very good

But the other party's request

Surprisingly, he was asked to kill a woman

And he was specifically instructed

Not to hurt the child

Jun-ho was scared

But he was desperate

He had no choice but to take the job

In the evening

He arrived at the promised address

The family was already asleep

He hesitated for a long time

He couldn't bear to do it

Just as he was about to leave

The lady of the house woke up

When she saw him, she screamed out loud

Jun-ho hurriedly told him to be quiet

And kept apologizing and was ready to leave

But then

But then his daughter came out of the room

A louder scream erupted

Jun-ho was in a panic

He rushed up and tried to stop it

But just as he pushed the door open

The knife accidentally stabbed the girl

The girl struggled a few times

And fell to the ground

Junho looked at the girl's body

He panicked even more

Suddenly there was a woman's scream behind him

The woman also collapsed in a pool of blood

Jun-ho walked down the stairs with a wooden body

He happens to meet the little boy

He didn't want to kill again

So he reassured the boy that

If he counts from 1 to 100

Then his sister would come back

The boy obediently went back to bed

And Jun-ho saw

A group photo of the family

The man in the photo

It was his brother's doctor

He finds the doctor

Told him that his daughter was also killed by mistake

The doctor instantly lost hope

It turns out that

In the economic crisis

Everyone is having a hard time

The doctor wanted to use his wife's insurance money

To support his two children

But now his daughter has died too

He has lost the meaning of life

Jun-ho questioned him

Why did he do this?

But the doctor grabbed him by the neck

In the struggle

The guardrail breaks

The doctor accidentally fell down the stairs

Because of the violent C shock

Jun-ho lost this part of his memory

And the family of four

Only the boy himself was left

The relatives divide the woman's insurance money

And the boy went to the streets.

He became a gangster.


The man finds Jun-ho

Pretending to be his family

Just to seek the truth

He hates Jun-ho for not killing himself in the first place

But now he can't ask for anything

He took out a poison needle

He wanted to end Jun-ho's life

But at that moment, Jun-ho

He regained his memory

He said he was sorry with a remorseful face

The man knew about the insurance

He repeatedly asked him about the motive for the murder

Jun-ho didn't want to make the man despair of his family

So he took it all on his own

Although Jun-ho did not apologize

He wouldn't say anything more

But the man had already guessed the answer

He didn't hold back anything

He jumped straight down from the stairs

And after Jun-ho recovered his memory

He couldn't forgive himself anymore

He picked up the poison needle

He ended his life silently

People live hard

Not just for themselves

But also for their beloved ones

When all people can only see despair

And then cause the distortion of human nature

That is undoubtedly the tragedy of the times

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