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Fantasy movie "King Junior" commentary text Commentary

Fantasy movie "The King's Boy" commentary text commentary

Fantasy movie "King Junior" commentary text Commentary

The boy quickly strikes his hands

Snapping his fingers at the police

He suddenly appeared in the classroom

Becomes an ordinary high school student

Strange things

The boy's eyes kept staring at the main character, Xiao Fang

Xiao Fang was a little freaked out by the stare

Where did this freak come from?

In geography class

The teacher said that a total solar eclipse would appear in the sky in four days

This is a once-in-a-century spectacle

The boy slapped his forehead

Four days

I thought it was four years away

Is it too late for me to come back to life?


The boy rushed into the canteen

He said to Xiao Fang

You pulled out the sword

Four more days

Darkness will fall on the day

You must act now.

Strike the dark goddess Morgana

Make everyone submit to Fang's feet

Become his knight

In a flash drink bottles were thrown from all directions

Everyone laughed at this fool

What they didn't expect was

The boy turned into an owl in the blink of an eye

He flew away in broad daylight

Xiao Fang immediately ran home

The sword. How did he know I had drawn it?

The story starts yesterday

Little Fang's best friend Fatty was bullied at school

It was Golden Hair and Blackie again

The two of them rely on their early development

They are bullies everywhere

Little Fang saw the righteousness

Rushing over and Golden Hair fought

But afterwards, the principal did not distinguish between the two

He and Golden Hair were sentenced to detention together

After school was over

Jinmao wouldn't let go

He dragged Blackie and surrounded Fang

Xiao Fang had no choice

He fled to a construction site

He stepped on the ground

He fell on a pile of earth

Golden hair black sister immediately fled every day

The good thing is that Fang is not a big problem

In the middle of the night

Suddenly a cold light appeared

Xiao Fang turned around to see

There was a sword stuck in the broken stone

He tried to pull it out

The first time by an inexplicable force bounced away

Try again

Fang put the sword into his school bag

Immediately called Fatty

Tell him to come and see the goodies

At the same time

The dark sorceress Morgana, who had been sealed underground, had also awakened

She wanted to kill the king with her sword

To bring the night back to the earth

With the earth as her eyes and ears

With the roots of the trees as her five senses

She will find the one who pulled out the sword

Little Fang and Fatty found the words written on the hilt of the sword

It was in Latin.

Arthur's Sword, son of Tintagel.

Upon hearing this name

Fang thought

A few years ago, his father gave him a book

about King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.

Tintagel is a small island off the coast

There was an abandoned castle on the island

Legend has it that King Arthur was born there.

Fang's father lived there too.

When he was five years old, he saw his father for the last time.

He also got this book

Fatty couldn't help but guess

This sword is probably the Sword of Stone, right?

Then Fang pulled out the sword.

He is the reincarnated King Arthur

The two of us couldn't stop laughing

This role-playing game is too interesting

Xiao Fang immediately named Fatty as a donut knight

I thought it was just a piece of iron trash created in the mud

I never thought it would cause so much trouble

The ground exploded into cracks

The skeleton body of the hell knight rushed out

Little Fang was scared out of his wits.

He tried to find his mother, but she wasn't in his bedroom.

As the hell knight came up to him

Luckily, the boy appeared in time

But he could not maintain his human form in the dark for too long

Left an address for Fang

and flew away

10,000 meters deep underground

Morgana's power was gradually recovering.

Gradually she regained her freedom.

The night will belong to us

Xiao Fang dragged Chubby to find the boy

He found that it was a fried chicken store

The boy introduced himself as an ancient magician

This profession is a rebellious growth

The more he grows, the smaller he gets.

He looks only 16 years old, but in fact has been thousands of years

No time to explain too much

Four days later, a solar eclipse occurs.

Day and night will not be separated.

Morgana will awaken again.

As master of the Sword of Stone, you must build an army.

Defeat Morgana.

Otherwise the world will be in danger.

When Fang heard this

He immediately said

No kidding!

Even if what you say is true

It's too dangerous. I'm only 12 years old.

I can't engage in dangerous activities.

Goodbye, I'm going back to class.

The boy returns to his true form.

He held out his hands.

The air currents around him began to surge.

Lightning exploded in the mage's hands.

The children were dumbfounded

It took only a moment

Hell was unfolding before their eyes

If you do not act.

Morgana will consume the earthly world in an instant

And then everyone will be a slave.

Do you want to see that?

Fang was so shocked by the scene before him that he couldn't speak.

He thought of the prophecy.

He was almost sure that he was the descendant of King Arthur.

What is important now is...

To find the entrance to the Underworld and destroy Morgana.

And at that moment, night fell

Golden Hair and Black Girl appeared again

They think the sword is a good thing

They wanted to take it away and play with it.

Fang said he was the only one who could pull the sword out of the stone

He could appoint Golden Hair and Black Sister as knights

The condition is that they must be loyal to him

Golden Hair and Black Sister agreed on the surface

But the moment Fang pulled out the sword

They pushed hard

Xiao Fang fell down a big ass squat

Just in time for the Hell Knights to come back

They only attacked the person with the sword

Golden Hair was scared out of his wits

He couldn't resist at all

Fortunately, Fang appeared in time

Pulled him out

On the road

The rider was closing in behind

Fang had a bright idea

Blackie's highlight moment came

The driving skills she learned in the racing game

She used them all

Two drifts in a row made the Hell Rider smash into the ground.

Fang thought that with the four of them

The four of them could definitely defeat Morgana.

But every move they made

But every move they make is right under Morgana's nose.

She's going to use the kids' weaknesses to break them down one by one.

The next day, the four of them took a bus to the beach to find Fang's father.

The Mage appeared halfway.

He approved of Fang's plan.

But he was very unhappy with Golden's arrogant attitude.

Obviously, this little brat has never learned the code of chivalry.

(Driver, stop the bus)

The mage takes the four kids out of the car.

They walk towards Stonehenge.

The mage starts clapping his hands again.

He's working his magic.

The guide yells behind them.

No one is allowed to go near Stonehenge

But before he could finish his sentence

Everyone has already crossed 140 kilometers

To the portal by the sea.

They only had to walk 20 kilometers to reach their destination.

The kids were going to throw up.

But the mage said, "This is not the time for you to rest.

And with a few snaps of his hand

The duplicate spell is cast.

The mage raises his hand again

And called in four directions.

And all at once, the dead trees sprang to life.

They came creaking and squeaking

Began to teach the four children to use the sword

At the very beginning the golden hair was spanked

Don't even think about giving up in the middle

As the trunk teacher taught them step by step

The children progressed quickly

But Morgana's dark energy was eating away at the trunk.

The roots of the tree burst out of the earth

They trapped Fang and Chubby.

They were hoping that Golden Hair would come to their rescue.

Golden Hair, the unlucky one, stole the sword

He himself couldn't escape the attack of the tree trunk

Everyone was about to be drowned in the swamp

Xiao Fang shouted for help

The mage made a shocking appearance

But he ran out of energy again.

He won't be able to take human form until sunrise tomorrow.

The children can only protect themselves

And at night, there is a 98% chance that the Hell Rider will appear.

What's worse is that

There is a split within the team

Golden hair does not obey Fang's command and does not recognize him as the king

The two of them fought a big fight

The arrow of stone in Golden Hair's hand was broken

This is good, still what to advance, weapons are lost

When everyone was discouraged

Fang remembered the story in the prophecy book

He said to the lake.

"Goddess of the Lake, please give me back my sword.

A green light appeared.

The Goddess of the Lake really returned the sword to Fang

The golden hair was convinced, and Fang received the approval of the Goddess of the Lake.

He also knew that he was wrong to abandon his companions.

The four of them united and headed forward.

Halfway there, they met a wave of horse riders.

This is the mage change

Unfortunately, as night fell.

Only the four ponies were still rideable

All the others disappeared.

Hell riders appeared like a mountain

Chubby was too scared to ride the horse and jumped up and down

Xiao Fang kept encouraging him not to be afraid, to go forward

When the horse jumped

Fatty thought he would fall down

But he didn't

He was instantly full of confidence

Everyone came to the edge of the cliff

Little Fang remembered the contents of the book

He jumped off the cliff directly from his horse

Looking behind hundreds of hell knights

Even though the three partners were afraid, they followed Fang and jumped off

It turned out that

There was a rock under the cliff and they braked in time

They were unharmed

Hell riders like bowling balls

They were caught in a net

After this night.

The camaraderie between the four deepened.

At dawn

Fang put the sword on the stone

He set out alone to find his father

But he only saw his aunt

The aunt said that Dad was a drunkard.

He didn't know where he was now.

Little Fang thought that Dad must be at war with the devil.

He also left a prophecy book for himself

But Auntie said that the demon your father was fighting was alcohol.

And this book was bought by your mother.

Little Fang's world view collapsed.

So, who is he?

Is he a descendant of King Arthur?

Sitting alone on the edge of the cliff.

Fang was so sad.

He was nothing.

But Fatty came over

He imitated the mage's gesture

Turned a coin into a pile

Even if the prophecy book is not all true

But everything they experienced in the past few days

Not a single falsehood

Fatty told Fang not to doubt himself

The mage said

The king is a pioneer

Not a follower

Little Fang should write down his own story

The boy stood in front of the game machine

Fingers flipping quickly

The next second

The game machine spat out thousands of coins like crazy

The two boys exchanged them all for coins

Led Golden Hair and Black Girl to the store

They bought four pieces of armor.

Today, they will find the lair of the dark witch Morgana.

Guided by the Sword of Stone

They arrived at the bunker.

Through the dark passage

The Dark Witch unleashed vines and entangled Fatty, Golden, and Black.

Only Xiao Fang was left to move freely

At that moment, the Dark Witch appeared.

She transformed into a Pandoragon in the mist

To Fang spray fire

But as the successor of King Arthur

Fang's sword protects his body

His brain is also online

He pretended to give the sword to Morgana.

The backhand stabbed her directly in the chest

At this moment the ground shook

The partners fell down.

Morgana was pinned under a boulder

The partners all submitted to Fang's feet

They received the help of the Goddess of the Lake

They kept the sword in the stone for a while.

The children were exhausted and went back to their homes.

But did it really end that easily?

Fang woke up.

The windows were sealed with vines.

The mage rushed into the house and said that Morgana hadn't been destroyed.

Just wounded.

She was even angrier.

The solar eclipse is coming in 6 hours.

Fang must strike again.

How do we do that?

That's right, it must be the Knight's Law.

The Goddess of the Lake gave Kobata her sword.

The four knights come to the school.

The mage released a massive obedience spell.

Even the teachers became the leading sheep

Hundreds of swords and shields were reproduced by Fatty

Xiao Fang made a passionate speech

All the children received the knighthood from Fang in turn

An army of middle school students was quickly established

The first square is a cavalry battalion with chairs and cars.

They are responsible for the first wave of stopping work

The second squad is the traps

Distributed in the hallways and gymnasium

The solar eclipse occurs

The army of hell led by Morgana

Launching a massive attack

When they go through the gate

The cavalry battalion led by the black girl charges first

The first wave is effective

But the children couldn't reverse

Couldn't hold off the second wave

Next, the trap team led by Fatty

By the time the hellish cavalry reached the gymnasium

The child descends from the sky

Fighting with these skeletons


Golden Hair and Black Girl were at a disadvantage

of the current situation

Retreat is the best way

The Dark Knight is in hot pursuit

Everyone evacuated to the rooftop

At this moment, the mage meets Morgana

She is completely free

Becomes a Pandoragon again

Launching an attack on the Boy Scouts

The burden falls on Fang's shoulders

She goes first to attract Morgana's attention

Fatty takes the opportunity to tie her tail with a rope

Morgana struggles frantically

The knights come and pull the rope

Looks like she's about to break free.

The golden-haired black girl moved in and used the rope to pull Morgana's upper body

At this moment, the mage was seriously injured

Xiao Fang immediately brought strawberry milk

That is, the mage's energy source

Timely rescue effect is obvious

Mage bursts out with all his energy

Trapped in Morgana with the storm

Fang leaps forward

Cut off Morgana's head with the Sword of Stone

Finally, the demoness was destroyed

The glory returned to the earth

The Boy Scouts successfully fought the battle

After this

The mage retired and embarked on his journey

The Sword of Stone remained in the custody of the Goddess of the Lake

The four children learned the valuable spirit of chivalry

Even if there are more difficulties in the future

They will overcome them one by one

Well, that's it for today's movie

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