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Thriller movie "Silence" commentary copy

Thriller movie "Silence " comment ary copy

Thriller movie "Silence" commentary copy

Hello everyone today to introduce you to an American thriller film "Silence" story takes place in the United States a small town called Sobir, the main man Wang used to be a hunter he usually addicted to alcohol like life five years ago one day Wang drove past the supermarket with his daughter when he wanted to buy a bottle of wine to go home when he finished buying wine from the supermarket out of the car daughter has disappeared Wang drove around looking for his daughter but ultimately did not find his wife after the disappearance of his daughter After his wife left him because she couldn't accept his daughter's disappearance and his alcoholic habits, he married Carl, a police officer in the town, and he never gave up the chance to find his daughter. The work is to patrol the wildlife sanctuary to stop those who come to poach people occasionally will also receive the town's school with children to visit the town there is an abandoned paper mill drug dealers often converge here to carry out drug transactions and here is also the police focus on the place the town people are called the drug factory heroine Alice is a police officer in the town one day she received a call from her colleague Carl asked her to go to the drug factory to collect her Alice asked Carl about her brother, Boo, who was arrested by Carl because Boo was suspected of being involved in a brawl. Alice asked her brother what happened to the blood on his body brother said just for a woman and other people had an argument was beaten by others just then Alice received a notice from the police department told her that the town of Barker Lake, a homicide occurred Alice drove to the scene of the crime victim is a young girl through the initial judgment of the deceased is probably a week ago was killed and thrown into the river Alice after careful observation also found that the deceased Then Alice launched an investigation around the crime scene in the woods Alice found footprints with blood on the trees and handprints with blood, then not far from the crime scene police found a bow and arrow arrow in a small tree through all the signs that the deceased had been hunted as prey during his life. On the other hand, the old king will take time every day to come to the town to post the missing daughter's search notice he put the search notice in every car passing through the town is the hope that these people leave the town may be able to see their daughter elsewhere after the old king busy back to the cabin in the forest when he met his ex-wife and Carl wife told the old king that she and Carl want to give his daughter a funeral daughter has been missing for five years do not have illusions But the old king insisted that he did not agree to hold a funeral he believed his daughter must still be alive, but his wife had no choice but to give the old king the application form for the court's death certificate, telling him that if he figured it out, he would sign it and the court would issue a death certificate. At night, the drunken old king lying on the sofa to rest he was woken up by the sound of the TV playing in a daze and saw the TV was playing the news of the murder of a young girl watching the content of the news old king felt a sudden panic in his heart he felt that the murdered girl is his daughter and immediately went to the police station to find Alice. Back to the police station Alice collected the arrowheads carefully examined again when she suddenly found the arrowheads have faint writing then she used a flashlight buckle on the arrowheads through the light of the flashlight found the arrowheads inlaid with two letters after viewing the evidence Alice came to her brother's residence wanted to know what happened to her brother in the drug factory brother refused Alice's question then the two siblings talked about the events of childhood Alice has always been very guilty of not taking her brother to live with her when he was young, thus making him suffer from the shadows of his childhood brother said to Alice what would you do if I did something unforgivable Alice was surprised to see her brother she had a feeling that he might have fallen into the abyss of crime just then there was a knock on the door of the room Alice got up and opened the door it turned out to be Lao Wang who told Alice that the news showed the girl who was killed by He told Alice that the news broadcast of the murdered girl may be his daughter hope Alice take him to the police station to see to the police station forensics open the bag and the old king saw the victim was not his daughter the next day the old king picked up the application form for the death certificate was thrown away intended to sign his name on it when the old king kept a sheepdog in the cabin monitoring room kept barking the old king had to put down the pen to go out to see the results of the surveillance video appeared A masked man in a ghillie suit with a bow and arrow in his hand was walking through the woodland just as Old Wang was confused when the monitor was destroyed by the masked man's hand Old Wang had a feeling that it might be another poacher so he took his gun and drove his car to stop it When he came to the woodland Old Wang saw the destroyed camera and the woodland was empty without any shadow Old Wang had to warn the other party loudly to the open woodland and tell them that this is a wildlife reserve and they can't hunt here anymore is a wildlife sanctuary can not be hunting here to leave here but the other side did not respond at this time suddenly shot an arrow from the woods Lao Wang happened to turn back to patrol in time to avoid the attack Lao Wang shot a few shots in the direction of the arrow until the bullets shot and then ran behind a small tree to hide the results before Lao Wang reacted and was shot by an arrow in the shoulder in the case of no weapons Old Wang had to flee in a hurry on the way to escape Old Wang saw a pickup truck he subconsciously judged that the pickup truck must be the masked man's so he used the key in the pickup truck to make an X mark back to the cabin Old Wang simply treated the wound and then went to the surveillance room to play back the entire video to find out the intention of the masked man as a result he saw a girl in the woods running in a hurry and the masked man was chasing the girl so Lao Wang was armed with sufficient ammunition to rescue the girl came to the woodland masked man did not leave but lurking waiting for the right time to attack Lao Wang just when Lao Wang was searching around a long arrow shot at Lao Wang Lao Wang dodged after pulling out his backpack paint thrown into the air a shot burst the paint paint splashed on the masked man's body and at this point the masked man as soon as he moved will be found when the masked man reappeared Lao Wang did not hesitate to open fire When the masked man reappeared, Old Wang did not hesitate to open fire, however, all missed and finally could only watch the masked man disappear from sight. The old king then searched for the masked man in the woods and came to the lake where he suddenly found a person lying on the shore of the lake and ran over to see that this person was the young girl who was hiding from the chase in the video and looked at the unconscious girl plus the disappearance of the masked man. Alice then asked where she could buy this weapon and the boss told her to go to the drug factory to find a local dealer named Sam who specializes in manufacturing and selling this spear thrower. Just as she was about to drive back, a girl told her that Sam had a house in the town where she might be able to find him, and in the evening Alice followed the girl's clues to Sam's place and found the spear thrower in the basement. The man was Alice's brother, Boo, who was hitting on the girl, and Sam, the neighbor, saw this and stepped in to drive Boo away. Carl suggested that Alice summon Boo to the police station for investigation, but Alice was convinced that her brother would not kidnap the girl, so they broke up, but out of trust in Carl, Alice went to her brother. Alice had to go back to the police station on the way she received a complaint from the police department about the confiscation of the other party's guns, so she went to the old Wang to verify the situation on the other hand, the old Wang carried the girl back to the cabin after the room shepherd dog kept barking

When the old king has not reacted when

A black shadow jumped on

So this black shadow is the masked man

He had been waiting in the hut for Lao Wang's return

After a fight, Lao Wang was finally unable to defeat

He was knocked to the ground by the masked man

At that moment

The young girl picked up the gun

Fired several shots at the masked man

The result of a shot did not hit

Finally the masked man took a long arrow

Stabbed the girl hard

The masked man was about to kill the old king when he turned around

Alice arrived and entered the house

Alice found the house in a mess

The young girl was lying on the floor

Suddenly the King appeared in front of Alice with a gun in his hand.

Alice asked the King to put down the gun.

But the king told her that there was a masked man in the house.

The girl was killed by him.

As the two men confronted each other with their guns

The masked man quietly appeared from behind Alice

Alice turned around and pointed her gun at the masked man

Tell him to drop his weapon.

Slowly kneel down

Just as Alice was about to question the masked man

She suddenly saw the masked man

kept pressing his fingers with his hands

At that moment Alice suddenly had a feeling in her heart

Who is this man in front of her?

Because her brother was the same as him when he was nervous

also like to press their fingers

On the one hand, she was her own brother

On the other hand, he was a witness to a murder that he had witnessed.

With no choice

Alice turned around and shot the old king

Just as Alice turned around and told the masked man to leave the scene

Lao Wang also quietly escaped

Wang went to his ex-wife's house with his wounds.

Karl was also there

He told Carl

Alice had shot him to protect her brother

His ex-wife and Carl took Wang to the drug factory.

The police forensic pathologist was called to treat the old king

And at that time, Carl also found Boo in the drug factory

So he informed the police and succeeded in arresting Boo

Alice at the police station heard that her brother was arrested by Carl

So she rushed to Carl and asked him about the situation

Carl told Alice

He told Alice that Boo was going to tell the truth.

And pointed out that he wanted to show the police something.

When they arrived at the place Boo had specified

In a barn, the police found Sam in captivity

It turns out that Sam had stopped Boo from molesting the girl.

Out of anger

Boo attacked Sam

and imprisoned him in the barn

After the incident

Alice also approached Sam to investigate the arrowhead clue

Sam told Alice

The arrows he made were all made of birch wood

And he didn't mark the arrows.

But the murderer's arrowhead was made of pine

On the other hand

Through Carl's investigation

The day Alice went to the old king's house

Boo was at the drug factory.

And many people could confirm that they had seen him.

From the time Karl decided that Boo did not have the time to commit the crime

Then the masked man is another person

After he told Lao Wang this deduction

Wang also decided to drop the case against Alice.

So everyone went back to their work and life.

Having experienced life and death, Old Wang gradually felt the meaning of life

He decided to change his bad habit of drinking

So he went to the bar

He paid off all the money he owed for the drinks.

When Lao Wang finished his check and walked out of the bar

He found a pickup truck

And this truck

It was very similar to the pickup truck he had marked in the woods at the time

In order to confirm whether there was a mark on the pickup truck

Old Wang followed the truck all the way to a village

After the pickup truck stopped

Old Wang grabbed a screwdriver and got out to verify

He went to the back of the pickup truck

Wiped away the stains on it

Clearly see the markings engraved on it at the time he made

At this time, an old man came down from the cab

Old Wang decided that the masked man would not be the old man

So he deliberately inquired about the old man's son

The old man replied that he was a widow and orphan

No son

Old Wang had to find a casual excuse to chat with the old man

He told the old man

The person who drove the car had helped him

He just wanted to thank the owner of the car

Just as Old Wang was about to leave

The old man told him

Maybe the neighbor who lives on the hill helped Old Wang

Because the neighbor often borrowed the old man's car to drive

So Old Wang thanked the old man and

came to the house at the top of the hill

In the basement of the room he entered

There were spear throwers and long arrows on the table

The walls were covered with notices of missing girls.

The old king also saw his daughter's search notice

At this point, the old king felt that his daughter might have been killed

Just then there was a noise in the room

Old Wang followed the sound and found an operating table

He lifted the white cloth

A young girl was lying on the operating table, breathing weakly

And the girl's throat had been cut open

The laryngeal knot inside was taken out

And at that moment

Old Wang was suddenly stabbed with an anesthetic needle

In his unconsciousness, he could see the face of the other party

It turned out that this man was the doctor of the town

He was also the masked man who hunted and killed several young girls

After waking up

Old Wang had been taken to the forest area

The doctor dragged him out of the car and told him to run

But he put on a mask and prepared to hunt Wang

In the process of running away

Old Wang threw the illuminated egg he had found in the car at the doctor

When the doctor wasn't looking, he launched a counterattack

The old king released all the hatred

All the hatred of the past few years was unleashed

Punch after punch to the doctor

After venting his frustration

Old Wang dragged the doctor and asked

Why did he kill his daughter?

The doctor told him

Because Wang killed his daughter by drunk driving

So he wanted to take revenge

Take those girls away with the way of death

Let those who do not deserve to be parents get the retribution they deserve.

After hearing that

Old Wang decided to avenge his daughter in his own way

He dragged the doctor to the trap in the forest area where he was hunting

With the intention of throwing the doctor into the trap

He was going to die like an animal.

At that moment, Alice also discovered through her own investigation

She found out about the doctor's feud with the king.

She saw them in the woods in the King's surveillance room.

Then she got to the woods in time

She tried to stop him.

Alice told Lao Wang

To use the law to punish the doctor

And put him in a cell forever.

But the old king did not listen to him

He said to Alice

Either shoot him.

Or he could forget about it.

Just walk away.

After saying that, the old king threw the doctor into a trap full of sharp knives

And the doctor pays the price for his crime.

At the end of the film

The old king also accepted the loss of his daughter

He holds a funeral for his daughter

And Alice also acquiesced to Wang's act of killing the doctor

Because the old king also did not complain about his shooting

The film embodies the American style of movie revenge by violence

It gives a sense of comfort to those who have lost loved ones and families

When the people they love most are taken away from them

What makes it more acceptable and relieving

is to torture the killer to death by all means.

This is the end of the film

I hope you like it, follow and forward

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