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Lupin the Third real version of the commentary text before the release of the name, please lightly hack my country

Japanese action/adventure/comedy film "Lupin the Third", released in 2014, directed by Ryuhei Kitamura and written by Kazuhiko Kato and Kazuichiro Yamamoto, the film tells the story of "Lupin the Third" live-action film version is the story of Lupin and a group of partners before they became one, both faithful to the original content, but also some of the original plot of the film. Lupin and others to claim to have it can rule the world's treasure "Cleopatra's true red heart", as well as the collection of its super huge fortress-type vault "Navarone Ark" security and sturdiness, launched a challenge.

Lupin the Third real version of the commentary text before the release of the name, please lightly hack my country

When I heard that this film was going to be released, I looked at the cast and sighed a long sigh of "hell", Yan Cheng Xu is the Taiwanese version of Dao Mingji, Oguri Shun is my favorite Japanese version of Hanazawa ①, Kim Jun is said to be the Korean version of Hanazawa I have not seen the beauty of the work, very good, F3 set, you have forgotten the total Simon Jiro ②. Why didn't you take him in the movie? Why didn't you take him with you in the movie? I'm afraid there will be no more people to help you put up the red stripe happily! After this mouthful of groaning heart feel much better, but still not happy! Some time ago there was not that what Conan VS Lupin III theatrical version of it, think of the construction of the country ③ green time also starred in the high school detective Kudo Shinichi, also received a challenge, heart and not high Sen, Shinichi you to play Lupin also lost 8 kg, this thing Conan he agreed?

The trailer has not found Kong ④ too many figures I am not high again, Kong you do not fly a good plane ("Flying Information Room"), not to divorce the wife of a lot of hard work ("the most perfect divorce"), snipers of good friends ("S the last police officer") also abandoned, in order to gain weight to play Lupin? Such a big sacrifice I am cool to die of heartache, okay! The trailer has too much footage of Kuroki Akisa not to get excited not to get excited! Kuroki sister you so SEXY, Akanishi Jin ⑤ he must know right right right right right right right! I'm sure he doesn't know that you're crying like a panda at a secret meeting with Jianguo, either, right? I have not seen Lupin III, the national comic of District 11, for many years to follow the drama female deep well ice. The brain hole opened a little big, please ignore me. The last thing I want to do is to consider that not everyone on is a Japanese drama-controlled woman like me, so I'd like to explain it a little. ① flower man: "pattern man" TV series short, Kamio Yezi's cartoon, Taiwan version called "Meteor Garden", the Japanese and Korean versions are called "pattern man" ② Simon total Erlang: "pattern man" one of the F4 members. ③ Jianguo: Japanese drama bar big family and friends of the group's love name for Oguri Shun, because Oguri Shun's love name is chestnut, chestnut is a nut, nut harmonics Jianguo, in the case of frequent errors in the input method, let the error continue again. ④ Gang: Ayano Gang ⑤ Akane Akanishijin: Kuroki Akira's husband.

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