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Film "15 minutes war" commentary copy

Born in the age of peace, do we not have the opportunity to face the war directly? The times are turbulent, the world is at war between good and evil, where there is oppression, there is resistance, and in a climate of economic crisis and protracted conflicts, terrorists are mainly attacking Europe and the Middle East.

In 1976, Djibouti, the last French colony, is a place forgotten by the world. It is next to Somalia, the streets are full of poor people and overbearing soldiers, and there are rapids hidden under the seemingly calm lake. One morning the children were on the school bus as usual, when suddenly a group of terrorists rushed up. They took the children as hostages and hijacked the driver to send them to the Somali border with the school bus, a parent saw the rush to run and try to catch up with the school bus, unarmed he looked so insignificant in front of the car, the hijacked school bus along the deserted Gobi Desert towards the border, the naive children did not know that they were facing a group of what desperate people, an ignorant little boy for asking a question we do not go to A young boy was slapped by the terrorists for asking if we were going to school, and his face hit the edge of the window, cutting a gash, but the bloodshed had only just begun.

Film "15 minutes war" commentary copy

Two military vehicles from behind to catch up, the driver felt the death while forced to step on the gas pedal, a chase scene in not flat gravel road, snake driving school bus body is huge, military vehicles can not overtake, a hijacker to the back of the sweep, beat back the vehicles closely followed, so that only far to follow, at this time the border was blocked, the border soldiers pulled up the ground spikes, the school bus lost control after a flat tire overturned The terrorists ordered the driver to send a message to the border soldiers, a massacre and rescue launched a battle, the terrorists detained a total of 21 children

However, the French government could not agree to such conditions, but they were pressured by the American military advisors, because the hijacked school bus contained three children who were Americans, and the French high command sent an unofficial gendarmerie to participate in the rescue on behalf of the French government, with Gervais as the captain, and the gendarmerie was created to intervene without casualties. Established, but only in our territory to carry out operations, this side of the school, the beautiful teacher Jane in the classroom, how can not wait for their students to come to class, after asking the teacher of the next class, found that the students missing more than one of her, a sense of foreboding in her mind, she drove to the border, regardless of the danger, while the garrison captain was not paying attention to rush to negotiate with the terrorists, the hostages from 21 to 22, the gendarmerie arrived at the troop location briefly communicated with their superiors, a total of four heavily armed elements, they want to return to Somalia, if there is no reach their terms, they will start executing children at dusk the next day, Captain Gewar applied to go ahead and reconnoiter, in order to prevent the situation from getting worse, they have to be in position in advance, when a terrorist headed to the Somali border barracks, which means that this group of The terrorists, most likely supported by the Somali military, could not be delayed for a moment, Geval and another sergeant, under the cover of two snipers set off, because the near point is too flat no cover at all, can not be used as a sniper point, must go around the back of the bus to the pile of rocks to have a chance, Geval defied the obstruction directly posted under the bus, at this time Jane teacher by the terrorists with a gun against the car to facilitate, just crouched down At this time, the military opened a searchlight to attract the attention of the terrorists, Geval took the opportunity to run to the rear, just before reaching the intended location, the military turned on the other side of the searchlight, which immediately revealed Geval's whereabouts, and he rolled over After returning to the camp, he reported his battle plan to his superiors, that is, five rifles locked on different robbers at the same time to shoot, an instant to destroy all the terrorists, but once the shooting if the Somali military back, the children will not only suffer, even the situation will rise to the level of war, which is a problem they need to consider, but in addition there is no better way In the night, Ms. Jane chatted with the terrorist boss, the boss said this place is not suitable for her kind-hearted girl, Ms. Jane I just want to save my students, not with the color of skin, not with the nationality, today I have the same fate with this group of children, and the terrorist boss, also told Ms. Jane in a long, long time ago he was also a teacher, he also want to protect the children, but only the children of their country, so that one day they In this moment, justice is torn by national boundaries, this side of Geval in arranging the deployment of combat, but the French high command called to inform, unless only one terrorist left on the bus, do not participate in the battle, however, to let three terrorists at the same time to leave the bus is like climbing to the sky, Geval argued, answered him only a busy signal, early the next morning, they still acted as planned, through the Somali border The next morning, they still move as planned, through the Somali border wire, in ambush at the previously reconnoitered predetermined location, at this time they have targeted the terrorists in turn, as soon as the order was given, they could kill all the terrorists in the bus in an instant, but the response was to stand by, as time went by, the Somali border assembled a group of squads, and two MG42 machine gun troops, a full 60 armed border fighters, but the news from Paris but the news from Paris, but the Somali military no suspicious movements, lunchtime, the French garrison sent to deliver meals to soldiers, in the maintenance of a little girl was killed, however, Geval and his gendarmerie can not do anything, can not stand it, he returned to the barracks, once again to his superiors for instructions, the superiors replied that his biggest hidden danger is the teacher and children in the car, in case the shooting caused panic, the consequences are unimaginable, however, at this time Jane teacher with the I do not know whether it is because of conscience or remorse, the terrorists actually agreed to her to bring the boy back to heal, after a brief exchange, in order to ensure that the children do not move to avoid the line of fire when shooting, they put sleeping pills in the bottled water, the children drank, after being brought back by the teacher drugged water one by one fell asleep, when a bus appeared in Somalia to take the children, but However, the Elysee Palace delayed to give the order, private shooting to save these children will cause a war with the Somali army at the border, but these risks will be borne by them, it is up to them to decide, they looked at each other, they all took the initiative to pick up the gun, after crossing the order of the Paris garrison officers aimed at the terrorists, the countdown began, the terrorists in the bus fell down, but the sound of gunfire also caused Somali troops in Somalia, they immediately alerted, ready for battle, at the same time one terrorist went to check, at the sight of his companion killed he immediately erupted, while questioning the teacher Jane, while pulling up the bolt of the robbery dehumanizing ready to shoot at the students, almost at the same time another bullet passed through his skull, along with the sound of this shot also fell on the back seat, however the sound of this shot but revealed the gendarmerie The Somali troops began to fire wildly at them, while being strafed also included the school bus, at this moment the children's shouts were drowned out by the sound of whistling machine guns, but what could not be drowned out was the determination of these heroes, they began to fight back, in the face of a flood of bullets, they kept changing positions, alternating fire, every shot fired an enemy fell, the enemy also began to charge the bus, trying to grab back hostages, panic Jane teacher picked up the pistol external shooting, the gendarmerie members found immediately to the bus, after successfully reaching the bus they, and the swarm of the enemy launched a life-and-death struggle, gunfire smashed in the body of the car dense, in the sound of explosions the enemy was finally beaten back, at this time the Paris garrison troops came late, counting the number of people or found a little girl was hit and died, the teacher's pain, the However, the children and families of the abductees were never recognized as "victims of terrorists" by France afterwards, and have been suffering from the remnants of the crime, which was declared independent by the Republic of Djibouti more than a year later. The "war", which could have been solved in 15 minutes, was repeatedly delayed by the bureaucracy of the French hierarchy and the black dealings between countries, which led to the loss of innocent lives. But in the cruel reality of those who hold real power, and full of benevolence and morality, but the hypocrites, but the innocent life as grass, the loss of the girl in the film is really sad, her departure is like a silent cry, "Please do not ignore life", any war is a foreign political game, the development of the irreconcilable stage of the product, as a national, we may have the right to question or criticize, but we still have to respond to the call of the state, the implementation of national orders to go to war, willing to spill blood of the officers and soldiers to the highest respect, no other, only because in the name of the country, fighting for the country, the flag of the veterans have not dared to forget, not afraid of war but never easy to say war, to the forefathers wish world peace!

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