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Love movie "heart thumping" commentary copy

Love movie "Thumping Heart" commentary copy

This is the best love movie in my heart

With a score of 9 out of 10 on Douban

The film has no ups and downs plot

But it is full of the true meaning of love and life

I hope those who are lucky enough to see it can put aside their impatience

After watching this movie patiently

You will understand who is the most treasured person

When Julie first saw her new neighbor Bryce

She is attracted by his deep eyes

She wants to go play with Bryce.

As they chase each other, they hold hands.

At this moment, Julie's heart is pounding for Bryce.

Bryce arrives at his new school.

He didn't know that he and Julie were in the same class.

Julie gave Bryce a big hug with enthusiasm

This made Bryce very embarrassed

The rest of the day Julie was like a little tail

And then she was like a little tail.

It became a well-known couple at school.

Five years went by.

In order to get rid of Julie's obsession.

Bryce pretended to go out with the school girl.

To get Julie to back off.

It worked well at first.

Julie could only be angry from afar.

But it doesn't last long.

Love movie "heart thumping" commentary copy

Meanwhile, Bryce's friend, who was pursuing the school girl, betrayed Bryce.

Told the schoolgirl what he was really up to.

With a slap on the wrist

Bryce's plan fell through

This makes Julie smile.

Bryce's father was mean and snobbish.

He always laughed at Julie's overgrown house across the street

He disliked Julie's father.

He was a self-righteous, down-on-his-luck painter.

Julie loved to watch her father paint.

One day her father suddenly asked Julie what she liked about Bryce.

Julie was a little shy.

She said it was probably his eyes and smile.

Father said

You can't just look at the surface

Just like this painting.

The overall effect is much more important than the details

Julie didn't understand her father's words

Until one day

She climbed to the top of a sycamore tree to get a kite

She climbed to the top of the tree

Julie was captivated by the view in front of her

She enjoyed the wonderful fragrance of the breeze

She felt the changing colors in the distance

She began to understand her father's

The concept of the whole being greater than the parts

From then on, this place became a haven for Julie's soul

Ever since Brice's grandmother died

Grandpa always liked to look out the window and stare at the fruit.

One day he called Bryce out of the blue.

He brought out a newspaper and said he wanted to talk to her about Julie.

It turns out that Julie was in the news for sitting on top of a tree

She was in the news for sitting on top of a tree and protesting against the cutting down of the tree.

Julie had invited him to the top of the tree to enjoy the view.

But Bryce thought it was stupid to climb the tree with

But Bryce thought it would be stupid to climb the tree with Julie.

He declined.

Then the owner of the place wanted to cut down the tree to build a house.

Julie stayed in the tree to protest.

She sought Bryce's help.

Bryce hesitated for a moment

But still boarded the school bus

This incident made Julie very sad

It wasn't until her father came over and tried to talk her out of it

Julie left the tree in tears.

Grandpa said that Julie was a girl with a backbone

He told Bryce to put aside his prejudice.

After that incident, Julie never spoke to him again.

This made Bryce, who should have been happy, a little sad.

He wanted to apologize.

But he was too proud to say anything.

His father brought a gift to a sad Julie.

It was the big tree he had painted.

Julie slept every day looking at the tree.

She found that her perspective on things had changed

She asks herself

Does she still like Bryce?

At the school science fair

Julie's hatched chicks won first prize

She kept the chicks in the yard

They produced a lot of eggs.

Julie sent a share of eggs to Bryce's family

But Bryce's father disliked her dirty yard

He didn't think the eggs were clean either.

Bryce threw the eggs away.

Julie brings Bryce eggs every day.

Bryce was afraid of hurting her feelings.

Every time he got the eggs, he had to throw them away secretly.

Until one day Julie found out about it.

Bryce had to tell Julie why.

His father didn't like the cleanliness of Julie's house.

This made Julie very sad

Julie was determined to clean up her own yard

Bryce's grandfather

admired this independent and thoughtful girl

He helped Julie with the weeding

Build a fence

During the conversation, Grandpa felt that Julie

Like his wife who passed away

He agreed with Julie that the whole is bigger than the parts

He said it was the same with people

So Julie began to observe the people around her

She realized that many people were just like the rest of them.

In the evening, Grandpa comes into Bryce's bedroom.

He said he knew about the eggs.

He told Bryce

That a person's character is formed at an early age

He should go apologize.

Bryce did want to apologize.

But Julie kept avoiding him

Bryce saw Julie watering the lawn one day.

He finally got up the courage to apologize

When Julie looked at the embarrassed and timid Bry

For the first time, she looked at the boy

This boy he had always liked

She was suddenly disappointed.

Julie told him

You have a good grandfather.

He taught me a lot

At night

Bryce and Grandpa take a walk

They came to the sycamore tree that had been cut down

Grandpa said the view from the tree must be beautiful

He said Julie was a good girl

This comment made Bryce ponder

For the first time, Bryce took a hard look at

This girl he had first thought was so ordinary

Suddenly a strange feeling took root inside him

At dinner

The family had no money to clean up the yard

Mother and father had a heated argument

It turned out that the father had a brother who was suffocated by the umbilical cord

A brother who was born mentally handicapped

Julie had never seen her uncle before.

It was her uncle's birthday

She came to the nursing home with her father

He looked like a child who had never grown up

But he would be so nervous about an ice cream

fell on the floor and became so nervous that he lost his mind

At that moment

Julie realized how hard it was for her father to take care of her uncle

How hard it was to provide for the family

Bryce began to take notice of Julie at school.

He did not know what to do

He could only confide in his friends

Looking for help

But his friend said that this feeling was not like

It's the guilt of throwing eggs

And that she had a retarded uncle.

Bryce was angry at what he said.

But the words came out as an agreement

Julie, who happened to be in the library, heard all this.

Now she was sure she didn't like Bryce anymore.

Bryce spent the rest of the way back thinking about it.

Why did he agree with him when he disagreed with him?

He suddenly realized that he

had been just as prejudiced as they were.


But now he had come to his senses

He didn't care what others thought anymore

He was sure he liked Julie.

Bryce's mother thought Julie's family was very nice.

Wanted to invite the family to dinner

The father was against the offer.

But the whole family was in favor.

Julie's family came to Bryce's house with gifts.

Bryce specially changed his handsome clothes

But Julie told him

She had overheard their conversation

Bryce explained that he also thought he was wrong at that time

But didn't contradict him

Julie thinks Bryce is a coward.

During the meal, Bryce's father was aggressive

He mocked Julie's family.

But when the subject of music came up.

He became uncomfortable.

Bryce's mother said her husband had been a saxophonist.

But the father didn't say a word about it.

Maybe he had a dream, too.

Only now his heart was rotten.

After Julie's family leaves.

Bryce's father continued to mock them incessantly.

Trying to cover up his loss in this way.

Bryce's sister retorted to him.

Slapped by an irritated father

Bryce pondered why his father hated Julie's family.

He just hates himself for not having the courage to change.

He feels that he is like his father.

A coward underneath the tough exterior

The next day

Bryce saw that the school was holding a fundraiser

20 handsome guys would be chosen

They would make lunches to be auctioned off.

And the girl who donated the most money would get to have lunch with him

Bryce was one of them.

He heard from a friend that the school girl broke up with her boyfriend.

He had a lot of money ready to auction off Bryce's lunch.

But what really got Bryce's attention

But what really concerned Bryce was that he heard that Julie had also prepared money.

The auction was on.

Bryce and Julie had their own agendas.

When the auction came to the eighth fat boy.

Julie saw that Bryce was next.

She was nervous.

But when she saw that no one else was bidding on the fat boy

She was softened up that she took the lunch

Bryce was a little disheartened

He was unchallenged by the school girl

At lunch

Bryce was not interested in the school girl's

He was not interested in the superficial things he talked about

All he could think about was Julie sitting across from him.

Finally Bryce got up the courage

He pulled Julie up

He wanted to say something but didn't know how to express it.

He wanted to kiss Julie.

This kiss Julie has been waiting for five years

But not right now.

Julie ran home, sad.

Bryce tried to talk to her several times

But he was shut out

A few days later

Julie thought he had given up

Only to see Bryce dig a hole in the yard

Bringing in a small sapling.

Julie recognized it as a sycamore sapling.

She walked out of the room

Bryce's gentle, eager eyes were enough to melt everything

The two of them squatted down in silence

They planted this tree of love

A man is like a rainbow

When you meet someone, you know they are there

This is a pure and simple love story

Like everyone's first love is pure and beautiful

Adolescents are easily impressed by the opposite sex

Secretly like

But this kind of love is often

Because of the beautiful appearance or a moment of feeling

As the movie says

The whole is more important than the part

Only when we really know a person fully

Appreciate his heart

This kind of heart-thumping is more precious

The film seems to be a young boy and girl in love

But in the calm presentation of the release of a moving sentiment

Some people have a bright exterior

But inside they are already rotten

He does not have the courage to face his true self

And another kind of people, although they may be tired of life

But they do not forget the most important things in life

These people

are the ones who deserve to be cherished the most

Julie was born into a family that gave her a good heart

And at the same time

She also changed Boulis

Some people are dull and shallow

Some are bright and shining

But until you meet someone who is as bright as a rainbow

And from then on

There is only one her in the world


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