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Movie "Bandits in the City" commentary copy

Movie "Bandits of the City" Commentary Copy

Movie "Bandits in the City" commentary copy

Today we introduce the Hollywood police blockbuster "Bandits in the City". The story begins in Boston, USA. Four masked robbers burst into a bank, they are armed and well-trained, after subduing everyone, before the bank's female manager opened the vault, some robbers went to destroy the surveillance hard disk, some robbers went to load the money in the vault, the division of labor is clear, however, when leaving, the bank's female manager quietly used her foot to press the silent alarm, and the deputy manager took the blame for her. A robber learned that the alarm was triggered, with the handle of the gun hit the deputy manager hard, while the female manager accidentally saw the tattoo from the back of his neck, after the beating robbers afraid of police chasing over, so they held the female manager as a hostage, and only after it was safe to put her on the beach, then the federal police Aver with let people rush to the scene, but they did not find any DNA that can prove the identity of the group is very Professional, the other side of the four robbers have also shown their faces one after another, they are the protagonists of this film, respectively, the leader Doug, deputy Jaime, the driver fat man, and a technical man, they were born in Boston's Charlestown, here is a haven for crime, robbing banks here is a business, passed down from generation to generation in the big families. Doug's father was a bank robber, and was later sentenced to life in prison for shooting a guard, the boss of the four was a florist, he did not participate in the robbery, but only advice, after the Doug four must also give him a large sum of money, in addition, Jaime has a drug-running sister, often mixed with Doug, but also talk about dating, anyway, is to take what you need, and later Jaime's sister And there is a child, but we are not sure if the child is Doug's. And the robbed bank manager is the heroine of the film Claire, because Jaime got Claire's driver's license, and learned that she also lives in Charlestown, the risk of recognizing everyone, so Doug offered to follow Claire for a period of time to observe the situation, the results of the process, Claire not only did not recognize the Doug, but also took the initiative to talk to him, the two chatted and became attached.

Claire said he had just suffered a robbery, and then also with Doug to the hospital to visit the deputy manager, the guy was seriously injured in the eye, the left eye vision has been difficult to recover, after the incident, Claire even he saw the robber after the neck tattoo things are told Doug, but because of fear of retaliation, Claire did not tell the police about this, on the other hand, Deputy A and other police officers from the technical difficulties to start, the suspects identity locked in order to Doug and others, but they do not have substantial evidence, can not be arrested, this day Doug Court and Claire date, Jaime suddenly appeared from the side, he saw two people quite surprised, and Doug was even more surprised, staring at the back of Jaime's neck, before leaving Claire almost saw the tattoo, but fortunately Doug covered the back of Jaime's neck, after the incident Doug and Jaime for this matter a big fight, but this Still did not change to Og and Claire's determination to get involved, the two had a cordial and friendly exchange that night, and soon, the four carried out a second robbery, this time the target was the money truck, first Doug three put on the nun's mask, rushed up and beat the security guard. Jaime then began to fill the bag with money, however, just then, a security guard went to hold Doug hostage, Jaime fired several shots at the security guard in a fit of rage, knocking him to the ground, the three hurriedly drove away, the police soon chased them, but the good thing is that the driver fat man driving skills, and a technical man came to meet them, so the four successfully fled the scene, Alfred also came afterwards, but this time, they still did not find They were furious, although they knew it was Doug and others who did it, but still could not convict them, but this day Afu's men were listening to Doug's phone, but accidentally heard Claire's voice, they then knew the two dating things, Afu immediately rushed to Claire's home, and picked out Doug was a bank robber, but also took out a photo, Claire was blinded on the spot On the other hand, James said, the florist arranged a big job for the three, but Doug did not agree to do, on the one hand, the police are now very tight, on the other hand, he also wanted to retire, and plans to leave the city with Claire, Jaime gave him a hard lesson, but also to no avail, immediately after, Doug also told the florist that he did not do things, and then the florist threatened, if you dare The owner of the flower store threatened to drown Doug if he dared not do it, he said, but also stabbed out a big secret, it turned out that Doug's father had been drowned by him with chemical drugs, Doug's mother was also tempted by him to hang herself with drugs, all this Doug previously did not know, he was furious, and the owner of the flower store is also prepared, the bodyguard immediately pulled out a gun, Doug did not dare to act rashly, and the owner of the flower store again with Claire threatened Doug left without saying a word and hurried to Claire's home, but Claire learned the truth is crying, she scolded, then kicked Doug out, in order to protect Claire, Doug finally agreed to do this job, the florist gave the four people, a detailed description of the operation, the original is to rob the baseball stadium vault, there are a total of 3.5 million dollars, success If you are successful, you can retire, but the action is certainly difficult, before the start, Jaime's sister took the initiative to find Doug with the children, she was jealous of Doug and Claire dating this thing, and then unreasonably wanted to run away with Doug, Doug certainly did not agree, so she was directly thrown out, Jaime's sister went out, they drank a drunk, not only a car accident, but also by the traffic police to catch, she could only turn to Alfred, and in a fit of rage will Doug and others robbed the big job are told him, this is finished, the other side of Doug and Jaime have disguised as police officers came to the front of the race vault, they successfully subdued the security guards, and broke into the vault, the table was laid out a large amount of cash, the two sub frantically loaded up the money, after the job was done, swaggered and pushed the money bags to the parking lot. Just when the others loaded before leaving, Doug but found something wrong, the entire underground garage is surprisingly empty a person, look outside to know that the original they have been surrounded by the police group, it is clear that Jaime's sister's report to invite trouble, the two sides in the ensuing fierce firefight, the youngest of the four technical men by the SWAT team a gunshot to the head, the driver fat man look at the situation, immediately called the two men to his side, and said The driver, Fat Man, took one look at the situation and immediately called the two men to his side and told them a plan, he drove out himself to attract police fire, while Doug and the two men disguised as police officers took the opportunity to flee, staying here anyway, is certainly a dead end, might as well go out and take a chance, immediately after Fat Man drove out, but did not get very far, he was sniped by a sniper, there were too many police officers outside, but this gave Doug and the two men the opportunity, then both the police and SWAT officers rushed into the The two men were wearing the same clothes as the police, the SWAT officers did not recognize them, the two men escaped without incident, however, the resourceful Alfred realized everything, he quickly locked in the street carrying a bag of money Jaime, Jaime saw the situation is not good, immediately opened the gun towards him, but shot a bullet did not hit, Jaime rushed to escape to the highway, a large number of police officers are also surrounded, Alfred was Jaime fired a shot at Jaime's thigh, Jaime had to hide behind a metal box on the side of the road, Doug also saw all this, but he could not lend a hand, because he went up is also a dead end, and because the attention of the police are on Jaime's body, and did not find next to Doug, Jaime knew he was dead, just next to the half cup of Coke thrown by others, he immediately stretched his mouth closed, and gave himself courage. After he was done, he raised his gun towards the police, but before he could pull the trigger, the sniper shot him twice in the face, killing him completely, Doug could only leave sadly, and then rushed into the flower store, shot the boss's bodyguard in the head, and afterwards shot each other up with the florist, because Doug was wearing bulletproof vests, he didn't get hurt, while the boss quickly fell to the ground, Doug rushed up and directly drowned him with his gun, immediately after Doug packed all his belongings, ready to leave the city, he called Claire before leaving, saying that he wanted to see her again, however, behind Claire, but a large number of police ambush, but fortunately Doug is more clever, he used binoculars to see all this, Claire still love him, so they pretended to meet with Doug at home, and then use the police do not understand words, and he agreed to meet in the lake garden Meet, Doug was very happy, the police are in Claire's home laid a net, but Doug was slow to show up, they had to leave, and Doug did not meet with Claire, he out of apology, will be all his money buried in the garden soil. Claire did not embezzle this huge sum of money, but all donated, while Doug took the train and left the city to live a life of escape, the end of the whole film.

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